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Ambition In Macbeth

Essay Preview: Ambition In Macbeth

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Ambition is defined as an eager or strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power. In the words of Niccolo Machiavelli, “Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach we are never satisfied.” This quote defines how ambition is never fulfilled, and it will cause people to keep striving for more. Ambition in shown in “Macbeth” when Macbeth strives to become King, after the he hears his prophecy from the weird sisters, and this ends in Macbeths defeat. The rebels show ambition in “A Bend in the River” by striving to overthrow the government. As the desire to overthrow the government prevail over the rebels, they are overcome with extreme ambition and they are conquered. Extreme ambition leads to the corruption and eventual downfall of the characters in both “Macbeth” and “A Bend in the River”.

Ambition, no matter how small, builds up, and becomes a need. When this ambition is built up and encouraged, it can influence a persons decision. Macbeth went to three witches, who prophesized that he would become King. This got Macbeth thinking of how he can become King. At this time, he was still unsure of whether he would take any action toward gaining the crown. When he comes back to his house, Lady Macbeth convinces him to murder King Duncan, through emotionally degrading him, shown in the quote: “Art thou afeard/ To be the same in thine own act and valour/ As thou art in desire?” (Act I, Scene IV). This quote shows how Lady Macbeth influenced Macbeths decision, because after hearing about the prophecy, she also had the ambition for her husband to become King. In the novel “A Bend in the River”, a similar situation occurs. A political party formed the government of Zaire, and was in power at the time. There was a war between European nations within Zaire, which the country battered, and the government unstable. The rebel group was still under control at this time, so they posed no major threat. They then got a new leader, who saw the crippled government as an opportunity to overthrow them. ” Sir Salim, did you hear the news? The rebels new leader has motivated them to take action against the government, Ferdinand told me after a long silence. I had heard of this before, and I also knew that they were recruiting in our town, as I overheard two of them in my shop. I decided to keep this to my self, as Ferdinand might not react to well to the news.” This shows how a strong leader motivated all of the rebels, and influenced them to break peace and plan to take action against the government. This influence would go on to motivate for action being taken.

When ambition is a need, it eventually turns into an action to achieve what is desired. When this goal is reached, the ambition may corrupt the individual, and make them strive to think higher and only of themselves. In “Macbeth”, Lady Macbeth succeeds in convincing Macbeth to kill Duncan and take his throne. Her and Macbeths ambition leads Macbeth to commit murder, and eliminate King Duncan. Once he did that, Macbeth gained the throne for himself. Upon gaining the throne, Macbeths ambition corrupts him, and he only feels for himself. He does anything to try and stay in power, and neglects his people, proving to be a tyrannical leader. He even goes to the extent to kill his best friend Banquo to clench a hold on his regime, as shown in the quote: “To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus/ Our fears in Banquo stick deep/ And in his royalty of nature reigns that/ Which would be feared.” (Act III, Scene I). This shows how ambition corrupted Macbeth so much that he plotting to kill his best friend Banquo just because he thinks he is a threat. The corruption of those in power is also shown in “A Bend in the River”. Once the rebels finally go through and topple the government, they start an era of tyrannical rule. They do not help the citizens of the country, but rather take all goods for themselves and their forces. Their ambition does not stop at only having power, but they go as far as to nationalize shops and stores, including the shop of Salim, the main character if the story. This is shown in the following quote: “It was a long drive back to town, but when I reached back, I wished I had taken longer. I came home to find four rebels running my shop. To my horror, my shop had been nationalized.” This shows the tyrannical rule of the rebels,

American Dream And Origins Trace english essay help online

America As A Symbol

Essay Preview: America As A Symbol

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America as a symbol

Why is America a symbol? Mainly because of its history. People associate this country with a variety of events, people and objects that became in their eyes strictly symbolic. Some of them are stereotypes, some are unquestioned monuments of history and some have the power to characterize and define a whole nation with only a few simple words. A symbol simplifies our reality; it catalyzes information and meaning stored in one key word. People often use them because with their help it is simpler to describe an issue or a phenomenon, or in this case a country, using symbols that are meaningful to most of us.

