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Kinder Morgan Inc Analysis


In 2006 Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) was the largest energy infrastructure company in North America. Founded in 1997 in Houston starting with 175 employees and an enterprise value of $325 million, its companies included: Kinder Morgan Inc, Kinder Morgan Management LLC and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. KMI was the market leader in transportation and storage of petroleum products, including terminal operations. Its typical costumers were oil companies, energy producers and shippers.

Between February and May of 2006, KMI management, led by Richard Kinder, believing that the company was undervalued, gathered a consortium to place a formal offer to Leveraged Buyout of the company. The offer will be analyzed through different valuation models in order to decide whether the company should accept or reject the offer.

Qualitative analysis

To account for possible effects of the external environment onto KMI, a Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) analysis for the industry sector of oil and gas distribution was executed.

The analysis starts with some relevant data from 2006. Corresponding to the political part, government vouched to provide constant energy supplies [1] which makes a decrease in production improbable. From an economic point of view, markets did recover considerably in 2006 after having experienced the downturns following 9/11: This is proved by a stable annual inflation rate [2] and the 10-year interest rates for U.S. treasury bonds [3]. Further adding to this, the unemployment rate in the energy industry recovered to a level before the crisis [4], thus supporting the evidence for a continuing economic stabilization. In conclusion, the outlook was considered average to good.

In the future, technological progress such as solar and wind energy as renewable energies was expected grow. Therefore, it could affect negatively KMI’s line of business. However, considering the U.S. market, this threat would only arise in the very long-term future. Therefore considered to be

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Problem Solution: Interclean, Inc.

Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

In the Interclean Inc scenario, the company is a major player in the industrial cleaning and the sanitation industry. The InterClean, Inc. is competing to fulfill the emerging need of providing solutions and services as well as products catered to the stringent environmental safety requirements. This paper will identify alternatives that could be followed by InterClean to achieve the company’s end state goal. The Human Resources Management could follow these alternatives for making its employees motivated and productive while working towards a successful merger. By making the employees happy, they will make the customers happy and show continues support for the growth of the company. This would make Interclean to attain their sales goal by increasing the profit of the company by 40% in the following year.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The CEO of the Interclean has come out with the new service model to meet the customer needs and the currently changing environment. This service model will provide an opportunity for the employees and the company to gain valuable skills over the next several years. Interclean merged with Environ Tech, which could have a restructuring in the existing departments. Since there will be an organizational change in the company, the HRM department should communicate with the employees. They should be explained about the need for the change, which will motivate the employees to get committed for the change and support the change process.

The CEO has made the decision in implementing the new model and merging successfully with the Environtech within 90-180 days. By contacting the Human Resources Management (HRM), they would provide a strategic plan which would help the Interclean to successfully merge with the Environtech and implement the new service model within the limited deadline. The employees of the Interclean do not have the skill and knowledge for implementing the new service model. So the HRM should consider in providing training programs to meet the requirements of the new service model, this will provide an opportunity for the employees to believe in life long learning in the organization. As June has explained the best solution is found only when the right problem is identified, Interclean must identify both its problems and opportunities to get the best solution to become a successful in merging with Environtech and implementing the new service model.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The CEO believed that implementing the new service model and merging with the Environtech could be done within 90 -180 days deadline. He should consider the consequences and risk factors involved in those decisions. The HRM is the core responsible in providing training and development

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Third to Tenth

Essay Preview: Third to Tenth

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Dimar Hernandez

Ms. Bruer

AP Lang. + Comp Period 3

October 17, 2017

Third to Tenth

I was taking the 35 bus home due to early release and it stopped by my elementary school and I walked towards it thinking “I wonder if Ms.Cooper is busy?” I had just came from PSAT’s, I felt like I definitely failed it feeling a little disappointed in myself but it was a practice test so I wasn’t really worried. On my Android looking at all the PSAT memes that were just made reminding me of all the dumb questions they asked me while sitting for a hour with a #2 pencil. I soon look up to see Ms.Cooper surrounded by little hyperactive whippersnappers, walking closer I soon realize that she’s wearing a respirator with an oxygen tank connected to it. I’m looking at this amazing teacher who helped me when I first came to Portland and she just looks happy but with pain. I walk up to her after all of her students run off to play and I say “Hi Ms.Cooper, long time no see.” with a smile.

