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JRL Intro to media relations in sport

There have been many stories in the media regarding athletes and substance abuse. Two recent stories are that of MLB player CC Sabathia and former NBA player Lamar Odom. MLB player CC Sabathia checked into alcohol rehab during a crucial time of the playoffs. Former NBA player Lamar Odom almost died of a drug overdose in a Las Vegas brothel. Lamar Odom is not currently on an NBA team, but played for the Los Angeles Lakers for many years and they issued a statement during that time of crisis. Discuss your strategy for presenting the scenarios regarding CC Sabathia and Lamar Odom in a positive light to the media. Would your approach be similar or different for the Lamar Odom (assuming Lamar Odom was still on a team) and the the CC Sabathia cases. Also, please discuss two more examples of athletes having off the court personal issues in the sport of baseball and then present your strategy as a media relations professional of presenting these situations in a positive light to the media.
Review Lesson 1.
Read Chapter 1 in Schultz, Caskey and Esherick.
Read the following articles found in this week’s readings:Kaplan, R. (2010). The legacy of Ball 4. Retrieved February 23, 2014, from:…
Kirkpatrick, C. (1989). Dodging a bullet. Retrieved February 23, 2014, from:…

Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun BIT 270 (Website Management) activity please.

Conducting a Search Using a Search Engine
1. Use a web browser to locate the website.
2. Use the search box to search for spamdexing.
3. Click the first link and then follow additional links as necessary to locate Information about spamdexing and other SEO abuse tactics.
4. Find known examples of SEO abuse and how search engines addressed them. How would you as a web designer ensure that your website followed approved SEO tactics?
5. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_01_Jones.doc).
Exploring Consumer Portals
1. Use multiple tabs in a search engine to search for Excite, AOL, and MSN. Open each portal website in a different browser tab.
2. In each tab, click the portal in the search results to display the portal page.
3. Review the features offered by each of the portals. Identify the five features you believe are common to most portals.
4. Consider how analyzing the features of existing portal websites can help you plan the content for a new consumer portal website.
5. Determine how you might design a vertical portal for an area of interest. Include details such as the intended audience (for example, music fans, foodies, or outdoor enthusiasts), and sample content.
6. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_02_Jones.doc).
Exploring a Webpage’s Underlying Markup Language
1. Start your browser and type the URL of the webpage of your choice in the Address bar.
2. View the webpage’s underlying markup tags in a new window. (Hint: if you are using a desktop or laptop, right-click or ctrl click the webpage, then click View Source or press F12 or View Page Source. If you are using a mobile browser, you might not be able to view the HTML code, or you might need to install an app to do so.)
3. Scroll the window to view the markup tags.
4. Identify several of the markup tags and their purpose.
5. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_03_Jones.doc).

Write a team charter

Management Assignment Help As a team, write a team charter for your assigned Group. You can use the template attached to Moodle Lesson One as a guide. You may change the template or add to that template if you want. Be sure to choose a team name. Delete the green words in the template I uploaded and fill in with your ideas.
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CASE 1 Making Macy’s Meaningful: Moves by the Retail Chain to Maintain Its Competitiveness

Complete the Discussion Questions and the Case Analysis for Case 1 Making Macy’s Meaningful: Moves by the Retail Chain to Maintain Its Competitiveness (Page 484).The purpose of the written case assignments is to help you become proficient in analysis-based decision making. The case analysis is your detailed, specific action plan to address such issues. Each recommendation should be supported by facts disclosed by your analysis of the case.Your case analysis needs to include:A title page
3-5 pages of case analysis using the following from the Case Analysis GuideSection A Discussion QuestionsAnswer the questions provided in the Discussion Section of the case study.

Section B Case Analysis Executive Summary
Problem/Issue Identification

A references page in APA format including 2-4 academic or business references, not including the textbook.
Your cases analysis will be 5-7 pages total including title and references pages. The analysis must be your own work in your own words, based on what you learned from the textbook and other academic sources.Submit your case analysis in a MS Word or PDF file. Grading CriteriaResponse to case questions (25%)
Demonstration of an understanding of the case details (executive summary) (20%)
Identification and analysis of the issues presented in the case (20%)
Recommendations (15%)

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