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Implement a Market Test to Collaboratively Justify the New Product Development – 1, Matching the business

Question: Implement a Market Test to Collaboratively Justify the New Product Development – 1, Matching the business with the global market 2. Marketing to a Global Market 3. Product Development Get topics based on the above listed contents.Implement a Market Test to Collaboratively Justify the New Product Development –
1, Matching the business with the global market
2. Marketing to a Global Market
3. Product Development

Get topics based on the above listed contents.

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Business Law Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Today, there are several options for people who want to pursue a legal claim.  This includes filing a lawsuit in court, but also includes alternative forms of dispute resolution (referred to as ADR) such as mediation and arbitration.  In both mediation and arbitration, the dispute is resolved outside of court, with the main difference being that mediation requires the parties to voluntarily agree to a resolution, while arbitration requires the parties to abide by the decision of a private arbitrator.


For this discussion, choose one of the disputes listed below and explain whether you think the best way to resolve it is through a lawsuit, mediation, or arbitration.

A woman is passed over for promotion and instead the job is award to a man with less experience.  She believes that this is a case of sex discrimination.

A truck driver is hit by a motorist who ran a stop sign and will be in the hospital for several months and does not have any savings or disability benefits.

A child is injured when a very popular folding high-chair collapses, and it appears that the high-chair was improperly designed and unable to reliably support the weight of the average infant.

Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Implement a Market Test to Collaboratively Justify the New Product Development – 1, Matching the business

High-profile cases of accounting fraud in recent years, in addition to the prevalence of earnings management practices to deliberately mislead investors, suggest that ethics are a significant concern for accounting, financial analysis, and management professionals.

For this discussion, you will explain the role of management professionals with regard to accounting and analysis ethics, and you will detail any challenges managers may face in ensuring ethical accounting practices. You will also reflect on how the things you have learned in this course will aid you in your career. Your response for this final discussion will be in the form of a video using the built-in video functionality in the discussion area.

Review the codes of ethics and professional standards in the module resources and then address the following questions:

What is the manager’s responsibility regarding ethical financial reporting?

What challenges might a manager face in ensuring ethical accounting and financial analysis practices?

Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Assume that you are a CEO of a medium-sized company that needs a significant influx of cash for several expansion projects. As the CEO, you must determine whether your company should remain private or go public. Some companies postpone going public due to the unpredictability of economic and market conditions. Consider the ramifications of both alternatives. Construct an argument for and against going public. Before providing your response, review the guidelines and regulations associated with going public by visiting Small Business and the SEC located at

Use the Internet to research SOX law, located at

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

Outline three (3) ways in which your medium-sized private company may benefit from going public, providing a rationale for each.
Create an argument that the same goals may be achieved if the company remains a privately held entity. Provide support for your argument.
When a company decides to go public, it can typically obtain capital by issuing stocks or bonds. Suggest four (4) leading financial ratios that will be evaluated and how each will impact the company’s decision to obtain expansion funds. Determine whether the results of the ratios would alter the decision to go public.
By researching the results of SOX compliance surveys, assess the financial impact that SOX might have on your company if it decides to go public. Considering the impact of SOX compliance, take a position as to whether your company can overcome the challenges posed by SOX compliance if the decision is to go public. Based on your research, support your decision by identifying the potential advantages and disadvantages that SOX may have on your company. Provide specific examples.
Make a recommendation as the CEO regarding the alternative (i.e., going public or staying private) that will best support the company’s expansion goals. Support your position.
Use at least four (4) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Specialty Comparison Table Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

The Assignment:

Complete the following items

write a paragraph or make a Nursing Specialty Comparison table, comparing at least two nursing specialties that include your selected specialization and second-preferred specialization.

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph justification statement identifying your reasons for choosing your MSN specialization.

Identify the professional organization related to your chosen specialization for this Assignment, and explain how you can become an active member of this organization.

Solve Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

1)Scan functional resources to determine their fit with a firm’s strategy?


2)explain the role IFAS in building competitive strategy?

(each question need short answer one page )


Computer Security Foundations Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

I need a PowerPoint presentation for the final project on Mobile Security. Please find the attached document. I need speaker notes, citations on every slide, an agenda slide. Thank you.




Mobile Security

Kalyan Bere


Computer Security Foundations- CRN119



                                                      Mobile Security


Mobile security is a concern that is fully dependent on technology. The functionality of mobile phones computations is dependent on the cloud space. With the cloud space, this is a virtual space that connects people globally. Due to this global interaction, there are security concerns that are associated with mobile one’s computations. This is what is discussed in this paper. It sheds light on what mobile computation is, critical concerns of this context, threats which make mobile security concern s and finalizes this topic with a measure to curb mobile security compromises.


