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Integrated Enterprise Systems IT402

Please :
No plagiarism, No match.
Using APA style reference.
Do not allow the assignment to be open to others for quotation and copying.
Additional Assignment Guidelines will be available inside the attached file.
As per Assignment Guidelines available inside the attached file
This question only :
Draw a diagram that illustrates all phases of the business process life cycle and their key activities?
Attached the reference that can support

Video Reaction: Please watch this video and write up your response

Please watch this video then pick out (three) points that really resonated with you and talk about them in your response. After that, I will provide you with a peer-review on the same video you just need to give feedback to that comment.
300-350 words will do it!
Here is the video


Business Assignment Help which you assess WBS and change management on project teams. Ensure you denote when a WBS is modified and how change impacts the WBS. Also, discuss the specific WBS elements on your project and how you would break down each component of the WBS to match up with a specific section of your project. Students should create the video (by using a YouTube account) and post the YouTube link to the discussion post. **Ensure you enable closed caption to allow text to be seen at the bottom of the video** Be sure to answer the following questions: Denote why the WBS is such an integral aspect of the overall project. When does it change? Who is authorized to make modifications to the WBS? What are the key components to the WBS (note: what columns of data are expected in the WBS and why)? How do you determine what the high-level tasks are in the WBS? Why are past projects helpful when creating the WBS? Note: Some PMs associate the WBS by project phase or high-level deliverable and then ensures the budget matches this same methodology. It’s important to discuss this now as the budget must match the WBS and be easily connected to each component in the WBS. After the videos are posted, actively engage in a discussion with your peers. Please find an additional reference source and cite the source in your discussion post. Sources must be used to enhance the learning experience. By finding a referenced source, you are enhancing the learning experience by searching for another source of information on the topic. Also, please ensure you are using a source that is peer reviewed to ensure accuracy of information (select peer-reviewed journal articles in the Park Library). Your original post should be in the format of an executive summary (must contain verbiage and bullet points to name the key points). Use APA formatting.


Pre labs should consist of purpose of the lab, procedure and data tables.
so it is a pre-lab read it then write the purpose of the lab, procedure and data tables
should be in your own word so do not just copy the procedure

The Management of large projects

DescriptionHi please see the sheet for a detailed brief

In the black text are the instructions of Report. The red text are my comments, which suggests the direction I would like the report to go in.

Please note this is masters assignment and i have been told to put on the note by customer service i need a distinction on the paper, the marking criteria is in the file uploaded so please make sure you are really hitting the requirements

Critical Thinking: Uber vs Didi (Case Study)

How Didi Fought Uber in China and Won: Next, Taking on the World
Your assignment this week will focus on the case study about Uber and its competitive entry into the Chinese market (p. 560 in the textbook). We once again visit the country of China, this time to look at the transportation ride-sharing sector of the market.
Reflecting on this week’s content focusing on ethical leadership, strategy, and alliances, develop an essay responding to the following questions.
Why did Uber want to expand into China and what was so appealing about the Chinese market?
What advantages did Didi have to help it win its competitive battle with Uber?
What are the pros and cons of the merger between Didi and Uber China, comparing and contrasting their different expansion strategies and tactics while taking into consideration ethical leadership and alliances?
Assume you have been hired by Didi to evaluate Uber’s leadership team and the company culture they foster. Include in your evaluation the strengths of the Uber management team as well as the weaknesses that Didi could capitalize on in order to make Didi’s company more appealing to customers.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 5-6 pages in length, which does not include the title page or required reference page, which is never a part of the content minimum requirements.
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA (7th ed) style guidelines.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

E-portals Development IT405

Please :
No plagiarism, No match.
Using APA style reference.
Do not allow the assignment to be open to others for quotation and copying.
Additional Assignment Guidelines will be available inside the attached file.
As per Assignment Guidelines available inside the attached file

management -the drilling phil

Assume that your college or university suddenly decided to fully accept the Deming philosophy. How would it have to change? What do you think would be the first change that a student would notice? How would a particular course change if an instructor adopted the Deming philosophy? Exercise Instructions: You are required to submit a 1-Page (Title Page and Content Page), APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 1-pages, (Title Page and Content Page) APA format. For academic purposes, at least 1 APA formatted reference is required pertaining to the topic(s).

Critical Thinking 563-10

Health Risk Assessment

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) form allows a private insurer in Saudi Arabia to assess an individual’s health and lifestyle. You have been tasked with drafting a memo to the CEO addressing how an HRA could help your insurance company. Be sure to address the following components:
Frequency and purpose of an HRA;
Examples of questions asked on an HRA;
The impact of an HRA on risk and premium cost;
Negative implications of HRAs on those with chronic illness; and
Best practices involving HRAs.
Your memo should meet the following structural requirements:
The memo should be 5 pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.
Formatted according to APA writing standards.
Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles.

dis board 4

Please respond to the following questions in a post of no fewer than 150 words. Tate Walker highlights two projects that are “trying to put the culture back in agriculture” (1084). What does that statement mean and what is its underlying concept about culture? How well does Walker explain that concept? What examples, facts, or other types of evidence does Walker use to illustrate this important point?

Final work

Undertake a situation analysis for an organisation of your choice listed in any stock exchange around the world. It could be the UK, your home country or any other listed organisation you are familiar with.
Provide your analysis using evidence from annual reports, the company’s website, news stories (e.g. Financial Times, Guardian, BBC etc.), integrated with module tools, frameworks and theory

Introduction management

Critical Thinking
Please readCase 4: “The Swatch Group and Cultural Uniqueness” available in your e-book (International business: Competing in the global marketplace (13th ed.),at page no.630, and answer the following questions:
Assignment Question(s):
1. With the Hayek family controlling nearly 40 percent of The Swatch Group, how do you think the family’s influence impacts the corporate culture in the company? What about the company’s international culture being impacted by the Hayek family?Explain.(Mark:2)2. Many of the Swatch brands have become cultural icons among a strong core following of customers in the global marketplace. Some even talk about the “Swatch Revolution” that began when Nicolas Hayek founded the company. Why do you think Swatch has such a strong cultural following? Give logic in support of your answer.(Mark:2)
3. As mentioned, Swatch wants you to create your own unique way of accessorizing through its Swatch watch. Is a watch a way to show who a person is culturally? Does a watch get embedded into a person’s culture? Can a watch create a cultural image? Discuss. (Mark:6)

Process and Quality Control

1. You currently work for a firm that manufactures lawn equipment,

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