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The Canterbury v. Spence case in the background materials dates to 1972, but is considered a “landmark” case in that it established the important concept of the “reasonable person” in regard to informed consent. As clearly explained, the lack of informed consent creates an environment where care providers can be held liable for negligence or torts against a patient.After reviewing the background readings and doing independent research, examine the case Canterbury v. Spence and answer the following:Canterbury v. Spence, 464 F. 2d 772 (1972). Retrieved from the background information regarding the case and the decision of the court.Explain informed consent and its required elements.What is the reasonable person standard?Why is informed consent important in medical care?What is the relationship between informed consent and ethics? Include a discussion of relevant ethical principles.What is a hospital’s responsibility in insuring informed consent?Be sure to cite the peer-reviewed least 3 references

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