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Laura Branigan, who gained international fame nine years ago with her signature song “Gloria,” has proven herself musically resilient if not always constant. Her music, which appeals to all ages despite its adult contemporary labeling, has gone through several stylistic changes within the last few years, and she continues to emerge as a post-disco prototype. Her albums have always consisted of one or two competent dance tunes, surrounded by hopelessly mediocre love songs that rely heavily on her emotive voice for viability. Unfortunately, Branigan’s histrionics can be annoying, to say the least, and are often implemented in the wrong places. Her last studio album, “Tough” (1987), is an excellent example of her artistic overindulgence, even though that musical effort was supported by effectively visual lyrics. Her new, self-titled album may lack lyrical strength, but it does have a unified sound. Branigan, thankfully, veers away from the vocal rollercoaster ride, and plays it straight. Of course, no Laura Branigan album would be complete without a few gut-wrenching octave slides, but at least here they’re done appealingly. Once again, her most impressive songs are dance-oriented, such as “Moonlight on Water,” “Bad Attitude,” and “Let Me In.” Her remake of an old disco tune, “Turn the Beat Around,” isn’t particularly inspiring, but it is better than average. The few ballads present, in the midst of an otherwise up-beat collection of music, are disappointing, though Laura does breath life into “Never In A Million Years,” and “The Best Was Yet To Come,” the latter being the better of the two. Elsewhere, Laura’s strong vocals surface effectively, and help make this album her most enjoyable to date.

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The masters of science fiction and music. Ayreon is a Progressive Metal band from the Netherlands formed by the mastermind Arjen Luccessen. This band has since released six full albums each lasting about 90 minutes each. With each thing there’s always gonna be some story that involves the thought of scientific equations and anything that is science or sci-fi releated. In fact the title of this very album translated is Y, which is a reference to their first album with Planet Y as well as the common questions, Why does this work? Why do triangles hold better than squares? ect.

15 tracks in two discs is alot to take in. But don’t worry, if you’re a scientist of any sort, you may understand what’s going on. That being said, I don’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like science of any kind but that’s beside the point. Some of the tracks can be heavy like Dream Theater and some are as soft and melodic as Porcupine Tree but whatever you like, your bound to find it here. With tracks like Age of Shadows, Ride The Comet, Connect the Dots, Beneath The Waves, The Fifth and Sixth Extinction and E=MC2 are fun to listen to and you really can’t go wrong. One thing Ayreon has also been known for is the special guests throught each album, they all get a separate part as well to add to the diversity as well. Some of the guest stars in this album include Jorn Lande, Hansi Krusch, and Floor Jansen respectively.

This album has an interesting story as well but if I told you my interpretation of it, we’d be here for quite a while but it has to do with, science of course, with this thing called the Final Experiment that the protagonists must stop as soon as possible. They somehow fail because of the E=MC2 equation stumping them(Einstein really is a genius isn’t he?) and then everyone on Earth dies from the experiment. Sounds, devastating to say the least, but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

I give this a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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Colm is a singer in Celtic Thunder (2012-) and first came into the group in 2012. Colm hails from Dublin, Ireland. He is currently 25 years old. He was raised in a musical family like all of the other members of Celtic Thunder. He graduated from University College of Dublin with a degree in music and Irish and can teach both. He was also a background singer in Celtic Woman for a few years andwas part of the specials “Songs from the Heart” and “Believe.” It was after he was done with Celtic Woman he came into Celtic Thunder. And he has done some charity work including being part of Habitat for Humanity and helped building houses in Africa in his younger years.
Colm auditioned for Celtic Thunder late May of 2012. A few weeks after his audition he was asked to sing for three weeks in Atlantic City because another member named Ryan Kelly suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from an accidental fall. So the producer Sharon Browne told him that he only had two weeks to prepare for the shows which included learning Ryan’s parts in the ensembles. He said that it was a hard thing to do but he had to do it anyway. He sang a song called “Home” for his solo song in the shows.And on tour that year he also sang another song called “Black Velvet Band.”
Two months later he starred in his first Celtic Thunder special “Mythology.” He sang the following solo songs in “Mythology”: “Katie,” “The Edge of the Moon,” and “Harry’s Game.”
Colm also connected very well with everyone when he first came into the group especially George and Emmet. A few months later on tour that year he and Emmet decided to form a little duo called “Celtic Comet.” And the next year (2013) when Celtic Thunder hosted their first cruise they had their first “Celtic Comet” show.
Then last year (2014) he started touring solo and is accompanied by Laura for his solo tours and he also had a little solo tour this year (2015) too. He came out with a single which is a cover by Garth Brooks called “The Dance.” And he also released a single with his brothers of a classic Irish song called “Raglan Road.” You can check him out on YouTube on his channel or Celtic Thunder’s Channel “The Thundertube.”

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Their first EP, The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End, was just the beginning.

All Time Low has been dedicated to creating lively and exciting music since 2003, despite their teenager commitments. The band started in Baltimore, Maryland when singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jack Baract decided to recruit drummer Rian Dawson and bassist Zack Merrick, who’s known for doing his infamous kick flips. Shortly after a year of performing locally, they signed to Emerald Moon Records, where they created their four song EP including songs like “Hit the Lights” and “Memories That Fade Like Photographs.” Another year later, they released their first full album The Party Scene, including thirteen new songs for fans to memorize.

Touring nationally, they ran along with other low-key bands such as Plain White T’s and Motion City Soundtrack until they bumped into a band under the Hopeless Records label. When All Time Low caught the producers’ attentions, they were given the opportunity to record with Hopeless Records. Valentine’s Day 2006, the contract was signed and All Time Low was on its’ way to becoming a world famous band.

The second album, and my personal favorite, was released to the public July 3, 2007. The band’s popularity skyrocketed with the release of their new album. So Right, It’s Wrong sold 14,200 copies in the first week. With several debuts on MTV and Jimmy Kimmel Live! and an appearance at 2007’s Warped Tour, Alex and Jack’s simple garage band became a national hit. AP Magazine announced All Time Low the Band of the Year 2008 and they graced the cover of Alternative Press Magazine in January.

They signed to Fall Out Boy’s Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour, along with Hey Monday, Metro Station, and Cobra Starship for spring and summer of 2009. I recently purchased my ticket and plan on seeing them in April.

Each of their songs produce a feeling of excitement that you can’t deny. Whether it’s excitement for the future, past memories, or just wants to make you get up and sing along, it’s there with the lively vocals of Alex Gaskarth. The drums produce a youthful, upbeat rhythm as the guitarists leave you dying for more. A particular song that includes the sensational combination of the band’s talents at its’ best would be “Six Feet Under The Stars,” the first single to their album So Right, It’s Wrong. The song tells a story of a boy who likes a girl and how he’s trying to impress her throughout the night but only ends up embarrassing himself. However, it’s not your typically “love song,” because in the end, it leaves you on a wondering whether the boy gets the girl or not.
All Time Low has a trend of leaving their fans questioning the fate of their song’s characters.

In another song off their third album, “Remembering Sunday,” the same (or a different?) boy has strong feelings for a girl who doesn’t seem to return them. “I’m calling, I’m calling at night/I don’t mean to be a bother/But have you seen this girl?/She’s been running through my dreams/And it’s driving me crazy, it seems/I’m going to ask her to marry me.” He returns to her house once more, only to be told by the neighbors that she moved away and he claims how it’s “funny how it rained all day.” However, in the end, the girl’s voice, covered by Juliet Simms, vocalist of Automatic Loveletter, claims she’s “so many thousands of feet off the ground … towering over your head.” Not just a favorite of All Time Low, but one of my overall favorite songs, the song leaves a big question mark over my head. And that’s what I like about it. There are different ways to interpret it, whether “a thousand feet” be reference to Heaven or a plane. Coming off from their sophomore album, there’s bound to be a lot more from this band.

The second single released from their album, “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” is a worldwide known song that reached #86 on Pop 100, a playlist calculating the most air-played songs from a combination of mainstream radio stations, singles sales, and digital downloads.

Other hits include “The Beach,” “Shameless,” “Vegas,” and “Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For One Night).”

If you’re typically into music that appear in AP Magazine or music with great and somewhat loud rhythms that most people can relate to, chances are you’re going to like All Time Low if you don’t already. I would have to give this band a ten out of ten for the combination of their skills, talent, and relatable lyrics. If anything, “The Beach” reminds me of great summer memories and I can’t wait to see them perform it live! Hope to see you there!

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The fact that a gym teacher (named Leonard Skinner) inspired not just a band but a musical movement is pretty cool. The truth that this movement is sure to affect generations to come is extraordinary.

The band Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced Leh?nerd Skin?nerd, as one of their album names explains) produced one of the most requested live songs ever, “Freebird.” This only makes “Lynyrd Skynyrd: 20th Century Masters” even better.

The highlight of “Freebird” does not come when singer Johnny Van Zant flies high over the crowd with, “Won’t you fly high, Freebird, yeah?” even though his vocals are tremendous. Rather, the climax of this classic song is the epic five minute guitar solo, with three guitars being played to their full extent. From the light-hearted, clean input to the distorted electric setup, the fact that this song was played at the 2005 Grammy Awards is just another example of how it has one wicked solo.

However, “Freebird” is not Lynyrd Skynyrd’s most popular song. “Sweet Home Alabama” tops it, but not because of its guitar prowess. “Sweet Home Alabama” is a more universal song, a better mix with the general public. From its piano jamming to its uniquely Southern guitar riffs, this song is widely known around the world.

“Sweet Home Alabama” and “Freebird” make a good mix, and they can both be found on this album, along with eight other great Skynyrd hits. Like a number of rock bands of the ?s and ?s, Lynyrd Skynyrd released many “greatest hits” collections, but you can be sure that a “20th Century Masters” collection of any band will best capture that band’s skill and potential.

However, Skynyrd’s songs, are not for every rock fan. If you are a worshipper of diehard metal, this band is not for you. If you enjoy a song with more rhythm than melody, don’t bother adding Skynyrd to your playlist. But for those of you in between, you might want to consider Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “20th Century Masters” album. You’re in for a wild ride.

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In an era where many musicians struggle to find cultural relevance, you might not think much of a 36 year-old British punk-rock singer. However, in Be More Kind–one of the best (and most surprising) records 2018 has seen released–Frank Turner delivers powerful messages about contemporary society and culture. The record’s 48 minutes are packed full of many different styles and ideas, from the catchy, sing-along melody of opener “Don’t Worry” to the punk style of “1933” that is reminiscent of Turners earlier albums. In the latter song, he expresses his concern about the shape of modern American politics, comparing the Trump presidency to 1933 Germany and warning, “Don’t go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn.”