Come to think of mobile computing; almost everyone in the world is using mobile computing. Due to this vast use of mobile computing worldwide, some pros and cons are associated with the use of mobile phones globally. Advantages of mobile computing can be of benefit to mobile phones users’ while cons can be a threat to the victimized mobile phone user. In this research paper, the paper will assess the context of mobile security to shed light on the in-depth insight that surrounds this context. To serve this purpose, this research paper will focus on why mobile security is important, dangers and threats of compromised mobile security and how mobile users can protect themselves from mobile security issues. To serve the purpose of research work, this research paper will utilize secondary sources of information, referred to as a literature review. Through the evaluation of the literature review, this paper will screen the most important aspects of mobile security and harmonize information from various sources in on research paperwork.


Literature review:

Definition of mobile security:

A broad array of mobile security confirms mile security as the security precautions that are desired for networks which are used to connect portable computable devices remotely (Margaret) mobile security, retrievable from Mobile security is desired due to increased users of wireless computation mobile services globally. This increased number of users dictate increased operations the cloud space that employs these portable computing mobile devise. Mobile security is desired majorly to cut financial losses that one can incur when their mobile security has been compromised.

Concerns in mobile security:

Device loss; this concern almost applies to every other owner of any portable computing mobile device because they are prone to get lost. When they get lost, it can become a threatening concern to data that was in the lost mobile device.

Application security; this concern is determined to ensure that application that requires too much authorization is controlled. This is because some of these applications can ask for guaranteed access to private information which they can leak, thus promoting compromised mobile security.

Device data leakage; this concern is perceived as a need to expos mobile users to the possible threat they can exposing themselves during files and data sharing using mole computing. These ways promote leakage of data and files being shared, thus landing confidential data into wrong hands.

Malware attacks; some mobile computing devices like laptops are prone to malware attacks. These attacks land the owner of the attacked device, may it be an individual or an organization into financial problem due to loss of data files and destructing of the affected mobile device engine (He, Chan & Guizani, 2015).

Device theft; this concern is desired to gain insight how a device is stolen can be tracked before thieves in question destroys files in the stolen device or before they can make use of those files to enrich themselves against the wish of the legit deice owner.

The future threat of mobile security:

Because technology will always keep on advancing, so will be the case with mobile security threats. Some of these mobile security compromises are network spoofing, phishing, broken cryptography, spyware, among others.

Facilitating mobile security:

To realize strong security for mobile computing devices, there are some considerations that need to be made when using cloud connections (Lee, 2015). Thee security measures include using VPN functionality, encrypting device and files in it, installing antivirus to detect possible compromise attempts, ensuring that one does not use unprotected public Wi-Fi, among others.



He, D., Chan, S., & Guizani, M. (2015). Mobile application security: malware threats and defenses. IEEE Wireless Communications, 22(1), 138-144.

Lee, W. H., & Lee, R. B. (2015, February). Multi-sensor authentication to improve smartphone security. In 2015 International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP) (pp. 1-11). IEEE.


Discussion Post Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

This week you reflected upon the difference between a “manager” and a “leader” and discussed this concept with your classmates and professor in the discussion board. In a written essay please answer the following questions:


What are the differences between leaders and managers? What characteristics are similar and what are different?
Provide a total of three examples. First, of someone who has great managerial skills. Second, another individual with great leadership skills. Third, another person with poor managerial skills. These can be made up individuals or examples you have seen without any identifying information. Discuss how the staff of each individual would be affected by the skills of the leader/manager.

Psychology of Language Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Question 1

a) Give a detailed definition of Universal Grammar. Explain what could be two possible principles of Universal Grammar.

b) Give three types of evidence or arguments to support the idea of Universal Grammar. Explain how each supports the idea of UG.

c) Give three types of evidence or arguments that argue against Universal Grammar. Explain how each argues against the idea of UG.

Question 2.

a) Discuss one subfield of language (e.g., phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics) that non-human primates (NHP) are more successful at learning. Explain and give examples. Discuss one subfield of language that NHP are less successful at learning. Explain and give examples.

b) What methods work better for teaching language to NHP? What methods are less successful? Discuss why you think some methods work better than others.

c) What are arguments some researchers use to defend the position that NHP can learn language? What are arguments other researchers use to defend the position that NHP cannot learn language?

