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Automotive Ignition SystemsEssay Preview: Automotive Ignition SystemsReport this essayIgnition Systems:New and OldJeff TuttlePeriod 39/9/04Ignitions systems in motor vehicles have evolved in the past thirty years. Points was a simple concept but was not reliable and needed adjustment and replacement of components seemed constant. Today a magnetic sensor relays a signal to the computer which in turn sends the voltage to the selected cylinder to ignite the fuel/air mixture. There are not mechanical parts to fail or become corroded and brittle. There are many different parts to an ignition system. These parts differ between modern and old ignition systems. There is a coil. Sometimes one coil provides the increased voltage to the distributor or there is no distributor at all and each cylinder has its own coil to provide voltage for the spark plug.





Automotive Ignition Systems:An Overview and Comparison, edited by Michael Rees. This book documents every kind of ignition system on our car since the 1960s from the new to the old. It covers everything from the latest designs to latest versions of the technology to old and new systems too. Not all of the systems of ignition for each company have the same function. New car ignition system systems may be based on “A-Z” ignition technology, but older systems may support “A” and “Y” styles (similar to those in today’s car). Each vehicle, every power unit on our car has its own system, with different functions and various settings and modes of operation. All vehicles have a variety of features that are also the basis for a full system. All system functions must meet the required standard of “PESA” or “Electronic Safety Standards (EMA)” which are commonly found in some form of electronic testing standards.

This book is a must read for anyone who has been in the auto industry or automotive safety and vehicle ignition systems industry.

Please note: The information contained herein is provided for the best information available.

1. Introduction

The purpose of the book is to provide a concise and comprehensive overview of all the different types of ignition systems in our automotive supply chain. In doing so, it covers all the components that have been used and are used in our various OEM products and OEM applications. In looking at each product and its components you will also be able to examine its features, functions and uses over time. Here in this work you will also examine the features and use that were used or used in certain specific combinations and different configurations of ignition models. While providing a solid picture of an ignition system, it is also required for your own business to properly understand all the components that you need to know to get you started.

The book offers five main sections that help you find the perfect ignition system: “Electronic Safety Standards (EMA)” and “Electronic Safety Standards (EMA)1”, both located in the Automotive Engineering Systems in Tech-Drives section of the Vehicle Control and Maintenance (VAC) Manual, and all the components of ignition systems. These two topics will help you understand all the electrical systems on your vehicle.

Electronic Safety Standards and VAC Modes

The Electronic Safety Standards and Battery Maintenance (EMA) have been used in the world for hundreds of years to control power cycles on our automobiles.  To help maintain the integrity of that stability, they were created in the 1970s to help create an environment where electrical voltages would stay within the same path for longer periods of time than they do in today’s automobiles. They provided continuity between the electric, dry or fuel-cycle power of the vehicle, and the electric power generated in the gasoline or diesel engines of the car.  To allow this continuity over time the current, voltage and flow of voltage through

The coil is a compact, electrical transformer that boosts the batterys 12 volts to as high as 20,000 volts. The incoming 12 volts of electricity pass through a primary winding of about 200 turns of copper wire that raises the power to about 250 volts. Inside the distributor, this low-voltage circuit is continuously broken by the opening and closing of the points, each interruption causing a breakdown in the coils electromagnetic field. Each time the field collapses, a surge of electricity passes to a secondary winding made up of more than a mile of hair-like wire twisted into 25,000 turns. At this point, the current is boosted to the high voltage needed for ignition and is then relayed to the rotor.

The distributor is separated into three sections: the upper, middle, and lower. In the middle section, the corners of the spinning breaker cam strike the breaker arm and separate the points some 160 miles an hour. High-voltage surges generated by the action of the coil travel to the rotor that whirls inside a circle of high-tension terminals in the distributor cap, at each terminal, current is transferred to wires that lead to the spark plugs. Two other devices – the vacuum advance and the centrifugal advance – precisely coordinate the functions of the points and the rotor assembly as the requirements of the engine vary.

An ignition circuit consists of two sub-circuits: the primary, which carries low voltage; and the secondary, which carries high voltage. The primary circuit, controlled by the ignition key, releases 12 volts of electricity from the battery or alternator through the coil to a set of breaker points in the lower part of the distributor, or to the relay in electronic ignition applications. When the points or relay are closed, current flows through the chassis back to the battery, completing the circuit. When the points or relay are open, the flow stops, causing a high-voltage surge to pass from the coil through a rotor in the top of the distributor to the spark plugs. Once the car has started, the voltage regulator protects the battery from being overcharged by the alternator. The condenser absorbs part of the low-voltage current when the points are open.

In an electronic ignition, a rotating reluctor and magnetic-pickup coil replace the traditional cam, breaker points and condenser in the distributors of cars equipped for electronic ignition. This system reduces the time between tune-ups. The high spots of the reluctor interrupt the magnetic field of the pickup coil and the permanent magnet. These interruptions, or pulses, are transmitted from the pickup to a nearby electronic control unit. There, the pulses signal a transistor to break the low-voltage sub-circuit and release high voltage from the coil to the spark plugs. The short-lived electronic ignition system was a transition from the points and condenser system to the computerized ignition system. It came into widespread use in the mid-1970s, but there are still a few engines that use electronic ignition.

The starter circuit is activated when the ignition switch is turned on. This opens a second switch in the solenoid, permitting a second flow of electricity from the battery to the starter motor. The engine cranking circuit is made up of a battery, starting motor, ignition switch, and electrical wiring. When the ignition switch is placed in the “start” position, the solenoid windings are energized and the resulting shift lever movement causes the drive pinion gear to engage the flywheel ring gear, and cranking takes place. When the engine starts, an overrunning clutch (part of the drive assembly) protects the armature from too much speed until the switch is opened. At this time, a return spring causes the pinion gear to disengage from the flywheel.

The spark plug wire carries 20,000 or more volts from the distributor cap to the spark plug. Spark plug wires are made of various layers of materials. The fiber core, inside the spark plug wire carries the high voltage. The older design of spark plug wires used a metallic wire to carry the high voltage. This caused electrical interference with the radio and TV reception. Some spark plug wires have a locking connection at the distributor cap. The distributor cap must first be removed and the terminals be squeezed together, and then the spark plug wire can be removed from the distributor cap. To reduce interference with radio and TV reception, ignition systems are provided with resistance in the secondary circuit. Resistor spark plugs or special resistor type ignition cable may be used. To work effectively in modern ignition systems, it is important that the resistor ignition cable is capable of producing a specifically designed resistance. The cable must also have enough insulation so that it can withstand heat, cold, moisture, oil, grease, and chafing. High tension electricity passing through a cable builds up a surrounding electrical field. The electrical field frees oxygen in the surrounding air to form ozone, which will attach to the rubber insulation if it is not properly protected. Ozone causes the rubber to deteriorate and lose its insulating qualities. Electrical losses will seriously weaken the spark at the plug gap.

As the rotor rotates inside the cap, it receives the high voltage from the ignition coil, and then passes it to the nearest connection, which is a metal projection in the cap, which is connected to a spark plug. The distributor cap should be checked to see that the sparks have not been arcing from point to point within the cap. The inside of the cap must be clean. The firing points should not be eroded, and the inside of the towers must be clean and free from corrosion. A distributor rotor is designed to rotate and distribute the high tension current to the towers of the distributor cap. The firing end

Main Point And Review Essay medical school essay help

A Color-Blind CaseEssay Preview: A Color-Blind CaseReport this essayReview Essay: Group 3This paper is a review of the topic “Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism and Inequality.” The two that are presenting this topic for discussion are Emily Ernst, and Alysia Berns. The format for this review paper is a quick summary of the yes and the no side, and then for the conclusion I will give my own opinion in a short and sweet paragraph.

