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Jason Mraz – “Tonight, Not Again” admission essay help

Sometimes a musician makes better music in the studio than at a live concert. Jason Mraz is not one of those. This unique singer-songwriter-guitarist from Virginia has built a loyal fan base by touring the world and putting on amazing shows. With one listen to his second album, “Tonight, Not Again: Jason Mraz Live,” you will see that this self-proclaimed “down-home” boy’s true place is on the stage. Recorded at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Mraz and his band, along with guest John Popper of Blues Traveler, give live renditions of 14 original songs, seven of which are from Mraz’s great debut album, “Waiting For My Rocket To Come.” This CD is a showcase of Mraz’s special brand of music: a blend of rock, folk, jazz, country and even rap. He injects his heart, soul and personality into his performances with a lovely voice, clever word play, and love of jazz scatting. Beautifully written songs (“Sleeping To Dream” and “After An Afternoon”) tug on your heartstrings, while others show off Mraz’s fun rapping and scatting abilities. Some of my favorite tracks include “Not So Usual,” an ode to a strange yet loving girl, and “Curbside Prophet,” a sort of country/rap autobiography – one of his signature songs, according to fans like me. I love how Mraz makes the whole concert experience more personal by interacting with his audience. He makes everyone his friend by chatting, giving them compliments (“You’re an attractive bunch!”) and even asking for an “Amen!” Every time I listen to the album, I feel as though I am actually in the screaming crowd of fans, being serenaded by Mr. Mraz. To some critics, releasing a live sophomore album is risky, but I believe it was the right move for Mraz. This CD is not only meant to show that he is at his prime on stage, but also to give those who have yet to see him in concert a glimpse of how fantastic his show is. As a bonus, this live album comes with a DVD of the performance, which will increase your enjoyment. With all the teenybopper acts out there, Jason Mraz is a breath of fresh air. I recommend “Tonight, Not Again” to anyone interested in an awesome, one-of-a-kind concert experience. You don’t need to be a fan to enjoy this album. If you ever have the chance to see him in concert, I suggest you go. I fell in love with his outstanding songs, lyrics and personality, and I think you will, too.

Korn a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Picture nearly 15,000 people, ranging from 10 to 60 yearsold, flocking together. Imagine looking down at a sea of fans crammed on thefloor and in the stands, moving as one giant mass to the intense beat of music.Try to visualize an impressive stage set, complete with massive video screens,awesome lights, fire spouts and gothic details. Now all you need is to hear themusic …

Korn, with special guest Staind, rocked in front of two sold-outcrowds. Their unique, emotional lyrics and expressive instrumentation captivatedlisteners and charged the hour-and-a-half-long set.

Mindless SelfIndulgence opened, followed by Staind. Staind’s debut CD,”Dysfunction,” is marked with many great songs, such as the emotional”Mudshovel.” They did their album justice with a live performance thatdelivered an excess of power and energy.

Once Staind left to a roar ofapplause, the Sick and Twisted Animation show began and entertained viewersanticipating Korn’s appearance. Finally, the lights dimmed and all eyes turned tothe stage as the familiar intro of “Falling Away From Me” was heard.The applause and screams were deafening.

Korn played all their hits,including “Make Me Bad,” “Freak on a Leash,””A.D.I.D.A.S.” and “Blind.” After a short break when Staindplayed one of Korn’s songs, lead singer Jonathan Davis reappeared in a kilt toplay bagpipes while being raised on a column.

Overall, it was a greatshow, with incredible special effects and, of course, intense music.

Floored admission essay help: admission essay help

“I just want to fly.” And fly they did. Sugar Ray’s hit song, “Fly,” (featuring Super Cat) flew straight to the top of the charts after its release. “Fly” is one of the better songs I have heard this year and it has a great beat. Mixing rap with alternative music proved to be a spectacular combination. However, due to excessive air time on the radio, “Fly” has developed “overplayed syndrome” which is when a song is played so much that listeners almost become annoyed with a once liked song. With the exception of “Fly,” which was originally a superb song, “Floored” is one of the worst surprises a listener could possibly have gotten. The album is nothing more than heavy metal punk music, not a common association. “Fly” is the only song you will hear on the radio because, quite frankly, all the other songs are lurid. Right now the band’s claim to fame is their one hit and their striking image, which appeals to young people. Other than that, they would have been thrown back into the mix of struggling bands still trying to get the attention of record producers. Presently, “Fly” is number one. Unfortunately, the song is a tease, luring innocent listeners into thinking that the CD is filled with other splendid songs. If they are smart, they will buy the CD single and save money, or better still, just turn on the radio because they never stop playing “Fly.” What made the difference between shame and fame for the band Sugar Ray was one man, Super Cat. He is the voice behind the whole song. Without him the song would be nothing. If Sugar Ray could produce more songs like “Fly” and less heavy metal, they would gain more respect from listeners. Don’t be tempted to buy “Floored” because of one song, it’s not worth it. .

