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in The 16th Century, After-dinner Entertainment Often Consisted Of Informal (but Musically Custom Essay Help

In the 16th century, after-dinner entertainment often consisted of informal (but musically proficient) signing of madrigals by family members and their guests. Even today, in the 21st century, singing and dancing by everyone present symbolizes a customary, traditional part of social gatherings, in cultures ranging from, for example, rural Africa to the streets of Méxican villages to urban Japan.
Why do you think such participatory entertainment has been largely superseded in contemporary Western culture? What has been gained and what has been lost by this change? And what role, if any, has technology played in this change — for better or worse?

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HR (T&CS 1_1)


NEED THIS QUESTION ANSWERED…. What role does digital technology play in your life and what impacts do you think it has on you? Can you imagine your life without technology? What are some of the problems with our (over)reliance on technology

Description: CENTREPOINT Would Like To Expand Their Business Globally. The Owner Of The Company Believes That To Have Global Business…

Description: CENTREPOINT Would Like To Expand Their Business Globally. The Owner Of The Company Believes That To Have Global Business…. Description: CENTREPOINT would like to expand their business globally. The owner of the company believes that to have global business long-life software is needed. The owner of the company is thinking to have a website that enables the customer to register on the website and the data of the customer will be recorded for future login and contact. The website should also update the information such as adding new product, changing the product price. The website should also have various integrated payment systems in order to make it easy for the customer to pay using different methods. Security is the main requirement in this website. The website should update the information such as the price of the products and also tell the customer whether the product is available or out of stock. The owner of the company is looking for expert programmers who are able to improve their skills in term of integrating any new technology with what will be developed. Working in group of 2 to 3 students, conduct a detailed analysis base on the choosing programming language criteria and discuss any addition factor needed in order to compare the different programming languages and give final decision that could help the owner of the company to take decision. The assignment must be: – – Type written – Include all Headings – Edited for typo and grammatical errors – Left and right alignment of 2 cm – 1.5 spacing – Font size – 11 – Lettering – Times New Roman – Paragraphing – 2 spaces – 2 – 4 pages
Description: CENTREPOINT Would Like To Expand Their Business Globally. The Owner Of The Company Believes That To Have Global Business…

Health Education

. In a PowerPoint presentation, develop a visual summary of the aforementioned components. Develop one or two slides for each of the six components listed below remember to balance each slide with graphics and text as to maintain visual appeal. Please use Microsoft Powerpoint to develop a presentation of 10-12 slides (not including cover slide or reference slides) 1. Introduction to the Program project. 2. Epidemiological and Needs Assessments Summary 3. Risk Factors, Goals, Objectives and Educational Plans 4. Marketing Plans and Proposed Budget 5. Evaluation Plans 6. Leadership Needs and Collaborative Strategies

Case Study 5 – Dianrong

Please read the Dianrong case study (see HBS Coursepack) and answer the following questions with substantive answers in a cohesive essay. Your paper should be at least 3 pages in length. Use proper grammar, spelling, citations, etc. 1. What are the trade offs that Dianrong is facing? How should the company prioritize its objectives? What should Soul Htite do? 2. As detailed in Exhibit 1 of the case, there are different collaboration models that Dianrong has adopted in working with various parties on technological development. How should the company decide on the nature of collaboration for technological developments in the future (via organic and in-house developments, partnerships, joint ventures, or acquisitions)? 3. Assuming that the company manages to raise an additional US$100 million, how should Dianrong allocate the capital across its many business units to maximize value in the long run? Should the company spend the money on internal R&D initiatives or M&A pursuits? Or both? 4. How should the company work with the local regulations in China? Should the company focus on reviving the P2 industry in China in the process? If so, how? 5. Are there other technologies that Dianrong should consider adding to its already expansive portfolio of technologies? In contrast, are there technologies that may seem redundant at the firm at the moment? How should Dianrong manage this to improve its competitive edge with its “technology DNA?” Compose your essay in APA format, including the introduction and conclusion, and in-text citations for all sources used. In addition to your 3 page (minimum) essay, you must include an APA-style title page and reference page.

200 Words With 1 In Text Citation

200 Words With 1 In Text Citation. Charles, age 47, was just informed that his job as manager of quality metrics, will be eliminated after his current company merges with another company. Charles has been with his company for 22 years after he completed his master’s program in Statistics and Computation. Over the years, he has had a number of positions which were all in the sales or quality assurance department until he was promoted to manager 10 years ago. Charles was considered a very good leader by his direct-reports with regard to being open to ideas, willingness to mentor subordinates who wanted to progress in their careers, and the ability to pay close attention to the details that would impact the bigger picture in his department. Charles is now trying to figure out his next steps and wonders if this is a time for him to change careers, though he is concerned about financial support for his family. What other information would you want to know to help Charles explore his options? What interventions do you see as viable to help Charles in deciding to change careers? What job search methods will you promote for Charles to use? What challenges do you anticipate will occur as Charles goes through his job transition? 200 words with at least 1 in text citation
200 Words With 1 In Text Citation

Deliverable 7 – Diversity Award Presentation

Scenario Information Your company has been nominated for a national diversity award associated with your efforts and dedication to diversity initiatives in the workplace and their impact on the organization and community. You have been asked to summarize your efforts for the year in a slide presentation for the diversity committee who selects the winner. Be sure to include details of the changes you made in your organization and the impact the changes made. Instructions As part of your nomination, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint slide presentation include the following slides: 8 slides minimum Title slide Highlighting the importance of workplace diversity -2 examples Discussing the points that were included in your diversity plan- 2 examples Describing how culture and inclusion impact your organization- 2 examples Providing examples of how diverse workgroups work together in the workplace- 2 examples Gives examples of strategies used to incorporate Hofstede’s cultural dimensions in a global workforce-3 examples Provides best practices for managers associated with managing a diverse, global workforce-3 examples Conclusion slide that includes a summary of why you should win this award & Provided an overview of best practices for managers using clear examples. Any additional, relevant information References


Conduct research using the CSU Online Library, and find at least two articles on handling project conflict management. In your paper, identify the different styles you found in your research, and compare and contrast each style. Identify either low, medium, or high for concern for self and concern for others in your paper. Also, include a synopsis of each article to include when appropriate for projects. See exhibit 13.11, located on page 371 of your textbook, for an example. Be sure to use APA format and cite your work. Your paper should be at least three pages in length and will include a title and reference page which are not included in the page count.

HR (T&CS 1_1)

I have a written assignment due in 1 day. I will attach the requirements needed to complete this assignment. Please be advised that there is 1-2 double-spaced page word minimum for this assignment. Must use required reading for in text- citations. Must use APA formatting. Note: Only up to 20% of content in the written assignment can be quotes from third parties.

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