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Lack of mental Care in Prisons

This is your second step in your literature review. Paste your updated MRQ at the top of your document. Make sure your 1-2 sentence research question is highlighted in bold letters.1.    Begin by stating your research question briefly (in 1-2 sentences).2.    Your annotated bibliography must include at least eight sources that should include five peer-reviewed articles, trade journals, or academic books that you have read, not counting any “required readings” of peer reviewed article(s) on our Canvas page. Your sources should be numbered and cited APA style.3.    Your annotated bibliography must include a one-paragraph description of each source in your own words. The description should briefly summarize:a.    the methods the author used to collect and analyze datab.    the main argument and evidence supporting the author(s) argument andc.    how this source contributes to answering your research question. For this part, remember over the past few weeks, we talked about what a source should do. For example, does a source help with your research question? APA 7 STYLE

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