America is a symbol because it has became a legend, a myth which was consequently passed through generations of people who shared the American Dream a symbol of equality and freedom to all, a symbol of wealthy successful life. It was like a wonderland where nothing was impossible, where the dream for better life was at hand. All of these statements might be nothing but lies, but still they function in mass consciousness as taken for granted by many, and all because of the symbol which America had became. But sadly life is not as idealistic as the nature of symbol might suggest. This sort of still images can be very misleading and I presume only Americans can judge how much they differ from the actual state.

One of the most known American symbols/icons is Uncle Sam. Its origins trace back to 1812 when Samuel Winston gained his notoriety as a meat supplier for the American army. He was well known because of the faulty association of the US markings on the supply barrels (which in reality stood for United States) with the initial letters of his name. The icon of Uncle Sam that we are most familiar with today came about in 1917 in the form of the famous “I Want You” recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg. Its purpose was to persuade the future troops to join the army and it symbolized patriotism and encouraged the feeling of responsibility for the fate of the nation. Comparable to a gentler and kinder Big Brother he watched over, but did not rule, and probably this was the main reason that made him so popular and trustworthy. In this shape he easily adopted himself in the nations consciousness.

The second but equally important

Famous Story Of The Genesis Flood And Epic Of Gilgamesh college essay help: college essay help

Gilgamesh Vs. Genesis

Gilgamesh Vs. Genesis

In a country with a strong Christian culture it is no surprise that a large number of people know the famous story of the Genesis flood but unknown to many is the striking resemblance it holds to an earlier flood story from the epic of Gilgamesh. Dissecting both stories the reader is revealed similarities but also numerous differences.

Both the story from Gilgamesh and the Genesis occur in the Iraqi/Turkey area. This information helps provide a strong connection between the tales. During the ages when Gilgamesh was written and even the Genesis, books were not readily available to the general public, stories were instead spread by word of mouth. This could explain the large similarities both stories share. It could also explain why both stories also share differences. Like the children game “telephone”, where a sentence is shared secretly to a chain of individuals, only to be revealed that by the end of the chain the sentence has been changed, the Genesis could be recording a story that had been gradually altered over the years.

The flood of Gilgamesh was written before 2000 B.C., while the Genesis story was written in 400 B.C giving ample time for change to occur. The epic of Gilgamesh was also a very prominent story during its age and because of this it is believable that biblical writers knew the story of the much older flood but revised it so it could fit with their own religious history and world views. They very possibly intertwined the original story with their own mythology to help convey a message.

In both versions of the flood something angers the higher power/s. In the epic of Gilgamesh, “The uproar of mankind

Essay Gilgamesh And Anglo-Saxon Era a level english language essay help

Gilgamesh, the Illiad, the Aeneid

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Classical literature has withstood the tests of time. Through the Anglo-Saxon era in history, long narrative poems, known as epics become all the rage. These poems were written in elevated styles that presented the adventures of a hero with superhuman qualities who embodied the national ideals. These ideals and adventures were presented through elements such as dreams, courage allowing the hero to overcome great trials, and a major battle scene. These elements, known as epic conventions, created epics that to this day continue to be read and taught throughout all the world.

Authors like Homer (Circa 850 B.C.) and Virgil (Circa 70-19 B.C.) capitalized on the growing popularity of epics through masterpieces like Gilgamesh, The Iliad, and The Aeneid. Epics like these were too good to allow them to disappear into the annals of time. Knowing this, Theodor H. Gaster, Robert Fitzgerald, and C. Day Lewis translated the epics into pros for future enjoyment. Gilgamesh, a mighty warrior is confronted by a more superior force, Enkidu, and is forced to transform from a tyrant into a caring and loving individual while seeking the plant of everlasting life. Through The Iliad Hector, displaying honor and pride, enters a battle he knows he shall surely lose to death. In “The Aeneid” the Trojan empire is attacked and overthrown by the Greeks formally ending the long and tedious Trojan War. Through these three epics, one learns the values of love, compassion, pity, pride, honor, and sacrifice which to this day represent the verities of life.