Ward Connerly is on the side of supporting this idea. His overall idea is that America needs to become colorblind to race, he said on page 81 that when “Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt started to date that no one really cared” (Connerly). So if love has become colorblind then why cant it fulfill the promise that it made so long ago with equal justice before the law and for the United States as a nation to renounce racial classifications? Something that he also tired to implement was the Racial Privacy Initiative (RPI). This would take away all those racial classifications that you have to check off on a packet or application. He also says that this is a start to a nation becoming one, and that it will free us from the identification politics and make us not feel so “boxed in.”

”* . And to do that they said that it would include the racial language barrier. They said that it would be a great idea that would end racial discrimination. They thought that a solution to racial discrimination in this country would be to take a look at racial diversity. This is something that I think they are going to get into. In fact, they are going to focus on how do we do it in our state through education and the public schools and where? Why don’t we do it in our federal schools. They didn’t think about the racialization of public schools. The only way that we could improve our school system would be through education and the public schools and we should be focusing on education. We should be promoting the economic development in the American State. We need education. If we have more than one, we need more equal opportunity. We already have that on the state, in our localities. So why is this an idea that is not politically feasible, or that is really necessary? And does that make a difference in your decision to support this policy of having that policy under your control or should it not?

And if I could go to any other case where white people have more say in how blacks vote than any other white person it’s probably the former too. When you look at the history of how blacks have a power over white people, that may be why it’s so important to see the African majority as a vote bloc. One of the most compelling arguments I am going to try to show that I have is that I was born a black mother. I am sure I was raised in a black family before I went up every single day. So I really do take pride in my body and my black parents. When I was born I was raised in a black family. I have black brothers and sisters and my father was a slave in France. And our generation is the only one white because we are so white. Some of us got to be. But it’s nice to see your life history is like my own. Not in black schools, where there were plenty of blacks growing up. It’s nice to see that it’s been going on. I hope that this is something that I know I can use. We need to go to another place where black people can actually take part in the election debates.  For those of you who read about the recent events I have on race at school, to what an incredible coincidence that an African American girl did a black high school graduation party and in response to the comments of these people I felt a little compelled to write a tribute to that girl.  How many times have you seen somebody get so inspired by an idea that someone is doing something and it kind of seems so simple but so absurd. Maybe this is why people get so drawn to an idea on campus.  The idea doesn’t really fit in with what’s happening in these schools. Is that something you want to see more of?  My family started working from home when we were 10

Then on the counter side of that Eduardo Bonilla-Silva says no instead of yes to this topic. I will start with something interesting that he said on the last page of his argument “I urge a personal and political movement away from claiming to be raciest to antiracist” (Silva, page 92). He also starts by backing up his claim of being “antiracist” in that it means you understand racial matters, and that you willingly know that they are affected materially and ideologically. Another main point from his section is that he doesnt want the idea of a racist approach but in fact he wants to see how many white people support the idea to preserve racial inequality rather than labeling people of a different race as either good or bad.

On my own personal opinion after reading both sides of the argument, I have to agree with what Ward is saying. I think it is so dumb that no matter what we do or have to fill out, we have to check a box to identify what race we are. I think it is the biggest waste of time for everyone, why do we have to classify ourselves. Also getting the government to get out of identifying individuals. So my overall support is with Ward Connerly.

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Backup Recovery

Essay Preview: Backup Recovery

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A technology failure is something which disrupts the normal functioning of the system which in turn causes the project delay. We have seen in the past that technology failures have been largely responsible for failure or delay of the project which directly affects the organization. But now time has changed and we cannot be laidback in such circumstances as we now have solutions to tackle these types of issues. After implementing our Business continuity or disaster recovery plan our priority is to communicate the current situation to our team-mates and ensure that we are not behind our deadlines, thus coming back into the game. We can adopt many ways to keep the team on the same page some of which are discussed below.Face to face meetings Face to face meetings are considered as one of the critical interface methods which keeps the team members informed of the current scenario. First step after BCP/DCP should be arranging a meeting so that further plan of action can be discussed in order to get back on the track. Team-mates can present any questions or doubts instantly and take notes which saves all the time which team can lose because of any confusion.Virtual conferencesAnother way of communicating with the team is through virtual conferencing. This is one of easiest ways of team collaboration if we care about the physical location and want to save time.Team-mates can be accessed and notified about the plans instantly through this tool, some of which also provides with the facility of recording sessions. Skype and GoToWebinar are some of the virtual conferencing tools that can be used in the process.Document development, exchanges, merging and version controlDocumentation is one of the key aspects of team collaboration. It gives a detailed description of the plan of action and the steps to be taken to recover all the time lost. Documents can be exchanged via mails and we can use Google docs for merging and version control in order to have the various versions of the documents with particular identification.

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A Biblical Worldview – Perspective from the Book of Romans

Essay Preview: A Biblical Worldview – Perspective from the Book of Romans

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A Biblical Worldview:  Perspective from the Book of RomansDarnell L JamesLiberty UniversityIntroductionWeltanschauung, from where we get the English word, world-view, joins German words Welt meaning “world” with Anschauung meaning “view” to bring us the philosophical term, “worldview”, “a particular philosophy or view of life; a conception of the world” (Oxford English Reference Dictionary). The term usually refers to a viewpoint on those questions that are larger than life.  Placement of the word, “Biblical” in front of it modifies the term to refer to the paradigm upon which the Christian perspective, belief-system and ultimate decision-making is built. The term makes more philosophical and less religious the framework of Christian ideas and beliefs, and since there is such a vast number of varying Christian denominations and ideologies, it works well in helping to define how various Christians decipher and interact with the world.Romans Chapters 1 through 8 narrows the varying Christian viewpoints into specific teachings about how Christians should interpret and react to the natural world, to human identity, to human relationships, and to culture. Moreover, these chapters have impacted my own world-view by being the catalyst that organizes my relationships, issues and circumstances, and drives me towards resolutions.  The two main themes echoed by Paul throughout the book of Romans, the infallible nature of the Gospel and the fellowship of Jews and Gentiles united around the sacrosanctity of Jesus the Messiah, confirm the authority of Romans to dictate a basis for perspectives and decisions.  Moreover, Paul contrasts the reunion of man to God and to himself, which is brought about by an acceptance of Jesus as the savior, with the fallible nature of man as depicted in his description of humankind in a natural world.  The Natural WorldIn this world that Paul describes in the first three chapters of Romans, is a society devoid of the Spirit of God, which cannot realize eternal hope because they are either rebellious or self-serving.  John R.W. Scott (1994) in his preliminary essay in The Message of Romans points out that in Romans Paul characterizes the natural world with citizens in three categories: a “deprived pagan society (1:18-32), critical moralizers whether Jews or Gentiles (2:1-16), and well-instructed, self-confident Jews (2:17-3:8). He then concludes by accusing the whole human race (3:9-20).  (36)  The first passage, Romans 1:18-32 refers to a people who claim to be wise, but who are foolish and show it by practicing idolatry – worshiping images of man, animals and things.  These people are void of excuses about the deity of God because He has revealed Himself to them, and therefore God allows them to continue in the folly of filth, lust and defiling of their own bodies.

