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Should Jury Trials to Be Eliminated?

ReportIN WHAT INSTANCES ARE THERE JURY TRIALS IN HONG KONG?WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR HAVING THE JURY TRIALS?AND SHOULD JURY TRIALS BE ELIMINATED?______________________________CONTENTSPageIn what instances are there jury trials in Hong Kong?3-4What are the reasons for having the jury trials?5-6Should jury trials be eliminated?7-17Exhibits18-19In what instances are there jury trials in Hong KongIn general, there are three types of situations that would lead to the formation of juries. Death inquest, indictable civil and criminal offenses.

1. Criminal casesA jury is formed for criminal offences tried in the Court of First Instance[1]. Examples include, but not limit to[2], murder, manslaughter, rape, trafficking in dangerous drugs, armed robbery, etc. Criminal cases tried with a jury are considered to be indictable crimes, as the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance is unlimited. [3], while District Court is seven years (Bypassing the District Court means the imprisonment is expected to be at least seven years, which can consider to be serious offenses.)One famous example would be the trial of murderer Au-Yeung Ping Keung.[4] This is the first case in Hong Kong which the accused was proved guilty by jury based on scientific evidence, without witness.  2. Civil casesThe jury is also available in a civil trial. The High Court Ordinance (Cap 4) stated clearly that the circumstances of which give rise to a jury trial, ‘Where a claim arises in respect of libel, slander, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment or sedition, the action must be tried with a jury, “unless the Court is of the opinion that the trial requires any prolonged examination of documents or accounts or any scientific or local investigation which cannot conveniently be made with a jury.”[5]

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Federalism, And Confederalism

Essay Preview: Federalism, And Confederalism

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Confederalism and Federalism, do these terms sound like nonsense to you? Well they did me also. Upon further research into our nation’s governmental origins, however I found these two words that sound like nonsense to actually be some of the most important for our countries foundation.

In 1776, the American colonies of Great Brittan declared independence from their mother country, in order to form a new country, of their own creation. This new country became the United States of America. Simply writing out and signing the Declaration of Independence was not enough to free the American colonies from their ruler, and thus the Revolutionary war took place. Even before the war was officially declared, our founding fathers realized that the colonies would need a government set into place to hold the states together against the British forces. In those times there were three basic types of government to choose from, confederalism, unitarian, and federal. (Politics and Government in Michigan)

The term confederalism comes from the root word confederation, which is a form of government where there are many independent governments, each with authority over a state or territory and a central government that has authority over the whole. The central government is not very powerful, and holds only those powers which all of the states governments agree to give it, but in turn offers a loose association between the states. The central government often lacks authority to enforce its rules, within the states, unless the state agrees. This makes the central government weak compared to the separate states governments. One example of confederalism is if four people all were partial owners of a business, and each had an equal say in how the business was to be run because each had put equal funds, and time into the business. The business would still however be under the authority of the laws governing the town where the business was located, thus separate governments under one central government with little actual control. (Politics and Government in Michigan) (The Struggle for Democracy)

A second type of government that was around near the time of our countries foundation was a unitary government. An example of a unitary government from that time period was Great Britain. Unitary governments, unlike confederal governments, have a large central government, which holds all authority over citizens within the nation no matter their state, territory, or affiliation. (Politics and Government in Michigan)

The most complex form of government of the three types is a federal system. In a federal system, there are two levels of government that are independent of one another. Neither is created from the other, thus insuring their separation from one another. Separate authority is given to both states and the federal government, with no necessary conflict between the two. (Politics and Government in Michigan) (Constitution Center)

The colonists had a deep fear of an overly powerful central government, because of all of the hardships that they previously had to endure under a unitarian lead government. The colonists all lived in separate states, and because of the strength of the states, they decided to create a confederalist form of government. Thus on November 15, 1777 the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were signed into power as the United States of America’s first constitution. “The Articles of Confederation created in law what had already existed in practice from the time of the Declaration of Independence.” (Struggle for Democracy, pg 29) Still documentation of the Articles of Confederation was hugely important to our newly developing country. (Politics and Government in Michigan)

There were many problems with our new growing confederalism. The central government under the Articles of Confederation had little power. It could wage war or peace, but it could not levy taxes to in order to create funds to pay for either. It could not refute state laws, nor could it create laws that were above the states. It had no chief executive to ensure that laws set forth by congress were upheld, nor did it have a national court system where arguments between states could be settled. There was no national money system, so the government was unable to finance its own affairs; it was forced to instead rely on each state to finance their own part. This became a problem in the case of one state not agreeing with the other states about a certain policy, because that state need do nothing more than refuse to finance it, and it would not be put forth into action. For example, if the state of New York disliked Massachusetts and Massachusetts representative proposed a state to state highway system for better state to state transport of goods, and troops for defense. New York may simply refuse to participate, by not financing any highway building throughout their state. With no court to settle dispute between the states, one state could harbor resentment for another state and refuse to participate in financing affairs simply because that one state may gain from it. The central government was also unable to stop the imposition of taxes and tariffs between the states, and thus many states became intense commercial rivals to one another. (Struggle for Democracy)

Another huge problem with the confederation was the rule that all national laws must be approved by nine of the thirteen states, in order to be put into action. This was a huge problem, because often the states disagreed about national laws. The flaws in the Articles of Confederation were very nearly impossible to remedy, due to the fact that an amendment to the articles required approval from all thirteen states. The new government was unable to deal with any sorts of foreign affairs, due to the fact that the central government had no power, and none of the states could come to a consensus amongst themselves. For example Connecticut could decide to form a treaty with the local tribe of Native Americans to the west, but this would in no way stop New Jersey or New York from exploiting the Native Americans in order to gain land. All of these flaws with America’s Articles of Confederation are common flaws with the confederalistic form of government. (Struggle for Democracy)

There were however many positive attributes to our Confederal government. Due to the fact that most of the power was held by the states themselves, any important decisions were made locally. The states had more freedom to create laws that would help them prosper and develop in a well rounded way that was beneficial for the individual citizens. For example, in a confederal system, if a certain state decides in favor of universal healthcare, due to a high number of uninsured residents who need medical attention, that state can

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Fashion Industry

Essay Preview: Fashion Industry

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[pic 1] Reflective writing [pic 2][pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5]REFLECTIVE WRITING NANIESHA BACHRA [pic 6]INTRODUCTION TO REFLECTIVE WRITING [pic 7] [pic 8]REFLECTIVE WRITING 1. Career research 2. Imtyaz rerfbhrehb Sarah Lee  Danielle  Claire Burns  Angela  [pic 9]2 [pic 10]SECTION 2 Career Research In this session we looked at different jobs in the fashion indus- try. I looked at promotion and marketing. We looked at the skills needed for the job, the responsibilities they will have to un- dertake, the typical roles and demands of this job, the salary they will earn and the entry requirements needed. We looked online at all jobs relating to promotion and marketing in the fashion industry. After we gathered all of our research we lis- tened did a presentation of what we have learnt covering all of these fields. Other groups covering other jobs in fashion did presentations as well. From doing this I had a clearer idea of what the different jobs in the fashion industry entail. As I was researching various points on promotion and market- ing. I realized how much experience is needed. Any jobs ask for previous experience. This made me feel like I need to apply for internships in various areas so I would have a vast amount of ex- perience. Lower paid jobs will require less experience so having a wide range of experience in many areas could help with many different jobs. When looking at promotion and marketing you need to have very good people skills, good eye for up coming trends, good eye for accuracy and detail and be able to work in a quick pace envi- ronment. With marketing and promotion, to work with many you must also be able to work with many different people e.g. buyer, editorial team, digital marketing and project manger. From this session listening to other people’s presentations it made me realize how many jobs I can go into through doing this course. By having all of these skills I can apply for jobs in many different areas. As I go on through the course I think I will learn what areas I excel in and see what job is suitable for me. For now, I need to keep my options open to ensure I am not focused on one certain aspect so I can broaden my hori- zons. [pic 11]3 [pic 12] [pic 13]CHAPTER 2 Imtyaz [pic 14]In this session we met a former student who did fashion design. We learnt his about his journey he took to get to where he is now. I learnt about the tasks and tests he put himself through. We learnt about his life and how he got to were he is now. He did an art design foundation year that taught him the basic skills and from there went on to study fashion design. [pic 15]As imtiyaz was talking about his journey it really inspired me. As it showed that his true talent shined through and got out into the world showing people his unique qualities and de- signs. It really inspired me as it shows that if you try hard at something it will help your talent shine through. One thing that I loved was that it showed that is always new fashion that is created. It is never ending. I liked that his inspiration was on the things that surrounded him and the time e.g. riots and the different emotions people go through. He was also very in- spired by wars and religion, things that will always be around not temporary. As his third year went the best this gives me hope as I know I will learn and gain my stride as I go on through the next few years, many people have already got there own signature, whether it is the unique way they draw or there sewing skills. From listening to Imtyaz’s struggles it he can do. This is makes me feel at ease as he has gained the strength to carry on and show what he can do.

From hearing about his journey it showed me that I needed to try my hardest and not give up on what I am going for. He also explained how he felt when he was at uni and how he pow- ered through it. I taught me not to give up and strive through all of the obstacles that face me. He also taught me to be very decisive with my decisions as they will reflect who I am and what happens to me in the future. He made me ensure that I will take all opportunities that come along my way. As he has developed his work through out the years he has been able to travel which is what I would love to do. Also taught me not to go for a job with the most money something which provide more experience would me better in the long run. Imtyaz taught us that you have to be very hands on with different jobs as there is a lot of learning on the job. It is also very important to be connect with other people on the production team as you are all achieving the same goal. Imtyaz also gave us informa- tion about the third year e.g. spend time on your dissertation do not rush it or do it last minute. As Imtyaz dropped out of his first year it showed me that he may of loved fashion design but it was not the right place for him to study it. I realize that USW is and it has taught me to be grateful. I still have to learn how to handle all the work to get to where he is now showing me that I have to push above and beyond to make myself noticed. From this session it makes me realize that I need to fin the aspect of the course I am good at and apply that in other areas of the course. Overall Imtyaz has inspired me as he strived from such a young age coming straight out of uni into a job, as he was speaking to us you could feel he knows the struggle we are go- ing through and what we will have to go through but it gives me hope for our futures as he has done so well for himself, he has made the right decisions and it has got him to were he is today. 5 [pic 16] [pic 17]CHAPTER 3 Sarah Lee [pic 18] [pic 19]In this session we met Sarah Lee who was a fashion buyer, she started off as a designer and then changed her profession to buyer after 20 years. Sarah described how she studied in Darby at the collage of art, from there she gained many good industry links. She traveled to Darby to look for good place- ments. At that time London was very up coming with fashion so the wages were not very good but Sarah focused on the ex- perience she was gaining from this. She sent out many letter and called many people to try and get placements. This was in- spired me as she took matters into her own hands and looked out for placements.

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Business Process Reengineering of Inventory System

Business Process Reengineering As we all know previously before the new system, business process re-engineering had been implemented, the company only use spreadsheet and limited storage database in recording the accounting transaction. Some of the process were done by manually. So it leads to ineffective recording and documentation and lastly affected the standard operating procedure of every department. In order to get the first-hand information to do improvement of the system, traditional and modern data gathering had been used. Traditional data gathering such as interviews, observation and questionnaire are done by the committee of improvement system. They will conduct an interview with every department managers to understand the current condition of the old system and how it can be affected the operation of their department. However it can be time consuming if the interviewers are busy to entertain us, so sometimes the information can be obtained from a larger group by conducting a questionnaire, surveys or through observation of their operation procedure. For questionnaire, the committee will ask the question based on each function. For example, inventory department will be required to answer “what is the inventory policy that inventory department is using”, purchasing department will required to answer “do purchasing department cross-check on the inventory level before purchasing” and etc. on the surveys so that the improvement system committee can have a clearer picture on the old system and procedure of each function.