She turns not knowing who I was at first until she realizes it’s me and her face was priceless; joy and excitement is what her face expressed while screaming “No! I almost didn’t recognize you with that peach fuzz.” I laugh and ask “How have you’ve been Ms. Cooper?” She responds “ I’ve been good, teaching is getting pretty hard though the older I get and it’s hurting but I still love these kids.” I look at her confused thinking “Why is she putting herself through this, these aren’t her kids and if I were her, I definitely wouldnt be doing this with the pain.” I continue look at her while she talks still thinking to myself of why is she still teaching even after she gave me a reason to why.

Memories start to appear in my mind while I was in 3rd grade, birthday

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This Blessed House

Essay Preview: This Blessed House

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In “This Blessed House,” it is slightly different. Sanjeev and Twinkle is a married Indian couple. Can you tell already which one in the couple is somewhat assimilated into the American culture? They had bought their first home together as a newlywed couple. As time goes on into the story, Sanjveev realizes that Twinkle is not in touch with her Indian heritage as much as he wants her to be. This is all brought on by Christian statues and replicas found in the new home (American Short Stories, 750).

“Were not Christian, Sanjeev said (750).” With this said, it could be noticed that Sanjeev was actually annoyed. We do not really know, or learn, if he is actually annoyed by the faith itself or the fact that Twinkle is so fascinated by the findings in their new home.

Twinkle thinks that this is fascinating and a “treasure hunt (759).” “Yes! Everyday is like a treasure hunt. Its too good. God only knows what else well find, no pun intended (759).” What Sanjeev doesnt realize is that Twinkle is not trying to convert or taking the religion seriously. This was something interesting to her because she has never been around it.

In the end, they have a house warming and invite a few of their friends and family over. Sanjeev is busy trying to impress and entertain company, and Twinkle is letting them know of the “treasure hunt.” Sanjeev feels his last irritation when his company leaves him to go with Twinkle to find more “treasure.” They find a life-size replica of Christ (761). This is when Sanjeev realizes that he has to give in. He can no longer fight Twinkle. “He hated it as much as he knew Twinkle love it (761).”

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Problem Set 1 Answers Econ 3104

Problem Set 1 Answers Econ 3104

1. International Trade and International Finance (or, International Macroeconomics):

Thought the two are closely related, the focus and typical models/assumptions differ between the two. International trade is concerned with why, what, and how much countries trade as well as the benefits and losses associated with international trade, and how they vary across individuals in an economy. International finance is focused on how macroeconomic variables such as total output, unemployment, and the price level are determined and change over time in an open economy as well as how international variables such as the exchange rate, trade flows, and foreign borrowing and lending affect and are affected by the domestic economy.

2. 𝑌=𝐶+𝐼+𝐺


4. In a closed economy, savings much equal investment (𝑆 = 𝐼), since national income must equal national expenditure on private consumption, government consumption, and investment. In an open economy, saving is equal to investments plus the current account balance (𝑆 = 𝐼 + 𝐶𝐴). Since the residents of an open economy are not required to consume or invest only the output of their country, they have an expanded set of options for saving (or dis-saving) by lending or borrowing in international markets. Thus, the current account balance does not have to equal zero, and investment can be greater or less than national saving.

6. The figure shows the relationship between the current account and net foreign asset position of a country. This figure, in particular, is the U.S. current account and net foreign wealth from 1977 until 1996. It demonstrates how a country’s net foreign wealth

Mental Illness And Causes Of Suicide aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Mental Illness

By 2020, mental illness will be the largest cause of disability worldwide!

One in every four Indians will suffer from one or other mental Illness at some point in life.

At any given point of time, 1 in 10 Indians are likely to suffer from one or other mental illness, with millions of them needing regular psychiatric attention.

14 percent of the Global burden of disease is caused by mental disorders.

Mental illness is one of 10 leading causes of disabilities in Asia (WHO, 2004).