Question 3.

a) Explain the difference between the domain-specific and the domain-general views of the relationship between language and other cognitive processes.

b) Using information from the lectures on ape language, language evolution, and genetic disorders, provide evidence to support the domain-specific view on language. Explain in detail.

c) Using information from the lectures on ape language, language evolution, and genetic disorders, provide evidence to support the domain-general view on language. Explain in detail.

Discussion Question Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Complete these short essay questions:

1. Explain the discretionary options a police officer can exercise in juvenile cases.

2. Explain how community-oriented policing affects juvenile cases.

3. Describe the different ways police are allowed to handle juveniles.


Select and post your response to ONE situation from any chapter that interests you the most.

1. You are a police officer who encounters several juveniles trying to steal a 12-pack of beer from some other juveniles, who have just bought the beer from a nearby liquor store. You break up the disturbance with the help of your partner, and now must decide what to do. The group of juveniles who tried to steal the beer did not hurt the others in any way and were apparently just after the beer. Nonetheless, the other kids are angry and resentful. Both groups are obviously too young to drink alcohol. Both groups are known to be occasionally truant, but they have no record and are not known drug users. Furthermore, the liquor store owner is known to sell both beer and hard liquor to minors, although this is the first time you have caught juveniles right as they leave his store.

2. Questions to discuss in your three paragraph posting are:

o How do you handle the juveniles who tried to steal the beer? Do you punish them for attempted robbery, for possession of alcohol, for both, or for neither?

o How do you handle the juveniles who just bought the beer? Do they have rights as victims?

o How do you handle the liquor store owner, who is the only one in his store at this time and who was clearly the one who sold them the beer?

o Which law enforcement approach do you think is best in this case: legalistic, watchman, or service? Would you treat the three different groups differently in any way (for instance, a watchman approach to the juveniles and a legalistic approach to the store owner)? If so, how?

3. Read the postings of your classmates.  Respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ postings.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Why?

4. Using the Internet, look up the cases of Kent v. United States, In re Gault and In re Winship. Write down  approximately one paragraph of biological information about each juvenile, including where each is now. Then answer the following questions:

o Whom did you find the most sympathetic?

o Could you see yourself in the same position s any of these juveniles?

o If you were a police officer who was dealing with all three of them, would you consider any of them to be worth rehabilitating? Why or why not?

5. Read the postings of your classmates. Respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ postings.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Why?

Discussion Question Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

This is a discussion question which should have 1,000 words.  Reading is attached.

Explain the problem that Socrates presents to Euthyphro in Euthyphro. How does Euthyphro define piety?  What is the nature of the dilemma?  What is the greater significance for the relationship between religion and ethics?

Give an account of Plato’s view of happiness and moral virtue from Republic – what is the nature of justice?  What is a just person like?

What does Aristotle say about the good life and the “ingredients” which can make us happy? What do his views imply about children and their ability to be happy? What is the Doctrine of the Mean? What does Aristotle use it to explain?

Explore the difference between Plato and Aristotle’s account of moral failure – how does each explain the human failure to act in accordance with virtue?  Is it possible to know what is moral, but fail to do it?  Why or why not?

Final Essay Examination Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Describe the paths of water through the hydrologic cycle.  Explain the processes and the energy gains and losses involved in the changes of water between its 3 states.  Operationally, we often most concerned with water does when it reaches the solid earth, both on the surface and in the sub-surface.  Explain the relationship between the saturated zone, the water table, a ground water well and the cone of depression, all within the sub-surface.
The food chain is a valuable concept in biogeography.  Give an example of a specific food chain, labeling the various levels of the food chain.  After looking at characteristics of food chains, explain how a geographer’s approach to the study of organisms might be different than biologist’s study of organisms; what would each try to emphasize more than the other?  What exactly is a biome?  Compare/contrast the concept of the biome with that of the zoogeographic region.   Compare/contrast the floral characteristics of 2 of the following biomes: Desert, Tundra, Midlatitude Grassland and Boreal Forest.