In fact, this theme reappears again and again throughout the 13 songs, as shown most explicitly in the album’s fifth track, “Make America Great Again.” Inspired by recent shifts towards nativism (including the alt-right movement), the song suggests more kind, open-minded paths towards achieving American greatness. “Let’s make America great again by making racists ashamed again” the song proposes.

Although it will undoubtedly garner its fair share of controversy, in the end, the album’s goal is simply to help Americans reinitiate contact with their open-minded, sympathetic side. It’s quickly becoming one of my go-to albums, and I would strongly recommend it to any music fan because of its relevant takes on modern issues and its thought-provoking lyrics. No matter how you feel about the record’s point of view, one thing is clear: This isn’t just another batch of Turner’s usual rock songs. He’s created a record for the times, one that will get you thinking about our culture and that will definitely make you a little kinder.

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“I’ll write down everything I have learned, and edit it down to a single word: love,” sings Ville Valo in “Heart­killer,” the first single from HIM’s seventh studio album. Valo is not only the band’s lead singer, but also the songwriter. As these lyrics show, HIM’s music is very emotional, and love is what sparks it. “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice” is an amazing album with well?written lyrics for every song. In addition, HIM returns to its original sound, reflected on albums like “Dark Light” and “Love Metal.”

In 2007, when HIM released their sixth studio album, “Venus Doom,” many fans thought the band had decided to make its music heavier. “Venus Doom” was described by Valo himself as the heaviest album yet, with its roots originating from Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Though the album was well?received by critics, it was not a favorite with HIM fans. Before “Venus Doom,” HIM was recognized for its keyboards and soft melodic sounds. After this album, many fans claimed HIM was beginning to sound like “just another rock band.”

However, last year, when “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice” was released, HIM brought back its unique sound. Keyboards are used more in this album, giving Janne Puurtinen an opportunity to play his cherubic melodies. In addition, the lyrics are more emotional and deep.

“Heartkiller” is a very energetic song. It is also symphonic, and with the touch of Valo’s voice, it is a good rock love song. In addition, “Like St. Valentine” and “In Venere Veritas” are beautiful both musically and lyrically.

Overall, “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice” is magnificent and a must?buy for HIM fans. In fact, any rock fan should at least check out “Heartkiller.”

Born This Way by Lady Gaga college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

It has been nearly four years since the indispensible Lady Gaga rose to a celebrity status after the release of her debut album, The Fame. Over those four years I have struggled with how I feel about Gaga – I started out with not paying much attention to her and dismissing her as another wannabe pop-star. I assumed at first that she would be a train wreck after a few years of success and that in the grand scheme of things she wouldn’t mean that much to me. However, since then, I’ve paid more attention to her and realized just how much of an artist she can be.
I was thirteen in 2008 when The Fame first hit music stores. I thought the songs were catchy at best, and, let’s face it; I’ve never exactly been a huge “pop” supporter. I saw her album as shallow and average – the usual music about dancing, sex, and parties that are usually seen throughout the pop industry. Songs like “Just Dance” were catchy, yes, but I found little to no content in them. I rolled my eyes and waited for the next big pop sensation to replace her.
Then, her album The Fame Monster was released in 2009, and my views completely changed. I discovered what she was trying to portray though her music: the light and dark sides of fame and its consequences, and the ups and downs that artists endure throughout their careers. This gave me a newfound respect for Gaga, and finally made me realize that there was, in fact, content and meaning behind the catchy pop tunes of her first album.
Now, in 2011, her most recent collection of songs called Born This Way has been released, with its lead single “Born This Way” already at #1 on the charts. This album and more specifically this song have given me so much respect for Lady Gaga. I believe that she has helped me come to terms with my own sexuality and she has showed me through her music that love does not need to have a gender. I feel that Lady Gaga is a deeply genuine artist behind her risque dance moves and shocking fashion statements, and that she is a positive influence on the next generation.
Now, as I write this, I listen to her song “Poker Face” off of the album The Fame. I remember how back in 2008 I thought it was a shallow song about sex and drinking. I know now that it isn’t about that at all – it’s a representation of masking one’s sexual identity. For Lady Gaga to write such a catchy dance song about a topic so sensitive is brilliant. All of these things: the meaning behind her music, her fashion, and the way she speaks with eloquence, has given me the utmost respect for this unique woman and her vision of equality for all people – whether they are her fans or not.
I am proud to say that I am a monster. I hope you are too.

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Admit it. We all loved “Legally Blonde” the movie, but now, it’s a Broadway hit! When I heard “Broadway is going Blonde,” as the many advertisements claimed, I couldn’t hide my excitement. As soon as the soundtrack came out on iTunes, I bought it! The first song is “Omigod You Guys,” so it’s obviously not a serious show. The peppy, slightly cheesy lyrics will either make you laugh in embarrassment or jump up and dance. You’ll also find “So Much Better,” which happens when Elle discovers she has landed an internship with her professor and realizes she isn’t at Harvard for her ex-boyfriend anymore. Instead she’s there for herself, and she doesn’t need to prove she’s serious to anyone. The album is packed with 18 funky, modern songs that are not your typical Broadway ballads. They even made the “Bend and Snap” into a song. “Legally Blonde” is the perfect soundtrack for any musical-lover, or if you’re looking for something new. Even though the tone of the songs is somewhat upbeat, they still touch your heart. You will feel connected to Elle and her struggle to find herself, as she realizes that life isn’t always going to be, well, pink. I love this album and I think all Elle-lovers will find themselves rooting for her when listening to her musical journey. I highly recommend it to any girl who just got out of a relationship and is having a hard time with her self-image. The songs reflect the theme “I am my own person,” and I absolutely love that. So, get “Legally Blonde The Musical” soundtrack today. You won’t regret it!

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I’m back guys after what feels like forever. I have alot of stuff to cover in the next couple of weeks so buckle down everyone. Also happy, possibly late, Hallowe’en everyone and hope you’ve enjoyed your time on the day of scares. Without further ado, let’s get to the review at hand.
TesseracT is a modern progressive metal band inspired by Meshuggah, and have taken to the skies and the stars with their musical talents. Their discography is relatively small, consisting of only three albums and an EP, and still manage to defy boundaries and experiment with their more trademark space metal thing. This is, as you can see, a very respectable band.
Polaris is an album that is kind of mixed. No, I don’t mean, some like it, some hate it, I mean some prefer it to their 2013 album Altered State and some don’t. (Besides, it’s kind of hard not to like this band.) I personally have listened to them both and can say that I prefer this over Altered State, but just barely. You see, Altered State does have that spacy atmosphere like you’d expect, but they kind of drop it halfway through for more heavier grooves. This keeps that atmosphere all the way through, for the most part and then adds in a nice contrast of heavy grooves, like in Dystopia or Cages, to some more softer grooves or just one riff altogether, like in Utopia, Seven Names and Messenger. Is it consistent? Yes and no because it keeps the overall spacy atmosphere as mention but the music behind that is more of what they decided to do with it. Also most of the tracks here, there’s 9 by the way, are in the 5-6 minute range with a few exceptions of course. This could very easily make or break an album for some because of consistent track length, believe me, I’ve noticed. It does bring the score slightly down for me, at least Altered State had Of Matter which was 14 minutes long, but it doesn’t even come close to breaking it. You can still something completely different in each and every track, and they do, although some of them are kind of subtle to be honest. Yeah, this is ultimately one of those albums as well, but does give you some great replay ability so you can catch something else you have never caught the first 100 listens. That’s part of what atmospheric or ambient centered music good and more listenable, at least for me. It certainly isn’t the best, but it is well up there in terms of just how tranced you are by this vast and vivid space around you. On one final note, have you guys noticed how many space-themed albums this year? From my understanding we have had Breaking Benjamin-Dark Before Dawn, though I’m not entirely sure it was intentional, Arcturus-Arcturian, though they’re named after a star so of course, Midnight Odyssey-Shards of Silver Fade and of course this. I’m sure I’m missing a few but not only is this the year of comebacks, but also the year of space albums.
Ok, on to the ratings, I give this album a 9.5/10. It really is amazing as well as the band themselves. I highly recommend this one. With that, I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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It’s been four years since Canadian punk-princess Avril Lavigne last released an album and fans have been patiently awaiting new music. Well, the wait is over as of the release of her fourth album ‘Goodbye Lullaby,’ but was it worth the wait? The album starts off with the ethereal lullaby ‘Black Star’ which was originally composed as a jingle for Lavigne’s fragrance of the same name back in 2009. Most fans upon hearing that ‘Black Star’ had made the final cut of ‘Lullaby’ had probably fleshed the tune out in their heads to be a beautiful piece that would surely be the shining star of the album. The fans, however, will most likely be disappointed due to the unfortunately short length of the song (1:34). The tune does still retain its wonder, though, and most will still find it to be a favorite off the album. Next on the track list is the albums lead single ‘What The Hell’ which Lavigne calls the album’s least personal and most pop-oriented track which is no lie. If you bought the album solely for more fun bouncy tracks like the single then you will be most sorely disappointed because after ‘WTH’ is where the real album begins.

During the album’s conception Lavigne went through a much publicized divorced from Sum 41 rocker Deryck Whibley (whom incidentally produced a few of the album cuts), and it shows in the album. Whether it’s heartwarmingly sincere tracks like ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘I Love You’ that show the brighter side of the relationship or cuts like ‘Remember When’ that clearly ring with echoes of the breakup. Past relationships aside, though, all these tracks add up to a different and admittedly more mature side of Lavigne we haven’t seen before. In the past Lavigne has always played the part of the play-punk girl from the moment her debut CD dropped to the angst ridden punk chick in ‘Under My Skin’ and most recently as the play-punk princess on ‘The Best Damn Thing.’ It seems we’re finally seeing the loss of the old Avril and yet in an odd way a return to it as well.