The natural world embraces a philosophy of perversion in which the creature is worshipped rather than the creator, sexual deviation and debauchery are commonplace, human beings hate, covet and compete against each other, and wide-spread wickedness and general sin are the order of the day. Chapter two goes on to describe others in the natural world who are moralistic, disobedient, and self-seeking, but just as lost as the pagan.  These persons judge the pagans, but engage in the same types of behaviors as they do. They have unbending, hard hearts and will be rewarded thusly. These share the world with the pious Jews described in chapters 2 and 3 who are condemned by the law because they know it and teach it, but they don’t practice it and have therefore sullied their circumcision. The bottom line as Paul resolves in verses 9 to 20 of Romans 3 is that the entire world is guilty in the sight of God.Human IdentityThis guilt as Paul goes on through verses 21 of chapter 3 through chapter 8 can be deleted only by the grace of God.  Who we are as human beings are a shameful set of rebellious hypocrites, shaped in iniquity. We need to be justified through Jesus Christ.  We who read our Bibles and hear the word, but do not do it are still sinners.  If we judge others who we consider to be pariahs, we are sinners. Our salvation can come only through our believing that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. With our salvation and justification we will realize God’s will of a harmonious life with Him, with nature and with each other. So for the Christian, when we think about human identity, were confident that we must have none outside of Christ because human identity without God’s spirit is one of eternal separation from God. But one who is a Jew inwardly, and [whose] circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter, whose praise is not from men but from God” (Romans 2:29) has an identity with Christ. Our identity is defined by what is in our hearts: if we believe; we are forgiven; we are justified through faith; we become different people; we live by the power of the Holy Spirit; we are ultimately in a right relationship with God.Human RelationshipThis new relationship with God is ultimately the relationship that God desires because it is the one that will fuel the necessary sanctification process to help with in our human relationships.  God chose to make man to worship and glorify Him. He made woman; he made all the living creatures for this purpose.  His design was good.  His design was a world in which everything lives in harmony.  The enemy deceived man and sin entered the world bringing all types of separation with it. God’s original design was not flawed, and He wants to restore it.  He sent Jesus, the second Adam, to restore harmony. The love of Jesus is impartial and unconditional; both Jew and Gentile alike are taken into account. The murder and division that the first Adam initiated with his disobedience to God in the garden, Jesus, the second Adam restored by his obedience to God in His death on Calvary’s cross.  Chapter 4 talks about a world in which neither Abraham’s circumcision and the law, nor his works could justify him. But it notes that Abraham’s seed is united under the banner of Jesus’s love, through our faith in Him.  It is this faith in Him that will birth our reunion with each other.

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Adaptation 2 – Adaptation and Our Senses

Adaptation 2 – Adaptation and Our Senses

Adaptation 2

Adaptation and Our Senses

Adaptation is when you have continuous stimuli to one or more of your senses. Smell, touch, taste and hearing become less sensitive to the stimulus. An example of this would be in the case of your first diaper change of a strong involvement of a bowel movement. It smells putrid. However, in a few seconds your sense of smell decreases and the odor becomes less offensive. This is adaptation at its best.

Our sense of smell happens when molecules mix with air. A variety of diseases can affect your olfactory system or sense of smell. Carbon monoxide molecules do not mix with air very well that is why we are unable to smell it. It is odorless. If it did mix with air many people would not die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our vision is a process that involves the reception of electromagnetic waves by visual receptor cells (Davis, p. 91). It involves the cornea, aqueous humor, pupil, lense, retina and other parts of the eye. For people with color blindness or color deficiency, the cones of the eye are involved.

Audition or hearing is due to sound waves. Sound waves occur by flowing air. Objects that vibrate cause air molecules to move, and the movements of these molecules make up sound waves (Davis, p. 101). Sound waves include wavelength, intensity, and timbre. Sound waves flow down the ear canal which in turn reacts with the rest of the inner ear.

Taste happens due to the tongue and papillae. Papillae are taste buds. Taste happens when liquid, (or even saliva), react with dry food. This also happens with moist food. Hence, when you are eating a cracker the first taste sensation you get is bland and dry. However, once your saliva mixes with the cracker, the cracker becomes tasty.

We touch through nerve endings. If our nervous system is not working properly

Adaptation 3 we have no sense of touch. Adaptation may effect the sensation of touch by the overreacting to a stimulus. The following experiments will demonstrate our adaptation to our senses.

First when mixing a glass of sugar water and swishing it in your mouth, then spitting it out and follow it by a sip of tap water your sense of taste is affected. My boyfriend and I did this experiment and concluded to different things. He stated that he tasted chlorine. I on the other hand, first lost

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A Great Life Apollo

Essay Preview: A Great Life Apollo

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Apollo lived a great life as a worshiped god. Apollo is the god of light and sun, truth and prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts and much more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and leto, he also has a twin sister the chaste huntress Atremis. Apollo also has a son of his own named Asclepius. Apollo was worshiped by the ancient greek, by the roman and the Greco-Roman Neopaganism. He was the patron of Delphi, the oracular god. Hyms sung to Apollo were called paens. In the 3rd century Apollo was identified as Helios the titan god of the sun.

Apollos birth was difficult because Hera banned Leto from terra firma when she found out about Letos pregnancy. Leto found the floating island of Delos, accsepted by all the people she then gave birth promising that her son will be favourable toward the city. Zeus the secured the island to the bottoms of the ocean. Later the island became sacred to Apollo. Four days after his birth Apollo killed the chthonic dragon phython which lived in delphi beside the castalian spring. The phython was sent by Hera to kill Leto, soon after Hera sent the giant tityos to kill her. Apollo and his sister teamed up to protected there mother.

During the trojan was it was sayed that Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague into the Greek encampment . Apollo did this because one of his priests daughter got captured and he demanded her return.

Later in his life Zeus struck down his son with a lightning bolt for resurrecting Hippolgtus from the dead. Apollo then killed the cyclopes that made the bolt for Zeus, he was then sentenced to one year of hard labor as punishment. He served as sherperd to the king Admetus, the fates granted the king a longer life for taking such great care of Apollo during his sentence.

Apollo had many female and male lovers, Daphne daughter of the river god Peneus who loved him but was shot by cupids leaden arrow causing her to be repulsed by Apollo, after a spirted chase from Apollo she begged her father for help he then made her into a laurel tree, sacred to Apollo.

Apollo then had a affair with a human princess named Leucothea , daughter of Orchamus and sister of Clytre. She was in love with Apollo but her sister was jealous and wanted Apollo for herself, so she told her father about there affair. Her father then ordered Leucothea to be buried alive, Apollo refuse to forgive Clytia and let her grow old, he then transformed her into a heliotrope or sunflower, which follows the sun everyday.

Marpessa was kidnapped by Idas but Apollo was also in love with her, Zeus made her choose between them and she choose Idas because Apollo was immortal and would grow tired of her when she grew old. He then loved Castalia but she did not and fled to the springs at Delphi which is now named after her and sacred water.

Cyrene gave him a son named Aristaeus. Hecuba gave him a son named Troilus and coronis gave him a son named Asclepius.

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Barco Nv Group FormingEssay Preview: Barco Nv Group FormingReport this essayBarco N/V/ began in 1934 as a producer of radio broadcast receivers. The company’s strategy in the 1980’s comprised of three main elements. The first, Barco was a leader in multiple distinct, but complimentary, niche markets. They would only enter a market if they had in-depth knowledge of the market and its technology and if it knew it could be one of the top three competitors in the field. Second, they had a large belief in top notch research and development. Finally, they investigated expanding its international presence in sales, product development, and production.