Although traditional technique can obtain lots of information but it somehow still lacking of details and solutions are needed to do the improvement of system. So, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), one of the modern data gathering technique can be used to improve the system and it is an analysis and redesign of workflows within and between the organization in order to optimise the end process and automate non-value-added tasks. An organization will find out the needs of its customers and users so that it can smoothening the business process through questionable assumptions. For traditional data gathering technique, we get from questionnaire, observation and interview. While this time BPR will focus on the organization’s business process which concerning the steps and procedures to create products and provide services to fulfil the needs of customers and markets. Furthermore, BPR will usually fragmented into sub-processes and tasks carried out by functional areas of the organization. BPR can be applied to our project as it can improve the inventory system. The project committee had designed a framework regarding business process of each function that engage with inventory system. The department involved to improve the inventory system were purchasing department, accounting department, sales department and logistic department. During the planning phase, we had identified there are no linkage between inventory department with sales, accounting and logistic department. That is why the problems of 25% inventories no movement, excess expired inventory stored in warehouse and incomplete information on financial statements occurred. So, BPR had improvise the inventory system by linking the databases of inventory department to sales, purchase and accounting department so that sales, purchase and accounting department can cross-check the current inventory level. At the same time, a hardcopy of stock inventory level report will be issued and sent to accounting department twice a month for opening stock and closing stock. A purchasing requirement report will be sent to purchasing department when inventory department realize there is shortage of stock. Meanwhile, if there is no damage stock received, goods receiving report will be issued and sent to purchase department and stock return report will be sent to purchasing department if there is damage stock. Both of the reports in copy will be sent to accounting department as acknowledgement and documentation. Besides, a copy of delivery note will be sent to sales department as an acknowledgement when stock is releasing to logistic department. The project committee believed that the communication flow will be better by doing proper documentation and data entry system.

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Federalism in the Philippines

Essay Preview: Federalism in the Philippines

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT        The researcher wishes to acknowledge with profound gratitude and sincere appreciation of the vulnerable assistance and help that he received from the following:        First of all, Mrs. Malu – Radam Gubat, English Teacher, for her inspiring encouragement and guidance that helped the researcher in finishing his research paper;        Ms. Alyssa Mae Navarro, for the presence to answer the questions of the researcher regarding  the research paper;        Mr. Roderick Q. Aquino, for his availability and patience to help the researcher;                        The researcher’s friends and colleagues at CAHS Services in T. Alonzo, Sta. Cruz Manila for their inspiration and moral support;        The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia Team, Student Reader and others for providing the materials and references for the completion of this research paper;        His brethren and sisters in the community of Youth for Christ and Titos and Titas in the community of Couples for Christ, who always pray for him when he needs wisdom and strength;        And above all, to our Lord Jesus Christ whose unconditional love, protection, and guidance spelled success for this research study.DEDICATIONTo my loving parents,RODERICK Q. AQUINOALLEN B. AQUINOgreat teacher,MRS. MALU RADAM GUBATand to my dear school,CAYETANO ARELLANO HIGH SCHOOLTABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Federalism …………………………………………………………………… 4CHAPTER 2: BODYTypes of Federalism GovernmentDual Federalism ……………………………………………………………….  5Cooperative Federalism ………………………………………………………..  6Fiscal Federalism ……………………………………………………….……..  7Creative Federalism ……………………………………………………………  8New Federalism ……………………………………………………………….  9Versions of Federalism ………………………………………………………  10REASONS WHY FEDERALISM IS BETTER THAN OTHER TYPES OF GOVERNMENT   Locals decide for themselves   More power over funds, resources   Promotes specialization   Possible solution for the Mindanao conflict   Decongestion of Metro Manila …………………………………………….…. 11   Lessens dependence on Metro Manila   Brings government closer to the people   Encourage competition …..…………………………………………………….  12Federalism in the Philippines    Federalism in the Philippines ……………………………………..……………. 13

Is it a road to economic growth to poor regions? …………………………… 14              Will it bring peace to Mindanao? ……………….……………………………… 15Countries that is Under Federalism and their type of Government                                     List of countries ……………………….………………………………..……..  16   Argentina – Belgium …………………………………………………….……. 17   Boznia – Ethopia ……………………………………………………………..  18   Germany – Nigeria ………………………………………………….………..  19   Pakistan – South Africa ……….………………………..………………..…….   20   Switzerland – Venezuela …………………………….………..……………….  21CHAPTER 3: CONCLUSION  Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………   22CHAPTER 4: BIBLIOGRAPHY ………………………………………………………………….   23CHAPTER 5: GLOSSARY …………………………………………………………………………  30FEDERALISM“The Federalism Government is better than other types of Government and should be Implemented on the country: Philippines”Federalism, a mode of political organization that unites separate states or other polities within an overarching political system in such a way as to allow each to maintain its own fundamental political integrity. Federalism Government is better than other types of Government and should be Implemented on the country : Philippines” because Federal systems do this by requiring that basic policies be made and implemented through negotiation in some form, so that all the members can share in making and executing decisions. The political principles that animate federal systems emphasize the primacy of bargaining and negotiated coordination among several power centres; they stress the virtues of dispersed power centres as a means for safeguarding individual and local liberties.

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Buying Happiness

Buying HappinessJenkie HernandezENG 220May 17, 2013James PatersonBuying HappinessAmericans are jam packed with indulgences like 3D television and organic extra-virgin olive oil; at the same time, we have a hard time being happy. Despite problems such as international conflict, earth quakes, climate change, and processed foods, we enjoy an extraordinary degree of wealth and security. This affluence allows us to focus our attention to more spiritual matters—to yearn for lives not just of material comfort, but of meaning, balance, and joy. This isn’t just true of the United States. As countries become richer, citizens become less focused on physical and economic security, and more concerned with goals like happiness and self-realization. Today, the most highlighted value running parallel to goods being sold is happiness. The new generation’s modern lifestyle wants people to always be happy, fit, and successful; more and more marketing slogans hints or directly states that the product they are marketing can indeed make people happier. Although, we all know that happiness lies within ourselves, and that material goods can bring only short term happiness. Significant differences between these two types of interest must be pointed out in order to understand what to give preference to.

Tangible items, often seen as the fastest way to happiness, because they are easier to obtain; the only hurdle that may prevent anyone from having certain items is its cost. The culture today is obsessed with instant gratification and compares material possessions with spiritual, intellectual and cultural values almost the same as obtaining those qualities which these items symbolize (Fodder). To some degree this explains the theory of modern consumers; it is easier to pay money for an item that symbolizes beauty, rather than making an effort to develop self-confidence and love for who they truly are. Material items persuade and makes people lust to find easy solutions. On the other hand, the genuine experience of happiness, such as; solid friendships, a sense of beauty, a sense of humor, inner peace—do not have a set price and are true, compared to their alternatives; because we cannot just purchase them, but only experience or learn them, which makes it quite difficult and almost impossible to obtain. This generation is more consumed by what they can buy to make them happy rather than what they can accept and do to be happy. We evolved into a generation of problem-solvers that we look for an alternative route to everything – including life itself.

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Buy Nothing Day in Canada

An annual “Buy Nothing Day” has been held in Canada since 1992. It was created to increase the awareness of excessive consumerism. Americans have become predisposed to buying. We are all consumers. We can now buy products on the internet, making almost everything virtually possible to consumption. If “Buy Nothing Day” commenced, it would help people become aware of the degeneration of our ecosystem, emulate our consumption dependencies, and increase awareness of the over consumption that we face today.

Everything we buy has a price tag, and everything bought drains our natural resources. Prominently, the consumption of plastic and trees. The worlds natural resource of oil is depleting in larger rates every year. Not only are we consuming too much oil-based products, but also they are not biodegradable on a practical and sufficient scale. The problem lies within us. We are also highly dependent on tree-based products; paper is needed for hundreds of miscellaneous purposes. The more we use paper, the more trees have to be extracted and processed, but there is nothing humans can do to stop the production on a whole scale, we are just too invested. A solution that could be put into place arises from the world of technology. Although technology itself requires many of the same resources, it can eliminate the use and cutting down of trees, another example being our consumption of food from McDonalds. McDonalds are the highest buyers and users of beef-related and poultry related products, mostly used in their production of their burgers. Their attempt to combat supply and demand has forced their influential sphere upon the tropical rain forest. McDonalds has been clearing out large sections of the rain forests to raise more cattle. Although they are profiting from the business, they are also destroying the “Lungs of the World.”

America is a nation full of consumers. We constantly buy from others, and the government

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By Comparing Ford and Dell

First, by comparing Ford and Dell, the case helps students develop a fuller appreciation of the potential for partner conflicts that arise as incumbent firms move to procuring and selling via the web. Ford’s independent dealers, for example, are worried about losing sales to new Web-based channels and so might oppose certain uses of the new technologies. Suppliers are worried about costs of developing web capabilities and about the implications for the kind of information sharing that more direct models seem to involve (historically, sharing information with automakers has seemed to suppliers like a recipe for lowering their own margins). Students will realize that the factors are either absent or less consequential in Dell’s business.

Second, the case provides an opportunity to learn about the direct model and to understand in benefits. By discussing how Dell makes and delivers its products, students explore direct mode concepts (e.g., inventory velocity). One challenge that Dell faces that is not salient for Ford is the rapid obsolescence of its products and of components in inventory. Students must decide whether this difference diminishes the relevance of Dell’s direct model to Ford’s business.

Third, the case prompts students to consider the problems of connecting to suppliers and other external parties who tend to be less technologically advanced than the subject company. For a variety of reasons, this is more of a problem for Ford. The importance of common industry technology standards can be discussed (the auto industry’s attempt at this is called “the Automotive Network Exchange” or “ANX”).

Fourth, the case illustrates the challenges of forecasting what customers will buy. Once again, Dell’s world is simpler than Ford’s. Most of Dell’s sales are direct to large customers who can be canvassed concerning the future needs. Ford, because of its independent dealer network, does not even own the data it needs to forecast

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Buy Nothing Day Argumentation Essay

“Buy Nothing Day”

In 1992 the first Buy Nothing Day was initiated in Canada. This “Buy Nothing Day” was an attempt to have a 24 hour consumer detox in order to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption. Since then a Buy Nothing Day has been held annually in many nations. With the installment of an annual Buy Nothing day in many countries it is obvious to see why many business take a hard hit and can take a serious toll on a day in which no goods are purchased.

The negative environmental and ethical impacts of consumerism cannot be denied. However, many people remain ignorant to what should be common knowledge. By participating in a Buy Nothing Day, in which the consumer literally buys absolutely nothing for one day, these consumers have no choice but to acknowledge the extent of the purchased goods they take for granted on a daily basis.

As far as the specific negative effects on consumerism go, the environmental impact can be considered the most widespread, in that it affects everyone. Each day, millions of consumers buy or receive what can best be described as being useless junk. After this junk has served it’s purpose many simply throw it away, but what they don’t know is that this trash gets thrown into landfills, oceans, rivers, and forests and kills wildlife and the environment in the process. By not buying these useless products for at least one day out of a year, such as the “Buy Nothing Day” in Canada, we can decrease the amount of pollution on our environment even if not by much every bit counts.