The Best Rock Of 1992 ccusa autobiographical essay help: ccusa autobiographical essay help

#1. “Dirt,” Alice in Chains – The second release from my personal favorite band. This CD includes hard and heavy songs such as “Dam That River,” “Them Bones,” and “Would.” #2. “10,” Pearl Jam – One of the most popular new grunge bands of the year that has combined deeply emotional songs such as “Black” with energetic vibrant songs like “Alive” and “Even Flow.” #3 “Mother Love Bone” – A self-title release from a very powerful new group. If you are interested in mood music, then this CD is for you! My favorite songs on this album are “Holy Roller” and “Stardog Champion.” #4 “Countdown to Extinction,” Medgadeth – One of the best heavy metal CDs of the year strongly focused on the political views and issues of today, as observed in songs such as “Symphony of Destruction” and “Foreclosure of a Dream.” #5. “Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds” – The first self-titled release by this newly-formed group including Izzy Stradlin, the ex-guitarist from Guns N’ Roses. This CD contains the popular new song “Shuffle It All.” #6. “Pocket Full of Kryptonite,” Spin Doctors – One of the best-known albums by the Spin Doctors so far. A classic mixture of blues, jazz, and rock which is best expressed in the song, “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.” #7. “Sweet Oblivion,” The Screaming Trees – Another great CD featuring lots of good music. The most known songs on this album, “I Nearly Lost You,” was one of the big hits in the movie “Singles.” #8. “What Hits,” Red Hot Chili Peppers – A fantastic collection of both new and old songs like “Jungle Man” and “Behind the Sun.” Definitely one to look into if you are a Chili Peppers fan. #9. “Angel Dust,” Faith No More – The second release from FNM with the hard-hitting songs “Mid-Life Crisis” and “Sweet Victory.” #10. “Singles,” Soundtrack – A wonderful collection of groups including Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, and The Screaming Trees. I definitely recommend this album if you think that you may be interested in some of these groups. n

Dirty Work by All Time Low college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angeles

Loving every minute of All Time Low’s former albums, their fourth album, Dirty Work, was something I looked forward to for months. I even preordered it so it would be on my doorstep on the release date. And it was well worth the wait. This album took the four members in an entirely new direction.
It’s hard to accept a change in sound when you like a band for their particular sound. So why fix something that isn’t broken?
It’s because they’re geniuses. It doesn’t matter what beat the music is to, or how popular they become, everyone who loves All Time Low will still be able to appreciate their extreme sarcasm, and those intense melodies with lyrics that steal your heart and never return it.
Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer, released a pre-mature copy of the song ‘Time Bomb’ months before the band even found out when their album would hit shelves. It wasn’t meant to be the first single; it was meant to be a bridge between Dirty Work and their previous albums. In my opinion, mission accomplished.
The second tasting fans got of Dirty Work was with the release of ‘I Feel Like Dancin’’. The song turned people off because of its similar sound to other popular bands, but those who didn’t appreciate the new sound took it too seriously. The song is purely meant as a joke. And if the fans were discouraged because of the mainstream beat, they obviously didn’t get the joke.
The best part about All Time Low is that they take their music seriously; they just don’t take themselves seriously.
Dirty Work takes on a thoughtful tone with songs likes ‘Guts’ and ‘Heroes’. The band puts their heart and soul into their music, and it comes through with every note.
If you’re looking for pumped up jams with a mix of soulful melodies, Dirty Work is a masterpiece you should check out.