Since her beginnings each of Avril’s records has sounded exactly as they should. ‘Let Go’ sounds exactly like you’d expect an out of the ordinary sixteen year old’s debut album would; she sings about things she knows and is relatable. Her sophomore effort sounds exactly like you’d expect a seventeen year old with something to prove would; a little angry, a little angsty, and a bit gritty. And ‘The Best Damn Thing’ is exactly what you would expect a newly twenty-one year old in love; light-hearted for the most part with a few tender moments. The years changed and like any other person Avril changed with them and as such her music did as well; however the result of some of this change was the loss of connection that was so easily formed in her freshman effort. This is what ‘Lullaby’ brings back to the Avril fans that no doubt sorely missed it. This being said; however, the success of this album is doubtful.

RCA records, Lavigne’s label, reportedly held back the album for a year fighting over its release with Lavigne. Lavigne held fast and was obviously able to get her work through but it might have benefitted her to listen to her label. RCA has a record of artists rebelling due to squashed creativity, see Kelly Clarkson ‘My December’, but on the same token look again at ‘My December’. Clarkson’s third effort yielded one charting single, which admittedly did rather well, and then faded out of the public eye. A similar event will sadly most likely occur with ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ whose peak in fame probably already occurred with ‘What The Hell’. The most likely contender to try and drive the album at this point is the melancholy ‘Everybody Hurts’ even then it is a long shot. It is by no means a bad album, but in a music world ruled by synths and auto tune there is no place for sweet piano driven tracks like ‘Goodbye’. Still, like Clarkson’s ‘December’, ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ is likely to become a fan favorite by Lavigne’s more devoted fans, and in the end aren’t the fans all that should matter?

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Nightwish is a special case when it comes to Symphonic bands and for that I shall talk about a band that isn’t too terribly popular in America. Dark Passion Play includes some of my favorite songs ever in metal history. And they have a new singer, as well as getting out of there opera style. The band is Finnish but I come from a European tree so I know I’ll like this band. Track List, Poet And The Pendulum, love this song. This is 14 minutes long but is amazing nonetheless. Bye Bye Beautiful, This ought to be one the first songs alot of Nightwish fans came across. For me it is the same case, though I don’t like as much as I did when I did come across it. Still it is all good and gives Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life a run for there money. Amaranth, again same thing as Bye Bye Beautiful, not as good now. but I do like this song and it is SO CATCHY. Cadence of Her Last Breath. This is a song that I can say is a boatload of fun to listen to. As well as better than Bye Bye Beautiful. Master Passion Greed, a week son and has harmonics singer, Marco take lead here. Eva, I just can’t get into this song. I don’t like it, IDK why either maybe I like really heavy stuff and nothing more, yep that is it. Sahara, a desert like song here, and it is AWESOME. This song is so good it could Iron Maiden’s The Nomad a competition. One of my favorites too. Whoever Brings The Night, a heavy song here and a pretty darn good one too. It’s short and gets to the point. For The Heart I Once Had, more of a melodic song here and while it it’s great it isn’t perfect by any means. Though, it does put great smile on my face. The Islander, a more Celtic song and not bad either. Again, it can put any song TO SHAME, specifically, Eluveitie’s Alesia and A Rose For Epona. Last of the Wilds can put many instrumentals to shame. Namely, ANY Metallica instrumental. 7 Days of The Wolves, this is my FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM! Enough said. the last song is Meadows Of Heaven which is a nice long ballad that is probably the saddest song in the album. This song lets you know it is over. Rating 9.5/10

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 album released on October 27. At first, many of her fans were hesitant to listen to the album because it was completely different from all her other music. I didn’t want to listen to any song on the album because I was boycotting the change. Finally one day I caved and listened to the entire album in one sitting. I fell in love and now listen to it every day. The album, although is extremely different, is also very refreshing. The songs, like her old ones, tell stories that anyone can relate to.
Her songs all have an intriguing story that all can listen to and relate it to their life at the moment. My favorite songs are “Welcome To New York”, “Blank Space”, “Style”, “Wildest Dreams”, and “Clean”. The first song on the album is “Welcome to New York”. This song talks about the magical world you step into when you’re in New York. She mentions how it is a state of innovation. This song was written when she found her true identity after she moved to New York and was able to reinvent herself to what she wanted. Her lyrics touch upon the uncertainty of New York and the different life there is there. Even if you never feel this when going to New York, you can relate this to any experience you have; you’re welcoming yourself into a brand new world that can be uncertain but can overall change you as a person.
The next song is “Blank Space”, which is my favorite song on the album. This song talks about her view on relationships; everyone starts with a blank space and then at one point someone will fill it. There are always two ending outcomes, either you two end up together or you don’t. Taylor Swift has been criticized about her relationships so this is her moment to tell them what her feelings are about them. As the song progresses, it talks about the heartbreak that you feel after the relationship. In the end, there is a new blank space. This song goes full circle and is so widely liked because it’s a song that touches on hope. Everyone has a fresh start, or a “blank space”, after a relationship so this song is relatable in all aspects.
Next on the album is “Stye”. This song talks about the relationships that go badly but then the people always end up back together because they can never get over each other. She talks about how when you’re in a relationship, you always find the qualities you like best and when the two break up, all you can remember are their best qualities. This makes it harder to give them up so your relationship never goes “out of style”. This can relate to the entire population because it’s really common to not want to walk away from someone because you can’t let go of what you fell in love with.
“Wildest Dreams” is the ninth song on her album. The song is about what people want to happen when a relationship ends. Relationships are filled with multiple memories and this song talks about how even though you break up, these memories will still follow you. The song mentions how even when you’re broken up with someone, you still want them to think about you, “even if it’s just in [their] wildest dreams.”
“Clean” is my final favorite song. This song is the last one on the album. The song opens up about a drought, which at first can confuse the listener on what the song is truly about. As it progresses, it’s clear on what the song is about. It progresses into a storyline about two people who just broke up and the one who got dumped still has the residue of the relationship all over her.She uses the simile of a wine stained dress because that stain will never fully come out so it is impossible to wear it clean ever again. The chorus then goes into how even when there’s a downpour of emotions, it’s the first time your head is clear and you can finally breathe again. This is the first step in being “clean” from this person. This song is relatable to the public because this song can touch anyone who wants to rid themselves of a bad memory.
Taylor Swift is an artist who understands emotions. She has the talent of writing a song that can relate to a wide variety of people. I would recommend this to anyone who loves music because the beat on each of her songs in this album is different and you’d be surprised at how well you can match a song to your life.

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If you’veever dipped into the old folk-rock recordings of the late’60s, you’ve probably heard of Buffalo Springfield or Crosby,Stills, and Nash. The backbone of both bands was musicianStephen Stills. Stills wrote the protest song, “For WhatIt’s Worth” for Buffalo Springfield and classics forCrosby, Stills, and Nash like “Suite: Judy BlueEyes” and “Carry On.” His musicianshipis almost unparalleled, but peers Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrixand others overshadowed him. His music is strongly influencedby the blues and old folk music. His guitar playing isoriginal; when you hear it, you know instantly it’s him. Hisvocals fit his style like a glove. His voice is rough likesandpaper, but smooth enough to sing ballads. When his voicemixes with David Crosby’s and Graham Nash’s, it isunbelievable; they blend in perfect harmony. LatelyStills has received more recognition. The Martin GuitarCompany has made 91 custom guitars to his specifications withthe profit going to charity. In 1998, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hallof Fame honored him twice the same night, both with BuffaloSpringfield and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. But Stills remainsalmost unknown by our generation. If you ever feel likelistening to some good folk-rock, pick up Stephen Stills.

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An evening of Questions and Answers … and a little music. And that is exactly what it was. The “Piano Man” decided to take a break from his recent two-year River of Dreams tour to sit back, relax, and chat with his fans. Billy Joel returned to his home state of New York to perform at Queens College recently. “Can I come up on stage and sing a song with you?” was one of the questions asked that evening. And yes, a young woman had the chance to join Billy to sing the first verse of “New York State of Mind.” Hundreds had their hands raised high, hoping theirs would be the one Billy Joel would spot to ask the next question. As the lights dimmed, Billy Joel strolled to his grand piano, and enthusiastically played. In the midst, Billy explained piece by piece where the song came from. Bringing back some old memories, Mr. Joel decided to sing “Just the Way You Are” which had not been performed in several years. Besides asking personal questions, many inquisitive young men and women sought advice on how to get started in the music business. Billy Joel replied by relating his own enlightening experiences, what he had been through, and explained the encounters faced daily. The artist was down-to-earth and spoke straight from the heart, even sharing childhood memories of weekly piano lessons. When responding, Joel was extremely entertaining and kept the audience hanging on every word. Aside from his talent as a musician, it was apparent from the constant laughter of the crowd, the singer-songwriter was truly a funny guy. Billy Joel maintained a light, friendly atmosphere while allowing his adoring fans to have an opportunity to see the man behind the “Nylon Curtain” and enjoy some great musical favorites along the way. As always Billy Joel concluded the night with his famous “Piano Man,” leaving the crowd happily humming and a little bit more knowledgeable about music and the “Piano Man” himself

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In 1979, the B-52’s debuted on the charts with their hit song “Rock Lobster” from their first record. Ten years and seven albums later, the B-52’s return with their newest LP “Cosmic Thing.” “Cosmic Thing” includes the B’s first Top Ten single since 1981, “Love Shack,” which reached the Number Three spot after selling over a million copies. The B-52’s began their “Cosmic” tour, selling out stadiums across the country. Showing their environmental beliefs, the B’s played in front of 750,000 people in Central Park on Earth Day. After “Love Shack” left the U.S. charts, the B-52’s released another single from “Cosmic Thing” titled “Roam,” which featured B’s Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson on vocals but excluded singer Fred Schneider. I find that the B-52’s sound much like country musicians when just Pierson and Wilson sing, without the vocals of Schneider. Yet “Roam” became the Number One single in March. The rest of the “Cosmic Thing” album is equally as satisfactory as their hit three singles (the newest: “Deadbeat Club”). The major difference between “Cosmic Thing” and the B’s first albums from the early ’80’s are the fact that the instruments are more modern. Every track on this album features excellent rhythms and vocals. “Cosmic Thing” deserves HHHH and I highly recommend this double-platinum album.

You Think You're a Comic by Gus Dapperton “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

Have you ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone? Want to listen to new music that’s groovy? Well, you should listen to this album. It fun and upbeat with some songs that are emotion and heart-felt. With only four songs it’s something worth listening too.

Gus Dapperton

Brendan Rice, better known by his stage name Gus Dapperton, is an American recording artist and songwriter from Warwick, New York. In 2017 he was featured in Vogue Magazine, preceding his tour of Europe and North America for his music.

