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Intro to Criminal Justice (CRIJ-1301) Lesson 5 Essay Assignment

The students will be required to submit on-line assignment reflecting the assigned reading and the materials from the text book. Here are detailed guidelines you need to comply with: (1) You’re expected to address all FOUR questions in essay format. (2) Respond in complete sentences with complete answers. (3) You’re expected to meet your highest standards. Rather than simply addressing each of the questions, I strongly encourage you to respond using reason and logic as well as factual material/empirical evidence contained in the reading and/or other reliable sources. (4) Although a particular question may ask your opinion, you need to provide your “informed” opinion. (5) Do not answer solely on the basis of emotion. Procedures for On-line Assignment: Write only your CID (Don’t write your name, course name, and date) • Write only question number (Don’t copy and paste questions) • The total length of each assignment paper should be at least TWO-PAGE long (at least a halfpage long answer per question). • MUST use Times New Roman, 12 font, 1″ margins on all sides, and double space – no exceptions——-
(1) Describe the police culture and explain the six core values associated with it.
(2) Compare and contrast the four major styles of police work; explain how these styles influence
police discretion.
(3) Explain the seven different factors that commonly influence an officer’s use of discretion.
(4) Compare and contrast the “fleeing felon” and “Garner” rules as they relate to police use of
deadly force.

Writing Question

We saw in preparation for our lecture the first minutes of René Clair’s A nous la liberté and of Charles Chaplin’s Modern Times . The idea of “alienation of labor” is very vividly portrayed in both films. We have also read Marx’s piece on labor alienation, entitled “Estranged Labor.” Can you connect the two notions of alienation expressed in these two different media? Does Clair’s portrayal (manufacture) of the alienation of labor have anything to do with Marx’s writings on alienation? Does Chaplin’s portrayal (machinofacture, converyor belt) correspond to Marx’s writings? Is Marx referring to what we see in the Clair and Chaplin films? If yes, then how so? If not, how so?

*This is a 4 part paper/assessment please title

*This is a 4 part paper/assessment please title

Continue from Week 1b document for this paper. I have loaded the references in the paper and attached them

Writing Assignment Help Continue from Week 1b document for this paper.
I have loaded the references in the paper and attached them in pdf format.

Literature Review and Variables
In support of the Capstone Research Project, complete a literature review and identify your research variables. Prior to completing this week’s assignment watch the video Hypothesis 101 (and other Social Science concepts) (Links to an external site.) (the discussion on variables begins at 4:40 and goes through 15:05) to understand the process for identifying variables and the relationship between the hypothesis and variables (transcriipt available here Download here). Then read Chapters 3, 5, and 7 of Empirical Political Analysis.

Craft an original research hypothesis that will prove or disprove your research question approved in Week 1. This will be the focus of your research for the Capstone Research Project. You must clearly state your hypothesis in a standalone statement. You must further discuss the hypothesis and reasoning for the hypothesis in a follow-on paragraph. Be sure to address how the hypothesis is related to your research question. Then, for your selected research hypothesis, identify three research variables which you believe will answer, confirm, or refute your research hypothesis and answer your research question. Each of these research variables should be listed in a standalone statement (i.e., Research Variable #1: XXXXX). Be sure to determine if they are independent or dependent variables. Explain how your research variable relates to your hypothesis. Identify how each of the three research variables will be measured in order to confirm or deny your research hypothesis.

In the second part of your paper provide an annotated bibliography that accurately describes your literature review for the Capstone Research Project. Identify five of the eight required resources (scholarly, government, or professional resources), other than the course textbook, that you will use to research and evaluate your research variables and utilize to confirm or deny your research hypothesis. Remember, at least five of your resources for the Capstone Research Project must be found in the UAGC Library. (Be sure to note those resources you found in the UAGC Library.) For each of the resources identified, describe in two to three sentences how the resource supports your research.

The Literature Review and Variables paper

Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the UAGC Writing Center.
Must include a separate title page with the following:
Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Must use at least five scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources

Wellness Question

1. Domestic Violence AssignmentThe assignments straightforward and will take only a few minutes. Here’s what I’m asking you to do:
Watch Leslie Morgan Steiner’s (Why DV Victims Don’t Leave)
Write down answers to the following questions:
What surprised you about Leslie’s story?
What sounded familiar about Leslie’s story?
How did this video change your perspective on victims?
If you could ask Leslie one question after watching this video, what would it be?
2. Journal writing Assignments.
Here are 5 self-reflection questions. Make no mistake: these are big, tough questions. Don’t let them freak you out. You are to answer all 5 questions for this journal writing assignment.
Reflection Questions
What does violence look like?
• Address physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse.
What kind of violence do you see on TV or in ads?
Dating? Gun? Peer on peer? Look for specific examples.
What are some of the favorite TV show and movies your friends and family like to watch and think about the type of violence in them.Does does violence on TV or in ads impact violence in the community?

Are community norms affected by the media?
If yes or no, why?When you see violence on TV or in ads, what can you do?

How would you like to change violence in the media?
What impact can your small steps take (for example, not buying products?)When you saw violence at school (elementary to high school), what should be done to curb it?

Discuss bystander intervention, emphasizing student safety and when to seek help from an adult or 911.
How does your school react? How does the community react?

What are the challenges to stepping up? What makes your school special?

This essay can be in your own words but should have in-text citations for your research which is listed

This essay can be in your own words but should have in-text citations for your research which is listed on your Works Cited page and have corresponding citations in the body of your paper.

This paper should be 1,000 words in length, this is “about” 4 pages double spaced. You can include why you chose this artist, their bio, where they were born, their personal information. You can discuss any art or sculptures that might be appropriate. You could also include if the artist was influenced by any other artists at that time.

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