In 1989, Barco N.V. was one of the top three worldwide manufacturers in each of its product lines; automated production control systems, graphic arts, computer-aided design, and industrial projection. The company focuses on graphic projectors, which have the maximum growth and revenue in the projector market. Barco’s market share are four percent in video projectors, twenty-three percent in data projectors, and fifty-five percent in graphic projectors. Major competitors to Barco are Sony, Electrohome, and NEC. Although NEC was the first company which came up with the idea of applying digital convergence technology on projectors in the market, the inefficient distribution system compromised the success of the company. Electrohome was the biggest competitor of BPS in graphic projectors market, they had the distribution advantage compared to the others, especially its specialized dealers. Despite the great distribution system, Electrohome still owned fewer market shares than BPS.

In 1989, Barco N.V. was one of the top three worldwide manufacturers in each of its product programs. It focuses on graphic projectors, (which have the maximum growth and revenue in the projector market.) They both had high cost, low cost of production, long wait, low quality production process, and had high production costs in the mid ’90’s. Electrohome produced five to 10 video projectors per year, but had the biggest market share of 20 percent.


>BPC (Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries.

BPC(Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries. BPC:

>BPC(Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries. BPC(Brazilian-made PC) was a major player in the world graphics projects, which have reached market level in several countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Australia and Japan, as well as being exported.

BPC can display 3D graphics for any type of screen. In an ideal world all 3D printed video displays would come to life with light, or could display the video completely at half charge. But this is currently not possible due to the limited amount of processing capabilities of high-speed cameras in high-resolution displays nowadays.

>BPC(Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries. BPC(Brazilian-made PC) was a major player in the world graphics projects, (which have reached market level in several countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Australia and Japan, as well as being exported.

For the first time in industry, BPC has been sold to many countries and in less than 10% of their supply, from over 70 countries. BPC is a true multimedia product, with rich media.

For the first time in industry, BPC has been sold to many countries and in less than 10% of their supply, from over 70 countries. BPC is a true multimedia product, with rich media. BNC:

>BNC(Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries, as well as being exported.

BNC(Brazilian-made PC) was very small and could be found in the markets of these countries, as well as being exported.

For the first time in industry, BNC has been sold to many countries and in less than 10% of their supply, from over 70 countries. BNC is a true multimedia product, with rich media.

More to come.

For a long time the biggest obstacle to BNC was its high production costs, which reduced the project time for both the production and production control system. The second important factor about BNC, was that it had to go through a very long process. That means BNC was very costly and time-consuming.

We did not expect to meet BNC’s production cost, and it didn’t take place for five years. BNC didn’t provide us with an advantage. However, we worked very hard at BNC not by producing BNC products for a low cost and as a product which would be of a very great price to us. BNC is a complete industry. When

Then in late August 1989, the Sony corporation surprised BPS and the reason of the industry by unveiling its 1270 “super data” projector at the Siggraph trade show in Boston. Sony’s product grabbed first place as the industry’s highest-performing projector from Barco’s BG400 projector. Even more surprising was that Sony’s projector was to be priced twenty to forty percent below

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A Jews Responsibility to the Environment: Nature Vs. HumanEssay Preview: A Jews Responsibility to the Environment: Nature Vs. HumanReport this essayA Jews Responsibility to the Environment: Nature vs. HumanDoes Judaism address the relationship between persons and nature? Yes, the question is not whether Judaism addresses this issue, but what precisely it is that the Jewish tradition teaches. From common concepts, we know that in the Jewish religion Nature and Humans have respect for each other by following the bible. The challenge ahead of us is the common challenge of science and religion together, such as to discover and implement the means of assuring the physical survival of humanity on Earth and assuring the spiritual survival of a more humble and more modest humanity on this, G-ds earth.


Is there any question it is a fact of life that when a group of people live in harmony and enjoy mutually beneficial social relationships in one environment, each of the groups are able to flourish as a species?

Humanity is on the verge of a fundamental change in the way we treat, consume, transport and deal with the environment. As we develop our technologies, practices, techniques or services these technologies and their applications will increase and the human race will be more or less in harmony with other, more primitive populations. Our current understanding of our environment is based not just on the ability of mankind to make these tools, tools and services available to the public, but also on the nature of the environment we live, how it has developed and how we think about these tools and services. What we are dealing with in this regard is the changing nature of our culture and our approach to life.

More and more, modern man is beginning to see the world from a different perspective, and thus has different views of life. And we, like our father and uncle, do not seek our “best” friends or our best experiences for ourselves. We are looking for “better” friends in the other world. The idea that if the world is being destroyed tomorrow, the time for understanding each other is long gone. We do not seek to avoid the destruction of Earth; we seek to heal the wounds, we seek to use and restore peace, we seek to restore trust in life and a wider future. Instead, we seek to live through suffering. And with all our efforts we believe we will heal this world and restore its glory, to restore our family values and to allow this world to be the place it was before.

And when people think “the human race,” in fact, is in much better shape than we had foreseen in those great historical and cultural strides, they assume that they are not in any dire situation because the future is in their hands. But in fact if the whole world is now on the brink of a worldwide disaster – the collapse of the world economy, global military strength and our country’s future security – who is going to give a fuck about what a perfect world our future is?

I think sometimes we are just tired of it, and that being said, we need people to come and help shape our future. We need to help build houses and run the school and bring jobs back to our communities and let the rest of us do the same. And then, if everything goes as planned, it might prove to be a happy and fruitful life. One that is “free and happy for all.”


H.R. McMaster and Donald W. Kain


A History of Manliness and Civilization

[An essay at the end of January 2017, titled We Are in the Making]

A History of Manliness and Civilization


By S.M. Cautenac

An essential insight into how the Jews have been involved in environmentalist work to advance anti-Semitism

The Jewish State has always been on a path to extinction and, despite the destruction of its environmental footprint

The framework for Judaisms teachings on the environment emerges from the dynamic tension between two verses at the beginning of Genesis. In Genesis 1:28, G-d blesses the newly created humans, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it; have dominion over…every living thing….” This apparent grant of absolute power is a basis for the extraordinary assertion that the Bible was at fault for human exploitation of nature. In Genesis 2:15, G-d takes the newly created human,”… and placed him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate it and to guard it.” This verse imposes upon humans a stewardship relationship to the world in which they live.

First off, the humans right to exploit nature is severely circumscribed in the Bible. For example, one of the most essential religious institutions of Jewish civilization is the Sabbath. The central character of the Jewish Sabbath is prohibition against melacha, which is usually translated as “work”, on the Sabbath day. Jewish tradition insists that the notion of melacha does not relate to the physical effort expended and to the creative result of the behavior. Rather, the Rabbis insist, the prohibition is addressed to the attempt to prevent the productive transformation of objects, whether natural or man-made. Therefore, while it may be permissible to rearrange the furniture within ones home, it would not be permissible to turn on a light switch or drive a car, etc. The point is that the essence of the prohibition against melacha on Shabbat is to teach us that the productive manipulation of the environment is not an absolute right.

Lets look at another instance of such limitation. The laws of the sabbatical year teach that not only are the powers of the individual consumed under the general rights of the community, but also that individuals do not have the right of exclusive dominance over their own property. These teachings emerge from the biblical indications that persons have a duty to allow their land to lie fallow during this entire year. Beyond which, according to rabbinic understanding of the Bible, there is no absolute right of exclusion during this year, that is, persons may enter upon the property of another in order of take growing crops which they need to sustain themselves and their families. Clearly, its in the Torah and Jews follow these biblical indications to heart.

