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Improve Language, make it native and Check grammar

(Native English user is required! Be sure you are good at writing application essay with native language)
I am writing on 1 short answer questions for master school applications (MIT Mfin). There are three main tasks for you:
1. Seriously check the grammar. Please make sure all sentences are smooth and logical.
2. Please paraphrase the expression at the native language level and improve.
3. Please help limit the count of numbers based on the requirement. Each question has 200 words limitation
– Give me few feedbacks when you read my answers. Hence I can improve my answers
– Please highlight or show your edit in the word. Thus, I can see the changes you made
(If you are finance or computer science major, or master programming skills like Python, Java, or be admitted by MIT, it is more better, since you can read the content and give me some comments. If not, it doesn’t matter)

Cybercrime at a Health Insurance Organization

Cybercrime and information security breaches are a hot topic in the news today. When interacting with organizations, consumers are concerned with the privacy and security of the information they provide. Recent news reports show serious security breaches, sabotage, and even theft has occurred in both private and government institutions.
Assignment Instructions
Write a paper analyzing a recent cybercrime or security breach at a health insurance organization as reported by a reputable news source.
Describe the organization’s background.
Explain the nature of the cybercrime that occurred.
Describe methods and tools potentially used to investigate the cybercrime, particularly analysis, validation, and acquisition.
Analyze and describe details about the impact of the cybercrime including financial losses, number of individuals affected, and the effect on the reputation of the organization.
Analyze the organization’s incident response and if the incident was handled in an appropriate manner.
Your paper must meet the following requirements:
6-7 pages in length, not including the cover page and reference page.
Include an introduction, a body with fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Be clearly and well written using excellent grammar and style techniques. Be concise. Be logical. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing. If you need assistance with your writing style, visit the Writing Center (Links to an external site.), which is also accessible from the Library’s homepage.
Support your paper with at least two peer-reviewed, scholarly references. The CSU Global Library is a great place to find these resources.


Question # 1
Documentary films of varying lengths are being used in place of a textbook. Before beginning your submission, it is expected that all of the films that pertain to this assignment be viewed, and these have all been labeled as Compare/Contrast Film.

13 January 2750 words 1639523959 sophia french language

Writing Assignment Help Discuss the importance of punishment in TWO or MORE of the texts or films studied for this course. 3000 words
The texts and film referred to are linked below.
They are Guillaume Le Sueur, Histoire admirable d’un faux et supposé mari, advenue en Languedoc l’an 1560 (Paris, 1560).
Jean de Coras, Arrêt mémorable du Parlement de Toulouse (1561). A PDF copy of this edition is available below.’un_faux_et_supposé_mari
This is a link to the french film:
Other useful sources include:
Guillaume Le Sueur, Histoire admirable d’un faux et supposé mari, advenue en Languedoc l’an 1560 (Paris, 1560).
Jean de Coras, Arrêt mémorable du Parlement de Toulouse (1561).
Montaigne, ‘Des Boiteux’, Essais, III, 11 (1588).
Daniel Vigne (dir.), Le Retour de Martin Guerre (film, 1982).
Natalie Zemon Davis, The Return of Martin Guerre (Harvard UP, 1983). Paperback.
Robert Finlay, ‘The Refashioning of Martin Guerre’, The American Historical Review, 93, 3 (1988), 553-71. 7. Natalie Zemon Davis, ‘On the Lame’, The American Historical Review, 93, 3 (1988), 572-603. (Look for it on JSTOR, or via UCL Explore.)
The references in the essay have to be done in the old French version of the texts rather than the translations.

1. From its peak in September 2012 to the end of March 2013, Apple’s stock price fell by 37%,

1. From its peak in September 2012 to the end of March 2013, Apple’s stock price fell by
37%, from $702.10 to $442.66. Examine ONLY the financial reports (in the appendices)
and identify areas that were responsible for this stock performance.

2. State the amount of cash holdings Apple reported in their 2020 annual report (10-k)1 and
state Apple’s plan to disburse cash holdings for 2020 and beyond.

Data Analytics Question

I am looking for help on my assignment in R studio using k-Nearest Neighbor Classification. I’ve attached the assignment details, and there is no link for the database, we are using the “Default” dataset located in R’s ISLR package. I really only need help with questions 2 through 8, the short answer questions for question one and part two I can do on my own. Thank you!

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