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In the play Antigone by Sophocles

In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Creon claims to stand for the laws of Thebes, while Antigone claims to stand for the laws of the Gods. Which one is right? Is either right? Why/why not? Use your own words, and quote the original text, but do not copy from SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, Masterplots, PinkMonkey, Quora, Wikipedia, or other summaries.

Hominin Chart

For this assignment you will create a detailed chart about hominin evolution that covers ALL of the following characteristics for Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, and Homo sapiens:
Time period where they were living both in number and era name.
Famous example
Brain size
Facial characteristics like prognathism, teeth size and shape, and brow ridge.
Changes to upper and lower body related to locomotion
Tool tradition and examples
Social and cultural behavior
Then: In 1 page, not including cover page or chart, please answer the following questions: What trends/patterns do you see across ALL species in the following rows: brain size, facial traits, and changes in upper/lower body as they relate to locomotion? Why may these trends have been adaptive for human survival?
Example: In the area of tool traditions, a trend that I noticed is that the tool traditions gradually include a larger number of diverse tools. For instance, for Australopithecus afarensis the tools are limited to cores and flakes with sharp edges. As new species evolve, tools types become more numerous (cores, flakes, and hand axes for Homo erectus, cores, flakes, hand axes, lissiors, and spear heads for Homo neanderthalensis; etc.). Having a variety of tool types would have been adaptive for humans to take advantage of different food resources for survival, to reduce the time and danger it takes to get food, and to allow for greater protection with weaponry
You must use the attached template! If you use outside research, please cite in APA style and include a reference page.
Hominid Chart Table Example.docx

Please follow all the requirements and complete the work as is requested

English Assignment Help Encyclopedia of Bacterial Genera: Morganella
Perform some bibliographic research to retrieve relevant information about the bacterial lineage.
At least four scientific / peer-reviewed references
Based on the reading, write a review/summary (double-spaced, Arial, font size 12, maximum length 4 pages, no more than half a page can be figure(s)) based on the scientific research, which must include the following information:
(Follow this structure!)
a) Title: aka something g mentioning the name of the bacterium and why it is interesting!
b) Taxonomy, classification

Small business management ..

I want two different answers..

Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Submission Date by students: Before the end of Week- 13th
Place of Submission: Students Grade Centre
Weight:10 Marks
Learning Outcome:
1. Demonstrate strong analytical skills and tools to formulate an effective Bootstrap Marketing Plan on which a small business can build a competitive edge in the marketplace.
2. Illustrate the ability to think independently and systematically on developing a viable business model
3. Outline the solid understanding of the potential of entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world.
Assignment Workload:
This assignment is an individual assignment.
Developing an E-Commerce Business Plan
The purpose of the assignment is to provide you the experience of creating a unique E-Commerce solution. You are forming an e-Commerce company to take advantage of the opportunities in the e-marketplace and will author a Business Plan for that venture.
Your choice of firm may include any industry, business, or service. Your report can involve the sale of products or services. This reportprovides extreme latitude for creativity and demonstration of your mastery of course objectives, in addition to relevant topics studied through secondary available source through published reports, journals and magazine’s.
Guidelines: Your Business Plan should follow this basic outline, plus include any content unique to your choice of product or service. Your plan should demonstrate your understanding of concepts of e-commerce covered by course readings, lectures, and peer reviewed journals. Your business plan should discuss all strategies needed for the creation of an e-commerce site.
I. Executive Summary (1 Mark) (100-200 Words)II. Business Description (2 Marks) (250-300 Words) a. Products / Services Offered b. Mission Statement c. Industry d. Business Goals and Objectives e. Business Models – Revenue and Payment ModelsIII. Marketing (2 Marks) (250-300 Words) a. Market Analysis / Market Forecast b. Target Markets c. Marketing StrategyIV. Competitor Analysis (2 Marks) (250-300 Words) a. Competition b. Strengths and Weaknesses c. Competitive AdvantageV. Conclusion (2 Marks) (250-300 Words)VI. References (1 Marks)