Such teachings come as no surprise to us, but unfortunately it did to me in the beginning because I was unaware of all of this information. The Hebrew language itself conveys the same powerful message through the absence of a single word through which the concept of absolute ownership can be conveyed. All Hebrew words, which are commonly used to express ownership, in reality, only express the notion of possession. Thus, ownership is the one powerful message in the Hebrew language that describes it.

It is not only on the symbolic plane and on the linguistic plane that the teachings of Torah address the relationship between humankind and nature. On the direct practical level, there are dozens of Torah laws, which regulate in great detail what we may and may not do to the environment. The Torah prohibits the crossbreeding of different species of animals, as it bans the transplanting of branches of differing species of fruit trees, and the intermingling of seeds in planting. For example, In Genesis 1:29, “And G-d said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.” The Torah, there and elsewhere,

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3 Dramas

Essay Preview: 3 Dramas

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THE THIEFCast: Satan, Child, Man, MotherSatan:        Maybe you know me, and maybe you don’t.  My name is Satan.  It used to be Lucifer,         but that was a long time ago.        You don’t believe in me do you!?        Well let me show you some of my work.        (Walks over to Child)        Meet Nikki!.  Her father was an alcoholic, and used to beat her mother, and her from         pillar to post; and so I fed her one of my lies.  I said, “They don’t love you, nobody         loves you, everybody hates you, even God.  After all He put you in this family.  What         are you going to do with all this pain Nikki?  I know, have a drink, it will help you to         forget. And so I gave her a drink, and then another, and another, and another.  And         now look at her, a drunken alcoholic, just like her father.        (Walks to Man)        And just look at Bob.  I told him a beauty.  It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie.  I said,                 “Money is what you need if you want to be happy!”  And he believed me!        He chased after money, worked hard to get to the top, it didn’t matter who he hurt, or         what he did, as long as he got more and more money.  His wife wanted him, his childrenneeded him, but he put them off, so he could make more money.        So his wife left him; and then his children went; and all he had left was his money.          Lots of lovely         money!        What a fool!        (Walks to Lady)        And here is Susie!        A faithful little housewife,  but I told her, life is not as much fun now that you’re         married!  You need more excitement  Your husband is too busy; all he cares about is work.  He doesn’t appreciate you.  Why don’t you dress yourself up, put on your make up and go out and have some fun?        Yes, play the field, have a party!  Become a good time girl.  And so she did!        But she didn’t know I’d let her husband find out, and her children found out, and they all left her; and after all her friends finished with her, they left her.  Now she feels dirty, and used; and nobody wants her.        Poor Susie – ha!        And I know you, and you;  I know you all! And I know your weaknesses, and I know your dark secrets,        And I will be seeing you around!HANDSCast:  God, Adam, Eve, NarratorIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,The mountains and the valleys,The seas, and the fish that swim in them.The trees, and the birds of the air.And God created Man, and Woman.And God gave us hands…, that we might create…,Hands to love…,to give…,Hands to help…, and defend.God gave us hands, but we have used these hands to destroy!

Hands that should love, now hate!Hands that should give, now take!Hands that should help, now hold back!Where they should defend, they attack!God reached out His hands of love to a world destroying itselfAnd embraced His rebel creation with the hands of healing.But we nailed those hands to the cross,And said, “Stay there God!”But He didn’t, and He won’t.He walks the streets of the world today,His scarred hands open,Waiting, …, Longing!For whoever will come!What will you do with Jesus?Try not to hear?Try not to see?His truth remains the same!Will your hands embrace Him, or refuse Him?You have a choice!Hold onto your life, …, and lose it!Or give it over to God, and gain it!What will you do with Jesus?THE BURDENCast: Jesus, Burden Bearer, (People representing various lifestyles i.e. Education, Drugs, Sex, Macho man, Materialism, Hedonism, Money, etc)Stage is set with People representing various lifestyles standing frozen at attention with the right arm half cocked like a lever to pull down, and the hand in a fist.  The people form a shallow semi circle facing the audience.Jesus is behind them facing away from the audience.Burden Bearer is at the back of the audience, with a sack on his back.BB:          (screams) Help!  Somebody, please help me!  I’ve got this burden on my back.  It’s so heavy, and I’ve been carrying it for such a long time.  Somebody, …, you, you look friendly, maybe you could help me get it off.  What about you?  Oh, wait, look there are some people (points to the actors at the front).  Maybe they can help me!        (BB walks to the front and stands in the middle of the semi-circle!)        You look intelligent! Can you help me?  I’ve got this burden on my back.  Can you help me to get it off?  (As he says this, he pulls down the arm of one of the actors)$:        Sure I can help you.  What you need is money!  You need to get lots of money.  That way you can have anything you want.  You could get a TV, a video machine, a new car, new house, new clothes.  Yes sir!  Money is what will get rid of that burden.  You can forget about all your troubles, they will be gone, because you will be able to get anything you want.

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Bead Bar

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Based on the needs of the Bead Bar, I would recommend the Enterprise Database Management System, Oracle 10g. This database will allow the Bead Bar to manage data storage, transform data into information, provide security, allow multiuser access, data warehousing and data mining.

Meredith (President and Owner) will be able to identify trends of the company by using the data warehouse feature of Oracle, however, the cost of data warehousing could be in the millions of dollars to implement and support. Suzanne (VP of Studios) will be able to schedule and manage employees and keep track of inventory by using a relationship model database. Mitch (VP of Bead Bar on Board) would be able to use a flat file model database, which works like a spreadsheet, to keep track of his sales leads. Julia (Chief Financial Officer) will be able to keep a record of all the company transactions, as well as creating financial statements and performing audits. Miriam (VP of Marketing and Sales) would be able to use data mining to find out the purchasing trends of their customers. Rachel (VP of Operations and Purchasing) would be able to use a hierarchical database to track the inventory of the entire company and set the database order items automatically when they are running low. Finally, Jim (Director of Human Resources) will be able to track employee information. Training the employees to use the database systems will be very extensive and expensive, but will be worth it in the end. In regards to hiring a Database Administrator, Jim will need to consider these things before he sets a salary for full time or part time employment. Oracle Database 10g introduces a sophisticated self-managing database that automatically monitors, adapts, and fixes itself (Kumar, 2003). According to Kumar (2003), 55% of a Database AdministratorпіÐs time is spent managing databases. Oracle 10g will eliminate most of the managing time associated with the database.


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A Perspective on Religion

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A Perspective on Religion

Religion has taken many forms around the world as a shared set of beliefs and worship in something, someone, or someplace supernatural, beyond physical perception and relies on faith and conviction. Religion is complex and varies with different ceremonies, traditions, symbols, superstitions, and scriptures. Centric to peoples lives, each religion different conclusions on who created us, how we were created, why we are here, how we should live and what is beyond after death.

Religion is a human quality. It can be found in some shape of every human culture around the planet. Philosophers like Ludwig Feuerbah (1804-1872) and Sigmund Freud believed in scientific materialism, a perception that the supernatural is imagined by humans; only the material world exists and the human qualities and emotions like power and love are projected onto an imagined supreme being. Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a social philosopher that believed religion originated from the oppressed who desired a better life and that it gave people a false illusion of pacification.