Buy Nothing Day also helps to encourage ethical enlightenment of our societies consumer based lifestyle. The economic consequences of our overconsumption has become unbearable for our society. One example can be seen in the recent economic recession in America as it has proved to be a disaster for middle class families which make up the majority of consumers

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Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass – Book Review

Essay Preview: Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass – Book Review

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“Mr. Gore then, without consultation or deliberation with any one, not even giving Demby an additional call, raised his musket to his face, taking deadly aim at his standing victim, and in an instant poor Demby was no more, His mangled body sank out of sight, and blood and brains marked the water where he had stood.”(Douglass 57)

After finishing the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”, I found myself wondering how the author could seem so matter of fact. That is to say, how could he write about such awful atrocities incurred, without allowing his anger to splatter the pages like the blood from a wielded cowskin? If the life of Frederick Douglass were my own autobiography the hatred and rage felt towards my oppressors could not have been contained. It occurred to me, after some reflection, that the telling of his story had a purpose. The identity of his intended readers, might be what held the answer to that purpose?

Since, for the most part, black people could not, or were not allowed to read, this literature must not be primarily for their eyes. Mr. Auld made it very clear, “that it was unlawful, as well as unsafe, to teach a slave to read.” (Douglas 63) Certainly he would

Herron 2

have desired all of the free, fugitive and prisoned black people to know his story. However, for the time being this piece of writing was most likely meant to implore the abolitionists of slavery or those who may be on the “fence” about the topic.

It is my belief that Douglas new how sensitive the subject was. Because of this he

strategically left certain emotions and parts of stories out of his Narrative. An instance of this is later revealed in his book, MY Bondage and MY Freedom. “Douglasss 1855 description verges on slapstick when he pitches Covey headlong into a barnyard full of dung, a detail he omits in the Narrative.” (Ganter 546) Although Douglass had revealed his physical strength in his struggle with Covey in his original telling, it reads like a case of self-defense. He doesnt declare anger as the result for his response nor does he indicate vengeance. He certainly doesnt mention his “master” ending up in a pile of dung by the hands of one of his own slaves. Declaring his personal anger may have been construed as an indicative representation of all American slaves. This would then instill fear about potential, negative, repercussions from newly freed slaves. None of which would have improved reaching his ultimate goal, the freedom of all slaves. A purpose, which began as a slave and eventually, led him to the doorstep of president Lincoln.

Douglass may have had a direct influence on changing Lincolns view in respect to slavery. Abraham Lincoln, “evolved from stating that no person of the African American race was equal to any man

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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Essay Preview: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

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By 1948 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense and Educational Fund, headed by lawyer Thurgood Marshall, was focusing on dramatically unequal public schools. Eventually they would bring to the nations highest court a group of five lawsuits initiated by African-American parents from South Carolina; Virginia; Washington, DC; Delaware; and Topeka, Kansas.

The Brown case was named for Oliver Brown, the pastor father of Linda, a seven-year-old third-grader. She daily navigated a Topeka rail yard and busy roads to attend an all-black school although a white school was nearby. Compared to other school systems in the Brown case, Topeka provided relatively equal facilities to its tiny black population; community activists emphasized that racial separation made black children there feel inferior.

The combined cases reached the Supreme Court in 1952, but its ruling was postponed in anticipation of a rehearing. By then the Court had a newly appointed chief justice, Earl Warren, a former Republican governor of California. Brown would become the first of many cases that made the Warren Court a byword for judicial activism on behalf of Americas disenfranchised. Warren read the 11-page decision aloud. It invoked the Constitutions Fourteenth Amendment in support of equal protection for minorities. It marshaled sociological and psychological evidence showing that racial separation, especially of children, rendered them “inherently unequal.” And Brown invalidated Plessy v. Ferguson, the 1896 ruling that had affirmed the doctrine of “separate but equal.” In 1955 with a decision dubbed Brown II, the Court urged federal judges to undo school segregation “with all deliberate speed.” . .

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Motorcycle Case

Essay Preview: Motorcycle Case

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In the discussion on this paper will be the reflection of a simulation that explain how product life cycle is impacted by marketing. Perceptual maps are illustrations of information created by the decision being made that help with the understanding of the end result. During the decision making process all the uniqueness chosen must be of value to the customer. The simulation uses Perceptual mapping as a marketing technique, it is suppose to help visualize customers perception. This simulation will allow for a neutral party to analyze, “the vendor” and “the consumer” from their own point of view and make an effective executive decision to provide satisfaction.

The company has a production rate of 200,000 plus motorcycles per year. They have become world wide recognized for the 651+ cc CruiserThorr, allowing for a competitive 40% of similar motorcycles in the market. Throughout the passing years the sales of the CruiserThorr have steady declined due to change in demand for that motorcycles. Though their is still a large market for bikers, most of the people buying motorcycles are younger and are looking for year to date modern bikes. In addition it has been apparent that a younger crowd would not be interested in a motorcycle that is so expensive, a preferable low-cost motorcycle better fits their budget. As the company re-analyzes possible factors that have affected the reason why sales have decline, a hard look into marketing is explored. In the simulation Phase one, there were four parameters chosen for the perceptual map. The engineer chose Safety, Product Design; styling, price, and quality engineering.

Motorcycle riders have a firm believe that being on the road is freedom. Which is why quality engineering was chosen. Quality engineering represents uniqueness in the design and style, helps captivate that consumers eye. Once the consumer eyes has gasp an visual of them on a styling bike, the sale process can become an easier process.

Through all the economic struggles having a motorcycle that is over price and really put a set back on sales. In the simulation a budget of $13,000 was set for the markets new motorcycle, which are going to sold through dealers, internet, and show casing. This choices target all age groups: dealerships target all shopper that like going in to a dealership to view and tough the merchandise before buying. Show-casing allows for older collector to shop or browse, and the internet has a greater affect on the younger crowd.

Most importantly the services provided was chosen as one of the parameter in the simulation. Customer loyalty is the key to any future success of an organization. Being able to provide world class services that meet and go beyond customers expectation will help keep customers loyal. Along with customer loyalty comes safety, showing the customers that the organization has their best interest on safety speaks for itself. During Phase two the simulation has an idea to decrease the prices on the CruiserThorr and changing their complete marketing ways, or being able to produce a motorcycle that will appeal to the younger crowd. As the engineer a new motorcycle to be produced was chosen. The motorcycle will be in the price range of $13,000 to $15,000.

The new motorcycle model will be known as the RRoth and will hit the market the same as

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Multiculturalism Case

Essay Preview: Multiculturalism Case

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Terrorism is a current threat worldwide. One of those countries who had the terrorism on close range is United States of America. We all remember the 9/11 terror attack, by the global militant Islamist organization, Al-Qaeda and the bombing attack in London in 2005. Terror can be different kind of goals, but mostly; political, religious or ideological goals and are mostly intended to create fear, and are directed to the civilians. This article is written by John F. Burns, a journalist from the famous news paper »The New York Times«.

The article deals with some outcast from the British Prime Minister, David Camerons speech from the 5th of February, 2011. David Cameron has been the Prime Minister for Britain for the past seven years. He is from the Conservative Party. He is a well educated man and has a nice work history. He studied philosophy, politics and economy at Oxford University, England.

He is claiming that multiculturalism in Britain has literally failed, because Britain has become one of Europes most active bases for terrorists spots. One of David Camerons biggest statements from his speech is that he claims that the main roots of this terror-problem is that because of multiculturalism has encouraged segregated communities where Islamic extremism can live and live separated lives, apart from each other.

One of the problems is also that very religious people live by their own rules and faith, because of their holy scriptures and their religion, that they are having a hard time sticking to the law, democracy, human rights and social integration, because they are guided that much about their faith. He shares these attitudes with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France.

One of David Camerons main arguments is that the racism or discrimination is mutual. He says that all these kinds of different societys results in discrimination, but to the Muslims advantage. If a white person says some discriminating to a Muslim, he is at racist, but if it is the other way around, we are more careful about the accusations towards the Muslim. In which I strongly disagree on. In our world, in 2012, there is enough mutual racism or discrimination.

I strongly disagree on Camerons statements about the mutual racism. If a Muslim goes against the law, the whole world knows and all the Muslims get blamed.

We live in a world fulfilled with evil generalizations. In Denmark, all the negative media coverage goes to the Muslims or immigrants. As I see it, if an immigrant comes in conflict with the law it is controversial in several months after, but not the same way for the native.

In David Camerons speech he uses a formal and serious language. He speaks to those who knows something about this subject in advance and talks to savvy people in this area. He also speaks to the civilians in Britain

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National Honor Society

Essay Preview: National Honor Society

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As a successful, competitive student at Middleton High School, I see that I am a well-equipped candidate to be a member of the National Honor Society. As a potential member of National Honor Society, I recognize that individuality and character are important factors for obtaining membership. I can initiate new relationships with others, as well as adjust myself in new environments. I also learned to keep a positive attitude, even when things are not going in my favor, to help enlighten others around me. I always like to have fun, but I also know when to be serious in the midst of challenging circumstances. I believe another important requirement for gaining membership in the National Honor Society would be the development of successful academic skills. Although I am not in any official leadership positions in my school, I feel that I demonstrate leadership traits in the classroom as a tutor and as a fellow classmate. In the classroom, I feel that I lead by taking the initiative to always doing the best that I can; and by doing that I help set the standard for other students to follow.

Some ideas that I have in terms of increasing member involvement would be doing small community outreach programs around the school, such as, cleaning up the school community area or reaching to kids who have difficulties in school academics and addressing it by tutoring them.

One characteristic that I would like to improve on this year is to be more outspoken and outgoing. Giving the opportunity through the National Honor Society I can be a better role model for others; motivating peers to improve performance in the classroom.

Young Children And Real World medical school essay help

Should Music Be Censored?

Nearly 70% of songs currently have censored lyrics – is this not defeating the idea of freedom of speech? Censorship is used so songs can still be played, just without profanities but all it is doing is allowing young children to listen to music which is out of their age range, and how is that helping anyone? If children are going to be listening to music which requires censorship then they should not be listening to the music at all. If they are not old enough to hear profanities then they are not old enough to be listening to the song.

Derogatory and provocative lyrics help you prepare for the real world – if you are not exposed to them, how are you supposed to cope when that type of thing is aimed at you?Censorship is not protecting children, it is merely shielding them from reality and hurting them in the long run. It is society which makes swear words such a big deal, they are just like normal words. Why is it not okay to say the ‘F word’ (fuck) but is totally acceptable to say ‘frick’ in replacement. They are just normal words so why should they be censored – i think it is okay to have profanity in music on the radio and it shouldn’t be censored.

