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Instructions as given: Upload here your 4-5-page paper in which you analyze texts through close reading, and demonstrate an

Instructions as given: Upload here your 4-5-page paper in which you analyze texts through close reading, and demonstrate an understanding of the texts’ historical, social, political, and cultural contexts (when relevant), in order to come up with an original thesis statement and a well-elaborated defense of your argument. The thesis and paper may engage with questions and/or texts covered in any part of the course. The thesis should identify the question to be addressed, explain what is at stake and why it is important, and take a stand on the question. The specific topic is up to you, with the requirement that you focus on a significant Marian issue, have a clear thesis statement, and make a distinct, well organized, and well-demonstrated argument.

I have attached the instructions as given by the teacher above. I was thinking about doing the thesis on the Assumption on Mary and the debate surrounding that (since it is argumentative a bit) and choosing a side. I have attached the grading rubric and lots of readings to do with the assumption of Mary. Please let me know what you think, and do reach out with any questions I am quick to respond. Message me the full thesis before fully writing please!

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According to Dan Quayle, the infamous Los Angeles riots can be attributed to a breakdown of traditional family structures: “I believe the lawless social anarchy which we saw is directly related to the breakdown of family structure, personal responsibility, and social order in too many areas of our society” (Quayle 185). While some of his remarks can be rightfully considered controversial, particularly those with religious overtones, he does make several logical points throughout his essay. Dan Quayle’s argument is legitimate given his examination of historical trends, social values, and changing demographics.

First, Quayle points out the historical trends that helped lead to the family crises today. Specifically, the majority of Americans now known as “Baby Boomers” believed “it was fashionable to declare war against traditional values” and that “indulgence and self-gratification seemed to have no consequence” (Quayle 186-187). While today many of the “Baby Boomers” are “middle class” and “the responsibility of having families has helped many recover traditional values” (Quayle 187), there were terrible ramifications for those less fortunate and “with less to fall back on” (Quayle 187). In other words, divorce rates began to skyrocket, and many couples ultimately never married, even if they had children.

Having less to fall back on leads to the second reason for the soundness of Quayle’s argument, which is the change in social values, especially social values related to family structures. Quayle argues that two-parent homes are ultimately better for children than single-parent homes: “We cannot be embossed out of our belief that two parents, married to each other, are better in most cases for children than one” (Quayle 189). Gerstel and Sarkisian would argue strongly against Quayle’s point, as they argue, “this focus on the nuclear family ignores extended family solidarities and care giving activities” (Gerstel and Sarkisian 62). They argue that Blacks and Latinos are “much more likely than Whites to share a home with extended kin” (Gerstel and Sarkisian 63). However, while the value of an extended family is certainly helpful in terms of additional emotional support, this cannot supplant the traditional structure of two parents.

Lastly, Quayle points out a salient fact that helps perpetuate these tragedies, which is that far too many impoverished people are having far too many children at too young of an age, changing the demographics of the average parent’s age. Specifically, “our inner cities are filled with children having children; with people who have not been able to take advantage of educational opportunities” (Quayle 187). Having children at too young of an age virtually eliminates the chance for getting and education and improving one’s life, and these children eventually have children of their own at far too young of an age. As Quayle points out, “the system perpetuates itself as these young men father children whom they have no intention of caring for, by women whose welfare checks support them. Teenage girls, mired in the same hopelessness, lack sufficient motive to say no to this trap” (Quayle 189). Therefore, as long as the system is allowed to function in this way, little change will occur. Grestel and Sarkisian argue that “disadvantaged men are often unable to offer women the kind of economic security that advantaged men provide” (Gerstel and Sarkisian 65), but providing emotional support and demonstrating fatherly traits is more important than bringing home large amounts of money, as demonstrated by the numerous wealthy children that are led astray. In other words, lack of economic resources should not be an excuse for a father to abandon his children.

Due to his logical points regarding history, values, and demographics, Quayle’s argument regarding single parent families is sound. Gerstel and Sarkisian make some good points regarding extended kin, but the extended kin attempts to take on the role of parenting when they are not the original parents. In addition, economic insecurity is a poor reason to abandon a child, and it would be logical for people to not have children unless they could afford them. Many people dislike Quayle’s argument, but the truth is that a stable home life increases the chance of producing a stable person, while the reverse effect is also true.