While mental illness is an equal opportunity disease, those among poor, destitute and homeless suffer most ―as high as 40 percent.

Mental illnesses are eminently treatable or manageable with early intervention and continuous care.

Mental illness, particularly depression and bipolar disorder are leading causes of suicide ― 15 Indians commit suicide every hour and at least as many suicides go unreported because attempt to suicide is an offence punishable by imprisonment under Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code.


Leading a peaceful and contented life is a reality most of us accept unwittingly. But for many, this is a huge daily battle, mired in ignorance, anguish and confusion. Below, is a first person account of one such sufferer who found a way out of the quagmire, to reclaim her own unique place under the sun

‘Schizophrenia! ― the word fell like a bombshell in my already shattered universe. After almost two months of fighting demons and slashing my wrists to save the world from Osama Bin Laden, my ex-husbands family was convinced that I was a victim of black magic and forcibly took me to a tantric who pronounced that someone was trying to destroy them through me. A story that took deep roots in my mind. After a single visit to the doctor, I was left at my mothers place.

For almost a week, my mother didnt understand what was wrong with me. She only realized that I needed medical help when one day I attacked her physically. I never believed her, convinced that she was conspiring to dump me in a mental asylum. Finally, a close friend persuaded me to visit a doctor who pronounced that I had schizophrenia.

At the age of 30, I was left without a family, without a career and without a stable mind. Execution of daily activities had become a challenge.

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Things They Carry

Essay Preview: Things They Carry

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This quote is stated by John F. Kennedy in one of his speeches during the Vietnam War. He mentions that only men are killed or wounded in war and never states women. In the book The Things They Carried, Tim OBrien gender stereotypes women who are involved in the Vietnam War, he represents this through most of the short stories. Stories in particular; “Love”, “Stockings”, and “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” which describes one woman who participated in the Vietnam War and went beyond some of her gender roles that are placed on her. In this war women had certain roles they had to fulfill with many of them being non-traditional ones. This paper will discuss the concept of sexism in the stories Tim OBrien expresses during the Vietnam War.

Although women play a small role in The Things They Carried, it is a significant one. Female characters such as Martha, Mary Anne Bell, and Henry Dobbinss unnamed girlfriend all affect the men of the Alpha Company, although in two of the cases, the women arent even with the men they are affecting. The men idealize the women and use their presence; in letters, photographs, and even their imagination, as a kind of heaven and a reminder that a world does exist outside the mayhem of the Vietnam War. Jimmy Cross, in “Love”, carries pictures of Martha and memories of their only date. He carries, also, the hope that she might one day return his love so that he has something to look forward to after the war. Martha is pictured as the girl in the high shorts playing volleyball, never as the women who could have a job with her own life. Jimmy Cross can not let go of the girl that he knew.

In “Stockings,” Henry Dobbins carries his girlfriends pantyhose for a similar reason: to remind him of home and to distract him from the harsh realities of the war and they giving him a feeling and a state of mind that he is invincible because of those pantyhose. Even though she dumps Henry, the fact that Henry still thinks that she is not connected with the war and she couldnt be involved with something this horrible. He still sees her as something pure, untouched, and chaste still gives him that feeling of invincibility, so he still wears the stockings. “No sweat. The magic doesnt go away” (118).

These men think of the women because they believe their presence might save them from the horrors before them and to have something from home with them. Home is where there is peace, where you dont have to watch for booby traps or for snipers. You are free to think about the future without a care in the world, you do not have to worry that your life could be over before the next sunset. These men do not think of these women as beings with thoughts, fears, and needs. They instead see them as things that arent involved in the war or their lives at this particular moment. The soldiers look at them as outsiders, like the soldiers do in “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” towards the Greenies. People that come and go without a trace, stay when they want, or write when they want. They have no real responsibilities, only to that of each other.