Artists chose music as a way to express themselves so censorship is partly taking away their expression. It is their method of showing how they feel. For example: one of their best friends dies. They might make a track and dedicate it to them, talking about what they meant to him/her and what they may have done to help them. They may well use swear words because they are upset, or annoyed as their friend has just died, this is their way of expressing their emotions – would you stop them? Would you stop their freedom of speech, their expression? Many artists swear in their songs, yet some of them have deeper meanings which you just don’t hear because you are listening to the language. Without the swearing, you won’t necessarily get the same effect as you do when you have

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My Hero

Essay Preview: My Hero

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Ida B. Wells was born a daughter of slaves in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on July 16, 1862. She was educated at Rust University, a freedmens school in her native Holly Springs, Mississippi. At age 14 Ida began teaching in a country school. When her parents and a younger brother died in a yellow fever epidemic in 1878, she accepted the first of several jobs as a rural schoolteacher to help support her six younger brothers and sisters. Accomplishments as a freelance writer ultimately led to a career as a newspaper journalist and editor. Through newspaper articles and lectures, she quickly expanded recognition as a crusader against lynching. In addition to many newspaper and magazine articles, Wells is known for two pamphlets published in the 1890s–Southern Horrors and The Red Record. After marrying Ferdinand Lee Barnett, a Chicago newspaperman and civil rights advocate in 1895, Wells devoted a considerable amount of her time to civic reform work. She also gained bad name as an investigator into the causes of race riots. Wells disagreed rationally with the accommodations program advocated by Booker T. Washington. Although she was a signer of “The Call,” a document inviting prominent black and white Americans to a conference that led to the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and was a founding member of that organization, she found it too accommodating to whites. Ida Wells-Barnett died in Chicago of uremia on March 25, 1931.

Wells confronted a racially divided South on numerous occasions. While traveling to her job as a schoolteacher, she experienced segregation firsthand when a railway conductor ordered her to move to a car reserved for “colored” passengers even though she had purchased a first-class ticket. She took her case to court and won, only to have the Tennessee Supreme Court overturn that decision. She lost her teaching job in 1891 because she wrote articles criticizing the poor quality of education given to black children in segregated schools. When three friends of hers were lynched in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1892 and Wells publicly denounced their murders, the newspaper office of the Memphis Free Speech, of which she was editor and part owner, was destroyed by an angry white mob.

After the Memphis event, Wells began a lifelong movement against lynching. Through newspaper articles in the New York Age and later in the Chicago Conservator and in lectures in the United States and Great Britain, she demanded that the United States oppose lynching, which she termed “our national crime.” Her two major pamphlets, Southern Horrors and The Red Record, offered detailed statistical information on lynching as well as her own debatable explanation of the facts presented. As Wells continued her public movement against lynching, she started to investigate the underlying factors behind race riots that seemed to be on the rise in a number of the nations

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Native American – Beltran

Essay Preview: Native American – Beltran

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Well my name is Amber Beltran and I believe I am apart of the Mescalero tribe I am all new at this Native American Ancestry stuff . About a month ago I had recently found my birth father and he then told us that we were Apache mescalero chirachua tribe. So now we are researching our family history. We were told we were also relatives of Geranimo. This is all so confusing to me so hopefully this website will help me better understand things. I so far know my dad his name is Jose Beltran and his dad is Jose Jamaca Beltran and his dad is Catrino Beltran and his dad was Candeleria I know one of them was a quevas . I know they were in the New Mexico area. I aslo know they had brothers and sisters dont know how many. Also one of my relatives was in the Army. We are hopeing to find the rest of the pieces to the puzzle sometime in the near futre. This will be an interesting and exciting information for our children and our childrens children to have and to be able to read about and share with others . Hopefully they will continue to pass this info on for generations to come and our family history will continue on. I am very interested on learning on how all the tribes came about and decended into bands and how some of the Indians had to go on the train and some stayed . It is also very sad to hear about how all the people where treated.

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Businessmen Case

Nowadays, businessmen could no longer consider only about their own profits, but have to take account of corporate initiatives to become the most virtuous companies. According to the widely cited book “Business and Society: Environment and Responsibility “, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is illustrated as “the managerial obligation to take action to protect and improve both the welfare of society as a whole and the interest of organizations” (Davis and Blomstrom 1975, p.6) While CSR is promoted popularly over recent years, it is heightened that business attention towards CSR is not totally being voluntarily. As there is apparent conflict between virtue corporate behavior and economic profit maximization, the advantage of CSR approach remains undetermined. It is difficult to quantify the benefit of CSR since you can’t only look narrow upon those financial operational figures, like product sales revenue, productivity, etc., but as well the sustainable development of both company and society in the long run. This essay will examine the positive effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on its implication of brand and reputation, human resources and cost advantage. It is suggested with statistics showing outstanding financial performance and internal business operation. To tackle challenges from the competitive market, the only way is to root the conceptualization of CSR broadly into the corporation and reach out a common goal cohesively throughout the whole value chain with a bottom-to-up approach.

One of the significant and uttermost benefits is that CSR can increase the value of firm by creating a positive brand image, which ultimately boosts the sales revenue up in market and expands stakeholder’s wealth. Customer is being regarded as the most essential aspect in all the business sectors. By conducting ethical social behavior, corporation can easily gain mutual trust from clients and further develops its brand loyalty with stable income from a group of focused customers. Using the measure of economic earnings, driving consumer demand and brand strength, it is suggested that there is a strong linkage between CSR engagement and brand value (Interbrand, 2008). Furthermore, the brand value is testified to bring profitable on business investment as Lantos (2001) points out a “win-win situation” for the CSR practice. In addition, exerting moral practices of CSR could be able to satisfy certain expectations of various stakeholders including those investors and customers, for instance, ethical issues, environmental damages, corporate commitment to society, employee treatment, etc. According to Berrone et al. (2007), meeting those criteria of stakeholders upon CSR would enhance financial performance deliberately as it is prone to promote its brand image and reputation as an intangible asset. One of the successful companies is Body Shop, which has evolved from a small shop in England since 1976 to nowadays international

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Should Cannabis Be Legalised Epq

Why should cannabis be legalised and regulated in the UK?An Introduction To CannabisCannabis is a tall plant with stiff upright stems which can be used as a psychoactive drug. One of the main ingredients in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive ingredient which makes a user of cannabis “high”. A few reasons why I believe that cannabis should be legalised and regulated is it could have a positive impact on the economy, used as medicine, lower crime rates and freeing up police time, taking money away from criminal gangs, free will and because cannabis will not see a rapid increase after it is legalised. A few reasons why I believe that cannabis shouldn’t be legalised and regulated is that it has been known to trigger mental diseases, cause respiratory and lung problems, psychological dependence, physical dependence in some cases, anti-social behaviour and because it could described as a gateway drug.What Are The Different Forms Of Cannabis?There are Arguments For The Legalisation Of Cannabis One of the reasons why I believe that cannabis should be legalised and regulated is that it could have a huge impact on the economy. This is because cannabis is widely consumed on a national level, so there is definitely a demand for it. For example, in a recent article by Vice it is estimated that “Brighton and Hove users consume 8,103,029 grams a year, spending £64,824,233”. If this were to be taxed at the usual rate of 20%, it could generate £12,964,846.60. This would mean that the Government could spend the money elsewhere on merit goods such as healthcare, education and social welfare etc. This is why I believe that cannabis should be legalised and regulated because it could be the answer the reducing the current Government budget deficit.

Another reason why I believe cannabis should be legalised and regulated is that it has been scientifically proven to be medicinal. For example, the United States has legalised “Medical Marijuana” in 32 states. It has been legalised because it can be used to treat many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, anorexia, diabetes and diarrhoea to name a few. The ingredient responsible for the medicinal uses for cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD). According to an article on Leaf Science, “There is also ample evidence from animal studies and anecdotal reports that CBD has anti-seizure properties on its own.” This shows us that the medicinal use for cannabis is backed up by scientific research. This is why I believe that cannabis should be legalised and regulated because from a medicinal view, it could save lives.Another reason why I believe cannabis should be legalised and regulated is because crime rates would reduce. For example, an article from Natural Society states that “just three months after Colorado voters helped pass the legalization of marijuana, Denver is enjoying a 14.6% decrease in crime from the same time last year.” This shows us that cannabis may not have a negative impact on society if it were to be legalised and that it would likely have a positive impact on the society. It would also free up police time so they would not have to waste time writing up endless cautions for individuals who are caught possessing cannabis. It would also mean that the police could save time and valuable resources and use them elsewhere to tackle the supply and possession of harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin and amphetamines. This is why I believe that cannabis should be legalised and regulated because it will decrease crime rates as a whole and also because it would free up a lot of police time.

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National Study – Research Essay

Essay Preview: National Study – Research Essay

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Modern History                                             National Study                                      Research Essay                                          Kevin Cho                                                                   Yr 12                                    (Miss Blackwell) Influence of the Army on German society and politics (1913-1939)The Armies influence had positive and negative impacts on the German society in the period of 1918 to 1939. The influence on the German society was both successful and unsuccessful where the Democracy system was well balanced until it went through a big slump, one of the reason was due to the great depression that happened in 1929 which was taken over by the Nazis. The progression of vote based system can be seen through the foundation of the bills of rights and primarily through the Stresemann time. The disappointments can be seen through the imperfections in the constitution, political gatherings, financial disappointments the absence of bolster towards the republic.The German armed force had a decent impact over the Weimar Republic in the period paving the way to 1933. The term is utilized to depict the German law based framework in 1919 to 1933, under the Weimar constitution, all Germans were to be equivalent in the witness of the law and under the bill of rights, Germans were qualified for the right to speak freely, get together, affiliation and religion. As a component of the vote based system framework, Germans were additionally permitted to vote and choose individuals from the Reichstag and the president. At that point the president holds the ability to select and release a chancellor, Germany was to have a chosen president like clockwork.

In 1919 to 1923 Germany under the Weimar Republic experienced genuine majority rules system. The republic and the remote idea of Democracy confronted numerous critical snags at the time, this can be created by the abdication of the Kaiser, which prompted the conviction that the vote based republic was just an impermanent substitution until a great leader ventured in and the way that the republic was given the name “November Criminals” for marking the bargain of Versailles. The administration needed to manage troublesome issues for instance the Ruhr emergency, hyperinflation in 1923, political flimsiness and needed to deal with the steady political assaults from both amazing left and right gatherings. The possibility of majority rule government was exceedingly disagreeable amid this time.Democracy in the time of 1924 to 1929 (the golden years) the individual who happened to be a Stresemann got to be chancellor in August 1923. Stresemann changed the arrangements with the presentation of Dawes arrangements and the youthful arrangement. Germany could meet its reparation instalments and the French left the territory of Ruhr in 1924. The dollar was moderately steady by 1928 Germanys mechanical creation was better than the pre-war conditions. Stresemann relinquished the uninvolved resistance strategy and the old money “Stamp” and supplanted it with a provisional Rentenmark in October 1923.The republic accomplished steadiness as individuals modified their restricting perspective towards the republic and the idea of popular government. Stresemann shaped the “Incomparable Coalition” of moderate ace vote based system parties, including the SPD, centre party, German workers party and the DVP. The considerable coalition had an overall majority and could pass laws. Political stability was maintained as parties lacked support. Individuals were permitted to express their thoughts unreservedly, including the capacity to condemn Politians. The republic either held enduring votes or had expanded their representation in races.

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Music in Native American Culture

Essay Preview: Music in Native American Culture

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Music in Native American Culture

Music is one of the only few aspects of life that is incorporated in almost every culture worldwide. Many cultures view music as a form of art, and use it as a way to express feelings and tell stories. Even though the different styles and variations of music can drastically differ from culture to culture, they still serve a common purpose. Common bonds of music include, texture, rhythm, pitch, and dynamics. Music was a very important aspect in Native American culture because it played a vital role in ceremonies, history, and education.