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Brochure: Rights and laws that cover mental health participants. The brochure should follow the latest edition of APA. Upload your brochure to the NetTutor for feedback and send the revised to the space provided by the facilitator. The facilitator will send the brochure to SafeAssignTM to detect work authorship. Upload your brochure to the Assignments section or as provided by the facilitator. Bring a copy to the classroom to discuss and share. This activity will be evaluated with the Paragraph Construction Rubric.

Unit 6 DB: Consideration ?Fails

300-350 words There are certain promises that are not considered consideration. As a business owner or stakeholder, how can you ensure that your contracts are enforceable? Think back to the Lambert case that we discussed in the Unit 5 Discussion. What should Lambert have done differently? In response to your peers, consider your peers’ response. If they disagree with your response, consider the factual assumptions they have made which form the foundation of their opinion. Can you challenge those assumptions while furthering your discussion? If your responses are similar, consider posing a hypothetical question to test your peer’s conclusions. Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content. For this discussion board, be sure to include a citation to an appropriate source that supports the point you are making. (HINT: Your textbook is a great source!)


Assignment 2: Discussion-Communicating Policy Even When You Do Not Agree BANKS Industries has experienced rapid expansion in the past several years. However, it appears that the HR department is just now catching up by revising policies and rapidly implementing changes. One of the new policies outlines the requirements of a new dress code, which is stricter and more formal than the previous requirements. Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research the concepts of communication and change management. Then, based on the above scenario, respond to the following: As a manager, what is your role when it comes to communicating policy changes to employees, especially when the policy is not one with which you necessarily agree (for example, policies regarding personal cell-phone use in the workplace)? As a manager, how would you communicate such policies? How will you accommodate multiple cultures when communicating these issues to employees? As you prepare to address this question, take into consideration the following communication concepts: To be a successful cross-cultural communicator you must remember the following: There are no universal gestures. You should be sensitive to verbal and nonverbal communications or behaviors. It is important to be open-minded to cultural views of others and their ways of communicating. For example, a frown could mean concentration in some cultures, whereas in other cultures, it is interpreted as anger or disappointment.

Internal Disaster Plans

Internal Disaster Plans Click here to read about the standard operating guidelines for hospital disaster plan. Review the elements required for a disaster plan addressing an internal disaster. Based on your review, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document covering the hospital’s (internal) disaster plan for how the staff reacts and carries out their duties in the event of an internal disaster. Your internal disaster plans should include: Size and type of your hospital (you decide this) Type of internal disaster (fire, explosion, biological etc.) Key medical and administrative staff to be contacted Central point for communication Particular service areas such as intensive care unit (ICU), labor and delivery unit etc. Other hospitals in your area and how you intend to coordinate with those facilities (you decide this) Implementation on internal transfers (moving patients from one area of the hospital to another) Implementation of external transfers Evacuation plan

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Current Workplace Challenges There are many changes and challenges facing today’s organizations and employees. There are organizations that are moving off-shore and in some cases outsourcing work to other organizations. There is a new generation of employees who will be joining the work world and the dynamics of the workers are changing. In this discussion, you will reflect on what you understand about the economy, workforce (those entering and those exiting), and the dynamics of diversity that may impact organizations. For your initial post, address the following: Identify what you think are the top three challenges facing companies that may impact the work that human resources (HR) does in an organization (speculate what you think the near future may hold for HR) Explain why you think these challenges are critical and how they will impact HR Describe what you think HR’s role should be (if any) in working with these challenges


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: E-Procurement Options. THIS IS A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: Assume you are an e-procurement officer for an office furniture manufacturer of steel office equipment. You have a single factory located in the Midwest with 2,000 employees. You sell about 40 percent of your office furniture to retail-oriented catalog outlets such as Quill in response to specific customer orders, and the remainder of your output is sold to resellers under long-term contracts. You have a choice of purchasing raw steel inputs?mostly cold rolled sheet metal from an exchange and/or from an industry consortium. Which alternative would you choose and why? Prepare, for company management, a thorough a five-to-seven-slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the pros and cons of each option, your chosen alternative and the reasoning for your position.

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Instructions: Please include in-text citation and a reference(s) to support your answer. Your answer must i 1. Please identify and discuss 5 ways that a nurse can be culturally sensitive when caring for refugees? For example, when assessing, teaching, questioning or evaluating their health? 2. When having to communicate through an interpreter, what are some thing s that the nurse needs to do or keep in mind? Why is it not a good idea to use family for interpreting during medical visits? 3. What are some of the different ways that different cultures look at mental health or mental health disorders? How can culture affect the patients mental health? 4. Please list at least 5 health complications/disorders that refugees are coming to the US with and how can you as the nurse help identify them? 5. Describe one of the two spirituality assessment tools (HOPE or FICA) . 6. How does religion or spirituality play a role in a patients health?

