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jan 2

Posts must be made at end of each of the four (4) weeks of this Wintersession (always on a Sunday by end-of-day).  These assignments are intended to provide each student a safe place to react to any course content which is felt by the student to trigger strong emotions, opinions, or experiences—whether or not you have ever been exposed to directly or indirectly to situations of child maltreatment..  Whereas these assignments are not expected to be a source of self-disclosure, this is allowed with the understanding that the instructor, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), is bound to report to the Child Protection Hotline at La.DCFS any actively occurring incidence of child maltreatment or personal suggestions of self-harm or harm to others that may be discussed in these forums.  Finally, due to the sensitive nature of this assignment, 25 automatically assigned to any post; there is no “correct” content, formatting, grammar, or writing mechanics grading.  Note, however, that points are only provided when each Reflective Writing is posted by the assigned due dates.

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