Women in the Vietnam War had numerous roles they had to fulfill both physically and mentally. For example in the story “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” the character Mary Anne is flown down by her boyfriend to Vietnam. She is dressed in “White culottes and a sexy pink sweater” (90) which are very traditional for a woman. “Right off the bat the men were attracted to her and was especially liked when she wore her cut-off blue jeans and a swimsuit top that was black” (95). In this instance she was representing a traditional feminine role in her dress and her actions. Traditionally

women in the war were nurses; women worked for the Red Cross or worked in other types of medical facility, never in combat. Also you found women who were on the Clerical staff and who were Support Personnel. Only on a few occasions did you find a woman who actually fought in the war.

Some roles women had were non-traditional. In the same story that was represented in the preceding paragraph Mary Anne shows some of her own non-traditional roles. “She becomes very fond of military paraphernalia and even blackens her face with charcoal and carries around an M-16” (102). Her hygiene also becomes second

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Meningitis in Infants

Meningitis in Infants

Meningitis is a horrifying disease. It can turn from nothing to deadly in almost no time. Although, if it doesnt become deadly, some other petrifying side effects can include loss of sight, hearing or even limbs. Even though treatment for the meningitis has vastly expanded in the last few decades, it is still a serious illness.

There is a patient who has survived meningitis, Im going to call her Sue. Sue was admitted to the hospital 4 days before her 2nd birthday in 1985 with bacterial meningitis. At that time, her chances of survival were 10%. Doctors didnt expect her to live through the night and said that if she did, she had a 100% chance of mental retardation. She was put into a clinical trial, lived in the hospital for almost 2 months and eventually went home. 29 years later, she is 31, no sign of mental retardation. Sue graduated from high school with honors, has been in college and just recently received her Registered Nursing degree. This particular case was a best case scenario, but it could have been much worse. Lets take a closer look at meningitis today.

First of all, you have to identify that it is in fact meningitis. Symptoms vary depending on age, for babies symptoms can include:

tense or bulging soft spot

high temperature (could be low or normal for infants 3 months or younger) very sleepy, staring expression

unusual grunting sounds

vomiting; refusing to eat

irritable when picked up with a high pitched or moaning cry

difficult/quick breathing

blotchy, pale or blue skin

extreme shivering

stiff body with jerky movements or else floppy, lifeless

“pin prick” rash or purple bruises anywhere on the body

irritability from muscle aches or severe limb/joint pain

cold hand and feet

Meningitis can be caused by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Fungal is the least common of these and bacterial is the most serious and life-threatening. Although, meningitis can be contracted through noninfectious cause, such as chemical reactions, drug allergies, some types of cancer and inflammatory diseases such as sarcoidosis. There are several risk factors for contracting meningitis, which can include skipping vaccinations, age or even a compromised immune system.

Even with advances in modern medicine, there can always be complications or lasting effects in any disease you may get. The longer you have any sort of illness,

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This Boys Life

Essay Preview: This Boys Life

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This Boys Life

By: Jessica Ceccolini

I am doing a biography on Dwight, he is the stepfather to Jack the main character. Dwight who was a short man with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He smelled of gasoline, his legs were small for his thick chested body. Dwight dressed very different from people he had two toned shoes, hand painted tie, monogrammed blazer with a monogrammed handkerchief always in the breast pocket. Dwight was a great dancer, and very nice at the beginning of the story he was also very considerate of others. He was always trying to win Jacks mother over so that he could marry her and they would be a happy family. He was also very helpful, but sometimes too helpful because people couldnt do anything without my help. Dwight thinks be the man of the house is the most important and also being in control of everything. The most crucial decision he ever made was when he decided to make Jack his son make him live with them as a family. The consequences of that move was crucial and a terrible choice because all Dwight ever did was make Jack do stupid stuff, and beat him up. Dwight was never nice to Jack ever and it got worse when Jacks mother and Dwight got married because then Dwight had the power to do whatever he wanted to Jack which was terrible. Jacks mother thinks he is a wonderful man at first until he becomes violent with her and she wants to then move out and get a divorce but Dwight threatens her if she leaves he will kill her and Jack. Jack thinks he is the most terrible person in the world because the way he treats him and also the way he treats his mother. The other characters opinion matter because it is all up to Jacks Mother decisions which are bad and that is why the book is called ” This Boys Life” because it all about how he got screwed over when his mother married the devil.