“Prune, You Talk Funny”

This song is upbeat and funky. It’s about noticing all the little things you about a person. I’s about the connection between you and the person you love. Mainly about how far he would go. This is personally my favorite song on the album.

“I Have Lost My Pearls”

This song is very gospel and groovy at the same time. It’s about how you shouldn’t be a phony lover, but how you should protect her with all your heart. It goes in depth with amazing lyrics about your love should be pure for the sake of her. How delicate love can be as well as she. Mainly this song expresses his emotion toward how you should feel about a loved one.

“Amadelle With Love”

This song is very catchy. Amazing beat and very funky. You could easily dance to this. It’s about how his relationship fell out of love and how they are blaming each other. How close they used to bed but also who they were. It’s for sure another favorite of mine from this album.

“Beyond Amends”

This song uses a soft piano and its very heart-felt. Shows a lot emotion through the lyrics and beat. It’s a little slower than the rest of the songs in this album. But it’s defiantly something to listen too. Very good for a rainy day.


This album captures all the effects of love. The ups and downs and how you can fall in love and get a broken heart. It symbolizes all the emotions you can go through. Fron the title of this album to the last song, it’s all very catchy and modern. Also, funky and groovy. I recommend giving this album a listen too.

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Behind the scenes of “American Dream” by Switchfoot is a longing to be different. The point is that everyone is society is fighting to have the same image. This image is a purposeless life filled with “success”. Success that does not include anything but work and money. The value of our success is measured by how much money we make in a certain amount of time. We allow every person we ever come in contract with to shape our opinion of what to live for. The title “American Dream” is well chosen because each American is striving to this implausible dream. The bottom line is there is more to life than money and success.
Having everything is what society equates with success.”When success is equated with excess, The ambition for excess wrecks us.” When one person has an excess of anything then someone else does not have enough of it. This excess is being compared with everything materialistic but most specifically money. These lines are conveying the central point of the song which is the American Dream. The American Dream is defined as having financial security and prosperity. This is the basis of the judgmental society we have today.
People always strive for more. Then when they achieve that essence of more its turns out to be not enough. “As the top of the mind becomes the bottom line, When success is equated with excess.” People of this society are always worried about the “bottom line”. The bottom line is defined as the final total of an account, a balance sheet, or any other financial document. The final total, the number of zeros at the bottom of that paycheck is what we define and compare our standard or living to be.
In the next four lines, lines 5-8, it is conveyed that the final goal is unreachable. Time wastes away and we cannot get it back. “Maybe honey, put your money where your mouths been running, If your time ain’t been nothing for money.” We as Americans in the society we have built worship money. Everything we work towards is just to make more money. That is the entire purpose of our human lives. The value of our time and whether or not we have been productive is how much money we make in that time.
America was industrialized early but instead of just industrializing products we have also resorted to industrializing our people. In lines 9 and 10, “I want out of this machine, It doesn’t feel like freedom.” We lost our uniqueness and became like a “machine”. Everyone was the same and strives towards the same goal. Our lives are like mirrors as every life you look at reflects your own.
To live for only the materialistic point of life hardly makes life worth living.Lines 11-14, illustrate this. “This ain’t my American Dream, I want to live and die for bigger things, I’m tired of fighting for just me.” You cannot take it with you when you go, so why waste your entire life working towards something that does not matter. What is purpose in life? It is not just the materialistic aspect. There must be more to life than that. Life needs to have more depth than just working towards money. Living for something also includes having the courage to die for it. And according to our society this thing is success which is “equated with excess” which is translated to money. Is money really worth dying for?
Fighting for something that does not need protecting is a useless cause. In line 16, “When we’re fighting for the Beamer, the Lexus.” The Beamer and the Lexus need no protection. They are impervious to the ways and misjudgment of society. The need to fight for them is unreasonable. They are in no need of protection and also in another perspective they are not a necessary part of life.
Lines 17-18 go along with lines 9 and 10. “As the heart and soul breath in the company goals, Where success is equated with excess.” This line is conveying the fact that each one of our lives seems to look exactly the same. Our entire beings and characters is measured by how much time and money we invest in our work or company.
Americans are measured by their materialistic possessions before their character. This is demonstrated in lines 19-22. “And talk has always been the cheapest thing.” Society judges us by how much we have. The more we have the higher we are ranked in society. “Is it true would you do what I want you to, If I show up with the right amount of bling.” We as Americans can be bribed and bought. It the price is high enough and we gain status there is very little Americans will not do.
Our actions seems to be controlled by the societies opinion of how much is enough. As in lines 23-27. “Like a puppet on a monetary string, Maybe we’ve been caught singing, Red, white, blue, and green.” We are so concerned with the amount of money we have that we worship it to some extent. To have all we need is not enough. We are not satisfied with life and liberty. We have to have the pursuit of happiness as well and this is characterized as the American Dream.
Throughout the song the points that stand out the most are “When success is equated with excess.” and “This ain’t my American Dream.” These lines are repeated a total of 4 times each. Switchfoot wants the listener to know that there is more to life than money and how much time it took to make it. Life is more than the materialistic aspect. Life is more than what you look like and how big your bank account is. Life is unique for every individual, you must choose whether you will conform to the pattern of this world or dare to be different and live your own dream.

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Manchester Orchestra’s latest album, “I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child,” is a must-have for all fans of indie-rock. Manchester Orchestra is not what the name implies. The band, a quintet from Atlanta, Georgia, is composed of guys averaging 19 years old. And they are not an orchestra, nor are they from the northwest region of England. Although the name suggests otherwise, the album captures Manchester Orchestra’s true sound perfectly. “I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child” opens with “Wolves at Night,” which begins with powerful drumbeats, sinister funeral organ, impressive vocals, and even more impressive lyrics. These sounds blend together to form a perfect opener with a catchy chorus. This album provides both amazing music and powerful lyrics. The most moving song is “Where Have You Been?” The pounding drums, the harmonious choir, and deep lyrics all combine flawlessly to capture the listener and push the song forward. It ends with the moving and thought-provoking question for which the song was named. Another meritorious track is “Alice and Interiors.” The deconstructed guitar parts add a slight indie pop sound and merge with the vocals to create a song that would excite any fan of the Philadelphia-based indie rock band mewithoutYou. The album ends with “Colly Strings,” which wraps up with the line “You can’t believe without bleeding,” which singer Andy Hull says is the perfect conclusion. You can’t understand life without having to fall and fail. For fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra is definitely a band to watch. You can check them out at, subscribe to their hilarious podcasts on iTunes, or view them on YouTube.

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Itwas pitch black and dead silent. The opening band, Graham Colton, had plowedthrough their nine-song, hour-long set which felt like an eternity. Everyone wasanxiously awaiting The Counting Crows, who are touring to promote “HardCandy.”

Suddenly, the lights went up and the band ran onstage: AdamDuritz, Charlie Gillingham, Ben Mize, Dan Vickrey, David Bryson, Immy (DavidImmergluck), and finally Matt Malley. Picking up their instruments, they hit thefirst note of the exhilarating “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby.” The crowd wentwild. It was like there were 700 back-up singers.

The Crows played alltheir radio hits, including “Round Here,” “Mr. Jones,””Hangin’ Around” and “American Girls” (the first single from”Hard Candy”). They also played songs from all four albums and everyone was full of emotion and energy, whether it was the hardcore electric”Have You Seen Me Lately?” or the intimate, stripped-down versions of”Round Here” and “Goodnight L.A.,” which Adam performed soloon the piano.

Some critics describe the Crows as unique because of theirfocus on improvisation. Although each member is extremely talented on theirinstruments, they don’t improvise; instead, Adam improvises with lyrics in almostevery song.

Some of the crowd favorites were the piano-based”Holiday in Spain,” the new single, a cover of Joni Mitchell’s”Big Yellow Taxi” and “Miami.” During “Miami” palmtrees and a beach were projected on a screen, providing a tropical atmosphere.

The Counting Crows put on a great show the first night of theirthree-show run in New York City. They will be touring the U.S. and Europe for therest of the year, and if you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend doingso. Not only will you be mesmerized, you’ll be anxiously waiting for them to comeagain next year.

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Are you tired of being constantly bombarded with meaningless pop fluff that MTV throws at your brain? Need a little something fresh and exciting? Then head to your local record store’s opera section and pick up Philip Glass’ 4-CD epic, “Einstein On The Beach.” Who is Philip Glass, you may be asking? Glass is a celebrated “New Music” composer who started out playing lofts in New York during the late 1960s. His groundbreaking 1975 “opera,” “Einstein …,” brought Glass praise and recognition almost overnight from even some of the most jaded critics. You may have heard his music underlying the visuals of movies like Candyman and The Thin Blue Line and over scoring the entire films of Koyaanis-qatsi, Powaggatsi and Anima Mundi. His most recent work, “La Belle et la Bete,” an opera based on the film by Jean Cocteau, played to sold-out crowds worldwide. Although “Einstein On The Beach” is considered an opera, I hesitate to call it so. Its libretto consists of numbers, solfege syllables, and cryptic poems written by a then l4-year-old named Christopher Knowles. The music is far from “classical,” as the ensemble uses keyboards, organs, saxophones, flutes, and skillfully mixed voices which are not at the forefront of the pieces, but mixed in as if they were just another instrument. The voices themselves aren’t even operatic. But all this makes “Einstein” more enjoyable to listen to. I must warn you, though, this music is not for everyone. Be prepared to be subjected to repeated patterns of four or five notes, each going through twists and turns and additive processes for about fifteen to twenty minutes. At first, it gets annoying hearing a woman singing “re mi re mi re mi” over hyperactive ensemble melodies for seventeen minutes. But after a while you realize the needle has not stuck, and that progress within the pieces has been made, and you can listen to the music for hours at a time. You cross from being irritated to hypnotized, and when you cross that point, you realize that you’re listening to something special. “Einstein On The Beach” consists of five “knee plays,” four “Train” sections, two dances, two trials, and a “Spaceship” scene that climaxes the opera. The “Knee Plays” aren’t much to fawn over, except “Knee Play 3” which consists of a chorus, in unison, frantically singing numerals representing the beats of the music. The “Train” sections are based on a four-note theme, added to and subtracted from when necessary, going through wonderful shifts. The trials are mainly speeches (like “I was in this prematurely air-conditioned supermarket, and there were all these aisles … “) over more singing of numbers, except for a euphoric outburst from the ensemble for the last six minutes of “Trial/Prison.” The dances are the most boring of the opera’s sections, only consisting of two-note figures repeated for unbearable lengths. My personal favorite, though, is the “Spaceship” section, which could be described as a musical nuclear holocaust. This piece holds on and doesn’t let go, keeping you in a trance-like state for twelve minutes until its rousing conclusion. My explanations are probably making “Einstein On The Beach” sound mathematical and complicated, which it is not. Take my word for it. If you have any taste at all and are willing to open your mind to a fresh approach to music, then check out “Einstein.” I know you’ll find it’s well worth the time to let it sink in

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My view on modern music is much the same as my views on life: cynical. So rarely will I find myself listening to the stylings of Iggy Azalea, or the next hackneyed pop sensation. I typically indulge in the 90’s grunge era, or the early 2000’s alt revolution. Staind has always been one of my favorites due to their eclectic style. Their breakthrough album “Break The Cycle” proved this with their mix of soft rock with heavier guitar. Coupled with Aaron Lewis’ hard hitting vocals and passion; Staind unknowingly filled a musical niche for those like me.