Religion is healing and useful. The sociological explanation of religion being found everywhere is that it is a part of social structure and holds societies and individuals together. French sociologist Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) proposed religion is the glue that holds society together and have the capability to create harmony and spread social virtues. John Bowker authored a book entitled, “Is God a Virus” which asserted that religion usefully serves a biological purpose of protecting gene replication and fostering the nurturing of children and may be a genetic survival mechanism in the brain.

A Duke University study found that religions people live longer, are less likely to be depressed or have high blood pressure or smoke. Other studies have indicated that patients with faith recover faster but there have been mixed results from studies on the potential of prayer to heal illnesses. Meditation has proven to be useful for a better mental state and psychoanalysts like Erich Fromn (1900-1980) believe that have that religion fills a need for the minds stability. Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) stated that religious meditation transformed him from a shy fearful child to a great political figure.

Religion is a rational and nonrational seeking of truth and unseen reality. Rational thought and nonrational methods of knowing are two of the basic ways of apprehending reality but the human mind has several levels of conscientiousness and does not function in one method alone. Martin Luther (1483-1546) who founded the Protestant branch of Christianity described his questioning belief in storms of doubt as, “raged with a fierce and agitated conscience.” Religious views are looked at as immanent, present in world and transcendent, outside the universe. The theistic

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B2ba Usa Considers Implementing a Crm System

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Thach N. [email protected] CodeBusiness 187- Business System B2BA USA Considers Implementing a CRM System03/16/2016Executive SummaryI’m Thach N Tran writes this case analysis to analyze the potential benefits that a CRM system can bring to the B2BA Firm in San Francisco. I am a graduated college student who is standing out of the crowd at the age of 21. I get a chance to participate in the team because I know how to research and some knowledge about Saleforce’s CRM system. As an accounting company, we must understand our clients to build good relationship. CRM is a good tool to connect us to our clients.B2BA’s companyThe B2BA Company is a mid-size company, which is located at San Francisco. This firm is in accounting services industry. The firm needs to improve the communications with existing clients. The company need to corporate with CRM systems to improve their services. The company is mostly using some contact management to covert the accounting data to some excel files and it cannot be used for future forecast. To build strong databases, the company needs to have technology involved and CRM is a good choice. After some researching about CRM and knowledge about Sales force, I found that CRM is a good system and can be used for B2BA Company.                                [pic 1]IntroductionToday, business world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing. People have many ways to collect data. As an accounting service company, B2BA needs to compete and improve services. There are some benefits for the B2BA Accounting Company to work with a new CRM system. With CRM, they work with you to improve your service and they are existed to help you. CRM is a term that is about the company’s strategies, practices, and technologies used to manage or analyze customer’s interactions and databases for the companies. Today, CRM Company develops some systems called CRM software to help the company easier to use and manage data on single database.  Using CRM systems, there are some major benefits: improving the customer support, customer satisfaction, increases revenue at low cost, easy to use and will not change the organization’s structure, save time. CRM systems help company to have effective communication. For example, you are calling a potential supplier. When you pull up the supplier’s phone number, you can access to the call history and the notes so you can remember some useful information. You also save time on scheduling. Scheduling a meeting is much more easier. CRM systems bring a lot of benefits to the salespeople who do a lot of calling. When the salespeople make a call to a customer and the customer does not pick up the phone. The CRM system reminds the salesperson to call back. What are CRM’s functions?        [pic 2]According to, there are some major functions for the CRM systems such as: Marketing Automation[1], Sales Force Automation, Contact Center Automation, Geolocation Technology. Marketing automation is an integral component of customer relationship management.  The Sales force automation: Also known as sales force management[2]. A CRM system can help achieve this by automatically tracking all contact and follow-ups between both sides.According to, Contact center automation[3] has various software tools that integrate with the agents desktop tools can handle customer requests in order to cut down the time of calls and simplify customer service processes. Geolocation technology[4] can also be used as a networking or contact management tool in order to find sales prospects based on location.

CRM Failure Rates.According to Harvard Business Review, there are 41% of all implementations fail, 55% do not produce results. When CRM is not implemented right, it becomes the worst investment for the company.The Benefits Of Implementing A CRM System [pic 3]

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A History of Christianity in Uganda

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A History of Christianity in UgandaPresented toDr. G. K. JohnsonForCHHI 302 – Church History IIbyJames Bowers247816716/30/2014Our account starts with Henry Stanley, an explorer and journalist, who was on exploration of Africa in late 1854, to look for the sources and nature of the Nile as well as lakes in central Africa.  It was on this trip that he met the Kabada (king) of Buganda, a central Ugandan tribe.  His name was King Mutesa and Stanley shares a story of Christianity with him.  The king became enthralled and requested that he appeal to Queen Victoria to send missionaries to Uganda.  It was this request that eventually brought Christianity to them.1    Compared to other areas in Africa, missionaries arrived fairly late to Uganda.   Especially since it was almost a century since the missionary impetus from Europe had begun.2Kabaka Mutesa inherited the strongest region as his kingdom in 1856 and over a period of 28 years consolidated and enhanced its powers.  Under his rule Buganda was open to the outside world for trading.  They traded slaves and ivory for cotton cloth, guns, and luxury items with the Swahili and Arab traders from Zanzibar.  Along with the trade came the influences of Islam on religion and cultural lives of the people of Buganda.  When Christianity was introduced, Islam was already introduced having an impact on the Buganda people.3At first Mutesa learned some Arabic, attended and even led prayers in a mosque built at the court.  He was very curious about the teachings of Islam, but as a ruler his concern was largely with matters of state. He saw Islam as a religion in which he could enhance his own power.4That was until Egypt began wanting to include an area that of central Africa, including Buganda, into an Egyptian Empire.  It was during a visit in 1876 that the Egyptians started changing things.  They didn’t like the mosque in Encyclopedia Britannica,

Eighteen months after the first missionaries reached the kings court, a group of French Catholic “White Fathers” arrived.  With the introduction of the rival movements now present, there would be a lot of finger pointing.  Church Missionary Society felt that the Catholics were trying to sabotage the Protestant missionary effort. The Catholics pointed out that they had been  Zablon Nthamburi , From Mission to Church: A Handbook of Christianity in East Africa, ed., published by Uzima Press (Imani House, St. Johns Gate, off Parliament Rd., P.O. Box 48127, Nairobi, Kenya) in 1991. A. F. Mockler-Ferryman, Christianity in Uganda, Journal of the Royal African Society, Vol. 2, No. 7 (Apr., 1903), pg. 276, Published by: Oxford University Press.planning the evangelization of Eastern Africa for many years.  They felt that they were being out staged by Stanley’s letter that he wrote to the Queen in 1875.7  According to the Catholic’s it was superficial, but I say read it for yourselves.   It was printed in the Daily Telegraph newspaper of Britain on 15th November 1875.“Oh! That some pious, practical missionary would come here! What a field and harvest ripe for the sickle of civilization….It is the practical Christian tutor who can teach people how to become Christians, cure their diseases, construct dwellings…and turn his hand to anything – like a sailor – this is the man who is wanted….You need not fear to spend money on such…a mission…”8Still, we have to look at the two rivals and see that for centuries they have been engulfed with controversy and warfare in Europe.  Even so, the missionaries defended their own faith and this made the two groups fit in well with the traditional factionalism of court life. What we find coming out of this, is a zeal and competition between the Buganda converts that brought great success to the Christian movement.  It surprised many that such a zeal for the Gospel was fueled so much through prejudice and partisanship. There was lively interest in the two movements, it seemed like one complimented the other.9