I absolutely hate this character because he just so terrible to children and he think he controls everybody and that is what pisses me off about him. Dwight is a guy I would stay away from and this really gives you signs of what to watch

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Third Term Project

Essay Preview: Third Term Project

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Third Term Project

Beyond the Waves

Value: Thirty points applied to English, Social and Science marks

You will research your topic using the internet, McConnell Library, school library, UCCB library. You must show references from at least three of these places. Magazines and old newspapers are good information sources.

You will work in pairs on the topic. Each person must contribute to the building of each section. The research work can be divided up, but then all presentation material must be compiled and completed together. Work on the sections together. Brainstorm together about how you want to do the project. Both people will work on completing a section and then move on to another part together. A working rough draft must be passed in as well. You are to keep a record of what each person does for the project. Some of the work will be done in school but a lot of research must be done on your own outside of the school. You will then bring your research to class to work on in assigned periods.

Every presentation must have a visual part -THIS CANNOT BE A POSTER! Some suggestions would be a video clip, a TV hook-up to an interactive internet site, a skit or dramatization, make a magazine, produce a brochure or a newsletter. Check with me on suggestions that you might have. You must present your project to the class. Remember that this is something new to them, and you are teaching it.


5 – creativity

5 – class work time

5 – rough draft

10 – content

5 – presentation

All projects must be typed and have a cover page. Bonus points are available!!!



name and locate the four major oceans of the world; draw a map and illustrate where the oceans are; make up a riddle for each of the oceans for the class to try and solve; make a Jeopardy game using facts you discovered about the four oceans; describe the oceans – area, coastlines, countries around them; discuss one “ocean issue” example – oil exploration versus fishing rights

Endangered Species of the Ocean World: what is an endangered

species; what are some specific things that people do to

cause species to become endangered; Chose one ocean

animal that is endangered and research it; come up with

a slogan for a bumper sticker to protect your animal;

create a brochure that gives people tips for saving the


Ocean Legends and Tales: Read “The Mermaid of Zennor”, a Cornish folktale about the sea and decide what parts of the story are real and what parts are make-believe; write another ending for the story; find two sea legends or myths and compare them to The Mermaid of Zennor; how do they differ and how are they the same; make a list of at least 20 different sea legend, tales and myths and classify them; using brown butcher paper from the art room draw a mural that depicts one of your first three stories

Dr. Bob Ballard: write a brief biography of Bob Ballard; explain the Woods Hole Oceanography Institute; research the explorations that Dr. Ballard was responsible for: choose any three of his adventures and tell about them by presenting the information in a newspaper format as if they were on the front page of the paper (make your newspaper from newsprint);

Bluenose II: Research the history of the Bluenose II; compile a

portfolio of poems, ballads and songs that were written about the Bluenose and record these on tape to be played in class; use your research on the Bluenose to publish a brochure for tourists that tells all the informative facts about the Bluenose