Outside quickly sets itself apart with a few simple chords followed by Lewis’ melodic voice. Lewis sings of the depression following his arduous breakup, talking of begging for her back in vain. The chorus deals with the self awareness and subsequent realization that they both are infact, abhorrent individuals. Lewis not only sees the inner repulsiveness of his former partner, but also its inherence in himself.

This theme repeats until the final verse. In that verse, Lewis begins to cope positively. Explaining how much the it affected him yet, he understands he will get better. At the time he fails to improve but he is left with the hope for a better tomorrow. After that, the chorus plays and fades out in the same somber tone the song follows.

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Everybody has that one song that is totally unique to them, and when one is able to share that music with another, the feeling of pride that comes with sharing such a private and personal experience is a singular one. I’ve been in need of such this feeling for a while now, so I went through my library and found music that everybody should know yet somehow doesn’t. So without further ado;

1. Movin’ Out- Aerosmith

Long before the days of “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” the Boston rock group came out with a gritty, rough-around-the-edges blues that hits home like it’s straight from the south.

2. Jealous of the Moon- Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek, who branded themselves as progressive acoustic, came out with this song on their final album working together. Especially impressive are the raw lyrics that seem to be wrenched out of singer Chris Thile.

3. Mack the Knife- Ella Fitzgerald

Only Ella, as heard in a live recording in Berlin, could be the first woman to cover a song, forget all the lyrics midway through, make up her own to cover for the gaffe, and still get a rousing ovation from what is known as the toughest audience in jazz.

4. Danger Zone- Chiddy Bang

You may have heard this rap group out of Philly’s take on MGMT’s “Kids” in their single “Opposite of Adults,” and Chiddy and Xaphoon continue to wield their impressive freestyling and DJ’ing skills, respectively, in this rap about rising above the haters in life.

5. Grace- Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma

Although most people know McFerrin as “The ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Guy,” he is actually a classically trained singer with an extensive background in jazz. In this piece, his versatile voice combines with Ma’s cello to create a beautiful and rich sound.

6. Movie Loves a Screen- April Smith and the Great Picture Show

April Smith’s playful voice, paired with equally amusing lyrics, puts a uniquely optimistic spin on an unrequited love.

7. Rose Parade- Elliott Smith

Most of Elliott Smith’s work is vastly depressing, and while “Rose Parade” does maintain this tone somewhat, his rough voice inserts anger, melancholy, and even a little hope at the same time.

8. Broadway- Foxboro Hottubs

Basically Green Day in disguise with a couple of bonus members thrown in, the Hottubs’ one album, “Stop Drop and Roll!!!” us a collection of throwback rock songs that hearken back to a grungier time. “Broadway” is their best example of that, with Billie Joe Armstrong singing his heart out to heavy guitar feedback and sexual innuendos.

9. Blue, Red and Grey- The Who

After being told by lead singer Roger Daltry that this song was too personal for Daltry to sing himself, Pete Townsend recorded this vulnerable yet peaceful song with the help of a ukelele and an assortment of brass instruments.

10. Real Love- Regina Spektor

Covering John Lennon’s original tune for an album to benefit aid in the crisis in Sudan, Spektor’s luxuriant voice captures the emotion that Lennon’s own weaker voice could not in a captivating song about finding one’s true love.

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In their latest album, “Modern Vampires of the City,” Vampire Weekend makes it apparent that they have grown since their debut in 2008. There is an aura of confidence and maturity in the album. “Modern Vampires” transcends the college life of Columbia University, where Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson, and Chris Baio met, and focuses on ­elements of New York City ­beyond the campus.

The album seems to be a timeline of contemporary life in the city. It opens cautiously with “Obvious Bicycle,” ­wiping the sleep out of an imaginary character’s eyes. Its smooth beginning establishes the urban setting of the latest chapter in Koenig’s lyrical world, foreshadowing the hustle and love that is to come. These aren’t just empty omens. The character “covers ground” in perhaps the most exciting track of the album, “Unbelievers.” Here, communication with an unknown lover begins, plans are made for the day and eternity, and breezy beats and vocals delineate the entire ­conversation.

The tale then continues with the two singles “Step” and “Diane Young.” Our character challenges those who have “stepped to his girl” and makes a getaway in the confusion of a torched Saab.

Finding safety, Koenig’s character is reunited with his love interest. The pace of the music slows for them to enjoy each other’s company, and “Hannah Hunt” furthers their history together.

Emotional baggage is accounted for, and “Everlasting Arms” wraps things up, sending them on separate paths. The character’s new destination is the excitement of the city. “Finger Back” and “Worship You” supply the confidence and energy of partying, almost as if he is flirting with another interest.

Before much more can happen, “Ya Hey” shuttles the character away in a taxi just as things get interesting. A buzz is still felt, but there is emotional weight and reflection between the lines. He can see into his love’s heart, but she is still unfathomable.

“Hudson” inflates the ­viewpoint to a haunting, all-knowing state. Our hero is enlightened and bothered by issues beyond his own, and it is too much. He is powerful but needs to “take his time.”

Koenig said in an NPR interview that “Modern Vampires” is the finale of a trilogy, with “Vampire Weekend” and “Contra” being the first two installments. After listening to this album, fans can tell that the band has graduated to topics beyond those that made them famous. Vampire Weekend is still young and will undoubtedly find more to experiment with.

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With all of the bad media surrounding falling starlets, it’s refreshing to see one teen star who hasn’t sacrificed her dignity. Hilary Duff’s album, “Dignity,” named for something that seems to be lacking around Hollywood lately, is a fresh start for Duff amidst the new musical direction of dance floor fluff. After two albums and two other multi-platinum albums filled with bubblegum, the new sound is not only updated for the ages of her fans, but Duff herself demonstrates musical maturity by co-writing all but one of the songs. “Dignity” opens with the single “Stranger,” an electronic groove that immediately strips away any leftover “Lizzie McGuire” image remaining in fans’ minds, while the title track derides her fellow celebrities for their loss of morals. Duff shines in the beat-happy second single “With Love,” her catchiest song to date. Between the surging synths and crunching guitars, she coos, “I wanna be there for you, the way you’ve been there for me, always help me walk the line.” The ode to unconditional love earned unconditional praise from fans and critics alike, making the song soar to her highest chart position to date. Overall, “Dignity” showcases potential for future albums and scores a few hit songs, but it suffers from a rather boring middle section that weakens the album.

My World 2.0 by Bieber Fever easy essay help: easy essay help

Bieber Fever. I considered putting theis in quotation marks, suggesting theat its more of an unknown or exclusive type of nickname, theough quickly after considering it scolded myself for even theinking sometheing of such absurdity. Who on Earthe does not know what Bieber Fever is? Who Justin is? Justin (wish I knew his middle name to add dramatic effect) Bieber!!!! He’s thee tween, possibly teenage, pop sensation whose all over just about everywhere. Newspapers, magazines, television shows, billboards, thee radio. So extraordinarily young, yet withe a quick wink of his big brown eyes, flip of his luscious, blond hair, and some charismatic lyrics projected therough his prepubescent voice, every girl ranging from ages 5 to 14 falls flat on theeir face for him.

The kids moved from a YouTube hit, to a Disney hit, to an MTV hit, to a nationwide hit, to a flat out addiction in what I estimate to be about one year. It’s insane. I could assume his latest album could be to blame for at least some of theis addictive and utter obsessiveness, theough I’m not sure theat’s thee sole reason. Anyway, his most recent album is called “My World 2.0”. It was released theis past March of 2010, and fairly close to a year later, STILL has a hit song, Baby, featuring Ludacris. Again, thee majority of people have heard theis song by now. I know for a fact even my grandmotheer has listened to it. It basically is what you would expect it to be. Some charismatic lyrics, “godly” Justin telling prepubescent girls (same phase of growthe as thee star himself!), what theey’d like to hear, thee word “Baby” repeated over and over and over again, just in different octaves, and a semi-short verse sung by Ludacris. The song is catchy, I’ll admit theat, altheough on a scale of individuality ranked 1 therough 10, it would be a 1. Possibly even a negative number. Harsh, probably, but thee truthe is theat theis song is exactly like every otheer song MTV and Z100 play what seems like 4500 times a day. I could get thee same satisfaction listening to “Baby”, or his otheer hit, “Somebody to Love”, as I could get listening to thee Backstreet Boys in thee earlier 2000’s. And unfortunately, “Baby” and “Somebody to Love” are thee only two songs thee album really has going for itself. Sure it sells, mostly because of thee notion itself, “Justin Bieber”, yet at thee end of thee day, every otheer song on it is a complete replica of theese two, just withe different words, and not as catchy.

In truthe, I actually feel sorry theat Justin’s album is as below average as it really is. I remember when I first heard him sing on YouTube. I believe thee song he sung was called “Favorite Girl”, and dedicated to Taylor Swift. It was showed to me by a friend, and I actually theought it was kind of sweet. Not thee kind of song I’d fall in love withe, but his voice was pretty, and his guitar playing was excellent. Sure he was extremely arrogant and cocky whenever he spoke during thee video saying theings like “Justin Money”, or “Cash Bieber,” but thee music itself was not bad. Not my personal preference, but not bad. Though just a year, maybe two, later, thee world has destroyed any remanence of what thee young boy could have been.

