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Within our health care system there are a number of stakeholders that influence the health care policy development process and ultimately help shape our health care policies.Government (primarily federal and state governments) and interest groups like the American Medical Association, AARP, and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation can have a direct impact on the outcome on the type of health care we receive.Patients (the largest consumers of health care) are stakeholders in the health care system, and the needs and wants of the public also drive the decisions made by health care decision-makers.
This assignment will help you better understand the role and influences of the main stakeholders in the health care policy development process.
Research the main stakeholders in the health care policy development process.Select one of the main stakeholders at the government level (federal or state), a professional organization, or an interest group.
Write a 525- to 700-word paper that details the importance and impact this stakeholder has on the policy development process. Include the following in your paper:
Identify the stakeholder and their level in the policy development process.
Describe their role in the policy development process.
Describe why the stakeholder identified is important in the policy development process.
Describe the impact the selected stakeholder has on the policy development process.
Cite at least 2 reputable references. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.

Discussion 274

Define Cultural Competency.
Explain the importance of Cultural Competency and provide 2 examples in healthcare setting by your own words
The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate the interpersonal skills by responding to discussion questions and the posts of the classmates.
Action Items
Review the submission instructions and due dates.
Access the discussion forum by clicking on the discussion title.
Click on create thread.
Write a title of your response in the subject line.
Type your answer in the message field
Read your classmates’ answers and post at least two replies by the end of the week 6.
Submission Instructions
Post your initial response to the appropriate discussion board forum in week 6 (Wednesday 11:59 PM).
Post your replies to at least 2 of your classmates by the end of week 6 (Saturday 11:59 PM).

Discussion Rubric
The following rubric will be used to assess this discussion assignment.
0 Points
2 Point
3.5 Points
5 Points
Participates not at all.
Participates 1-2 times on the same day.
Participates 1-2 times but postings not distributed throughout week.
Participates 3-4 times throughout the week.
Initial Assignment Posting
Posts no discussion.
Posts adequate discussion with superficial thought and preparation; does not address all aspects of the task.
Posts well developed discussion that addresses all aspects of the task; lacks full development of concepts.
Posts well developed discussion that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the task.
Follow-Up Postings
Posts no follow-up responses to others.
Posts shallow contribution to discussion (e.g., agrees or disagrees); does not enrich discussion.
Elaborates on an existing posting with further comment or observation.
Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts.
Content Contribution
Posts information that is off-topic, incorrect, or irrelevant to discussion.
Repeats but does not add substantive information to the discussion.
Posts information that is factually correct; lacks full development of concept or thought.
Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion.

PHC 273 Introduction to Mental Health

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Refer to the attached document to answer the following questions:

Q1. Based on the given article what are different mental health problems prominent in the KSA? (200words)
Q2. Which of the mental health problem you think is most serious and alarming for the population of KSA? (150 words)
Include data from the article to substantiate your answers or the answer will be rejected and will be marked zero.
If plagiarism is found, the assignment will not be considered and rejected without any further attempt being given.
Each question has 5 marks. Answer within word limit.
Do not forget to mention your name


Initial Post:Go to the CMS Innovation website and select a payment and service-delivery model related to payment and quality reform. The “Innovation Models” page provides a list of models. All of these models relate to payment and quality reform, but in different ways. Select a model of interest and think about how the specific model relates to payment and quality reform.
Then, in your post, address the following:
Explain the need to move from a volume-based to value-based payment plan.
Discuss the specific model and how it will impact the Triple Aim of quality, equity, and efficiency.
Response Posts:In response to at least two of your peers, compare how the Triple Aim of equality, equity, and efficiency has impacted the payment and delivery model you chose against the choices of your peers.
Which aim do you think the reform has the most impact upon? Do you think the model will be able to endure the test of time? How would the model impact you as a healthcare professional?

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