The music of the Native American culture usually consisted of strictly vocal pieces. However the use of percussion was commonly used in order to keep a steady beat for the vocalists. The types of vocalization that can be heard in Native American music include singing and chanting solo, choral, unison, responsorial and multipart. The use of harmony and polyphony was very uncommon in this type of music. Other instruments that were sometimes incorporated into musical works were various wind instruments such as the flute. Native American music usually starts off with at a slow pace and intensifies gradually. As the music begins to pick up drums and shouts are added to accent its change of pace.

The primary use of song in Native American culture is a way for the natives to communicate with the supernatural powers. Native Americans believed that music would bring them success in many different aspects of life, such as bringing rain during a drought, success in battle, or even curing the ill. Music was always incorporated in traditional ceremonies. Most of the ancient traditions were actually shaped by every aspect of the song. Whether it was the dancing or the wardrobe used, it was all influenced by music. Native Americans incorporated the use of song, in telling stories and epic legends to the younger people in their tribes.

Even though the styles of Native American music differed slightly from tribe to tribe, they still served many common purposes. Southwest America was home to two Native American cultures that were closely related in culture. These two similar tribes were the Pueblo and the Athabaskan. The Athabaskan tribe performed most of their songs in a high nasally tone, while the Pueblo tribe demonstrated a more relaxed and low range style of music. The Athabaskan songs are performed at a much higher tempo than the Pueblo and are usually less detailed. Music of the Athabaskan tribe is seen as some of the simplest Native American music to ever be composed.

Native American songs can be divided up into three basic classes. The first class of songs were the traditional songs. These works were usually more traditional and were so important because they were handed down from generation to generation. The second class of Native American music was the ceremonial and medicine songs. These songs were believed to be received in dreams and were used for many ancient traditions and to cure the ill. And the last class of music is the modern songs that were written. Modern songs in Native American culture usually were different than the other two classes of music because they were strongly influenced by the European culture.

Unlike most cultures Native American songs actually didnt have titles. They were usually identified by the type of celebration or ceremony that they were created for. The location of the ceremony also played a big part in identifying the musical work. For example, female Native Americans usually related their songs to renewal and fertility which brought about the California flower dance song. Another interesting characteristic of Native American music is that it is not actually written down. The tribe members learn to perform the different songs just by listening and improvising. Vocal patterns heard within the songs made it easier for Native Americans to learn and memorize the different pieces.

A familiar idea in the world of Native American music was the use of secret songs. These songs were usually personal pieces that belonged to the song writer and could only be performed by them unless someone else was given

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Milwaukee Civil Rights

Essay Preview: Milwaukee Civil Rights

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The first article I analyzed came from the Milwaukee Star on September 25th, 1965. Entitled, Support for School Boycott Mushrooms, this article included some recent news about the activities of MUSIC and the busing debate. What struck my attention first was the fact that the NALC used the word negro, and so did the paper. I understand the use of this word was not important at the time, but it makes me think how far our society has come today when we do not need to use degrading words to describe people. This article starts off with an approval from MUSIC for the school boycott. It seems this newspaper article is almost like a flyer, in which it gives updates on the events important to the Milwaukee Civil Rights struggle. The Milwaukee Star seems to have this advantage because it was a smaller scale newspaper whose sole purpose was news pertaining to events in the black community. To me, the most interesting part about this article is the first emergence of a possible desegregated busing plan. Most of what people first hear about the desegregation of schools is from the historic Little Rock, Arkansas, so it was exciting to actually look at a document that made events such as those in Little Rock relevant to where I live. However, the article goes on to include the fact that the school board president, John Foley, immediately said no to the experimental busing because, “it would necessitate exhaustive research and discussion.” From this I find that Jones or Dougherty could have used this to their advantage in the ridiculousness in reasoning for the segregation in busing. My question to Foley would be, “What research do you need to do?” The discussion part I understand, mostly because it would probably consist of some new way to keep busing segregated. The rest of the article includes ways that people in favor of the boycott could help such as volunteering, and also a reassurance from Mrs. Davis that the committee will do everything necessary to be prepared for the boycott.

The second article I found was from the Milwaukee Journal on March 1rst, 1965, which was entitled, School Boycott Backed at Rally. It was about a one day school boycott in Milwaukee. Comparable to the first article, the writer in this one used the phrase negro area to summarize the part of Milwaukee that would participate in the boycott of elementary, junior, and high schools. From todays perspective it is easy to see the racism in using that, but even Father Groppi used the word negro, which I found in some of the WTMJ interviews with him. This article summarized a gathering of about 350 blacks to find out if the school boycott rally would happen. This article only named two civil rights leaders, Lloyd Barbee and Thomas Jacobson. The first article used many different names of the leaders and committee members of MUSIC. The Milwaukee Star also included contact information to help with the boycott, the Journal

Schools Book Store And Student Union Building admission essay help

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Alessandro Lozano

Michael Tolliver

Ms. Guilbault

Marketing Research

Project Development Plan

Marketing Problem

2. Challenge

3. Objective

4. Information needed

5. Methodology

Marketing Problem

Warner Southern College is an institution that is based on faith, scholarship and servant hood. This institution provides students, faculty, and staff with many services including the cafeteria where most indulge with exquisite choices of food, the Student Union Building (SUB) where one can take a load off by partaking in numerous games such as Table tennis, Billiards and the latest Video Games, and the Gym just to name a few. But a place that gets little or no recognition is the schools book store located in the main building otherwise known as the Rigel Center. The Book store serves as a convenience store where students purchase their class book and can also buy school related supplies such as pencils, pens, flash drives and memorabilia. But With the SUB and the Gym acquiring the students interest the book store is often empty, once student purchase their books the book store receives little visitors other than the mailman, and its employees.


The main challenge that we would encounter, would be trying to direct the flow of the schools foot traffic around and thru the bookstore and away from the sub, we would also have to find some sort of common ground with the school about the types of magazines and entertainment they would allow us to sell. The most important challenge will be getting the attention of everyone on campus


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Native American Paper

Essay Preview: Native American Paper

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The Ojibwe Indians also known as the Chippewa have communities in Canada and the United States. They lived mainly in Ontario, Michican, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. “Chippewa” is an anglicization of “Ojibwa,” which means “to roast till puckered up,” referring to the puckered seams on the moccasins worn by the tribe. They also call themselves “Anishinaabe,” which means, the original people. The Ojibwe Indians are members of the Algonquin language family, sharing similarities with languages spoken by the Cree, Potawatomi, Blackfeet, and Cheyenne. The land they inhabited was full of timber and minerals; perfect for the Chippewa to populate. They successfully traded fur with the French and the British, something that strengthened their relationship. In some occasions that even leaded to intermarriages, the children were also known as Michif or Métis.

The tribe fought with the French in the French and Indian War (1754-1763) against the British. In the War of 1812 the tribe fought along with the British against the United States. In 1815 they started to negotiate treaties with the U.S. government. The government guaranteed reservation lands and educational services in exchange for yielding control of huge pieces of land. The LaPointe Treaty of 1854 ceded a lot of tribal land traded for annual payments, the right to continue fishing and hunting on the territory and only six reservations. The reservations however, were not large enough to accommodate all the Ojibwe Indians. But unlike many other tribes, the Ojibwe tribe was not forced to migrate away from the homelands they had established centuries earlier, although a few did eventually move farther west, to North Dakota.

The modern tribal members live both on reservations, in rural areas and in large urban centers. Many people on the reservation face unemployment. However, in recent decades reservations have successfully developed business operations, from manufacturing to tourism to casino development. Many Chippewa are benefiting from tribally run schools and colleges that offer courses in business as well as traditional arts and language.

Native literature is a reflection the culture, and often displays the social problems that came along with the suppression. “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich tells the story of Lyman and his brother Henry. Together they own a red convertible, with which they road tripped together. But then Henry has to leave to serve in the Vietnam War. When he comes back he is not the same, being psychologically damaged by the war. The car works as treatment for Henry and together go on their last trip to a river. Henry drowns himself in the river and Lyman lets the car sink with him.

Lyman has a nose for making money, “My one talent was I could make money. I had a touch for it, unusual in the Chippewa. From the first I was different that way, and everyone recognized it” (Erdrich 306). Making money is

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Miss Brill: One Sad Old Lady

Essay Preview: Miss Brill: One Sad Old Lady

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Miss Brill: One sad old lady

In the short story Miss Brill, by Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill is introduced to the reader with as an elderly French woman enjoying a very special Sunday afternoon. However, this false mirage would soon crumble. It then becomes obvious to the reader that Ms. Brills is a senile old lady, egocentric and in denial about herself and the relationship between her and everyone around her.

Miss Brills likes to spend her Sunday afternoons at a local French garden. She kept herself busy by listening to the band play, watching people come and go and yes, what every senile old lady does, eavesdrop on people. Seeing as “she had become really quite expert, she thought, at listening as though she didnt listen, at sitting in other peoples lives just for a minute while they talked around her” (307). So insane is this poor excuse for a human that she pretends the people in the park are putting on a play JUST for her. “It was like a play. It was exactly like a play. Who could believe the sky at the back wasnt painted?” (308-309). The thing about senile people is just that, they are freaking insane! When does an almond mean life or death? Everyday to a crazy person. “Sometimes there was an almond in her slice, sometimes not. It made a great difference” (309). The reader can only assume that if one day, god forbid, there not be a almond in her cake, Ms. Brill would cry herself to sleep, hoping that next time she got her “tiny present” (309).

A common trait of lonely people is an egocentric personality, possibly explaining why they are lonely in the first place. “No doubt somebody would have noticed if she hadnt been there” (309). Really? Does Ms. Brill believe that she is such a spectacle? Or has her ego confused itself with that of the suns? Miss Brill thought herself separate from the people at the park. She had grown accustomed to portray them all as actors according to their appearance and attire. “They were beautifully dressed; they were in love. The hero and heroine” (309). Miss Brill assumes that she is as relevant to everyone as everyone is to her. “No doubt somebody would have noticed if she hadnt been there; she was part of the performance after all” (309).

Denial, a word not found in Ms. Brills vocabulary, for this word alone makes up the very fabric of her reality. The truth is that Miss Brills is so hopelessly lying to herself every day. “yet there was just a faint chill – a something, what was it? – not sadness – no, not sadness – a something that made you want to sing” (309). She abruptly changes her mind, as if she almost caught herself in her reality, a reality much lonelier and sadder than her current illusion. Poor Miss brill, she eventually discovers “she was part of the performance

Largest Health Care Insurer And Medical Services essay help free

Marketing Principles at Carefirst Bluecross Blueshield

Essay title: Marketing Principles at Carefirst Bluecross Blueshield

Marketing Principles Incorporated at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Andrй R. Lynch

MGMT 3002- Principles of Marketing

January 15, 2005

Walden University

Dr. James Skertich


Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, began looking globally for imports back in the 1970’s. As the Wal-Mart chain grew through the advantages of computerized supply chains, they were able to become the largest of all the world’s companies. This whitepaper analyzes Wal-Mart’s effectiveness in regional markets around the world and reactions/responses of Wal-Mart due to those different market conditions.

Table of Contents


North American Wal-Mart Stores

The Case in Germany

Japan Expansion


Final Conclusions


Marketing Principles incorporated at CareFirst

Introduction and Background Information

CareFirst, Inc. is the not-for-profit, non-stock, parent company of CareFirst of Maryland, Inc. and Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc., affiliates that do business as CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. A third affiliate does business as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware. CareFirst, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors and special statutes regulating its business in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware and Northern Virginia.