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Bae Systems Project

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BAE Case ProjectGroup 10: Helena Otero, Juan Otero, Raul Santos, and Jorge PlasenciaUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasIS 378, Section 1004Dr. Honghui DengOctober 23, 2018ABSTRACTIn November of 1989, the city of Denver began building the Denver International Airport (DIA). The airport had a prime location that was 25 miles from downtown Denver, Colorado. It was intended to be a superior airport due to its proclaimed advanced technology and efficiency. The airport was built out of necessity due to the current Stapleton Airport being unable to meet the demands for an ever-growing local economy. In the planning stage, the city and the contracted consulting firms made a grave mistake by neglecting the importance of a baggage system. Construction was in its final stages by the time management realized that the Denver International Airport needed a state-of-the-art automated baggage system. As a result, BAE Automated Systems, Inc. was hired to complete the system.Introduction        The BAE project was unsuccessful, largely since it did not include a promising scope or project plan. In addition, the project consisted of many failures such as, poorly developed technology, the size of the project, the system design, time needed for completion and financial constraints. These issues were worsened by the lack of communication from the stakeholders. The failure of this project was demonstrated through the continued need to extend the airport opening. Project Scope        Simply put, project scope is the mutual understanding among stakeholders to know what’s needed to go into a project and what factors define a successful completion. A well-thought-out scope involves a checklist of six key elements. The following list includes the six elements of scope and explanations of how the BAE project either succeeded or failed to execute these aspects:Project ObjectiveDenver International Airport wanted BAE to expand the already started United Airlines project concept which resulted in scope creep. BAE promised to develop an efficient, reliable and future flexible system. Additional objectives included:Save ground timeReduce closeout time for hub operationsCut time needed for baggage sorting and handlingDeliverables. BAE built a prototype automated baggage system in Carrollton, Texas. This was the first of its deliverables. It finally ended with two systems, a working automated system and an additional backup system that served other airlines. This was not what the client intended; therefore, the deliverable was a disappointment. Milestones. The milestones were as mechanical design, software designs, and permanent power requirements.Technical Requirements. All-around accessTimely completion of certain areasProvision of permanent powerProvision of computer roomsLimits and Exclusions.There was a failure to include limits and exclusions. By doing so, they broke contract in the project by outsourcing contractors in lieu of BAE employees. This was a limit/exclusion that was not discussed with the client before signing the contractual agreement.

Reviews with CustomerChief Airport Engineer Walter Slinger was convinced that the project would be attainable after witnessing the prototype. Throughout the project, it seemed that BAE and DIA did not keep in close communication or ensure that their customers’ needs were being met. This can be demonstrated by the various airlines requesting for system changes and ski claim area lengths being changed twice. BAE agreed to a fixed scope that was defined by the Denver International Airport. The time-frame was too short, and BAE knew they would be unable to complete the project within the proposed period. Therefore, the scope was never fully developed or devised within reason or capability by BAE. This was the first of many failures by BAE. Planning and Design        According to DiFonso, in the fall of ’91, BAE was contracted by United Airlines to build a baggage system at the new and improved Denver International Airport. The airline was especially concerned that the airport hadn’t considered building a baggage system. Denver’s baggage system was indeed an afterthought and that was evident in the layout of the airport. When construction of the automated baggage system began, problems arose since the buildings and structures got in the way of the systems tracks and other components. The system had to get into underground tunnels and available space. They wasted resources by breaking down newly constructed parts of the airport for their expanded bag system project.         There was a clear lack in the structure of BAE’s team while Di Fonso was PM for the first 2 years. The work was only broken down into three ambiguous sections: mechanical engineering, industrial control, and software design. In addition, the customer’s needs were not met, and BAE failed to deliver what airlines wanted in system design; “To further complicate matters, the airlines began requesting changes to the systems design even though the mechanical and software designs were supposed to be frozen.” BAE even had to change their work structure for the DIA’s project. Constant changes to plans and structure resulted in further confusion among stakeholders. StakeholdersThe stakeholders of this project consisted of the following entities:City of DenverDenver International AirportUnited AirlinesBAE Automated Systems, Inc.Colorado mayor Federico PenaFederal Aviation Administration CommissionersDenver Mayor Wellington WebbLogplanGreiner, Inc. and Morrison-Knudsen Engineers Chief Airport Engineer Walter SlingerChief Airport Engineer Gail EdmondCost        The cost of the construction of the Denver International Airport incremented along the time it was being built. In April 1992, BAE Automated Systems, Inc. was contracted to build Denver’s airport baggage system for $175.6 million. In August 1992, baggage elevators were added at a cost of $1.61 million and automated baggage sorting systems were added at a cost of $4.67 million. In 1993, the ski area length was changed at a cost of $295,800 and maintenance tracks were placed for $912,000. In 1994, United called for a change in the size of baggage, which cost $432,000. After the Denver International Airport failed to make it to the date it was set to open, the city estimated this setback would cost $330,000 per month. In August 1994, Logplan recommended a backup baggage system at a total cost of $60.5 million.

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A Unique Life

Essay Preview: A Unique Life

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Rochom is the Cambodian girl. On one day in the late 1980s, she went out as usual to tend the buffalos, but never returned. Rochom was eight years old when she went missing from her village. After all search efforts failed, Ronchoms father is Mr Sal Lou and her family gave up. They thought that she died or was killed.

However, in January 2007, Rochom was found by Chea Bunthoeun, who was her familys neighbor. Chea Bunthoeun saw a girl in the jungle who was clambering along on all fours and foraging for food. He staked out the area, spotted the woman, gathered some villagers and caught her.

After hearing about the incident, Sal Lou came to see the wild girl. He claimed that the girl was his long-lost daughter because he identified Rochom based on a scar on her arm. Ronchom didnt remember anything. She even couldnt speak Cambodian, couldnt walk like human. She refused to wear clothes and used her hands when she ate.

Rochom is the Cambodian girl. On one day in the late 1980s, she went out as usual to tend the buffalos, but never returned. Rochom was eight years old when she went missing from her village. After all search efforts failed, Ronchoms father is Mr Sal Lou and her family gave up. They thought that she died or was killed.

However, in January 2007, Rochom was found by Chea Bunthoeun, who was her familys neighbor. Chea Bunthoeun saw a girl in the jungle who was clambering along on all fours and foraging for food. He staked out the area, spotted the woman, gathered some villagers and caught her.

After hearing about the incident, Sal Lou came to see the wild girl. He claimed that the girl was his long-lost daughter because he identified Rochom based on a scar on her arm. Ronchom didnt remember anything. She even couldnt speak Cambodian, couldnt walk like human. She refused to wear clothes and used her hands when she ate.

Everybody wanted to know what happened with Rochom when she went missing, how could she survive for a long time in jungle. Many hypotheses about Rochoms life in the jungle have been proposed but no one could prove their correctness. In the end, they must recognition that Rochom has had a unique life.

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Barco Products Case StudyEssay Preview: Barco Products Case StudyReport this essayompetition*****Barco has several competitors but its main competitor is Sony. For market strategy, Barco targets niche markets for specific customers while Sony targets the general audience in mass market. Reputation amongst dealers also vary between Barco and Sony. Barco’s products are viewed as high-end quality products. The only disadvantage is that installation process is difficult but once installation is finished, quality seems to be much better. Sony’s products are lower ends in terms of price and quality but they are reliable at the same time. Barco has selective distribution with 100 dealers in US market while Sony has intensive distribution with about 500 dealers. Barco and Sony differ in many ways and the fact that Barco believed that Sony would follow the same production path was unintelligent. Barco was naive to strongly trust Sony to respect their vision of the marketplace.

