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Introduction to Structure

The Qatar National Bank was founded in 1964 as the country's commercial bank. The bank's shares are owned equally by the private sector and the investment authority. Yousef Hussein Kamal serves as the bank's chairman of the board. Other bank directors include Sheikh Hamad,Bin Abdullah, Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Sheikh Hamad, Bin Jabor Althani, Sheikh Hamad Althani, Sheikh Jassim Althani, Mr. Ahmed Alsayd, Mr. Bader Fakhro, Rashid Alhajri, Ali Alsada, Mr. The bank operates in 24 countries and employs about 7500 individuals. There are 670 ATMs distributed throughout bank networks.


From 1964 to 2004, the bank's name was Qatar international bank. In 2004, the name was changed to Qatar National Bank. In addition to the change in its name, the bank's operations and customer service have also undergone significant transformations. It has enhanced the economic development of the Qatari people by promoting savings and investment. The bank continues to be a pillar of the nation and other regions where branches have been formed (Dew & Shoult, 2002, p.111).


The bank financed the Doha international airport. This has resulted in strengthened economic and commercial relations between the nation and other regions. There are also other projects that the bank has launched that have improved the lives of individuals. As a result of the construction of several branches across the globe, the unemployment rate has decreased significantly. The bank has reached new heights on the world stage by opening branches in London and several locations in the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, this improves transactions for traveling customers.

Missions and objectives of an organization

The Qatar National Bank provides one of the greatest transaction experiences, including advisory services for project development, mergers & acquisitions, equity and debt. Their considerable research capabilities ensure that they provide clients with the most accurate and trustworthy advice. The bank has some of the best offers for anyone interested in entering the securities and stock market. The bank offers a variety of products for both people and businesses. QNB has produced products that are suited to each individual's financial capacity and investing interests. Its expansive coverage and expansion strategy are geared to accommodate customers with varying regional, international, and local economic circumstances (Al-Hassan & Khamis, 2010, p. 29).

The bank's objective is to offer investment options and solutions across all market platforms and even markets. To accomplish this, the bank has invested in an experienced and professional team that provides services of the highest quality. The objective is to be the most reliable financial organization for the investment needs of customers.

The organization's yearly goals are to operate with excellence and increase client satisfaction tenfold. Second is to always work with integrity and honesty. Thirdly, we must maintain service and product delivery transparency. The fourth objective is to positively impact the surrounding areas through employment creation and overall community development. The fifth purpose is to foster innovation and enhance the current services offered. The sixth purpose of the bank is to excel in every operation. On number seven, the bank aims to build careers by offering an excellent training environment for its employees. Lastly, the bank believes in the importance of teamwork, which is also one of its primary priorities as it strives to provide services to its consumers.

The position description for an internship

I had the opportunity to work as a trainee at Qatar National Bank for four weeks in two distinct roles. Customer service assistance came first, followed by customer care representative. Working at the front desk requires a somebody who is skilled and motivated. As the very first person the client meets at the bank, the employee has a significant impact on the bank's image. The employee must also have a thorough understanding of the bank's goods, as consumers will always have questions. In summary, the position requires individuals who are attentive to detail, joyful, numerate, clean, and intelligent. Additionally, one must be punctual to accommodate customers that arrive early.

The bank intended me to collaborate with other staff for purposes of coordination. Since I interacted directly and personally with consumers, I was expected to be knowledgeable about the bank's products and provide the appropriate support. I was therefore required to conduct my own research and analysis regarding the significance of the bank's offerings. I was permitted to ask clarifying questions or direct a client to a coworker who had a deeper understanding of a product than I did. As the work centered on these skills, computer proficiency and mathematical acumen were required (Blanchard, 2011, p. 6).

I was also obliged to conform to the culture and customs of the bank. This meant that I was required to review the company's mission, objectives, and vision. Consequently, I was to conduct myself with respect and honesty in all endeavors. In addition to asking inquiries, I was expected to have a positive impact on the organization's performance by recommending the way forward and relaying consumer complaints.

Training achieved

Week 1

I experienced a strange first week as I adjusted to a new work environment. As a newcomer to the location, there was much for me to learn and adjust. I was able to adapt and was even commended for being a first-time language learner. As a customer care representative and for customer care services, I was exposed to many work conditions. In addition to operating machinery and gaining specific skills, I assisted clients during the practical lessons. I realized there was a lack of customer service employees at the bank, and I'm delighted I was able to assist and shorten the clients' wait times. In addition, I learned the importance of teamwork, interpersonal skills, adaptability, and effective communication in the banking business. During my first week of training, I learnt that each customer is unique and requires a great deal of patience while addressing their concerns. Regardless of how hostile or emotional a customer may be, it is the employee's responsibility to calm them down, comprehend their problem, and attempt to resolve it. I was responsible for stamping statements, composing letters and memoranda, and clarifying certain terms and services to consumers or colleagues.