Is the largest health care insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving more than 3.2 million members

Has more than 6,200 employees in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Northern Virginia and West Virginia

Includes more than 80 percent of all of the Maryland/D.C./Delaware/Northern Virginia regions health care providers as participating in one or more of its provider networks

Offers self-insured employers administrative services through its third party administrator

Has received seven consecutive national Brand Excellence awards, recognizing its customer service, financial strength, membership growth and promotion of the Blue brand name

Received “Commendable” ratings from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for its HMO

Operates a for-profit regional HMO subsidiary – CareFirst BlueChoice-that is a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. HMO features more than 3,500 primary care physicians

Is affiliated with 165 hospitals in Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and Delaware

Serves about 515,000 members in the Federal Employees Health Program – largest FEP enrollment in the nation

Operates a subsidiary based in Charleston, WV, that annually processes more than 5 million claims for federal government subscribers and dependents as part of the Federal Employee Health Program

The mission of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is to provide health benefit services of value to customers across the region comprised of Maryland, Delaware, and the National Capital Area. To fulfill this mission, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield commits to:

Offer a broad array of quality, innovative insurance plans and administrative services that are affordable and accessible to our customers;

Fairly address the needs of customers in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate;

Conduct business responsibly as a non-profit health service plan, to ensure the plans long-term financial viability and growth;

Collaborate with the community to advance health care effectiveness and quality;

Support public and private efforts to meet needs of persons lacking health insurance;

Foster health systems integration and health care cost containment to benefit the people in areas we serve, and

Promote respect, fairness and opportunity for our associates. ( Although CareFirst

Green Acres And History Of Solar Energy compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Marketing Project

Join now to read essay Marketing Project

Green Acres Sustainable Community

Sumter County, Florida

Marketing Plan

December 8, 2007


Lee Harrop

Stephen MacDonald

Margot Meeker

Nuru Mugambi

Sri Kidambi

Jason Rexroat

Rebekah Youngers




The Housing Market

Green Building and Energy Efficiency Trends

Overview and History of Solar Energy

Solar Module Pricing and Manufacturers

Limitations of Solar Energy

The Target Market for Beazer’s Solar Strategies

Beazer’s Competition



New Home Sales

Consumer Branding

Product Description

Product Characteristics

Product Pricing






Beazer is recognized as an environmentally-responsible builder, receiving numerous “green” awards for the company’s SMARTDESIGN™ that maximizes energy efficiency. Beazer will leverage this SMARTDESIGN credibility to launch a new marketing strategy, SMARTEnergy™, which introduces a sustainable element – through solar energy – to Beazer’s expertly-designed homes.

Green Acres is Beazer’s new 100-home single-family residential community. The community, which will introduce SMARTEnergy, will be located in Sumter County, Florida (near Orlando).

The combination of Beazer’s innovative SMARTDESIGN and SMARTEnergy technology differentiates Green Acres from a sea of other residential communities in this challenging real estate environment.

For Beazer, the cost of installing these solar technologies is comparable to the incentives competitors offer homeowners to offload inventory. What makes the SMARTEnergy strategy compelling is that it will position Beazer as a leader in the emerging “green” residential market, which is expected to grow to $4.7 billion in the next four years. Currently, there is no established leader in the area of solar-powered homes among national residential builders.

The Green Acres Community will incorporate solar energy, energy-efficient appliances along with other eco-friendly (sustainable) building materials. An abundance of community green-space will be incorporated into the neighborhood design to ensure maximum recreation opportunities thereby supporting a healthy, active lifestyle. Green Acres is also a golf-cart community, using solar panels to charge the carts.

A highlight of the marketing campaign is a revenue-generating custom publication: Eco Luxury. The magazine will promote Beazer’s mission of building SMART communities that meet homeowner’s dreams and enable them to achieve an environmentally-responsible lifestyle. The high-end magazine will be sustained by advertising revenue from marketing partners, including GE and The Home Depot.

The target market for Green Acres and Eco Luxury is the baby boomer population. Many baby boomers are growing increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of baby boomers interested in adding solar power and sustainable energy systems to their homes. Retiring boomers, who are asset rich and stable investors, report that solar energy provides peace of mind because of the fixed costs.

In summary, the timing is right for the

Beginning Of The Colonization Of The New World And John Winthrop global history essay help

Native American Indian

Essay Preview: Native American Indian

Report this essay

Throughout the colonization of North America, both the new arrivals and the current inhabitants went through an extensive transformation of life. At the beginning of the colonization of the new world, after traveling thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, the colonists had to start a new life from scratch, with largely no assistance from the outside world. However, as was demonstrated by the Powhatan Tribe, relationships between the English settlers and the Natives would form in the future, for better or for worse. In addition to these relationships, the English also sought a constant and reliable stream of labor to assist in the mass production and development of cash crops. The answer to the multi-million dollar question was realized in the slave trade originating in Africa. A further side-effect of the transformation of the new world would be the incorporation of Africans into the new American culture. In analyzing these relationships and the effects on the individuals in the new world, it is most important to take into account how the northern colonists treated the Native Americans and African Americans, secondly, how the southern settlers treated the natives and Africans and finally, the similarity in the treatment of these two cultures.

In order to create a distinct image of the treatment towards the other races in the new world, it is imperative to first establish how the Native Americans and African Americans relationship was with the northern colonists. In the north, colonists were more focused on religion and family rather than the monetary plantation focus of the south. As a result, colonists forged a more partnership likes relationship with Native Americans than the southern colonists. William Bradford detailed in his History of Plymouth Plantation, Squanto, a native tribesman, taught the Plymouth colonists how to survive in their new alien environment. (Doc B) Squanto taught the pilgrims invaluable skills that without, probably would have led to their demise. This type of mutually beneficial relationship is evident as well in other instances. Native Americans benefited from the trade items the colonists brought to the new world, such as horses, guns, and clothes. However, the relationship was not 100 percent beneficial. John Winthrop, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, stated in his letter to Sir Nathaniel Rich, how the colonists were very aware of the detrimental effects that their foreign diseases had on the native populous bodies. (Doc D) Instead of seeking to mitigate this large and apparent lack of immunity, the colonists took full advantage of the Native Americans natural weakness, claiming their land and seeing their death as the Lords proclamation of their right to the land. Unfortunately, the poor treatment of a foreign race did not end with the Native Americans, but continued to an extreme in the treatment of African American slaves. Though not to the momentous scale that was

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Should Every one Go to University?

It is undeniable that tertiary education plays a primary role in development of any nations in the world. In fact, a large number of people with university qualifications can find easily good jobs and achieve success in their organization. However, the cost of studying at university has rose dramatically and the number university graduates exceed the demand of labor market in recent years. As a result, many students after graduating from high schools apply for vocational schools or work right way in place of going to universities. This referenced essay will indicate that although there are many benefits of possessing a university qualification, not everyone should go to university.

University qualification holders have many advantages for success in their career. First of all, university education might equip students with basic skills and knowledge that can be useful for them to have a better career with high pay in the future. Bidwell (2014) argues that the majority of companies tend to select applicants with university qualification for high positions that have great responsibility and high salary such as supervisors and managers. Furthermore, many certain jobs including school teachers, doctors and lawyers require people who must hold a university degree. In addition, according to Toren (2011), many universities give students opportunities to develop practical skills which might be essential in the real world. The majority of universities in Australia, for example, run courses in analysis, accounting, as well as internship programs in which students may accumulate real experiences and necessary skills such as team working, solving problems, communication through working in a company and learning business skills. Students with understanding and practical skills can find out sensible solutions to issues that might be encountered in their real work. When the negatives issues emerge, they become more confident to calmly comprehend the issues and the reasons, and result in, they can tackle these problems well. Hence, university qualifications is crucial for many people in order to apply for a decent jobs with high incomes.

Secondly, many people can establish close relationships with their friends during the period of time studying in university, which is necessary to run successful companies in the future. According to Toren (2011), ‘for one thing, the value of networking during school cannot be denied’. Similarly, Aileron (2011) argues that many students who will become successful leaders in the future are due to the relationships that were built among students. In fact, most university often organizes workshops, seminars, voluntary activities and internship programs for their students. This provides them with many opportunities to meet friends and mentors who can become potential customers and collaborators in the future. Leaders can acquire experience and knowledge of managing or collaborate in business projects with these

Non-Profit Organization And Such Institutions cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Caring for the Community

According to Seidner, Zietlow and Hankin, (2013), a non-profit organization is aimed at aiding the society. This entity is not about making money. Instead, it seeks to ameliorate lives of less fortunate society members. There are numerous institutions offering charitable services to the community. Such institutions are funded by well wishers who ply the route of charity. One would ask how such non-profit organizations are sustained. The fact is that there are many individuals, and corporations that fund these organizations. In addition, most governments have added value to such organizations by including them in the fiscal budget of the nation. This discourse, therefore, discerns the non-profit organizations. It shall consider what makes such organization flourish. Apart from that, the discussion shall zero in to the challenges that such organizations face. Untimely, it shall make a number of recommendations to improve the working of such organizations.

Many people have lots of doubts regarding the sustainability of non-profit organizations. Nonetheless, there is a lot of positivity in such institutions. To know that a non-profit organization is operating well, one has to see the manner in which it is funded. Normally, most financiers would only fund an organization that is giving positive results in its operations. Once such results are apparent, there shall be a stream of financiers coming in to offer support to the organization. There have been numerous non-profit organizations which have had overwhelming donations from various individuals as well as corporate bodies. Therefore, such unending support is a key indicator that an organization is thriving.

Another key indicator to show that a non-profit organization is doing well is the results as per the mandate of the institution. For instance, if the non-profit organization is a hospital, there should be top notch health services. Availability of drugs, doctors and health workers are a good

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Carlosbakerycafé Website Plan

