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Please phrase your issue as a question and state your thesis or conclusion clearly in the introduction. It will be necessary for you to do research for this paper (from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, internet) in order to support your conclusion. You must have at least eight sources. At least two of these sources should be considered a scholarly source (journals published by professional organizations), and the other sources may be taken from books, popular or general interest periodicals (Time, Newsweek, L.A. Times, etc.) or reliable internet sites, not Wikipedia. You will want to include a variety of types of support (evidence) which might include statistics from current research, possibly case studies, testimonials from experts, analogies, and so on. Remember to address counterarguments.  Papers will be evaluated for clearly stated conclusions, sufficient and sound reasoning, solid, appropriate, reliable evidence, appropriate organization, and clarity. The paper should be typed, double spaced, and approximately 8 pages in length (this includes the Works Cited page).  Appropriate graphs and diagrams may be included.

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