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Impact of Intergenerational Differences on Workplace Motivation (521)

InstructionsWeek Three Assignment: Annotated Bibliography Annotated BibliographyAn annotated bibliography is an APA formatted listing and description of the sources used to develop the Major paper. Peer-reviewed and evidence-based articles (articles published in academic journals) must be used for the annotated bibliography.  Each article must be current (within the last ten years) and a primary source, that is, a single experiment conducted by the article author(s) only. Articles cannot be used if the author is writing about a topic in an essay style and/or if the article includes citations of multiple other authors’ articles or summaries of multiple study findings in the same article.The Week 3 Annotated Bibliography must include 3 to 5 current (within the last ten years) peer-reviewed, evidence based articles formatted as per APA guidelines. The annotated bibliography should be titled “References” centered at the top of the page the first section should include a brief statement that identifies the subject of the research, followed by the full APA citation of the article and a paragraph (4-6 sentences) describing the following:1. Purpose of the study2. Methodology3. Findings4. Relevance to the thesis topic These paragraphs must be written in the student’s own words. Quoting is not permitted for this assignment. The annotated bibliography should be completed by Sunday 11:59 PM EST.  A title page, reference page, and APA formatting are required. For examples see The Annotated Bibliography in the Trefry Library under the Graduate Writing tab.Please note that the Major paper cannot be graded if submitted without the Annotated Bibliography in Week 3.

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