WWW.CARLOSBAKESHOPCAFE.WIXSITE.COMA Website PlanIn partial fulfillment of the course requirementsIn MM 414 – E Commerce and Internet Marketing Submitted toMs. Carina E. RaylosRhan Diane CaradoClement LeeOctober 10, 2016Website DescriptionCarlosbakerycafé.com was created for the promotion, advertising and selling purpose of the bakeshop. In making and promoting this company may have a good effect to their firm. Carlo’s Bakeshop makes to distribute and offer quality baked goods and products that will be available in Western Visayas. Carlo’s Bakeshop aims to be the brand of choice, as the person who will establish the website will offer top of the line service and fresh breads daily. As of this the website wants also to achieve the goal in making Ilonggos healthy. The website wants it to be easy as the customers check the menus of the products of the website. The   website want to engage customers who prefer to take their time to sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee to go with the serving of their favorite cake or pastry at the Carlo’s café, wi-fi ready too! The website will endorse every detailed product with an affordable price for the Ilonggos.  The website will have all pages in the website for their easy access to the website. The website wants to achieve also the great satisfaction of the customer also the owner of the bakeshop in establishing and handling the website. The shop wants to share the idea of being healthy yet good value of money for all. Showing Ilonggos on how good our culture when it comes to food tasting can be great. As long as the shop wants to handle this type of website, the website also wants to have the support of the main shop and the guidance of our adviser.Planning the WebsiteWhy do you need a website?Carlo’s Bakery Cafe Corporation needed this activity to be able to promote the local products they have.  The website will also be advertising the culture we have here in Iloilo which is the best taste buds of the Ilonggos. We will advertise the specialty of the bakeshop. The website will also be selling the products from the bakeshop and take the orders of the customers. The Bakeshop will gain in receiving orders from the customers, and for the customer’s easy way of ordering.        Who is the main audience(s) for the website?The audiences with the demographic of male or female 16-70 years Old living in an urban place. Who love pastries the most and families who celebrates every occasions. What are the needs of this audience(s)?The needs of the audiences from the website will be the detailed description about the product they want. An easy access for them on how to order from the website. The website will give the detailed procedure on how to order from the website. The website will give all the customer’s needs and wants for them to have great satisfaction from the website.Who are the main stakeholders of your website?The main stakeholders of the website will be the website planner. Including their suppliers of the pastries or coffees. The website will have a partnership with the well-known local blogger here in Iloilo for some endorsement and advertising of the bakeshop. The website’s IT expert will be part of the stakeholders and also the customers of the bakeshop. How will you involve your stakeholders in the development of your website?The website will involve them by updating and informing them if what’s happening to our website, if what’s new about the website and from the bakeshop.  Asking the knowledge of the stakeholder by gathering information which relates in the website to have a better idea. The website will also be having some feed backings and open forums for the website’s purpose of knowing the customer’s opinion on how good or how will improve the process of the website.  Who will be responsible for establishing your website?Rhan Diane Carado and Clement Lee will take the responsibility for establishing the website with the guide of the people which has expertise in computer to share her knowledge about computer.  And the asking helps of Mr. Riddick Lee, taken the course of IT. What functionality do you want to have on your website?The website will be updating of what’s new about the company. Like new captured photos of their new recipe of pastries and new blend of coffees. The functionality that the website want to have is that the customer will get the latest product and menus in the website in the easiest way. By checking the website they can check and choose different types of cakes and pastries for their cravings.How will you ensure that your website is regularly updated?The website planner will update regularly for them to have updated happenings. The website will also contacting or asking the company of what’s happening in their shop or what’s new about them. On how will also updating the website’s information and to meet the expectation of the customers. What services/information will only be accessed in your website?The website will accept orders for the customers in an easy way through online services. The website will give brief information about the bakeshop and the products. The website will also featuring the products and menus and they can contact us for their reservations. Do you have any ideas for making your website more “sticky” (reasons for visitors to keep coming back to your website)? (1) The website will have this activity related to the social media site like facebook. They will have this activity sharing some photos of carlo’s products and put hashtags and tag to the carlo’s bakeshop’s site on facebook. The photo they will share will be featured on the website and in the facebook. (2) The website will also put some extra trivia about the food, cakes, pastries and coffees.(3) The website will be also putting some exciting videos on how to bake some pastries, also the processing procedure from the bakeshop. (4) The website will put some easy tips on how to make some desserts or any tips on how to processes.  (5)  The website will create promotions to attract customers, in that way the customer will enjoy and will have a good time in choosing and checking the products and menus offered.How will you make sure your website complies with the law?Privacy Law – deal with the regulation of personal information about individuals, which can be collected by governments and other public as well as private organizations and its storage and use. -The website will comply about this law, as it will follow the rule of the privacy of every consumer also with the organization of the bakeshop. All confidential data will be private from individuals and the bakeshop’s informations.  Copyright Law – A party is guilty of copyright infringement if they violate one of the five exclusive rights given to copyright owners under the Copyright Act. Included in those rights are the right to prevent others from reproducing (or copying) a work, publicly displaying a work, or distributing a work. As a result, web page authors should take care not to copy the work of others. -The website will comply of copyright law as the website will have the permission from all sources we have. Applying the law to the website as the website planner will give the link or sources they have got.-The audience must obey the copyright law for the website’s security, or else they will be punishable by law.The Consumer Contracts RegulationsThe Distance Selling Regulations set out information the seller must give about the goods or service on offer, including:*a description of the goods or service*the price of the goods or service*delivery costs (where applicable) and any cancellation rights*the minimum duration of the contract*information about the seller-The website will comply the rules given as to the bakeshop’s purpose of other way of ordering. The website will follow the regulation of what is needed and what is all about the product they ordered. Rule as to Delivery and PickupDelivery Provider Responsibilities. You will supply Point Pick-Up with a copy of your current driver’s license, other applicable licenses, and any relevant professional certifications. If you elect to use a Vehicle (as defined below) to perform Jobs, you may also be required to provide your prior driver’s license information, information on your driving record, proof of insurance covering each Vehicle, and other details regarding each Vehicle. – The website will assure that upon this law, all rules will be apply as to the delivery and pickup upon the order of the customers. Designing the  website – Planning Template

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Should More Women and Minorities Be Actively Recruited in Science?

Should more women and minorities be actively recruited in science?

Science has discovered that diversity is crucial to every beings existence. Natural selections proves that species that don’t have enough diversity end up not being able to evolve and adapt as well. So why shouldn’t scientist themselves follow the same rules? More women and minorities should be actively recruited in science. Adding diversity to labs would be beneficial because it brings different viewpoints and ways of thinking to issues. With globalization, the world is already growing more and more together and science should not fall behind in that area. Many fields, such as sports started out with little diversity and it was them opening their doors to everyone that grew and expanded them. Women and minorities should be pushed into science because they are equally as intelligent as the dominant race and gender currently in the field now, would improve the educational experience, and would generate money.

Jessica Chasmar wrote an article in the Washington post ending the age old question, are girls smarter than boys. A team of neuroscientists from the university of California and Madrid studied girls and boys and found that while girls have smaller brains, they use their brains more efficiently. Males with bigger hippocampus in there brain tend to be smarter while girls with smaller hippocampus tend to be smarter. Scientifically proving that girls and boys are equal, so women have the potential to be just as good scientist as there male counterparts. Jason Richwine asserted in his 2009 Harvard Ph.D. thesis, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” that the average IQ of U.S. immigrants “is substantially lower than that of the white native population.” Richwine goes on to state, “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites.” The heritage foundation that Richwine worked under quickly distanced all relationships with Richwine and Richwine later resigned. Senior editor at The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates compiled historical evidence that race is more a social than biological phenomenon. Noam Chomsky stated in his 1987 book Language and Problems of Knowledge: “Surely people differ in their biologically determined qualities. The world would be too horrible to contemplate if they did not. But discovery of a correlation between some of these qualities is of no scientific interest and of no social significance, except to racists, sexists and the like”. He goes on to say that “Over history race has taken geography, language, and vague impressions as its basis”. No one should be able to say that one race would be better in science then another because race is a loosely defined term.

Recruiting more women and different minorities into fields of science improves the educational aspect as well. Jeremy Hyman and Dr. Lynn Jacobs both college professors and writers of the article “Why Does

Hunting Animals And Anti-Hunters university essay help

Should Hunting Animals Be Outlawed?

James MaydenMGMT 621Professor Swim10/31/2018Should Hunting Animals Be Outlawed?Endangered species protection has been considered a universal agreement all over the world. However, many people consider hunting thriving wildlife a controversy. Animal rights activists object to hunting animals and proclaim that hunting is immoral and unfair to animals because hunters use weapons such as bows or guns to kill them cruelly. On the other hand, hunting advocates declare that hunting is instinctually human nature and people should be allowed to hunt specific animals with the right legal ramifications. Personally, I support the right to hunt animals as long as it fulfills a basic living need such as for food or clothing. I also believe in the right to hunt animals to keep the ecosystem balanced from animal surplus.Hunters and anti-hunters struggle to discuss the problem because the purposes and ideas are not thoroughly classified or distinguished clearly. Ideally, pro-hunters can be separated and identified by two categories: sustenance hunters or trophy hunters. (Causey, 1989) Sustenance hunters trail and stalk their prey in order to sustain their everyday standard of life such as the Indians or Inuit. (Sandel, 2012) Trophy hunting is identified as, “Sport hunters who take immense pleasure in the hunt itself and who kill in order to have had an authentic hunting experience” (Causey, 1989) This means the hunters are essentially killing animals not for their daily needs. I do not agree with this style of hunting because I believe it leads to an unhealthy outlook of the value animals provide.

In a separate argument Causey also mentions that, “Sports hunting apologists protest that sports hunting cannot be classified as immoral activities simply because there are standard rules accepted by hunters that support ethical judgments about hunting.” (Causey, 1989) Another environmentalist by the name of Charles List, claims that, “Sports hunting is ethical and moral under these standard rules because hunters are required to enter an unfamiliar environment that is not human controlled.” (List 2004) He also credits the hunters’ abilities such as courage, tenacity, discipline, and moderation as a sign of great respect to primitive values.Controversies not only exist within the intent of hunting, but also in the trafficking of animals. Anti-hunting organizations believe that people should not have the rights to sell opportunities to hunt. In a publication written by Rosen and Smith, it states, “open hunt permission could cause illegal wildlife trading (from poachers) which include the trading of wildlife and animal products such as ivories, tiger skins, and live reptiles. (Rosen and Smith, 2010) Poachers are often considered to be a type of trophy hunter. These hunters illegally trap and kill animals to sell their body parts for monetary value. This type of hunting is immoral and is just as unethical as the lawful trophy hunter that kills prey for pleasure. I genuinely believe this type of hunting could enable a problematic impact on all forms of wildlife.

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Should Healthcare Be Mandatory

According to, 19% of users say that purchasing heath care should be mandatory. One user says that other countries such as Canada have a universal healthcare system.  He says that, “All Canadians are covered, and they can see any doctor they want anywhere in the country with no copays or deductibles. They do not deal with deductibles, copays or high premiums.” Another user, DisillusionedGilberto67, says that he believes it’s necessary that everyone has healthcare so that expensive resources can’t be wasted.  He also believes that it could save the country and government large amounts of money.

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Should Doctors Be Allowed to Assist Patients Who Wants to End Their Life?

Should doctors be allowed to assist patients who wants to end their life?

Xing Bo

Euthanasia, by Mental Health Weekly Digest ’s definition(2012, pp.147), refers to a physician administers who lethal drugs to a patient with the explicit intention of ending the patients’ life at their own request. One who is familiar with the euthanasia might assumes that doctor-assisted deaths are easily arranged, and then regard it as a “gentle and painless death”. However, By carefully investigating a vast array of relevant information, it seems that euthanasia is not as moral and easy as it is often suggested. In order to help people change attitudes toward euthanasia, this essay will focus on three perspectives: professional, religious and cultural.

There is no doubt that a doctor’s profession is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Assisting a patient to die is never their mission. According to a Turkish study(2006, pp.135-145), only 33.6% of the participants did not object to euthanasia while about 7.9% were asked to perform. Noticeablly, there are 8.7% of all health professions who claimed that euthanasia could be abused even if a euthanasia law were passed. Others, neither hold reservations nor opposition. It can be concluded that, euthanasia is a hard choice in this field. On the other hand, moral hazard such as risks that a doctor will shoulder when patients change their mind maybe caused. Therefore, how professions judge if one patient is incorrigible surely plays a cruial role. Example as the way patients express their will. Every patients’ free will have to be considered. If it is not real or patients chose to end their lives under a great external pressure, euthanasia is obviously not a perfect choice. Doctors and patients will both benefit, when euthanasia is not an option. In these circumstance, reject euthanasia can prevent malicious murder as well as patients’ rash decision – like temporary emotion urge.