Week 2

In my second week as an intern, I was gradually becoming acquainted with the environment. I was not as anxious as I was during the first week, but I recognized once again that I must be more cautious as I acquire more skills. Due to the volume of consumers requiring service, the days are hectic. The bank has a policy that ensures the needs of customers are met within five minutes. The majority of clients require account opening and a PIN. A number of them are foreigners who are primarily interested in opening new accounts. They are given the information by requiring them to present the required paperwork. Internet banking, a technology that enables account holders to do transactions from anywhere and at any time, was another key skill that I acquired during the second week. In addition, I discovered that working in the front office requires proficiency with Microsoft Office, Excel sheets, and other financial software. I was able to study, adapt to, and utilize them to support consumers. Despite the exhaustion and stress I encountered at work, it felt amazing to have learned and accomplished something. At the end of the day, it was a fantastic accomplishment to have helped individuals and left them feeling content.

Week 3

In the third week, I gained confidence and performed my duties with greater ease. At this point, I had a thorough understanding of the clients' needs and was able to address them quickly and without the need for clarification. My supervisor also assigned me the task of comparing four banks, which I accomplished as follows:

Criteria QNB Qib Alrayan Dohabank

Current balance +7000 QR +2000 QR +4000 QR +3000 QR

Savings account plus 5,000 QR, 2,000 QR, 4,000 QR, and 3,500 QR

Minimum wage plus 7 000 QR + 2 000 QR + 4 000 QR + 3 000 QR

Withdrawal Limits (ATM) 50,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR 10,000QR

Money deposited (ATM) x x

Transfer (telex) fees 15 QR Depending on the nation 15 QR 15 QR –

Depending on the nation

Checkbook printer x x x x

Online banking √ √ √ √

Branches: 59, 32, 33, 31

I was also able to assist the majority of consumers who did not know how to make an ATM deposit. This was a hands-on session as I accompanied the consumer to the ATM and walked them through the process. This approach allows clients to save time by eliminating the need to wait in line to complete the process over the counter. By the conclusion of the week, I had honed my interpersonal and motivational skills to the point where I was able to successfully tackle more difficult challenges.

Week 4

My final week at Qatar National Bank was quite frantic. This was primarily because it was the end of the month and Ramadan was approaching. In addition, one of the teller systems was taken offline. It was difficult to explain to the clients and assist them in waiting or obtaining services elsewhere. It was quite a challenge to communicate to the majority of clients that they would need to contact various banks for specific services. My computer and internet skills had vastly improved, and I was able to successfully and confidently manage the workload. I also learned to maintain a pleasant attitude throughout the day despite dealing with a few irritating customers who were unable to comprehend. I was also instructed to conduct additional research on the bank's services, particularly e-banking, as most consumers inquired about it. I also had to use my writing skills by drafting a letter of appreciation to my supervisor for allowing me to work at the bank for four weeks. Working with QNB was a rewarding experience I will never forget.

Organizational contribution of an Intern

As an intern at the bank, I was able to assist and bolster the workforce, which was a rewarding experience. Due to a lack of customer service representatives, I was able to fill in for consumers, allowing them to receive services more quickly. I was also able to respond to clients' inquiries by defining specific phrases. My current expertise also aided me in instructing my trainers on a few terms. I assisted customers in opening accounts, applying for and receiving PINs, directing them to the local banks where they could receive the necessary support, and assisting with ATM deposits. I was also able to assist with statement stamping, note drafting, and letter sending. Assisting loyal and recurring consumers was also one of my most important duties. I thus let them to be served without delay and sent them to a location where they can receive further assistance.

I was able to assist with data entry in the computer system as a result of being a quick learner and acquiring other computer abilities. This entailed opening accounts for consumers and assisting them with filling out the required information, which was reflected on the bank's systems. There are also numerous individuals who desired to update their personal information, including postal addresses, phone numbers, and even PIN codes. I was able to walk them through the procedure and offer pertinent suggestions. It was also a rewarding experience assisting foreigners who had no idea how to register an account. I made this possible by coaching them through the necessary requirements and documentation. My biggest satisfaction at the end of the day was relieving my colleagues of their work-related stress and satisfying the customer's requirements.

Comparing academic training and organizational expectations

My academic abilities were crucial to my ability to achieve the organization's goals. I was able to put into practice the majority of the theoretical teachings I acquired in class, such as how to handle different types of customers and converse with them. The terminology I learned in class and how they applied to the workplace were also crucial to my career. It would have been impossible to convey some concerns to certain customers if I lacked first-hand information. Some consumers understood the concepts well, so I was not required to clarify them; however, others required thorough explanations, which I was able to do. As a result of my knowledge of e-banking and how it facilitates transactions, I was able to convince more clients to embrace the same. I dispelled the majority of their concerns about e-banking and educated them on how to utilize it securely and successfully.

I was inspired by the courage I cultivated and the interpersonal and analytic skills I acquired in school. As I recognized that I had learned the majority of the things I encountered, my confidence grew. I was able to effectively interact with my customers, coworkers, and bosses because of the business language I acquired in class. I was able to converse with various types of people and maintain my composure, especially while dealing with irate customers. I was able to speak verbally, orally, or in writing without fear because I had acquired the necessary abilities in class. I was able to adapt to the bank's systems more quickly due to the computer abilities I acquired, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Relevance and value of the internship training

Typically, an internship is a learning experience that transforms a student into an employee. This is typically a chance for the student to apply what they've learned in class in a real-world setting, so boosting their confidence. Having held two separate roles in the bank, I am familiar with the goings-on in the lobby and so know how to interact with customers. With this confidence, I will have no issues occupying any of the positions once I am out of college. The internship

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