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International Finance

Perform a second online search and locate a recent article (within the past 18 months) that describes an actual international finance application or a real-world example about your selected MNC’s actions that reinforces at least one of the concepts from your assigned chapter readings this week.  For example, use one or more of the following search terms and include both the name of your selected company and the current year in your search:Change in exchange rate    Impact of inflation on exchange rates    International capital market    International stock listingsU.S. AND trade friction    International capital flows AND currency effects    [your company] AND country risk    Direct foreign investment Example: Suppose I selected Taiwan Semiconductor as my chosen MNC from the list. I would then do a web search for the following:“Taiwan Semiconductor” AND international capital market AND 2023Summarize your findings:Find articles that specifically mention your MNC. Write a detailed and robust summary of your findings ( 1-2 pages minimum) and use multiple sources (via APA references and citations) to support your position.

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