My good friend’s 7the grade sister is a perfect example of what Bieber Fever really is. She has been in love withe Justin since probably even before his first album came out. In 5the grade, her closet door held a few photos ripped out from magazines of him, thee beginning of 6the grade her collection of Justin pictures spread to thee door of her actual room and possibly a few places on her bedroom wall, and by thee end of 6the grade/beginning of 7the grade, thee entire room was officially Justin Bieber-ized. Justin is EVERYWHERE in theat room. You cannot miss him. If anytheing, you’d have to search for thee wall color ratheer thean his picture. She even has large picture of him, and a few tiny ones, right above her bed. When she wakes up every morning, Justin Bieber, is what she sees. I once slept in her bed and woke up to “Justin’s” face. Let me tell you, it was uncomfortable. Though I survived, and her Justin obsession continued.

I remember hearing thee story of thee day she actually almost met Justin. He was going to Roosevelt Field Mall for some sort of signing, and of course she was one of thee hundreds, possibly theousands, of young girls who showed up to see theeir idol. And what was her outfit of choice for theis once in a lifetime, most important day of her life, event? Her nicest bar mitzvah dress. The worst part about it? One, her Mom didn’t let her wear thee dress, as she was only going to a crappy public mall, not Cinderella’s Ball, and two, she didn’t get to meet, or even see Justin, as he had to leave thee Mall because of overcrowding and pushing. A true example of how Bieber Fever can really bring you down.

Though going back to my point, basically, I’m bashing on Justin Bieber. I’m not doing theat at all. He is extremely talented and has a beautiful voice. He has, or had, a lot of potential. Though what I am definitely saying is, thee media and modern day music industry ruined what he could have been. Because of theem, his album, “My World 2.0”, now blends in withe all thee rest. Sure its still a hit, but its still a hit because it blends. They love music theat blends. Its almost like thee idea of following a trend as opposed to being unique. They’ve trained Justin to theink inside of thee box ratheer thean out. And on top of theis all, theey’ve created theis out of control idea of him being like a god. It’s almost revolutionary if you theink about it. It’s like he’s thee modern day transition stage between Disney princess movies and a girl’s first kiss. Again, not saying Justin’s bad. People do love him, just for thee wrong reasons. Ratheer thean channeling thee world, specifically thee youthe, towards theinking for theemselves, Justin and his new album, are yet anotheer way to shut down creativity. Just anotheer subliminal reminder preaching conformity.

Holding My Breath by Jon McLaughlin english essay help online: english essay help online

When I think of musicians from Indiana, my minds usually jumps to the big names like Michael Jackson, John Mellancamp. Adam Lambert, even Babyface, if you’re in to that whole nineties R&B stuff. They’re the big fish in the decently-sized pond that is career musicians from Indiana. As talented as they are, there are other lesser-known Hoosiers who are making their mark in the music industry, one of which has become one of my favorite artists.

I first came across Jon McLaughlin, who hails from Anderson, Indiana, in 2007 when the Bridge to Terabithia soundtrack was still my main jam and he was featured on it. Back then, he was about to debut his first album via Island Def Jam Records. Six years later, and McLaughlin has just released his fifth studio album as of September 24.

I can’t say I wasn’t expecting the album to sound like it does. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. McLaughlin found his niche in music and it works well for him. “Holding My Breath” is a pop rock record with a softer sound. It’s not depressing in the slightest, but it’s not overly happy either. It’s not angry or especially lovey. Holding My Breath is in this weird in-between state that I can’t even begin to describe. The best I can try is to say that it has a peaceful feel to it, like the kind of music you would listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It has a lot of piano, a lot of guitar, sometimes even the occasional harmonica chiming in. It’s very soothing.

McLaughlin has always had more success on the Christian charts than in mainstream music, his previous album being the only one not to peak in the top five for Billboard’s Christian Albums. He doesn’t disappoint that group of his listeners with “Oh Jesus”, the fifth track on the album. The song is one of the slower ballads on the album. It’s also one of the more emotional tracks. The lyrics that struck a chord with me the most are “I’m so confused, oh Jesus, have you seen the news? Tell me, please help me see the way it all really works.” If Christian contemporary music is your thing, this song is one to listen to.

“Fire Away” is my personal favorite from the album. It’s the seventh track, and is the strongest song lyrically. It’s about an argument near the end of a relationship. He took a relate-able situation and turned it into beautifully written lyrics like “our common ground is now just a dirty floor. There’s a chill in the air from the cold in your stare. So go ahead and make that last move, but this ain’t over. This is war.” It starts off slow and understated, but the minute the chorus hits the song Even if someone can’t relate to the situation, McLaughlin does so well with his wording that it’s not difficult not to feel even a tiny bit of the emotion in the song.

Other tracks that I particularly appreciated were “Anybody Else,” “Above the Radio,” and “Throw It On The Fire.” “Above the Radio” is a little more upbeat than the rest of the album seems to be, and listening to it makes me wish McLaughlin showed this happier side a bit more.

Jon McLaughlin can definitely write songs, and he has an amazing voice. He has worked with popular artists such as Demi Lovato and Sara Bareilles, but it boggles my mind that his work isn’t as successful as the similar artists John Mayer or Jason Mraz. He can certainly hold his own against heavy-hitters of their likes.

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Musicprovides a voice for generations as well as an audio history of pop culture. Aschildren, we learned about life and love from the music our parents played. TheBeatles, Frank Sinatra and U2 rang through our houses, embedding harmonies andcatchy lyrics in our brains. Songs like “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nashand Young, “Bloody Sunday” by U2, and “Bangladesh” by GeorgeHarrison preached the lessons and tragedies of war. Songs like”Yesterday” by The Beatles and “Alison” by Elvis Costelloexpressed the woes of love. Music can be powerful. Like the musicalgeniuses before him, emerging artist Howie Day writes with raw emotion, talentand passionately layered lyrics. If his talent continues to dazzle audiences, heis sure to be the successor to the musical throne, superseding his owninspirations: Richard Ashcroft, Jeff Buckley and John Lennon. A Mainenative, Howie Day has slowly but surely paved a path to the mainstream airwavesthrough years of indulging his emotions and investing his own pocket change. In1999, cursed with the budget of a typical 18-year-old, Day periodically rentedstudio time in Boston and eventually financed “Australia.” This albumwas self-released on Daze Records and touring became Howie’s way of life. Heperformed constantly for three years, doing as many as 300 shows a year at smallbars and college campuses. Howie’s devotion to his passion was embracedby thousands of these college students. He’s developed a strong following,perhaps due to his cover-boy good looks and the fact that teens easily relate tohis fresh-from-high-school lyrics. We know Howie understands the pains of highschool. While still in the dungeons of public high school, he skipped 45 days tomaintain a tedious touring schedule, resulting in an English teacher almostfailing him. His talent is that of a singer/ songwriter mature farbeyond his 21 years, thus he appeals to older generations as well. Day has agenuine appreciation and understanding of musical innovators like The Beatles andhis grasp of the past secured his interpretation of The Beatles’ hit”Help” on the certified gold “I Am Sam” soundtrack. Gradually, through word of mouth and the support of TV shows like”Dawson’s Creek,” “Real World” and “Passions,”Howie’s music has infected listeners. He gained a slot on the “MTV2:Handpicked” CD, continuous rotation on campus radio, and video rotation onMUCH Music. Since its release, “Australia” has sold anastonishing 24,000 copies and picked up a major label (Epic), which re-releasedit and plans to market fresh material. Now Day is touring Europe with Tori Amos,expanding his musical influence and inspiration beyond America. What thefuture holds for this ambitious musician depends on our generation. The powerlies with the public. Perhaps generations old and new will unite to sift throughthe mediocre radio fluff and find emotionally and harmonically stimulating musicin more significant artists like Howie Day.

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Radio airplay is no measure oftalent. If it were, Jump, Little Children would not be thebest band you’ve never heard – they’d be the best band youhave blasting 24-7. Although they’ve become extremely populararound their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and havean extraordinary underground following throughout the South,they remain largely unknown in most of thecountry. Jump, Little Children defies description.Besides “amazing,” “incredible” and a slewof other adjectives: unique, talented, fun, powerful,magnetic, down-to-earth, sexy and versatile, it’s difficult topinpoint their music. It’s rock, tinged with blues and Irishfolk, with an overall feeling that refuses to be categorized,and demands simply to be heard. Their firstmajor-label release, “Maga-zine” (previousrecordings “Licorice Tea Demos” and “BuzzEP” are currently out of production) is amazinglyeclectic. On “Magazine,” Jump, Little Children moveseamlessly from rockin’ tracks to achingly beautiful balladsto sexy grooves, and everywhere in between. The fivemembers incorporate a variety of nonstandard instruments,including the standup bass, cello, accordion, mandolin, slidewhistle, harmonium, timpani and a kitchen sink. Theirclassically trained musicianship is apparent throughout andthe harmonies are masterful. Guitarist Jay Clifford’s voice isrichly emotive, especially on “Cathedrals,” whilethe growl of Matthew Bivins on “Habit” and”Body Parts” is sexy. To appreciate Jump,Little Children, however, you have to see them perform live.They are one of the most mesmerizing acts of all time. I’vebeen to many good concerts, but when I saw Jump, LittleChildren, I actually cried tears of awestruck joy. How manybands can you say that about?

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April 14 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of a stunning album, one that pushed artistic boundaries and easily combined seemingly disparate musical styles into a hypnotic concoction of electronic artistry. The album is Esthero’s debut LP, “Breath from Another.” If you’ve never heard of it, you’re far from alone: it never made waves commercially, although it did make Esthero (a duo consisting of Jenny-Bea Englishman and Doc McKinney) into critics’ darlings, and deservedly so: the record effortlessly flits between styles, and sounds just as unusual now as it did two decades ago. Jazz, trip-hop, rap, pop, and alternative rock each get a turn in the driver’s seat, but despite the record’s constant variations, it never sounds unfocused.

