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Is Academic Warning Beneficial at Penn State?

The essay should have one-inch margins, and don’t forget to title your essay on page one.  We are not using title pages.  This topic builds on the previous essays, which should have helped you to think about what you value and what causes you to be angry.  For Essay 4, you are going to bring your values from the personal  sphere to the public one.  Choose a current event that is relevant for you, that you care about.  Write about that event, issue, or controversy, explaining the issue’s history and current expression in society that is causing it to be front and center.  You must take a stand about the issue, so choose to write about something that gets you going, something you would argue with your peers over.  It is important that you narrow your topic.  You cannot, for instance, write about global warming without narrowing the topic to a smaller slice of the issue.  You must find a way to narrow a topic so large.  It might be best to think about issues that are more personal to you and more local.  In the essay, you will first present a thesis that states your opinion on the issue.  Then you will fully explain the issue, historically and presently.  Then you will argue your point of view.        This essay requires in-text citations and a works cited page.  You must cite at least three sources that you found through the PSU library portal, and use them in your historical presentation as well as the current state of affairs.

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