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KUD Lesson Plan #2

. You will use the KUD Lesson Planning Template again this week to outline the second of the three lessons that you outlined on the KUD Unit Plan Template in your assignment for Week 2 of this course. Remember, your lesson plan is an expanded version of what you outlined in your unit plan.  The lesson plan provides the details that you will need to effectively deliver the lesson, step by step in a live classroom.  Try to create your lesson plan so a substitute teacher could step in and follow your plan with little to no difficulty.Keep in mind that you will be using Google Classroom to develop these lessons, so plan accordingly.In your lesson plan for this week, refer to and incorporate the guidance and feedback your instructor provided on your first lesson plan.Describe how the lesson is developmentally appropriate for the grade level the lesson addresses.Describe the instructional model you plan on utilizing.Identify the standard being taught (please include the full nomenclature of the standard).Outline five objectives:Two, “Students will know” objectivesOne, “Students will understand” objective, andTwo, “Students will be able to do” objectivesDescribe both the formative and the summative assessments that will be utilized to measure students’ mastery of the objectives.Explain any accommodations you are embedding to serve English as a second language (ESL) learners or learning support students you may have in your class.Explain any enrichments you are embedding to further the thinking of any gifted students you may have in your classroom.Summarize the procedures you will use to teach the lesson. Be as specific as possible. Pretend you are writing plans for a substitute teacher. Your lesson must be explicit enough for the substitute teacher to be able to implement.Explain how the technology tool or tools included in the lesson plan reinforce the learning opportunities described in the procedures.The KUD Lesson Plan #2Must be two to four double-spaced pages in length within the template

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