Using epics, Homer and Virgil translated the true meaning of the verity of love to everyday life. Before leaving for battle, Queen Ninsun, the mother of Gilgamesh, conversing with the sun-god pleads, “. . . dear Sun-God, he has taken it into his head to travel for days on long and perilous paths only to do battle with the monster Humbaba! I beg you to watch over him day and night, and to bring him back to me safe and sound.” After enduring all of the trials placed before him, Gilgamesh finally solidifies a transformation from a tyrant to a lover of his people when, after discovering the plant of everlasting life, he implies, “I will carry it back to Erech and give it to the people to eat. So will I at least have some reward for my pains!” Homer, through the epic The Iliad, uses the verity of love when the character Hector dandles Astyanax, Hector and Andromache’s son, and prays to Zeus for the safe keeping of the baby. Hera through love sends down an angel, “to help you control your wrath. . . for her heart holds equal love and concern for both of you”. Creusa, in The Aeneid grabs the ankles of Aeneas and cries, “If it’s deathwards you go, take us with you! O take us, and/come what may”. Aeneas shows love for Anchises, Aeneas’ father when Anchises is thrown on the back of Aeneas to escape the wrath of the Greeks. Through the three epics, one learns that love is not only a verity but a virtue of life.

Compassion, another one of life’s verities, is presented through the epics. In Gilgamesh Enkidu has the opportunity to kill and dethrone the tyrant Gilgamesh; instead, Enkidu stands Gilgamesh up and says, “I shall oppose you no longer. Let us be friends.” After the tearful plead of Queen Ninsun, the powerful sun-god melts with compassion and promises to help Gilgamesh and Enkidu on their journey. Andromache becomes compassionate during the funeral of husband Hector when it is said, “Hector, you gave your parents grief and pain/but left me loneliest, and heartbroken.” In The Aeneid, Anchises prays for confirmation of the omen. Showing compassion, the god sends a shooting star, which left a blazing path as the answer to the prayer. Having compassion for not only the lives of family members, but also for the servants, Aeneas instructs,

And to you servants, pay careful attention to what I shall tell you

As you go out of the city, you come to a mound with an ancient

Temple of Ceres upon it, secluded; nearby, an old cypress

Stands, which for many years our fathers preserved in reverence.

Let this be our rendezvous. . .

The verity of compassion exemplifies the reward of life’s hardest choices.

The verify of pity is also shown through these epics. In the epic Gilgamesh, Enkidu pities the life of Gilgamesh when the battle is ended with Enkidu standing up Gilgamesh and extending the offer to be friends. After the long journey, as Gilgamesh is desperately seeking the plant of everlasting life, the old immortal man Utnapishtim has pity on Gilgamesh when Utnapishtim directs, “In the depths of the sea lies a plant. It looks like a buckthorn and pricks like a rose. If any

Glass Menagerie And High School free essay help: free essay help

Glass Menagerie – Relationship Between Jim and Laura

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Glass Menagerie: Relationship Between Jim and


Essay submitted by Sarah

In high school, Jim was basically your all around nice guy. He was friendly to everyone,

and an example of this is that he called Laura “Blue Roses”. He was being friendly when

he nicknamed her that, but otherwise they didnt really talk to each other. That was

basically under the only circumstances that they actually talked. The only reason that

Jim asked Laura what was the matter in the first place, was because she was out of

school for a long time and he was just a little concerned like anyone that is your all

around nice and friendly type of person would do.

