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It’s a 2000 words Report

The “Essay topic and instuctions.pdf” file including all the instructions, guildline, topics, assessment criteria, and guidance on how to write a report.
The “Essay Sample” file is the sample report provided by the instructor. — The formatting and outline of the essay can be similar, however, the content of the essay needs to be changed. It’s important to make sure 6M module and 6M components fits are well utilized and are included in the essay. Apart from that, if you find a better framework in the lecture note that can help with the evaluation of the brand chosen (Prada), please prioritize using it. (If you can’t find a better framework to evaluate the social media communication strategy part – or part 3 in the sample, it’s fine to stick to the SOCIAL framework)
You can find details of “Key frameworks concepts” in the “Lecture Note” file if you need further clarification. (However, if it’s possible, u can look directly into the “lecture note file” since it includes all the terminologies and concepts of the module)
(The brand I want to do is PRADA, not the whole company, i.e. Prada group (which includes all the apparel brand of the company please don’t do Prada worldwide, but focus the entire report on “Prada in China”” (and it’s important to incorporate/apply frameworks and concepts taught in the module).
Kindly include the appendix details as similar to the attached sample. Follow the structure but write entirely different content but not same as the sample. Include appendix ABCD of the sample into the report
It’s a 2000 words report, the deadline is 2:00 pm, 1/15

BUS401: Principle of Finance

When a business considers investing in a new project, the decision must be carefully evaluated. Businesses should invest in projects that are expected to add value to the company. One method to determine the added value of a project is net present value (NPV) analysis. NVP analysis determines the present value of the benefits and costs of a project. If the project’s NPV is greater than $0, then the project is considered to add value to the company. For this discussion, you will practice calculating the added value of project using the NPV.
Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,
Complete the Week 4 – Learning Activity 1.
Read Chapter 7 of Essentials of finance.
For the initial post, you will complete the NPV problem below. You will not be able to see other students’ posts until you post your initial post.
A large auto company has just completed the research and development (R

Need help with parking lot capacity formula

Business Assignment Help Part 1: Data Manipulation
Download the Parking Lot Use data set. The data set has the following columns:
LotCode: a unique code that identifies the parking lot
LotCapacity: a number with the respective parking lot capacity
LotOccupancy: a number with the current number of cars in the parking lot
TimeStamp: a day/time combination indicating the moment when occupancy was measured
Day: the day of the week corresponding to the TimeStamp
Insert a new column, OccupancyRate, recording occupancy rate as a percentage with 1 decimal. For instance, if the current LotOccupancy is 61 and LotCapacity is 577, then the OccupancyRate would be reported as 10.6 (or 10.6%).
Using the OccupancyRate and Day columns, construct box plots for each day of the week. You can use Insert > Insert Statistic Chart >Box and Whisker for this purpose. Is the median occupancy rate approximately the same throughout the week? If not, which days have lower median occupancy rates? Which days have higher median occupancy rates? Is this what you expected?
Using the OccupancyRate and LotCode columns, construct box plots for each parking lot. You can use Insert > Insert Statistic Chart >Box and Whisker for this purpose. Do all parking lots experience approximately equal occupancy rates? Are some parking lots more frequented than others? Is this what you expected?
Select any 2 parking lots. For each of them, prepare a scatter plot showing occupancy rate against TimeStamp for the week 11/20/2016 – 11/26/2016. Are occupancy rates time dependent? If so, which times seem to experience the highest occupancy rates? Is this what you expected?

Leadership and Ethic

Think of a firm at which you have worked or that you are familiar with. Do/did you consider this firm ethical? Give specific examples of actions to justify your answer (DO NOT need to name the firm or any of the people)
In your lifetime, what leader where you’ve worked or volunteered exhibited strong leadership, and what was it like to be there? How did the leader(s) model the organization’s stated or unstated mission and values? What level of leadership did they exhibit ( from Strategic Leaders: The Level-5 Pyramid).

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