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In this project, you will identify a park near you in need of improvement, a local representative with an

In this project, you will identify a park near you in need of improvement, a local representative with an incentive to help, and make a proposal for improvement to send to that representative. This will demonstrate political thinking.

In 300-500 words address a letter to your local official identifying the park by name (a park in Fresno, CA), the improvements you think should be made, and why you think it is worth the resources of your local government compared to other projects they might be considering.

As far as who to write your letter to, look up your park to learn if it is a county or a city park (or maybe a state or federal park). If it’s a county park, choose a county official, like someone from the Board of Supervisors. If It’s city park, one of the City Council members would be a good choice, or a park employee. If it’s a state park, you need a state official, etc.

I recommend that you create your letter in a word processor.

This assignment helps students meet course goal 4, you will be able to discuss California state and local government, how they relate to the national government, and how those relationships affect you as a California resident. (READ INSTUCTIONS CAREFULLY)

Let’s take a look at what happened in the 2020 election, and why, in your two discussion responses. First Essay

Let’s take a look at what happened in the 2020 election, and why, in your two discussion responses.

First Post, responding to this topic should include:

What happened? – including popular vote and Electoral College count and how they relate.
Brief explanations of key factors that affected the outcome of the election, including at least three of the following:
Changes in voting patterns among population groups,
Changes in voting turnout;
State/regional voting shifts;
Key issues;
Candidate strengths / weaknesses / mistakes
Other factors?
Impacts For the U.S., and Government Policies

Social Science Question

Political Science Assignment Help In regard to this assignment, the minority group that I would like to study for a , in-depth essay that interests me would be about African Americans in health care. You could focus specifically on African-American maternal mortality, because that’s a topic that’s important and a growing focus of study. Here’s a very recent study that you could include in your paper if you are interested:…
Format (5 points) – Your paper must be in APA format (excellent APA formatting guides here: (Links to an external site.)and… (Links to an external site.). You must include a title page, a reference (works cited) page, and your paper must be in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. The paper must be a minimum of 5 pages (not including title page), with page numbers, and at least 10 in-text citations in proper APA format.
In-text citations (10 points) – You must include 10 in-text citations– at least one from each article.
Description and Analysis (25 points): In your 5-page paper, you must include an introduction, description of your articles (it is fine to incorporate the summaries from your annotated bibliography into this part of the paper), and then an analysis and critique of your articles. You can use direct quotes to make your points, but you must 1) use in-text citations to indicate the page numbers of your quotes and 2) no quotations may be longer than 2 lines of double-spaced text (e.g. no indented long quotes), and a conclusion that includes a discussion of further research and study of the topic if you were to pursue this in a thesis or longer paper.

Writing Assignment #1 Topic / References Assignment to be submitted here MIDTERM PAPER TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN here Essay

Writing Assignment #1
Topic / References Assignment to be submitted here


In order to do the T/R assignment right, it is necessary to understand the requirements for the Midterm paper, which is due at a later date. The first paper is to be based on two magazine articles which deal with one of the contemporary political issues listed in step 1, below. The articles must come from two different periodicals that have different political perspectives, and which are taken from list of political magazines below in step 2. For purposes of this assignment, you should be aware of the differences between liberal and conservative perspectives. The intent of this assignment is for students to read articles about their issue that come from different points of view, and to do some critical thinking about the topic. So please choose articles that take different sides of your issue. Critical thinking involves, among other things, being able to see arguments for and against different positions on an issue, and coming up with a view that is based on reason, evidence and logic. The instructions for the paper are in step 4 below. Papers that do not follow assignment instructions will be subject to significant grade reductions, so if there is any question at all regarding what is expected, please check with the instructor. Plagiarized papers will get a grade of zero.

Before doing the paper, you must turn in, by the date specified on the syllabus, your topic/reference short assignment. This paper (as all papers for this course) must be turned in online and will simply include your topic, the two references (in correct reference format, see below) for the two articles you will use for your paper, and references for whatever articles you checked and considered for use in this assignment. More detailed instructions for this short assignment can be found in step 3, below. But you must understand the instructions for the first paper, in order to do a good job on the Topic/References assignment, so be sure to read all of the following instructions, and be sure you understand what is called for in this paper before doing the topic/reference assignment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Step 1: Listed below are a number of issues on which there are significant differences of opinion in our political system. Choose one of the following contemporary political issues as your topic:

Recent U.S. Policy towards Russia, North Korea or Iran
Climate Change
Education Policy, including the “No Child Left Behind” Law;
Government Regulation of Abortion
U.S. Immigration Policy
Same-Sex Marriage
Health Care Reform
Tax/Economic Policy
Marijuana Legalization
Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms
Gun Control
Campaign Finance
Trade Policy
Covid Policy

Step 2: Choose two articles that deal with politics and/or policy related to your issue, from among the magazines listed below. The articles you choose must be at least 3 pages (8 paragraphs) long or they will not be acceptable. The two categories of magazines below are associated with the different ideological categories prominent in American politics. The conservative and progressive political ideologies represent different viewpoints on how the government should use its power, and it is important in this assignment to get articles from different perspectives on your issue. You should have one good article from one of the magazines listed in each of the categories below.

Magazines (choose one article from a magazine in each of the two categories below)

Left (Liberal/Progressive): The Nation; The Progressive; Mother Jones;
Right (Conservative); The National Review; The Weekly Standard; Reason Magazine (;
If you have a different issue that you would really like to examine, and/or articles from other magazines that you would like to use, you can check with me about that. Do not do it without checking.

Step 3: Topic/Reference page:

The topic/reference page is the first part of this two part assignment. It is to be turned in on the date specified in your syllabus. This assignment is fairly simple and straightforward, but it is meant to get you started on the assignment, and will give me the opportunity to give you feedback on whether or not you’re on the right track with your paper. The topic/reference assignment will include the following:

the topic that you plan to use in your paper; articles you have
references, in correct format, for the two articles that you will use in your paper with the following information -author’s name; article title; article source (the name of publication such as magazine, journal, newspaper, etc.); issue number , pages and date. References must be done in a correct reference format. For example –
Doe, John. Funny Story. Newsweek. 10, 2, p12-16, June 10, 2050.

In a separate paragraph, a list of references for articles you have checked in your search for the two articles you will be using in your paper
If an article you have chosen is from an online source, you should also include its complete url -not the url of the magazine, but that of the article – so that if I use that url I will immediately see the article. The topic and references assignment will be graded separately, as a short assignment, so please get it in on time – check syllabus for date due. After you have received the go ahead on your topic and references assignment, you will be ready to begin the main part of the assignment, the paper itself. Remember, all work should be typed, not handwritten.

Step 4: The Paper that you turn in after your topic/references have been approved, must follow the structure given below – otherwise the grade will have points deducted:

You should first summarize what each article says regarding your issue, in about a paragraph for each. After the summaries, you should provide an evaluation and analysis of the articles, and then, a clear and cogent explanation of your viewpoint.

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