U2 – “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” essay help: essay help

U2’s twelfth official studio album is a collection of solid rock songs. “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” begins with “Vertigo,” which hits the listener on the side of the head. From then on, guitarist The Edge takes center stage. “Love and Peace or Else,” one of my favorites, begins with simple guitar distortion and builds to a raucous track. You can literally hear the emotion seeping through in “Miracle Drug” and “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” (a song Bono wrote about his late father). Perhaps it’s the emotion that makes this CD so enjoyable. You believe that the band is thoroughly invested in each and every song. The album fits together well, even more so than 2000’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” I do have one significant complaint: It seems U2 has completely abandoned their adventurous side and said good-bye to the experimentalism that permeated their music in the ’90s. In a lot of ways, I miss this, but then, I never knew what to expect next, whether it would be dance, rock or hip-hop beats. The new album, however, is good at what it does. Those who don’t like the electronic-infused U2 of the last decade will be pleased. The album has some of the band’s most rock-driven songs ever; this CD is loud, as the title suggests. That’s not to say that there are no softer, more reflective songs. “One Step Closer” is a perfect example of this more tranquil mood, but it is not the focus of the disc. This is enhanced by the incredible production. Every note is vibrant. The album sounds really good. I could have done without “A Man and a Woman,” but other than that track, the disc holds together pretty well. It is also extremely accessible. If you’ve never heard U2 (Is that possible?), this CD is a good place to start.

Cream college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

Cream is long gone but will always be remembered. EricClapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce united their talents to create quitepossibly the greatest band ever. The teaming of these men was as powerful andexplosive as an atomic blast. Each brought his special talent into the band andset the stage for greatness.

Cream’s first single, “WrappingPaper,” is a jiving tune that transforms a room into a magical place of edgyintense rhythm. Another great song is “I Feel Free,” its intricatestructure weaving a maze of sound through your ears and putting you in anotherplace without physical being but extreme energy. Probably one of the best-knownCream songs is “Sunshine of Your Love,” which became their anthem ofgreatness and will always be heard hummed by a person walking down the street.Unfortunately, the same powerful spirit and personalities that created Cream’sexplosive chemistry broke them up after heavy touring. If they had stayedtogether longer, they would have most certainly joined the ranks of legendarybands like Led Zeppelin.

Harlem World college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Everyone who knows Sean “Puffy” Combs, will most probably have heard of Mase, his partner. Mase has been on many tracks, with such people has Mariah Carey and The Notorious B.I.G. With this, his first album, he is looking to make his mark. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time. Mase did a good job in giving the people what they want. All the hype that was built up was for good cause. This album could be played in its entirety without skipping a song. Sean “Puffy” Combs did an excellent job as executive producer. As a matter of fact, I think he did a better job on this album than his own. It flows together like a story, each song with a different theme. The only problem is that it has too many interludes. Some of them interrupt the flow, making it annoying when listening to it, but most of them don’t last more than one minute and a half. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that it didn’t have any multimedia features. Most CDs have either music videos or some feature for the computer. I think that it is important to have multimedia links to acknowledge computer skills and education, especially in the rap and hip-hop industry. Over all, I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who likes hip-hop. .

Faith Hill – Breathe assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Speaking from a hip-hop and rap fan point of view,country music never hit my sweet tooth until I listened to Faith Hill’s fourthand latest album, “Breathe.” With just the right amount of countryflair and catchy beats, Hill proves she is a successful artist.

“Breathe” has excellent variety, from romantic love songs(“Breathe,” “Let’s Make Love,” “If I’m Not inLove”) to carefree tunes (“What’s In It For Me?” “The Way YouLove Me,” “Bringing Out the Elvis”). All the songs were producedby Hill. Each has individual appeal, which makes the CD fun to listen to over andover. Hill’s tasteful songs are understandable and listeners can easily relate tothem.

A wide variety of sounds are present, straying from the traditionalcountry twang. You will hear soothing piano and string variations in “If I’mNot in Love” and a riffing guitar in “Bringing Out the Elvis.”Hill’s voice is like a breath of fresh air after an era of whining, screamingMariah Careys and Whitney Houstons.

Faith Hill’s “Breathe” hasopened the door to country music for me. “Breathe” received manynominations for the Country Music Awards, and though it hasn’t been recognizedwith a great number of awards, I still give Faith Hill a standing ovation.

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