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Jewish-American Ethnography (Online) paper is ethnography focused about the Jewish-American culture/community and should contain a mixture of data, analysis, and theory.  You should use a transcript to provide evidence of a particular communicative/cultural pattern in the online group you’re observing.Begin by stating your main idea(s) and develop this idea(s) throughout the paper. Back up your analytical findings with evidence from excerpts from your transcripts. Provide your interpretation of these excerpts. Maximize the interplay between analytic ideas and excerpts. Use these excerpts, and the article “Anthropology from Home” both to draw examples to illustrate your points and as theoretical tools for exploring your topic. Answer the following questions: • How do people behave (talk, listen, interpret) in this interaction? • What can this material tell us about the cultural belonging of the people you observed? • What is the communicative/cultural significance of this material?  • What are the implications of the communicative behavior documented in the excerpts?  • What is taken-for-granted in their talk? What is missing?

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