Besides professional factors, studies also supports religion as a major factor which related to euthanasia attitudes. Defenders and opponents here tell a different story by dividing into two groups: people who belong to religious or non-religious people. The first group appears to believe in God, life and death. As a result, religious people tend to consider euthanasia as immoral. “It is immoral to allow human beings to die when you can avoid their death at a minor inconvenience to yourself”, said Nicola Bourbaki (2001, pp.436). However, the latter group tends to accept euthanasia. “Their attitudes are possibly less directed by a religious authority but more influenced by intuitive relativistic

Attitude Of Buddhism And Buddhas Advice homework essay help



The attitude of Buddhism is come and see for yourself, which attracts many Westerners. Buddhists are not asked to believe in anything, but to follow the Buddhas advice to test ideas for ourselves. In fact, Buddha s final words were to, be a lamp unto yourself, make of yourself a light.

, is an important religion in most of the countries of Asia. Buddhism has assumed many different forms, but in each case there has been an attempt to draw from the life experiences of the Buddha, his teachings, and the “spirit” or “essence” of his teachings (called dhamma or dharma) as models for the religious life. However, not until the writing of the Buaciha Charija (life of the Buddha) by Ashvaghosa in the 1st or 2nd century C.E. do we have a comprehensive account of his life. The Buddha was born in North India (ca. 563 B.C.E.) at a place called Lumbini near the Himalayan foothills, and he began teach in around Benares (at Sarnath). His era in general was one of spiritual, intellectual, and social ferment. This was the age when the Hindu ideal of renunciation of family and social life by holy persons

Best Interests Of Chiquita Brands And Carlos Castaño Leader Of Auc writing an essay help: writing an essay help

Carlos Castaño

Carlos Castaño leader of AUC proposed that it would be in best interests of Chiquita Brands to pay the AUC a few thousand dollars per month for security reasons.Chiquita Brands International Inc. a major supplier for Europe and North America was faced with very hard dilemma in which employees in Columbia were being threatened by terrorists and local guerilla. Managers had to strategize and or reengineer in order for Chiquita to continue and be a successful company.

Chiquita Brands International Inc. averages 4.5 billion dollars per year in revenues and is based out of Cincinnati OH; 70 million dollars are represented by their banana operations in Columbia. Columbia is controlled by guerrilla’s and paramilitary organizations. Carlos Castaño leader of AUC (United Self Defense Forces of Columbia) proposed that it would be in best interests of Chiquita Brands to pay the AUC a few thousand dollars per month for security reasons. AUC was labeled as a terrorist entity by the U.S. and doing business with them of any kind would be considered to be a federal offense. Chiquita employed 12,400 people in Columbia and had been in business there for almost 100 years. They accounted for nearly 70 million dollars of the local economy. Columbia were being threatened by terrorists and local guerilla. Managers had to strategize and or reengineer in order for Chiquita to continue and be a successful company.

Chiquita Brands International Inc. averages 4.5 billion dollars per year in revenues and is based out of Cincinnati OH; 70 million dollars are represented by their banana operations in Columbia. Columbia is controlled by guerrilla’s and paramilitary organizations. Carlos Castaño leader of AUC (United Self Defense Forces of Columbia) proposed that it would be in best interests of Chiquita Brands to pay the AUC a few thousand dollars per month for security reasons. AUC was labeled as a terrorist entity by the U.S. and doing business with them of any kind

Carlsbergs Revenue And Eastern European Market professional essay help: professional essay help

Carlsberg Case Study

Mai NguyenPro. KhanCarlsbergs decision to expand into the Eastern European market and the Asian market (specifically Russia and China) via acquisition and joint venture could be explained as an attempt to reduce its dependency on the Western European market, the market that accounted for 61% of Carlsbergs revenue in 2007, however, was on the verge of stagnation. Looking back, it was easy to claim that this was a wise move on Carlsbergs part. The company is owing the majority of the market share in the Western Chinese market and is one of the biggest brands in Russia. However, back in the day when Carlsberg had a lot of trouble in both markets because it could not see eye to eye with its partners in the regions, it seems like the company would have performed much better had it been more careful in choosing who to do business with. The take-away from this case is that acquisition and joint venture is an extremely useful method for global corporates to expand as it gives them the insights and the networks that they need to do business in a local market; however, it could be a huge obstacle if the local business they choose is not compatible as it could lead to huge capital loss and slow-down in the expansion process. In 2007, Carlsberg was one of the world leading beer breweries. The company had 33000 employees and a portfolio of 75 local breweries worldwide. However, despite being the world fifth-largest brewery, Carlsberg was at the risk of losing its position as one of the strongest brands and becoming an obvious takeover target for larger breweries. Carlsbergs primary market, the market that generated most of its revenue was becoming mature. Not only that, Carlsberg faced fierce competition from wine and spirits as consumers are becoming more health-conscious. Concerning the situation that Carlsberg was in, expanding into emerging markets was an inevitable decision for survival. Russia and China were the most suitable options at that time. Russia is a wonderful land for alcoholic drinks as it is famous for its alcohol consumption culture. Moreover, the new tax on liquor would indirectly create an opportunity for beer as the increased price of Vodka created a gap in the market that Carlsberg could fill as people wanted to find a cheaper alternative. Different from Russia, China was not the country with the most alcohol consumption; however, it was also not a culture against drinking. China is also the world biggest market regarding population and size so any company with an ambition to grow would not leave China out of the table. In terms of decision about globalization, I think Carlsberg did a great job in choosing the potential markets to penetrate.  The company chose acquisition and joint venture as the method for penetration. This was a wise move as it allowed Carlsberg to capitalize on the insights and networks that its partners had in the local areas. In Russia, the company executed a merger with the Norwegian Orkla ASAs brewery. In China, the company also entered a 50/50 joint venture with a Thai company named Change Beverages Pte Ltd. However, things did not go well with both companies. After some strategic disagreement, Carlsberg had to pay a significant amount of money to buy Orkla out of the merger in 2004. This put the company in severe debt. In China, a disagreement between Chang Beverage and Carlsberg also led to Carlsberg withdrawing from the joint venture. Since Carlsberg unilaterally broke the contract, the company had to pay a compensation of kr 734 million, which put more financial pressure on the company. The failing joint venture did not only leave a financial damage on Carlsberg but also made its three years of effort went down the drain. While the company stuck in the lawsuit, many international competitors were making progress acquiring market share in the Southeast Chinese market.

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Marketing Plan: Phase one Paper

Marketing Plan: Phase one Paper

Marketing Plan: Phase One Paper

McDonalds is one of the world’s best-known fast-food restaurants. The management team chose a descriptive Mission and Vision statement and centered their values on the four marketing P’s. In the initial phase of the marketing plan, the team has chosen a new product offering called the McVeggie. This phase of the plan will detail the company, the new product, the importance of advertising to the corporation, the SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends) and will detail the initial marketing strategy around the framework of the four Ps.

Mission and Vision

Weinstein (2001) describes McDonald’s mission and vision as, “McDonalds vision is to be the worlds best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.” (para 2).

To achieve this mission, McDonald’s focuses on three worldwide strategies: first to be the best employer for their employees in each community around the world, second to deliver operational excellence to each customers in each of the company’s restaurants, and lastly to achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of all McDonalds system through innovation and technology.” (Weinstein, 2001, p. 1)


Mc Donald’s management understands the value of location, location, and location. The restaurants are near schools, colleges, inside malls and shopping centers, in and around airports and inside major supermarkets such as Wal-Mart’s. The marketing team at McDonalds assures that services are available at the right place and right quantity.

According to Amato (2006), “many locations is an understatement. The foodservice retailer has more than 30,000 restaurants, and serves more than 46 million customers in more than 100 countries daily. The company’s 2005 total revenues were $ 20.4 billion.” (p. 2).

Product Mix

McDonalds places their emphasis on nutritional values. According to McDonald’s corporate report (2006), we began in the 1950s as a burger destination, at a time when customer

expectations and needs about nutrition and balanced lifestyles were different than


are today. Consumer expectations are changing. We are evolving along with our

customers by providing a wider array of options that will enable us to best

serve their needs for the next 50 years as well as we have for the past 50. (p. 17).

needs for the next 50 years as well as we have for the past 50. (p. 17).

Effective marketing has enabled McDonalds to create a worldwide demand for fast food.

Product Description

McDonalds is teaming up with Boca® to bring a fresh alternative to the taste buds of their customers. Boca’s Grilled Vegetable Burgers will be served at McDonalds. This special grilled veggie burger will draw the health conscious as well as the vegetarians to McDonald’s restaurants. Boca®

Carlos Ghosn And Lack Of A Culture Of Profit scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Carlos Ghosn

By examining the process of change, this requires to provide an interest toward key players, particularly to the leaders involved. A key success factor lies in the personalities that guide the alliance and lead actions with the support of human resources. In this light, Carlos Ghosn has played a vital role. Elected three times as the best manager of the year in Japan, the CEO of Nissan has impressed or even seduced the Japanese. Although he is a stranger, he has become a national hero. He can be considered as a mythical hero of the company. As a manager, he seems to have a large vision, managerial skills, communication and interpersonal, and even intercultural. These skills are essential to manage the process of an international alliance, as Irrmann said. Carlos Ghosn is certainly one of the few truly multicultural managers and sees himself as a “citizen of the world.”Carlos Ghosn, with strong international experience, demonstrated a large “communicational ability” by watching and listening. He goes on the field, gathers information, exchanges ideas with staff (from the workshop to top management) and seeks to learn from the new environment while maintaining his cultural identity.

His method is indeed very holistic and very close to systemic approach that considers the environment as a system. Before taking managerial decisions, Carlos Ghosn takes time and try to know the organizational context, its system, its history, its elements and actors, their relationships and interactions that cause the dynamics and system stability or instability. The systemic approach considers the overall logic emerging from relationships between phenomena or individuals, rather than from the specific characteristics of each individual element. To do this, Carlos Ghosn tries to have no prejudice, to work fast and earn the trust and respect with solid results. To explain the state of Nissan, he puts forward five main reasons: lack of a culture of profit, lack of customer orientation, lack of communication and cross between functions, countries and hierarchies, lack of sense of urgency and lack of shared vision or shared long-term plan.From the beginning of the alliance, Carlos Ghosn set up cross-functional teams – as he had already practiced in South America at Michelin – which allow French and Japanese to mix and merge their management styles, trying to remove only the best of each system rather than arriving at that one dominates the other.

Beer Industry Structure And Main Task narrative essay help

Carlsberg Case



Coursework: Carlsberg Group – Calculation and Interpretation of Ratios

30% of the total grade

Word Count: 4000 ± 10%

Course: Accounting for Managers

Instructor: Dr. Stergios Leventis

October 2011

Table of Contents


Beer Industry Structure, Dynamics and Profitability……………………..………………3

Beer Drinking Culture…………………………………………………………………………………….5

Porters Five Forces Analysis of Brewery Industry………………………………………….6

Company Background…………………………………………………………………………………….7

RATIOS…………………………………………………………………………………..……………………11Benefits and Limitations………………………………………………………………………………11

Interpretation of Ratios………………………………………………………………………………..12

Red Flags………………………………………………………………………………………………………21





For this assignment, the main task was to choose a company listed on NYSE that belongs to “sin industries”, to calculate the ratios for this company and to interpret them. As brewery industry belongs to “sin industries”, Carlsberg AS Group was chosen. It is the fourth largest brewing group in the world.

In order to be able to comment on the financial position, performance and prospects of the firm, as mirrored by ratio analysis of the financial

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