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infrastructure of the United Kingdom’s healthcare sector,

described how the infrastructure of the United Kingdom’s healthcare sector, including rural and underserved populations, is structured. How is access to healthcare developed and controlled in the United Kingdom? In this discussion, describe the accessibility to healthcare for patients, cost of healthcare being rendered, governmental influences, alternative healthcare options (if any), and how policy may influence the types of care being rendered to patients.

In developing your initial response, be sure to draw from, explore, and cite credible reference materials, including at least three scholarly peer-reviewed reference. APA style for ref

Annotated Bibliography

Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a training session for the human resources department about the role of Team Based Rewards in your organization. The first step to develop this training will be for you to compile an annotated bibliography of resources on contemporary best practices within the context of healthcare organizations.
Your bibliography should address each of the following categories (include headings to demarcate what sources address each):
Why are team-based rewards important to healthcare organizations?
What are the most effective types of team-based rewards in healthcare organizations?
How do team-based rewards impact productivity? Morale? Retention? Among healthcare providers.
What are the biggest barriers and challenges to implementing team-based rewards in healthcare organizations?
What are contemporary evidence-based best practices to address these barriers and challenges?
For more information and an example of an APA Annotated Bibliography visit these sites:
This Bibliography should meet the following criteria:
Be 12 pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.
Formatted according to APA 7th edition and writing standards.
Assemble at least 20 sources (4 per category at minimum)

Management Question

Management Assignment Help Full information inside the file
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Statistics Question

I need help answering 5 questions for this assignment.
Please see the Tech Project 3 – Instructions file to know more about this assignment.
I already have the graphs in the Tech Project 3 – Answer file. Please use the provided graph to answer questions: 1b, 1d, 2c, 2e, 2f
Please do not use the outside source.
Thank you

Management Question

Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

Communications Question

The purpose of the County in Focus paper is to introduce you to the criminal justice system in different countries. This week’s readings have focused on Saudi Arabia. You are not expected to be an expert in Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system, but you are expected to be able to speak (or write) intelligently about the system of justice currently in place in Saudi Arabia.
After reading your textbook, the articles in the “Additional Required Readings” folder from Module 3, and doing some independent research, complete a paper according to the following guidelines:
2-3 pages (not including cover page and reference page), 12-point font, double-spaced
APA format with a minimum of two scholarly references.
Describe the Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system (you need to consider any of the topic areas we have focused on in the course readings).
Briefly compare and contrast their system of justice to that found in Mexico or the United States.
Briefly describe a few pros and cons to Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system.

Writing Question

Do the Right Thing
Essay: Theme : Multiple narratives and American ethics.
Both Films, Nashville ( 1975) and Do the Right Thing (1989) are films that feature multiple storylines. In other words, there are many characters whose wants and goals are the substance of the film. Unlike Citizen Kane where you follow the life of one person from multiple points of view, you are not following just one protagonist but several. Both films also deal with a larger theme: national politics in Nashville and race relations in Do the Right Thing. But to reduce the movies to a simplistic theme misses the point with both films.
Nashville centers on a group of people in the city that is about to be visited by a presidential candidate. You never see the candidate. Nashville is also the home of country western music. The Grand Ol’ Opry is located there. When I have shown this to students in the past, most were surprised by the outcome of the movie. Also of note is director Robert Altman’s style. His camera work is a little ‘freewheeling.” The dialogue overlaps in order to seem more naturally realistic and there is some satire that points out the pretensions of the South.
Do the Right Thing is Spike Lee’s third commercial film, after She’s Gotta Have it and School Daze. The premise is the actions of a neighborhood in Brooklyn on the highest day in summer. The central point is Sal’s Pizza Parlor , a place that is frequented by many people in the neighborhood. As with Nashville, there are multiple characters and multiple story lines. They culminate into a powerful climax.
Trigger warnings: some nudity and violence.
1. Form: The pleasures and difficulties of multiple storylines. More characters and associate characters that sometimes it is hard to keep track of whom.
2. Theme. Both were contemporary movies and both reflect their times. Yet, have things changed as much? Yes, technology and gadgets have changed and you may laugh at the thought of a walking down the street with a large boom box. However, are the social tensions that are depicted in both films still current today?
Your paper should refer to both films, and it should be about two pages in length. ( Or longer)

SPSS Problems

SPSS Problems
Chapter 4
Using the CollegeStudentData.sav file (see Appendix A), do the following problems. Print your
outputs and circle the key par…
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[Revision] Cognitive Psychology – picture superiority effect and affective valence of words on free recall

DescriptionI have conducted an experiment regarding picture superiority effect where people had to memorize as many either pictures or words in a short period of time and write them down at the end of exercise, based on this data and other supportive data from across the internet I need to write an report analysing and confirming thesis, data is raw and need sorting out, there were 50 participants so it’s not much 25 had picture and 25 word exercise so it was randomised equally, i’ll attach word document that explain it in more details. you will need latest spss program to analyse data, as well as make thesis and send it to me so I can approve it, one of the thesis could be that positive words and pictures are more memorisable than those with neutral meaning. I’ll attach winrar file containing all data, files are protected by password
Latest revision comment[April 02, 2022 19:58] the entire raw data has to be sorted out and processed, then analysed with spss, and the results, discussion and conclusion has to be written also appendix with lots of spss inputs…
i’ll upload a new 3 files with raw data that has to be sorted out so it’s easier for the writer to look for it…

diss 10 – 564

The Internet Explorer (IE) web browser has been a security nightmare for security professionals for years.
Describe some of IE’s security flaws and why hackers are able to steal Windows users’ data. Also discuss some of the ways you would help users keep their data safe if they are forced to use the web browser.
Must follow APA style, citing references as appropriate.
Avoid plagiarism.

L VGP discussion

Unity is a versatile game engine that supports both 2D and 3D games. Answer each of the following questions below.
1. After reviewing the material for chapter 5, is 2D games in Unity easier or harder than you expected? Explain why.2. Many older games were all 2D, but what is an example of a modern 2D game that you find interesting or enjoy? Use the Internet to research this one if nothing comes to mind right away.3. After reviewing the material or completing the assignment, explain whether you prefer creating 2D or 3D games.

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