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Jails, Prisons, and Security Levels

Choose 1 of the following people to research:El ChapoFelicity HuffmanAndrea YatesMike Tyson Create an 6- to 10-slide presentation that covers the following:Explain the individual’s crimes. In what type of correctional institution did they serve or are they serving their sentence? Which factors about their specific crimes determined what type of facility they were sent to?Based on your textbook readings, discuss the effectiveness of the type of correctional institution in this case.Compare and contrast the correctional facility with another type of correctional facility, for example, the difference between a jail and a prison.Explain a hypothetical situation where this individual’s crimes would send them to an alternative type of correctional institution. Provide details to support your assertion. Include detailed speaker notes. Cite any references to support your presentation. Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

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