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Integration of Information Systems in a Global Economy

Topic: Integration of Information Systems in a Global Economy
Problem Statement
Create a one or two-paragraph discussion emerging from your preliminary review of research findings, practices, and personal experiences to address the following elements:
An argument identifying a gap in the literature, the need to address such a gap, and how your study addresses this gap.
A presentation of evidence justifying your efforts into researching the problem. Make sure you justify your efforts as meaningful to stakeholders (such as fellow professionals and researchers) and address the problem.
Ensure your problem statement contains five to seven significant citations demonstrating the currency and relevance of the problem you wish to study.

Anticipated Approach to Your Study
Choose a suitable design able to tackle the problem. Identify and justify one possible research design to help you study your problem. You may also include your initial thoughts regarding the design and its ability to help you tackle the problem while enhancing your understanding of the problem.
Can I Research the Problem?
Create one paragraph arguing whether your problem may be researchable. You may wish to consider the following questions to help you draft this segment:
Can you find journals and professional publications discussing your problem?
Can you find respectable online resources helping you to explore your problem?
Do you believe you have access to the journals and websites you need to conduct your study?
You will be required to collect primary data as part of your dissertation effort. Do you believe you have access to the individuals you need to study? Also, do you have a good understanding of the population of which these individuals may be drawn?
Could you encounter ethical concerns while researching your problem?
Do you feel that you are qualified to conduct the research? (Do not be afraid to think about this question — even as a new researcher, you have the skills allowing you to mature into a successful researcher.)
You may feel like there are some obstacles in your way of conducting this research. Do you believe you can overcome these obstacles?

How Novel is the Study?
Create one paragraph arguing whether your study may be (relatively) novel. You may wish to consider the following questions to help you draft this segment:
Will your efforts yield a new way to look at the problem?
Is there the potential for your efforts to contribute something new to understanding the problem?
Are you looking to evaluate a program in a new way?
Are you hoping to contribute knowledge to practitioners in the hopes of improving their activities?
Are you trying to establish a new field of thought or inquiry?

Who Cares, Anyway?
Create one paragraph discussing whether anyone cares about the problem you wish to explore. You may wish to consider the following questions to help you draft this segment:
Will conducting your study and exploring the problem help you change the perceptions of others around you?
Will your study benefit stakeholders? If so, how?
Will your efforts help other researchers and entry-level practitioners attack the problem?
Is there a demand for your research? Are there stakeholders who would actively seek out your research to help improve their lives, enhance a particular scenario, or address some other need?


Read the posted case “Denial is not a river in Egypt” and submit a short report (about 400-500 words, or 40-50 lines)
Consider the problems that led to this failure, the consequences and the response of the project participants.
What are some important project challenges and potential causes of project failures?
What does it take to make project successful (process, capabilities, leadership)?
What are some key management lessons that you find in this story?
Other issues you find interesting/important

Criminal Justice Question

provide a 2-3 page word document with the following from a critical thinking perspective:
1. What type of organization is this describing?
2. What is its structure, mission, people, organizational control?
3. What is its end-goal and who does it serve?
4. What are your opinions on its success or failure?

Module 1 reflection

Writing Assignment Help Reflect on the environmental influences on criminal justice organizations. What should criminal justice organizations be doing to mitigate or influence the consequences? What should members of the legislature be doing? What should community-based organizations, local governments or other CJ agencies be doing? What will be the consequences of doing nothing? Do private sector institutions have a role to play? Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Writing Question

For your first DBA, I would like you to reflect on writing. You can share your thoughts on general strengths and/or weaknesses or writing or English classes in general. If you’re struggling a bit to come up with something, you may want to respond to one of the following questions:
1. Why do you think so many people say that they hate writing/writing papers? What is it that people find so scary?2. What is the most difficult obstacle you face when trying to sit down and start writing a paper?3. When you’ve finally convinced yourself to sit down and write a paper, :), which do you think is the hardest part to write–the thesis statement, the introduction, attention-getters, the body of the paper, the conclusion, the supporting points, evidence?4. Which of those parts do you think is the MOST IMPORTANT and why do you think that?5. Why do you think so many students plagiarize? There are probably a variety of reasons, so which do you think are the top 3?6. Even if you find writing very challenging, what most excites you about writing a paper?In order to have a chance at receiving full credit, your original thread in response to any one of these questions must be 5-7 complete sentences long.

Art discussion 350 words total

Hi, I will attach the tesselation art that I found around my city for you to write about, the pages of the textbook that talk about the principles of design, and a sample discussion from another student for you to look at. Please be sure to write the discussion similar to the sample one.
Find a Tessellation:
Tessellations can be discovered all over. For example, USD campus and Balboa Park have fountains that share some very similar tile work. Downtown La Jolla has some spread about while you walk on Girard. Home Depot sometimes has examples on display for kitchen and bathrooms. Even textiles and fabrics are decorated in tessellations.
Discussion Questions: (250 words total)
Tell us why you chose the tessellation.
What is it about the tessellation that made an impression on you?
What exactly makes the pattern/decoration you chose a tessellation? Provide specific details. Be sure to discuss some principles of design and elements of art to help further back up your claims.
.Respond to a minimum of 2 other student Threads. (50 words each)

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