Barios Products: A Brief History

The Baean family of Japanese pharmaceuticals grew out from the ancient Tokugawa family of the same name. With the opening of the first Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, production of pharmaceuticals in the Tokugawa period began, and production commenced for the Tokugawa pharmaceutical line. This led to the development of the Baean plant on the island of Okinawa. With this company, Baean made many pharmaceutical products, such as polyphenol derivatives that can cause damage to the skin and liver, as well as many chemical-derived products that can alter the way the body works. This helped drive the development of more than twenty modern pharmaceuticals. As part of this new manufacturing environment, the Baean Bao and Baean Aung is now a major drug supplier.

The Baean family of Korean pharmaceuticals was formed due to the establishment of a Baean pharmaceutical industry in 1962 called the Group of Companies. Baean Pharmaceutical, which was also initially founded in 1962 by the Baean family, made some small pharmaceutical products under the name Baean and developed several other brands. Baean produced a large number of pharmaceuticals for multiple pharmaceutical companies that were then based in Okinawa under Baean’s company name, including a wide variety of medicines and pharmaceuticals. The Baean group, which included its many family members from the Tokugawa family, took over the Korean Pharmaceutical Company, which merged with Group of Companies. Since then, the Baean family has continued to have a significant role to play in the pharmaceutical industry of Japan. Baean makes many products that contain many chemical derivative compounds and it is the original group’s main competitor which offers more than 50 products. The Baean group became involved in and was involved in many other Japanese pharmaceutical firms who then merged with Baean.

Baean Pharmaceuticals. A Baean plant is created at the Kyushu Agricultural Park to be used for BAEan medications. A small area is maintained as a breeding area as well as testing grounds where plants can live indefinitely. The Baean plant also allows the use of natural herbicides, for example chlorpyrifos and a fungicide. The Baean family is the largest company in Korea. It includes two plants in the family consisting of the family Baean and the family Baean Aung, and two plants with the Baean family members. Baean also develops a range of pharmaceutical related products and is recognized as a leading brand by the Korea Pharmaceutical company.

Baer’s Baean Pharmaceuticals is the global leader in herbal medicine. The company has been known since the 1980’s in Japan for introducing an extremely low dosage of medicines. Currently the company maintains its focus on Baean-based herbal oils, many of which contain active ingredients found in other pharmaceuticals such as polyphenols and bupropion. The company has been in business since 2005 with initial investments of US$4.1 billion.

The company’s main business is developing herbal products for oral formulations as well as a range of different uses. Baean has a main interest in natural herbal oil for treating pain and allergic reactions. Baean also provides anti-inflammatory treatment with an anesthetic and anti-cancer properties as well as a small amount of other ingredients such as bacteremia. The company also has a small production line providing other products, including its own products such as its own extract. Baean’s natural products are also used as an additive by the Japanese companies for many different illnesses and disorders. The company’s herbal formulations range from a limited range of creams and medications to herbal formulations for the treatment of cold and flu. Baean products are sold in several major countries including China, the United Kingdom,

) So now we are going to talk about Porter’s 5 forces.*Our major competitors in the data and graphics segments are Sony, Electrohome, and NEC. Barco was a minor competitor in the video segment but their major competitors were Sony and NEC. When looking at Sony before 1985, Sony sold similar video and data projectors to Barco’s that lower in quality in terms of resolution, brightness, image quality and scan rate. However, their products were offered at cheaper prices. Between 1985 and 1989, Sony’s products remained similar to Barco’s but they had higher quality in terms of resolution, brightness, and image quality but fell short on scan rate. By 1989, Sony 1270 was better product than Barco’s in terms of scan rate, resolution, brightness, and image quality

Futhermore, Sony sold their products to about 1500 dealers versus Barco’s distribution of about 400 dealers worldwide. However, Sony’s products were sold at larger volumes and at lower prices but they did not give their dealers much of the profits. Therefore, dealers preferred pushing Barco’s products for sale. Also, Sony also has the reputation of being reliable and cheap. Overall, Sony has a strong ability to compete with Barco. When looking at Electrohome, they also sold data and graphic projectors that were similar in quality to Barco’s but slightly cheaper. They sold products to the same number of dealers, at similar volumes levels but at slightly lower prices. Electrohome also has a reputation similar to ours. Overall, they also have a strong ability to compete with Barco.

NEC sold video and data projectors like Sony but they had an inefficient distribution network by only selling to two dealers. However, they pioneered the technology for projectors. Therefore, NEC has an adequate ability to compete with Barco.

In all, the completion in the projector system industry is very strong. *Now we will look at the potential of new entrants into the projector industry. It is very expensive and time-consuming to enter the fast-paced technology market due to R&D and production costs. Barco also has an advantage in the industry because they have experience and connections to many suppliers and dealers. Overall, the potential of new entrants into the industry are low.

*When looking at supplier power, Sony is the only supplier for Barco’s lens after 1985. It is not very easy for Sony to drive up prices because other suppliers offered lenses at high-quality as well, however, those suppliers were more expensive. There is a high cost of switching from one supplier to another because it takes a lot of time to arrange for a new supplier in terms of contracts. Moreover, another Sony division, Electrohome, and Barco source from the same supplier; therefore, there is a possibility for a supply shortage. Furthermore, Sony is a competitor; therefore, Barco is relying too much on the competitor for supply and Barco has had to share some of its product development plans to Sony because they are our supplier. Lastly, Barco may need to supply from Fujinon but they are already a supplier to Sony so it is unlikely that Fujinon can supply to Barco. Overall, supplier power is high.

*When analyzing the power of the customer, before the launch of Sony 1270, Barco had lots of buyers like dealers and industrial consumers; therefore, they were not able to drive down prices. Furthermore, customers faced low switching costs because there are other competitors with similar high-quality products. Each customer that Barco had

Stories Of The Dreaming And Aboriginals Child free essay help online

Aboriginal Religion

Essay Preview: Aboriginal Religion

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It involves the physical world, Sacred world and the human world

The dreaming is an important part of life for aboriginals. It is known as the ancient creation of land told through the ancestors. The stories of the dreaming are more myths , legends, fables, parables or quaint tales. They are definitely not fairytales for amusement of children. Down through generations the stories have been told orally.

When an Aboriginals child was born, he began to learn how to cope. They were born into a certain group which they were loved by all members of the group, as they grew they learnt how to hunt and defend for themselves, to become a full member of the group they had to have knowledge of how to keep alive and also the rules and traditions that governed his nomadic society.

Aboriginals celebrated many different ceremonies. For a girl growing up they celebrated simple ceremonies for the transition from childhood. For boys initiation ceremonies extended over several years, and were associated with the intensive training in the traditions and mythology of the clan. When they have had their last initiation ceremonies, he could marry, and it was only when he had a wife. Once he had a child the community then regarded him as an adult. Old people in Aboriginal society were cared for, and respected for their wisdom and knowledge. When a person died the mourning custom and burial rights were complex and varied from region to region.

Physical world

Aboriginals settled throughout the entire continent many thousands of years before the white man came and had evolved a way of living that was good with the environment. Aboriginals would survive with Australians harsh climate because they knew where there waterholes were. They also drained water from certain trees and roots. Animals were usually hunted but Aboriginals only took what they needed to make sure that there is enough of the specie reproduce and enough for the future. This is something the Europeans didnt understand.

Sacred world


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