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Inclusion Debate

There is much research that supports and also opposes the practice of inclusion. Educational psychology provides us with the ability to examine inclusion based on the theories of learning and behavior and the continued research that aims to either validate or abandon this notion of inclusion.For this discussion, your instructor will divide you into two different debate groups based on support and opposition on the topic of inclusion. Read Chapter 4 to gain an understanding of how legislation mandates that, whenever possible, children with exceptionalities be educated in the mainstream education classroom with other students. You want to get a deep understanding of LRE (Least Restrictive Environment). Review the additional links to review the controversy over inclusion to assist in formulating your defense with support from the literature:Center for Parent Information and Resources (n.d.). School inclusion. Links to an external site. Retrieved from Together, Inc. (n.d.). What is inclusion? Links to an external site. Retrieved from, R.

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