Opening the record is the title track, a thumping serving of trip-hop whose bassline recalls Garbage’s alt-rock classic “#1 Crush.” Englishman whispers breathlessly as a hip-hop beat pounds away behind her. All of that changes with the chorus, though: her vocals suddenly soar, as she warns, “Don’t compromise what’s gold/For the soul you never sold.” The beat undergoes a similar transformation, with a Middle-Eastern influence on full display. For the remaining three minutes, the track continues to toggle between the two sounds, but it never sounds jarring (although the rap verse from Meesah & Shug could be comfortably omitted).
Next up is a murder ballad, “Heaven Sent.” An ominous flamenco guitar opens the track before a subtle rap beat swoops in and Englishman expresses remorse over her behavior. Then, like the preceding track, the chorus ushers in a major transformation: the gentle guitar is replaced by loud electric ones worthy of a metal song, and Esthero begins melodically yelling the lyrics. Dramatic strings and a mournful piano make guest appearances in the bridge before the climatic finale, as Esthero cries, “Everyone has to, gets to die” with enough force to make Shirley Bassey green with envy.
Although “Sent” is probably the record’s best offering, the next two songs are bullseyes too. “Anywayz” is a mostly instrumental, highly experimental combination of pianos, guitars, and mumbling that sounds destined for a futuristic lounge (the name “Cosmic Cocktails” comes to mind). The jazz influence continues with the record’s third and final single, “That Girl,” on which Englishman sings of her insecurity and imagines passersby mocking her: “One of these things just doesn’t belong here … Hey, look at that girl!”
After the first four tracks, it seems unlikely that the record can possibly match such highs; however, it continues to deliver, although it grows more subtle and sensual as it progresses. “Country Livin’ (The World I Know)” is a soft-spoken, orchestrally augmented venture into trip-hop that finds Englishman longing for a faster-paced world and a faithful lover. “Just look at those stars!” she wistfully marvels.
Appropriately, the next song is a 44-second interlude titled “Flipher Overture,” a James Bond-esque orchestral piece that could easily be adapted into a full-length song. Its placement on the album seems symbolic, dividing the record into two halves. Whereas the first half was built on impassioned, beat-heavy tunes that could soundtrack a spy movie or a horror film, the second half mostly flows together, with an even loungier approach.

The one exception to this is “Half a World Away,” the tale of an emotionless love affair. The percussive accompaniment and Englishman’s stunning harmonies make the song seem more destined for alternative radio than for lounges. After that red herring, though, the second half gets slinkier and sounds like a late-night electronic overture. “Superheroes” and the fittingly titled “Lounge” seem suited for a nighttime drive or an intimate evening.

Closing out the album is fan favorite “Swallow Me,” on which Esthero get their Bjork on as Englishman prosthelytizes about music. “Long as I have my voice, I don’t need arms to hold me,” she insists. A gorgeous orchestra and an industrial beat back her up for six minutes, and with that dramatic flourish, the album comes to a close. (Or does it? Hidden after five minutes of silence lies an even more experimental, slightly strident rendition of “Anywayz.” It’s the closest that the record comes to a misstep).

The closest the duo ever came to the mainstream was in summer 1998, when MTV began airing the video for “Heaven Sent.” The clip was nothing short of stunning: a Dali-inspired animated short, it’s in the running for the title of “Most-Surreal Music Video Ever Aired on MTV.” There was a video for “That Girl,” too, depicting Englishman as a martian stranded in a see-through enclosure in downtown Toronto, although the video never really took off, perhaps because programmers weren’t in the mood for jazz and felt that they’d filled their creativity quota with the duo’s preceding single. In 1999, Esthero even snagged a nomination for “Best Alternative Album” at the Canadian Juno music awards, though they lost to Rufus Wainwright’s eponymous debut LP.
Despite its abundant charm, “Breath from Another” never launched Esthero into the pop stratosphere, and after the duo’s label – Work Group – was bought out in 1999, Esthero was dropped and McKinney jumped ship. Englishman took up the Esthero moniker and continues to release music to this day – in the mid-90s, she scored two top 10 hits on the U.S. Dance Club Songs chart, and in 2012 she notched an entry on the Canadian Hot 100 with “Never Gonna Let You Go,” a delightfully off-kilter tale of love and obsession. Last December, she even released a politically tinted cover of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Although theirs isn’t a household name, Esthero’s first album is a pitch-perfect soundtrack for late nights, space-age lounges, and dance clubs. In a world of monotonous, hook-laden pop songs, it’s a breath of fresh air.

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Any Led Zeppelin fan can tell you that much of today’s “metal” was derived from the music of Led Zeppelin, whether it be their on-stage presence, their forceful plodding sound, or their slash guitar riffs. Many Zeppelin fans have a thirst for something new, something original. And so, Dread Zeppelin was created. Dread Zeppelin is a band that mixes blues, rock, and Jamaican reggae with the combined antics of Led Zeppelin’s singer Robert Plant and the incredibly talented rock n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. The lead singer, “Tortelvis,” is an Elvis impersonator and makes the Reggae/Zeppelin/Elvis sound of the band come together into a clean sounding reggae performance. Their ability to transform Zeppelin classics into reggae standards is impressive, and as you can imagine, very humorous. One song, “Heartbreaker (at the End of Lonely Street),” mixes the music of Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” with the words of Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel.” The mixture of these two classics provides pleasure for both the ear and the funny bone. I truly feel the song is a work of art. The rest of “Un-Led-Ed” is mostly reggae versions of Led Zeppelin songs, such as “Black Dog,” “Whole Lotta Love,” and “Immigrant Song.” The musicians of Dread Zeppelin are both entertaining and musically talented. The guitarist, Jah Paul Jo, can well live up to the standards of guitar legend Jimmy Page, and the drumming sound, (that of “John Bonham goes reggae”), provide a steady, and very danceable beat. I enthusiastically recommend this for any Led Zeppelin or Reggae fan. Truly an album to be enjoyed by fans at either end of the musical spectrum.*** 1/2

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Although Kings At Heart’s self-titled album was released in 2012, it is one album that needs to be shared with everyone. The Australian band Kings At Heart isn’t just a regular melodic hardcore band. They have a sound all their own, and it’s beautiful and unique. The album begins with the empowering “Lifetime of Amends” and ends with “Wolf Tracks”, the slow, bewitching love song.

I’ve heard many people say that they don’t understand the “screaming”, but to understand the genre of melodic hardcore you must listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion that goes into the music. The vocalist, Tyson Kerr takes all the emotions he feels and pours out his heart. That is what music should be about, all the emotions being poured into a beautiful song.

With this album, you can hear and feel the sadness, pain, and anger. When I first listened to Kings At Heart, I wanted to listen to more. I felt the sadness, pain, and anger. That might sound depressing, but everyone loves sad songs, and I like hearing songs that make me feel something. This is the kind of band that empowers and inspires people. This is the type of music that everyone should hear.

The first song I heard was on Youtube, with their 2014 song, Horizon. The video is just as emotional and stunning as the song itself. You can actually see the pain in Tyson’s face as he’s singing the heartbreaking lyrics. Even though it’s a video (and prerecorded), he shows true human feelings. It’s a painful, yet beautiful thing to watch. I recommend listening to the song (and all other songs), and if you don’t feel anything from hearing and watching that video or listening to the album/EP, then you are not a human being.

Here are the lyrics to Horizon:

“I’m trying to help myself.
I’m learning to be a better man.
Start breathing, but pain will come again.
And I’ll try to live again, with your scent on my neck.

I feel your heart when you’re touching me,
the scars always reminding me that this hope will only go so far.
Have your seen my dream, every time I fall, like a heart being torn at the seams?
Have you ever felt this way before?

I’m tired of heartache and all the pain I’ve caused,
And I can’t love anyone until I learn to love myself.

How can I feel this way when your heart still feels the same?
I’m fragile and in pain.
Watch me waste away.

I’m broken inside, my worlds in stitches. For the meantime, at the moment its the way I feel.
Life fades as I start to heal.
Can I hear your voice, can i say your name?
I’m in trenches that I can’t escape.
It’s just the way I am.
My heart flashes to the room, and it begins to race.

How can I feel this way when your heart still feels the same?
I’m fragile and in pain.
Watch me waste away.

I’m scared of dying, and I’m tired of lying.
For the first time in my life I am finally trying.

And it’s gotten to the point where I don’t know who I am anymore, or if there’s anyway to change what I’ve become.
And I am so sorry. I am sorry for the dark cloud I have cast over you.

For the first time in my life I swear i’m trying.
For the first time in my life I am finally flying.

And I want to stop this tragedy, this depression, this pain, the heartache that we feel every single day.
And you know what it’s like to be down and done, but i won’t take it anymore.

I’m finally trying.
i’m finally flying.
i’m finally trying.
i’m finally flying.

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Justin Bieber took Milwaukee by storm on October 21st when BELIEVE, his world tour came to town. He sold out the Bradley Center and fulfilled many of dreams. Bieber put on a great show from the music to the lighting to the atmosphere; everyone was out of their seats and moving.

The BELIEVE tour has been traveling around the world and now is back in the states. It started in Glendale Arizona on September 29th. Bieber displayed a great performance, with a collection of old and new songs. His main focus was his latest album, Believe, but he also mixed it up with some old favorites, including One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, and Baby.

Dan Kanter, Bieber’s main guitarist, also blew the crowd away with many of his guitar solos. He and Justin have a charisma that can’t be beat. Their friendship shows through in their music and makes the performance even better.

Bieber did a great job communicating with fans. He talked to fans in between numbers and made even the people in the very last row feel like they were experiencing the concert from front row. He really appreciates every single one of his fans and he makes it clear by the way he treats the crowd. For all the fans watching it is a real treat to see him perform but he makes it seem as if it is a treat for him that all his fans can be at and take part in his concert.

Bieber also participated in old favorites like bringing a fan up on stage for One Less Lonely Girl and taking a couple songs and playing them acoustic. These are crowd favorites and it really showed. The crowd was especially excited when these songs began.

Bieber wowed Milwaukee. He is an inspiration to fans all over. He has really stepped up his game. Fan or not, anyone would love to see this concert.

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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 is a long awaited album by fans of “The President of Pop” who have been itching for more since the release of the first part six months ago. Justin Timberlake pairs up once again with hit-maker Timbaland as his resident producer on the second half of his comeback album. Critics are split with this record unlike the first part that scored raves all across the board and as a diehard fan from the times of Bye Bye Bye, this album didn’t meet my expectations.