Theorize the difference in soil development in adjoining soils developed on forested, sloped area versus a grassed flat area.  What are the soil-forming factors? Explain the importance of the nature of the parent material to soil formation and type.  Then, cite at least 2 examples in which the influence of parent materials might be outweighed by other soil-forming factors.  Explain the “struggle” between the internal and external processes in shaping the Earth’s surface.  What are the different ways that the surface of the Earth is changed over time?
Describe the general sequence of events in continental drift since the time of 5 separate continents 450 million years ago.  What is the difference between the older continental drift theory by Wegener and the more recent plate tectonic theory?  Plate tectonics theory explains many seemingly unrelated phenomena.  Explain how the patterns of volcanoes and earthquakes related to plate tectonics.  Explain several pieces of evidence that combine to make the theory of plate tectonics the one that is generally accepted.
Provide a reason why some scientists believe the Pleistocene is over and a reason why other scientists believe we are now in an interglacial stage.  Some believe, for example, that since areas of pack ice and glacial ice still exist we are still in an ice age.  Others, on the other hand, seeing the rapid retreat of ice and snow pack in many areas, believes that this period of glaciation has ended.  So, using some other justifications, why do we see some differences in interpretation?  Is there some scientific data available that can support both sides view?  If so, provide it.  Why hasn’t this controversy been solved?  What impact does this division of views have on the public policies that are enacted by state, national and international bodies?

Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Discussion 1

1. “The United States has a dual court system.” Explain what this means.

2. “The general rule is that a case is accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court for decision only if that case has nationwide significance.” Is this statement true or false? Defend your answer.

3. “A court decision is effective only within a limited jurisdiction.” What does this mean? Give an example.

4. “Every criminal act can be prosecuted in both federal and state courts.” Is this statement true or false? Explain your answer.


Discussion 2

1. Define criminal procedure. Distinguish it from criminal law.

2. Distinguish between a grand jury and a trial jury. If you had a choice, would you prefer to serve as a grand juror or a trial juror? Why?

3. How does an indictment differ from an information? When is one used and not the other?

4. M is charged with sexual assault. Assume you are a defense lawyer for M. Will you ask for a preliminary examination for your client or not? Justify your answer.

Discussion 3

various procedural aspects of our criminal justice system including due process rights, jurisdiction, discovery, and various other legal considerations and requirements from arrest through conviction and appeal. There are many legal issues that may arise in a single case. How the United States legal system addresses each of these issues can affect the outcome of a trial and ultimately whether justice is served. Review each of the short articles reporting issues arising from the prosecution of a Philip Chism, a teen accused of brutally murdering his teacher, and answer the following questions. Discuss your answers with other students.

Motion to suppress evidence: Judge Denies Tossing Evidence in Chism Trial

Change of venue: Chism Lawyers Seek Change of Venue

Pleas and plea bargains: Teen Charged in Teacher Slaying May Use Insanity Defense

Appeal: Chism Lawyers Appeal Release of Police Interrogation

Public and open trial: Judge: Public Can See Questioning of Teen Accused of Killing Teacher

1. Should the judge in this case consider the defense’s motion to suppress the confession made by the teen to police?

2. What is the purpose of excluding evidence from a trial thus not allowing a jury to ever hear or consider evidence that may incriminate a defendant?

3. Defense lawyers for Chism sought to keep his video confession to police sealed before trial. The trial judge denied their motion and the defense has appealed that decision. Should Chism’s confession remain hidden from public view before trial or does the public have a right to see it?

4. Should Chism’s attorneys be allowed to use the insanity defense to protect their client? In our legal system, a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Is a defendant presumed sane until proven insane?

5. Lawyers for Chism have argued that news coverage has violated his right to a fair trial and therefore have requested the trial be moved. Should the judge grant this motion? Does media coverage and public display of evidence affect the ability to receive a trial from a fair and impartial jury?

Accounting Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help


 Look up what type of inventory method the company uses. It may be a method we will not learn. If the company is not a public company, you may choose a different merchandiser. You can find the answer by looking up the annual report of the company and searching the notes that follow the financial statements (in the middle of the report).


Research: Working with Data Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Background: Kirk (2016) designed his text to help understand the four steps involved in working with data. Kirk (2016) discusses the following working with data steps: Data acquisition, data examination, data transformation, and data exploration. Each step is important and the individual steps depend on each other. As a researcher, you cannot jump from data acquisition to data exploration without completing the process of the previous steps.

Assignment: Write a research paper that contains the following:

Discuss data acquisition
Discuss data examination
Discuss data transformation,
Discuss data exploration
Compare and contrast two of the steps

Your research paper should be at least 3 pages (800 words), double-spaced, have at least 4 APA references, and typed in an easy-to-read font in MS Word (other word processors are fine to use but save it in MS Word format). Your cover page should contain the following: Title, Student’s name, University’s name, Course name, Course number, Professor’s name, and Date.

Project Proposal- Risk Assignments | Online Homework Help aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Here is the requirement  The risk assessment report proposal is due before 11:59 PM on Saturday, October 19, 2019. In this proposal, you need to include a title and one paragraph with a few sentences. The professor just want to know what you are going to work on.

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