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Compare vulnerable populations. Describe an example of one of these groups in the United States or from another country. Explain why the population is designated as “vulnerable.” Include the number of individuals belonging to this group and the specific challenges or issues involved. Discuss why these populations are unable to advocate for themselves, the ethical issues that must be considered when working with these groups, and how nursing advocacy would be beneficial. 300 words

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In this unit, various topics were discussed, including the hiring of officers. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to further explore this topic by creating a PowerPoint presentation. As the Human Resources manager for a police department, you have been asked by the police chief to create a proposal in order to hire additional officers for the department. To complete this assignment, you will want to include information from five (5) categories such as community information, the current organization, the marketing strategy, prospective officer job requirements, and the selection process. More details are provided for these categories below: 1. Community Information: In this section you will want to include the size and location of the community, and any major issues. BCJ 2001, Theory and Practices of Law Enforcement 3 2. The Current Organization: Prospective officers will want to know the current number of officers, the number of officers that the department would like to hire, and the function, purpose, and goals of the department. 3. Marketing Strategy: In this section you will want to provide at least three sources which will post the advertisement and why these were selected. Also, include why this selection is important. 4. Job Requirements: Select at least three of the following. Provide an overview including a description of the requirement and why it is important (at least 3 sentences). a. Education b. Age c. Criminal record restrictions d. Physical requirements e. Prior drug history 5. The Selection Process: Select at least four of the following. Provide an overview about the process and why it is important (at least 3 sentences). a. Written entrance exam b. Physical agility test c. Polygraph examination d. Oral interview e. Background investigation f. Medical examination g. Psychological appraisal

Health Assessment

Assignment Description Ego Integrity Presentation Imagine you are working as a charge nurse in an assisted living facility. Your unit houses twenty older adults. The residents of this unit are cognitively functional without evidence of cognitive decline. The residents are elderly and do require varying degrees of physical assistance with ADLs. Create a PowerPoint outlining strategies you can incorporate in the assisted living facility to promote ego integrity for your residents. What group and individual activities can you incorporate?

Quantitative Methods And Analysis #4

Using AIU’s survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following requirements in the form of a 2-page report: TEST #1 Perform the following two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level: Intrinsic by Gender State the null and an alternate statement for the test Use Microsoft Excel (Data Analysis Tools) to process your data and run the appropriate test. Copy and paste the results of the output to your report in Microsoft Word. Identify the significance level, the test statistic, and the critical value. State whether you are rejecting or failing to reject the null hypothesis statement. Explain how the results could be used by the manager of the company. TEST #2 Perform the following two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level: Extrinsic variable by Position Type State the null and an alternate statement for the test Use Microsoft Excel (Data Analysis Tools) to process your data and run the appropriate test. Copy and paste the results of the output to your report in Microsoft Word. Identify the significance level, the test statistic, and the critical value. State whether you are rejecting or failing to reject the null hypothesis statement. Explain how the results could be used by the manager of the company. GENERAL ANALYSIS (Research Required) Using your textbook or other appropriate college-level resources: Explain when to use a t-test and when to use a z-test. Explore the differences. Discuss why samples are used instead of populations. The report should be well written and should flow well with no grammatical errors. It should include proper citation in APA formatting in both the in-text and reference pages and include a title page, be double-spaced, and in Times New Roman, 12-point font. APA formatting is necessary to ensure academic honesty. Be sure to provide references in APA format for any resource you may use to support your answers. ___________________________________________________________________________________ The Ethics of Research Learning to carry out professional research is a skill that becomes invaluable in your career as a marketer. Ethical considerations are an integral part of any successful research endeavor. MAIN DISCUSSION POST: Due by Sunday Select a scholarly empirical journal article** in Business from the library’s full-text databases. Paragraph 1: Provide a quick overview of the study. Paragraph 2: Analyze the way the research study was completed from an ethical standpoint. Paragraph 3: Assess if it was done well or not based on what you have learned so far. This post must be 3 paragraphs in length. Since you are doing research, there must be citations in the body of the post and a reference list at the end. The goal is to apply learned concepts in order to show your understanding. You should steer away from quotations; they do not showcase your knowledge. **What is a Scholarly Empirical Journal Article? The article must end with a large reference list (more than 10 articles) and will contain citations in the body of the article. The article must describe a primary research study with human subjects. A description of the survey, methodology, data collection, analysis, and conclusions are included in the article. Once you have located an applicable source from AIU’s library, save a copy in Word or PDF. Please do not use quotes or copy definitions. You will not receive credit for understanding the materials if you use the words of others. Keep in mind that since you did research and you have citations in the body of the post, you must also place a reference list at the end containing the textbook and the articles cited.