Please Label Brain picture. All photos Attached

A. External Brain Anatomy
Frontal lobe
Parietal lobe
Occipital lobe
Temporal lobe
Longitudinal fissure
Central sulcus
Olfactory bulb
Optic nerve
Place your notecard or piece of paper with your name and date next to your dissected specimen. Use a digital camera to capture a minimum of four clear, in-focus photographs of your dissected specimen with the aforementioned structures, labeled using text boxes afterward. Alternately, you can take pictures pointing to the aforementioned structures with a probe.
B. Internal Brain Anatomy
Read the instructions provided with your dissection kit TWICE in order to properly observe the INTERNAL anatomy of the brain. Follow the instructions for locating the following INTERNAL structures:
Corpus callosum
Lateral ventricles (left and/or right)
Third ventricle
Cerebral aqueduct
Fourth ventricle
Medulla oblongata
Pineal gland
Dura mater (if present)
Pia mater
Arbor vitae

English Question

So, here’s the project;
Watch the Influenza 1918 video. This is an excellent program that appeared on the PBS series The American Experience. It is a grim but fascinating look at one of the greatest medical holocausts in history.
Watch the oral history interview with 1918 Pandemic survivor Edna Boone, someone who actually survived the BIG one and lived to tell about it.
After you have viewed the two videos, and in light of your experience with our current pandemic and your own historical efforts to understand the challenges of our current health crisis, your task is now to examine the two pandemics in a thoughtful, analytical essay incorporating the three essay questions in the “PANDEMIC REFLECTION ESSAY” instructions below.
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic of today is not the first one to shake the foundations of American society or to challenge modern science. The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed over 600,000 Americans, and between 3 and 5 percent of the entire world’s population. After you have viewed the two pandemic videos, and in light of your personal experiences and your own historical efforts to understand the challenges of our current health crisis, your task is now to analyze the two events for similarities and differences in how this nation’s population at large, its government, and public health agencies handled (or are presently handling the two pandemics, and address elements of civic and personal responsibility revealed to you by the history of these two crises. This essay is about your own personal analysis of the current pandemic in the light of the events of 1918 one, and not simply relating the history of the two. The questions below will help you focus on elements of this. Personal research, critical thinking, and an essay will be the principal tool for this purpose. You should answer the following questions as you would any college-level academic writing endeavor you produce: with mature, thoughtful prose, correct spelling, and proper punctuation. When necessary, identify the particular pandemic by year.
The required minimum length of your essay is 1200 words of 12-point, double-spaced text.

Both the 1918 and the 2020 pandemics were caused by viruses. Even though they are a century apart, there are several basic characteristics of them that have presented remarkably similar challenges to medicine. What are they?
Compare and contrast the responses that national and local governments employed as they wrestled with combatting the 1918 and COVID-19 pandemics. Where are they alike? Where are they different? Where do you think they failed or succeeded? You might want to look on the Internet at studies of three cities: St. Louis, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and see how they and their civic, medical, and media leaders did (or didn’t) handle the 1918 pandemic on behalf of their citizens, and then find specific instances of national, state and local governments today that demonstrate the same characteristics and the same good or bad leadership. You will not necessarily find all the answers to these in the 1918 videos, since they don’t cover the present, so be prepared to do some sleuthing around online. The Internet is awash with material on today’s ongoing struggle to contain our current pandemic, with reputable news feeds from CNN, MSNBC, and PBS and others, as well as the local network channels, and some authoritative sources like the New York Times, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Dallas County’s Health and Human Services (DCHHS), and other agencies even have dedicated online Coronavirus briefing features you can avail yourself of in your quest for current material.
Looking back to 1918, and using the context of today’s pandemic, what lessons should we carry forward with regard to the duties of our public officials, as well as our own responsibilities as citizens, when faced with public health crises of this magnitude? Identify examples from both your own experiences with today’s pandemic, and the historical accounts of those faced by Americans in 1918, that illustrate challenging ethical decisions of social responsibility and personal responsibility that people must face in their efforts to live their daily in a society, and those that national, state, and county public health agencies face to uphold their duties to their citizens. Listen very closely to Edna Boone, for instance, and how her small community handled the pandemic. What parallels do you see between their predicament and that of certain socioeconomic groups today, both rural AND urban? You might want to point out your assessment of the role—or lack of it—of government and public agencies in both pandemics as it relates to those two population groups. There’s been a great deal of discussion lately about how “equity” relates to the way the pandemic is being addressed with regard to certain segments of today’s population, so when you listen to Edna talk about her small, rural community, does her experience relate to any equity issues today with regard to how public agencies view addressing (or not addressing) the current pandemic?

1st Video :
2nd Video :

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