Coral reefs: explain what the coral reefs are and draw a map to

show where in the world they are located; what are the

Kinetic Theory And Co2Step cheap mba definition essay help

Kinetic Theory – the States of Matter Are Solid, Liquid, and Gas

KINETIC THEORYThe States of matter are Solid, Liquid, and  GasThe solubility of a solute in water, at a given temperature, is referred to as the maximum amount which will dissolve in 100g of water at that temperature.Acid + Alkali——> Salt + WaterMetal + Acid ——> Salt + HydrogenBase + Acid ——-> Salt + WaterAcid + Carbonate ——–> Carbon Dioxide + Water + SaltReduction-Loss of OxygenOxidation-Gaining of oxygenRedux-BothTest for Oxygen-Relight a glowing splint.Rusting-Hydrated Iron (III) Oxide (2Fe2O3H2O(S))How can it be prevented? Painting-Galvanizing-PlatingBlast Furnace AGHHHHH:Step 1) C+O2 ——> CO2Step 2) CO2 + C —–> 2COStep 3) Fe2O3 + 3CO —–> 2Fe +3CO2Step 4) CaCO3 ——> CaCO3 + CO2Step 5) CaO +SiO2 ———-> CaSiO3Step 6) Run off impuritiesBalancing Equations-Swap and DropThermal Decomposition- It is the breakdown of a compound using heat.Energetics:Bond Making-ExothermicBond Breaking-EndothermicBMX-Bond Making eXothermicPERIODIC TABLEGroup 1-Alkali Metals-Very Reactive.Group 2-Alkaline Earth Metals-More reactive as you descend.Group 7-The Halogens-Less reactive as you descendGroup 8-Noble Gasses-Monatomic as full outer shellPeriods-These go across.Metals and reactivity SeriesPotassium PeterSodium SmithCalcium CaughtMagnesium MyAluminium AuntZinc ZelaIron InTin TheLead LarderHydrogen HappilyCopper ChewingMercury MunchingSilver sevenGold GoldenPlatinum PearsACIDS BASES AND SALTSAcids:pH less than 7Turn universal indicator redTurn blue litmus redContains hydrogen ionsBase- It is a substance which reacts with acid to produce a salt and water as its only products.

Travel Policy And Annual Savingsbroadest Coveragelack Of Service Support essay help 123: essay help 123

This Is a Business Memo for Study Learning

Essay Preview: This Is a Business Memo for Study Learning

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Due to the company’s rapid growth, the costs have grown faster than personnel, which lead to some growing pains. With your great understanding and support, I’m representing the Re-engineering Committee introduce to you what we investigate and the solution how to rationalize the travel policy to reduce and control the cost. After investigation from the Committee’s membership and discussion with consultants in the company, the source of complaints from clients is the high travel cost due to our employees can book the airline flights, hotels and rental cars through whatever agents they pleased. So to reduce the travel cost, the efficient way is to consolidate our business with a single travel agency, and as the benefit company offered employees can still continue to keep their own frequent fliers miles. With the detailed comparison and serious consideration among the 3 large travel agencies, Thomas Baker International, Canadian Express, and Aquamarine Travel. They all offer percentage saving for us. So we made the options to list down what their pros and cons as below: OptionsProsConsThomas Baker5% annual savingsBroadest CoverageLack of service support outside regular business hoursCanada Express5% annual savingsCharge Card benefits with additional +1% reductionBad experiences with the service in more remote part of the worldAquamarine Travel5% annual savingsNegotiableExcellent service of a local firmDo not have offices in many parts of the worldBased on the pros&cons of the 3 travel agencies, here’s the comparison for key areas:  CompanyCost SavingClient ServicesCoverageThomas Baker5% discountLowGlobalCanada Express5%+1% discountMediumGlobalAquamarine Travel5%GoodLocal

Mental Health And Psychological Reactions custom essay help

Mental Health – Physical and Psychological Reactions

Mental Health Summary

Many individuals are faced with challenging situations and for the most part these situations can be very hard, because so many people do not know how to deal with hard situations. Mental health facilitation should be practical, flexible, supportive, and respectful of needs. Many individuals may feel lost and confused by their situations, this is why each individual needs are different and should be treated differently and respectfully.

Physical and Psychological Reactions

In every crisis the physical and psychological reactions are very different, and these reactions will affect your body and mind differently as well. Physical reactions to a crisis or stress are headaches, chest pains, and fatigue. The body will react to the stress and sometimes your body may not know how to stress and this is when it can start to affect you physically and mentally. Stress or a crisis can make an individual loos or gain weight, have chills or even sweating and it can start to affect your immune system.

The psychological reactions to stress or a crisis are high risk of PTSD, which is something that is very common in many individuals. There is also some emotional responses such as sadness, nervousness, fear, guilt, and anger, and there is also behavior responses to look for and they are avoidance and immobility. Some of these reactions are thinking responses such as, thought of loss, threats or revenge, and confusion making it difficult to concentrate when making decision.

Asking Questions to Better Understand the Situation and Needs

To better understand someone who is dealing with a crisis is to understand their reactions to what the individual is going though. Being able to communicate in an effective manner, helps to show the individual that you want to know and understand their problems. The questions that you

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