Jim was confident about himself all throughout high school. Laura was not. Evidence to

prove Jims confidentiality in himself is when Tom is telling us about Jim, “He seemed to

move in the continual spotlightHe was always running or bounding, never just


Evidence from the text to prove Laura wasnt very confident in herself, is when she

says, “Yes, it was so hard for me, getting upstairs. I had that brace on my leg – it

clumped so loud!…I had to go clumping all the way up the aisle with everyone


Jim was always in the company of others. Evidence of this is, “He seemed to move in a

continual spotlight. He was a star in basketball, captain of the debating club, president

of the senior class and the glee club and he sang the male lead in the annual light

operas.”(pg.61) Laura was the exact opposite of him. She was a bit of a wallflower.

She did not like being around other people because she thought that they were

mocking her, so this is why she tried to just blend in with the crowd.

Jim had fond memories of his time in high school. As Tom would say, “He was a star in

basketball, captain of the debating club, president of the senior class and the glee club

and he sang the male lead in the annual light operas.”(pg.61) This is the memories that

Jim has from high school. Laura, on the other hand,

Global Terrorism And Past Terrorism Attacks gp essay help: gp essay help

Global Terrorism

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Some three thousands innocent civilian deaths were accounted for in the past terrorism attacks on the September 11, 2001. Do you think that’s a problem? Despite, other global problems such as pollution, natural disasters, and global warming, terrorism tops all problems with the world we live in today because it results in many innocent lives, social issues, as well retaliation. This is an issue that has shown up all over the world and effects many countries. It seems to never stop only escalating into many of these problems discussed.

On September 11,2001, terrorism attacks on our own native soil destroyed, our nations head financial district (World Trade Towers) as well as a section of the Pentagon. These attacks were planned abroad, by ruthless terrorists and executed almost perfectly. Four domestic airplanes on flights across the country all with highjackers on board, crashed into their targets accept for the plane that was headed for the white house. It crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania town. As a result all two hundred and sixty-six crewmembers and passengers were killed. That was just the numbers for the people on board the airliners. The World Trade Towers collapsed killing thousands of people. A section of the pentagon was also collapsed. Many peoples loved ones were on board those airliners or at work in their office. It was a horrifying and devastating day for many people around the world, especially those who live in America. Unfortunately, these weren’t the only problems arise.

After the attacks on our country, many people around the world were quick to stereotype all Muslims as the threat to terrorism. This is a big issue that we have been trying to separate. Racial disputes between Muslims and Christians were elevated. There was even an incident where many Muslim and non-Muslim were beaten and even killed as a result of religion extremists. This even showed up here in the United States where everybody is supposed to be treated equally. The media had stories of Mosque being burned and Muslims being mistreated by government officials. Like other nation, here in the United States the national security was increased. This resulted in civil regulations that affect all civilians. It reduced people’s freedoms and civil liberties. This has brought about problems about the human rights of these nations citizens. These problems will continue to occur, because the governments have to protect their citizens.

Along with these others problems terrorism also causes retaliation. The violence does not stop. As soon as a country is attacked it quickly gets together to see who, what, and why these events took place. The governments start making enemies. People who they think could have started all of this. Then the country makes a military move

American Values And Henry Dobbins cheap essay help

America As A Man

Essay Preview: America As A Man

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America in a Man

“Stockings” by Tim OBrian centers around a soldier, Henry Dobbins, who finds strength and protection in a pair of his girlfriends stockings. This might seem unusual to some considering a man is sentimentally attached to a pair of womens undergarments. However, it is how Dobbins sees these stockings and the connection that OBrian makes paralleling the soldier and the U.S. to portray American values that is the most compelling. He chooses to express his opinion of America through indirect comparisons to the soldier, and portrays resilience, sentimentality, strength and optimism as great American values.

