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“Introduction to LGBTQIA Terminology and Concepts” and “Sex and Gender”

This is a discussion paper. You need to answer all three questions (the ones attached in files) and include citations (in text citations) in each for a total of three citations (citations should be based on course readings/contents. These papers are also attached in files)Once you have incorporated 3 citations from the readings attached, feel free to include extra citations from outside sources. Also provide a full reference at the bottom of the post. All the questions and papers you need to read are attached in files. Besides, each question has a minimum of words: 1) 100 words minimum, 2) 150 words minimum 3) 100 words minimum. For that reason, I asked for two pages, so you can add more words in each question.

Videos: – LGBT 101: An introduction to the Queer community – Tyler Ford Explains The History Behind the Word “Queer” | InQueery | them.

I want to Complete Code Python make a chart for the dataset using jupyter

We can set the death rate according to the recovery rate, or a region, and we can set the percentage of deaths for it in the main cities in each region. What do you think and what is better?
is required is a Chart and it has a Component only one chart

writing report

This assignment consists of two tasks. For Task 1, learners are asked to develop a ‘Socio-economic and legal assessment report’ by answering the questions given. For task 2, learners are required to make a presentation based on the scenario given for Task 2 (the details of which are provided along with Task 2 below). The presentations for Task 2 will be conducted during the final two sessions of the module, the time slots for Task 2 presentations will be informed during the sessions.
topic is about : Netflix
please avoid any palagrizm

Strategic process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods and services to a target market over the Internet or

Writing Assignment Help Strategic process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods and services to a target market over the Internet or through digital tools.
How will Hyperloop changed the way consumers travel? Also based on the video, how is it going to change in the future?
this is the link for the video on youtube (Hyperloop Explained)

Dsc1006 security

John Smith robbed a bank, using a gun, to pay for his medical bills. He later learned that the FBI was looking for him for questioning. John went to the airport and purchased a one-way ticket to go to Houston, Texas. After the flight took off, John was able to convince the flight crew that he had a bomb on board. He then hijacked the flight and had it diverted to Havana, Cuba, thinking that he would never be extradited to the United States to face trial.
Question: Is John Smith a terrorist?

Supply Chain Management

Some tips for the questions
Q1 Incoterms:
P.S. calculate just costs, not risks. Insurance costs as well. Computing and analyzing different costs
Q2 Pareto
Pareto table will have a particular result. But what option to choose is up to you, based on analysis and explanation
What issues? Who is involved in this action? Cost and time for this activity, etc.
Q3 net working capital
Analyze in detail how does each aspect affect balance sheet and whether it influences NWC (current assets – current liabilities) or other important elements of balance sheet

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