Leadership In Organizations

Answer these essay questions: Essay #1: Give your evaluation on the usefulness of case studies, behavioral role modeling, and large-scale simulations for leadership training. Which is the most effective in your opinion and why? Essay #2: Evaluate several major points of convergence among the research on traits and skills, behaviors, influence processes, and situational variables. Essay #3: Case Study: Federated Industries Patricia Paterson is the new vice president for human resources at Federated Industries, a conglomerate with several diverse subsidiaries. Her primary responsibility is to provide support and advice to each subsidiary and monitor their personnel practices to ensure they are consistent with corporate policy and strategy. She reports directly to the CEO of Federated. The CEO is concerned that not enough capable leaders are coming up through the ranks. The subsidiaries have complete responsibility for their own internal management development, but the CEO wonders whether it is time for a more uniform approach. The CEO asked Patricia to find out what each subsidiary is doing to develop leadership skills, then report back with recommendations for improving leadership development overall at Federated Industries. Patricia arranged to meet with the personnel directors of the three major subsidiaries and asked each director to prepare a short briefing. The first director to speak was Peter Proskin, from an engineering company. He explained that his company provides only technical training, because they lack the staff to provide management training. All management training is done outside the company. A manager (or an employee who wants to become a manager) can look at the listing on available training and request any seminar or workshop that appears relevant. If the employee’s boss approves the request, the manager is sent to the training at company expense. Some employees are enrolled in the evening MBA degree program at the local university, and they are reimbursed for half of the tuition cost. Peter said they do not pay complete tuition for degree programs, because it is too costly. After some employees finish their MBA, they leave for higherpaying jobs at other companies eager to get people who have managerial as well as technical skills. The second director to report was Alice Alston, from a company that makes consumer products. She explained that the company provides a program to develop leadership skills in highpotential managers. Managers at each level are encouraged to identify a promising subordinate to mentor. The protégé gets lots of personal coaching and is given special, developmental assignments. For example, a couple of junior managers are put on each executive committee to learn about strategic issues and observe how the senior managers work. Other assignments include serving on crossfunctional project teams and carrying out improvement projects such as studying work processes and recommending ways to make them more efficient. Alice said that most of the mentors and protégés like the program. However, people not in the program (roughly twothirds of the employees) sometimes complain about the lack of developmental opportunity in the company. The last director to speak was Hal Harwick, from an electronics company. Hal explained that they concentrate their training on managers who previously demonstrated their executive capacity. The six most promising managers below the top executive level are selected to participate in a series of seminars held once a month. Each seminar is conducted by one of the top executives, who talk about company activities in his or her area of expertise. Three or four times a year, Hal arranges for an outside consultant to conduct a training workshop on a specific topic such as project management, budgeting, or delegation. The participating managers know they are fasttrackers in line for promotion to top management. They like the program and have told him it is very worthwhile. When one of them is promoted, another promising manager is selected for the program by the top management team. The only drawback is the political infighting that sometimes occurs when executives try to get their protégés selected for the program. Questions Identify strengths and weaknesses in leadership development at Federated. What types of changes are most likely to improve the leadership development? What additional information is needed to make a good report to the CEO? Essay #4: Consider the entire course, everything you have read and discovered from the Internet, and your own experiences. Identify the 10 most essential functions of leadership; explain how you selected them, and why these were selected and not other.


DUE TODAY 6/09/2014 by 9 p.m. USA TIME SOONER THE BETTER You have had an opportunity to read about sexual assault cases and the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) personnel involved in these emotional types of cases. SANE personnel are helping many sexual assault victims through the judicial process. ANSWER THE TWO QUESTIONS BELOW THOROUGHLY Reflect on what you think makes an excellent SANE employee and what similarities you would bring to the field. What are some additional qualities you would bring to this type of forensic case? YOUR PAPER MUST BE ONE FULL PAGE IN LENGTH. ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES MUST BE SCHOLARY AND CITED IN APA FORM WITH AN REFERENCE PAGE.. I PROVIDED SECTION 9.3 PAGE THAT EXPLAINS WHAT SANE IS BELOW

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