In the first paragraph of “Stockings,” OBrian specifically states similarities between Henry Dobbins and America. He does this by indirectly stateing American qualities, in personified fashion. The reader learns that they both are;

[]big and strong, full of good intentions, a roll of fat jiggling at his belly, slow of foot but always plodding along, always there when you needed him, a believer in the virtues of simplicity and directness and hard labor. Like his country, too, Dobbins was drawn toward sentimentality (O Brian 304).

As an American, I see many of these traits exhibited today, such as the increase in nationwide obesity and the comforting ideal that Americans will always band together in times of need like during the September 11th terrorist attacks. However, many of these characteristics are historically American ideals. Throughout history, America has been seen as the land of the big and strong, not to be messed with by outside forces. It has offered opportunities to those who will work hard, keep things simple, and work directly toward their goals. This mentality results in millions of success stories since its establishment in 1776. The characteristic that OBrian is really driving home with his short story, “Stockings” is American sentimentality. Dobbins stockings are more than just a reminder of his girlfriend back home, they are symbolic of the attachment Americans have to superstitions, good luck charms, and faith. Americans have a need to believe that something bigger than them is out there protecting them and bringing good fortune.

Dobbinss stockings are definitely a good luck charm for him. During the Vietnam War, soldiers are being killed left and right; no one has any idea if that day will be their last. Henry never sees his last day overseas because of the magic that the pantyhose possess. Dobbins was “never wounded, never a scratch. In August, he tripped a Bouncing Betty, which failed to detonate. And a week later he got caught in the open during a fierce little firefight, no cover at all, but he just slipped the pantyhose over his nose and breathed deep and let the magic do its work”(OBrian 304). It is very rare for a bomb not to detonate and to come out of a firefight without a scratch, but the magic of the pantyhose keeps him safe. OBrian is portraying America as a land greatly tied to sentimentality. Americans form very strong connections to items that they believe work in their best interest. Everyone has little rituals that they do before a big game or a hard test in hopes of the best outcome. Maybe the cherished item is a family heirloom that has protected their ancestors for generations or spiritual item, like a cross, that will remind them that God is protecting them. Americans, and humans in general, believe that the power their sacred items hold is greater than the person who gave it to them or the circumstances surrounding their possession of it. Even if situations change, faith will survive the darkest of days.

In OBrians “Stockings,” Dobbins receives a letter from his girlfriend ending their relationship. The stockings smelled of her body and each breath inspired memories of her and their future together. Possessing them gives him the motivation to fight another day, meanwhile protecting him when he needed it. After such a painful blow, Henry Dobbins ties the pantyhose around his neck and says, “No sweat…The magic doesnt go away” (OBrian 304). Americans are resilient and tend to seek a silver lining. Dobbins portrays these American ideals by understanding life is unpredictable and embodies the old saying, “when life hands you lemons, its time to make lemonade”. Henry Dobbins heart might be broken from losing his love, but he is in a war and knows he must be strong to fight another day. He believes in the power of the stockings, regardless of where the power originated from. OBrian is

Lethal Gas And Capital Punishment medical school essay help: medical school essay help

America Loves Capital Punishment

Essay Preview: America Loves Capital Punishment

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Americans Love Capital Punishment

There is one question that has always brought about controversy. Should

capital punishment be used as a way of disciplining criminals? Over the past

twenty years, there has been an enormous increase in violent crimes. It seems

logical that a person is less likely to commit a given act if by doing so he

will suffer swift and certain punishment of a horrible kind. As most Americans

agree, death is the only appropriate punishment for such crimes.

In ancient times executions were not uncommon. Even the Bible teaches

capital punishment. It states, “Who so sheddeth mans blood, by man shall his

blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man” (Bible). In ancient times a

set of laws were written which specified many crimes punishable by capital

punishment. These laws were the Code of Hammurabi. Some of the punishable

crimes mentioned included adultery, robbery witchcraft, and murder. During the

Middle Ages, the Church assumed the responsibility of administering punishments.

During the late 1700s the death penalty steadily grew in acceptance. Over

200 crimes were punishable by death at the beginning of the 1800s. There were

just as many methods used to execute wrong-doers as there were crimes. Some of

the techniques used included beheading, stoning, drowning, hanging, crucifying,

and burying people alive. Also used were many nontraditional forms of

execution. One type of execution utilized elephants to crush the criminals

head on a stone block.

As times changed, so did the death penalty. Laws aimed at abolishing

the death penalty began to evolve at the turn of the century. Even with the

changes made, the effectiveness of capital punishment stayed right on track.

The crimes punishable by death became more specific, while some were eradicated

completely. For example, there are different types of capital murder that have

been specifically defined, but vary from one jurisdiction to another. These

include murder carried out during the commission of another felony, murder of a

peace officer, corrections employee, or firefighter engaged in the performance

of official duties, murder by an inmate serving a life sentence, and murder for

hire (Contract Murder). Other crimes worthy of death include espionage by a

member of the Armed Forces (communication of information to a foreign

government), tampering where death results by a witness, and death resulting

from aircraft hijacking. While hangings and firing squads remained in use,

many forms of execution were done away with. Methods such as electrocution,

lethal gas, and lethal injection soon replaced the annulled ones. As with

almost everything, there were exceptions made. Some states the prohibited the

execution of anyone mentally retarded. In 1901, Colorado made it a law that

capital punishment would not be used if the accused was convicted only on

circumstantial evidence.

The American public has long been favorably disposed toward capital

punishment for convicted murderers, and that support continues to grow. In a

1981 Gallup Poll, two-thirds of Americans voiced general approval of the death

penalty. That support rose to 72 percent in 1985, to 76 percent in 1991, and

to 80 percent in 1994 (Moore, 1994:5). Although these poll results need to be

interpreted with extreme caution, it is clear that there are few issues on

which more Americans agree: in at least some circumstances, death is seen as a

justifiable punishment for the worst sorts of criminal homicides.

On the other hand, much of the public and political support for capital

punishment rests on its presumed value as a general deterrent: we need the

death penalty to encourage potential murderers to avoid engaging in criminal

homicide. Unlike the issue of retribution, empirical studies can answer

questions about the death penaltys general deterrent effects.

To supporters of capital punishment, the statistics are pleasing. In the

past seventy years there have been 4,002 executions carried out in the United

States. Approximately three-fifths

Wi-Fi And John Osullivan extended essay help biology

Wi-Fi Functions

Wi-Fi Functions

Slide 1: 1. Wi-Fi just like radio wave, blue tooth, or the signal for walkie talkie  2. It transmit data through one terminal to another, i.e. internet.3. It is a replacement of Cable internet, free the people and the electronic devices.4. Easier to hack through since you can stand anyway within the signal range, can ask how in question time.Slide2:1. Wi-Fi name of a trademark, owned by a non-profit organisation.     Wi-Fi Alliance 2. All Wi-Fi product communicate under 802.11 standard protocol.3. Vic Hayes key figure, from IEEE, Father of Wi-Fi. By the way, IEEE still is the institution which developing and maintain the standard protocol of Wi-Fi.4.  John OSullivan, an Australian, CSIRO researcher, under project “A failed experiment to detect exploding mini black holes the size of an atomic particle” and led to his invention which function in faster and stable Wi-Fi data transmission.  Later won CSIRO 250 million dollars from 14 Technology Company, for infringement.Slide 3: 1. Currently we use Wi-Fi mainly as a tool to surf the internet through our electronic devices.2. That leads to a very practical use,of work place communications. Example: instead of logging on to a desktop and check your work emails, you can use a tablet that connect to a Wi-Fi and going through them and reply them, mobilised work communications, thus it alters work efficiency.3. Not just that, many printers have Wi-Fi application as in user can printer from any electronic devices which transmit data through Wi-Fi and print. Similarly, many digital camera can upload picture it took instantly, to PC, again through Wi-Fi.

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