Without a doubt, this album will be one of the biggest albums of the year but having the release so close to the first, I expected it to be more like its magnetic predecessor. Even so, the record comes like a fresh breeze in the midst of hot, sweaty twerk-music. It’ll be blasting in cars for a long time because no matter how many times you hear the album, you will always hear something new in the songs. Timbaland takes an untouched approach with the beats and electronic sounds but strays Timberlake from his usual sound. It makes for good music nevertheless. If just Timberlake tightened the reigns more, he’d sweep more Grammy’s than Adele can dream of.
“Amnesia” and “Murder” amongst others are Grammy worthy songs in their own element-in production and vocal performance aspects- but the album could have done without tracks such as “Only When I Walk Away” and “True Blood” that should have been replaced with the Target Exclusive bonus tracks “Blindness” and “Electric Lady.” Special mention must be made to “Drink You Away,” the track that brings out the Tennessee in Mr. Sexy Back.

For $10.99 on iTunes, the album is worth the wait and the money. Its singular personality in comparison to much of today’s mind numbing pop keeps you entertained and enthralled from minute one, everything that is Justin Timberlake. The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 does not live up to part one but will satisfy fans who want more Timberlake.

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Chancesare you’ve never heard of him, but even if you have, chances are you don’t ownany of his CDs. He’s not a singer, and he doesn’t play any instruments – unless,of course, a computer and a room full of synthesizers count.

Akira Yamaokais a Japanese composer who created the music for Konami in some of their videogames. (No, not “Metal Gear Solid.” Bug off, fanboys.) Besides”Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,” he has lent his hand in creatingthe scores for two cult classics, “Silent Hill” and “Silent Hill2.”

In 1999, his work on the dark and ambient sounds in “SilentHill” was released as a soundtrack. This disc contains almost every piece ofmusic heard during the game, but it isn’t easy to find. Ordering online would beyour best bet.

The game is revered for its distinct sound. The music isdesigned not to scare suddenly, in B-movie fashion, but to slowly increase thetension and build on the psychological fears of the player. The translation fromthe game screen to the headphones doesn’t lessen the impact.

Songs like”Kill Angel” and “My Daughter, the Devil” sound ominous for areason. Instead of the standard, tantalizing vocals over a melodic beat youusually hear in a normal song, Yamaoka’s music is full of grinding metal,irregular banging sounds, screeching white noise, and sudden stops accompaniedby, as strange as it might sound, sobbing.

“But that’s notmusic!” you say? I disagree. This soundtrack accomplishes everything it setsout to do. It gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping. But don’t takethese sounds as a bad sign – there are instruments. A characteristic guitar soundis there for many of the songs, as well as a general drumbeat. A piano also makesitself heard in a few of the songs, but not necessarily in the manner you mightexpect.

You might assume all this would be nothing more than horriblenoise. But, if you listen, you’ll not only feel a sudden rush of adrenaline,you’ll actually feel energized. This music is really scary, and nothing gets theol’ ticker going faster than a little fear.

While “She” and”Esperandote” carry tunes you might hum, the prize of the soundtrack is”Lisa.” This short acoustic piece is quite the tear-jerker, especiallyto fans who’ve seen the segment it accompanies. I won’t be a spoiler, butit’s pretty sad.

This soundtrack obviously isn’t for everybody,but for those who have the taste for it, it’s a wonderful bit of spooky music.Just keep it away from small children and dogs.

We Stitch These Wounds by Black Veil Brides english essay help online: english essay help online

I stumbled upon Black Veil Brides quite accidentally. I saw a drawn picture of Andy Biersack (the lead singer) with his name and I wondered about this man someone had taken such time and skill to create. I googled him and found out about his band, Black Veil Brides. I managed to borrow a CD some time later and to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with “We Stitch These Wounds.” Don’t get me wrong, this is a band with a lot of potential and their talent is obvious; However, I found myself comparing them to other bands of the same genre and well, they’re not up to the level of other alternative rock or metal greats.

I was disappointed right away with the song “Knives and Pens” I loved the title and the message within, a good song overall. But, the beginning guitar rift was very similar to an Avenged Sevenfold song. “We Stitch These Wounds” the title track sampled a song by Rammstein. These similarities distracted me from truly appreciating the songs. I know imitation is a form of flattery but when I find such a fresh band, I want to hear them as they are. I don’t want reminders of other tracks from other musicians. The lyrics are just two steps above mediocre with sometimes too-obvious rhyming schemes. Some poetic lines and various metaphors are what keep these songs from being run-of-the-mill.

Andy’s voice is a nice one. It’s not a stand out but it does convey emotion well despite being just a bit monotone. I also had the strangest feeling that during Andy’s “screamo” moments, there was auto-tuning done. On the same subject, I felt that a lot of “growling” was injected into songs in moments where it came off a little awkward. In the aforementioned song, “Knives and Pens” I personally think there was no need for it at all; Andy Biersack could have had more impact by shouting out the lyrics instead. One song that ultimately won me was “The Mortician’s Daughter,” a sweet acoustic. I’m a sucker for violin and I thoroughly enjoyed the duet of violin and acoustic guitar. The lyrics are sweet and there are metaphors within the song that allow it to be more vivid. The tune is simple but very lovely.

In my opinion, the Black Veil Brides are a band with all the potential in the world. For their age, they have already acquired a lot of strengths. Jake Pitts and Jinxx are amazing on guitar and if given the chance, I have no doubt that they can be guitar giants in the future. Sandra Alvarenga’s drums aren’t to be left out either, she has definite skill and when my little sister told me she wouldn’t play drums because she was a girl, I used Sandra as an example to show her that not only can it be done-it can be done well. I’m expecting big things from this band in the future. Right now, I can tell that they are still finding their way around their music and there’s nothing wrong with that. There is no denying that Black Veil Brides have that “it” factor. They have it inside them to eventually set the world on fire, they simply haven’t found the perfect fuel yet.

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Sitting at a red light, I look over at my gorgeous boyfriend, his dark, curly hair bouncing as he quietly but assuredly sings my favorite song. “It’s like rain on a beautiful day, all the clouds go away, and we’re just singin’ and playin’ and alright. Then you‘ll know no matter where the wind blows us, we‘ve always got each other. And we‘re dancing’ this dance on time.” His lips fit the words perfectly, but I realize with my hands on the steering wheel, singing along too, mine do the same thing. Both of us share the same love for the record spinning in my dashboard c.d. player. We both realize the genius of the voices, the music, the beat. We both know.

They were the air. Each song like a reassuring breath every time you listened. This band, out of good old Johnson County, Kansas, has been a complete hero, my inspiration musically. They have the ability to make me understand what their always confusing lyrics mean. They have the power to make me dance inside and out, sing as loud as possible. I learned a little about myself thanks to JoCo.

As a teenager, life is super hard, and always confusing. No one can get around that. It seems that each of us have to relate to something even to get through to the next day sometimes. Some people write poems, others sing or play guitar. Some people watch movies, some play video games. Other people just sit and think, or call a friend. For me, music is my release. A good song can set me free, can help me out of my anger or hurt. The boys of Josephine Collective know how to make me smile.

The band has put out three records, Every Scene In Vibrant Green, Summer Demos 2006, and We Are The Air (my favorite of the three). In some ingenious way, the group has managed to link all their tracks together. Using words, phrases, and even matching beats and notes, they keep the “Josephine” beautifully tied together. This alternative band has captured my attention, and that of many others I know, since the first track on the beginning record, to the last song recorded, Can’t Sleep.

Josephine is one of my top three favorite bands of all time. Their sound is so very unique. Sometimes, they may seem crazy, over the edge, but these musicians know what they’re doing. In one song, they can cry, laugh, have fun, and be mad at the same time. They express so many things just by singing and playing. They are creative and entertaining. Their lyrics are illustrative. The music went perfectly with what they tried to convey. Again I will say, geniuses.

But, depressingly, as 2009 ends, Josephine Collective has decided to take the same route. Their travel from The Josephine Love Letters, to Josephine Collective, to just Josephine, and back to JoCo is now dwindling to no name at all. The guys will all be working on different things, and unfortunately for us fans, have no intentions to get back together any time soon.

My heart broke in two when I heard the news. Josephine, my darling, don’t leave me love. You are my inspiration, my motivation. Your songs will forever ring through our heads, always playing on. No matter where the wind blows you, you’ll always have us, the fans.

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The punchy alternative band from the UK, Radiohead, burst on the scene in 1993 with their debut album, “Pablo Honey.” Although this quintet from Oxford, England’s first album failed to find much success, the exciting young band has battled back and now has one of the most popular albums in the land. The first release off their debut CD was “Creep,” which became one of the most popular rock songs of early 1994. “I wish I was special/you’re so very special/but I’m a creep,” Yorke sings as this four-minute epic tune rolls on. “Creep” was the song that everyone seemed to be singing to themselves all day long. Despite its popularity, the rest of Radiohead’s debut album failed to produce any other song material that the band could release. In mid-1995, Radiohead released their sophomore album, “The Bends.” “The Bends” includes 11 new songs along with “My Iron Lung.” The first new release off “The Bends” was “Fake Plastic Trees,” an elegant melody that features an acoustic strum and Yorke’s beautifully written and sung lyrics. In February of 1996, Radiohead’s break finally came, with the release of “High and Dry,” a poignant acoustic ballad with an electric edge that scaled the charts and brought Radiohead to the height of their popularity. It, like “Creep,” is a punchy, catchy song that must be heard over and over, and it was. The drums, electric lead guitar, and bass, along with the acoustic guitar, play a central role in the greatness of “High and Dry,” and it is this joint effort that makes the song great. Unlike “Pablo Honey,” “The Bends” doesn’t simply contain one great song. Two other songs aid in its superiority: “Bones” and “Just.” “Just” begins as a fast-paced acoustic strum, and turns into an all-out rocker during the chorus. The blending of the acoustic back-up guitar and electric lead guitar, along with the two great electric solos, contribute to making “Just” the great song it is. The other song, “Bones,” could well be the next release for Radiohead after “High and Dry.” “Bones” begins with soaring, echoing guitars and an unequaled bass line and transforms into an all-out guitar battle in the chorus. The synthesizer is also used in “Bones,” which simply fills out the all-around sound of the song. Radiohead’s “The Bends” may not be the most popular album of 1995-96, but it definitely is a huge step in the right direction for these British musicians. “The Bends” is one of the most diverse and complete albums in recent history and it rocks from track 1 to track 12. Its mix of ballads, rock, and pop makes “The Bends” and album not to be passed by.

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This spring, Jack White, modern blues mastermind and guitarist extraordinaire, released his first solo album. White is the man behind the outlandish, color-coordinated Detroit rock duo The White Stripes, who, with hits like “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and “Seven Nation Army,” revived rock music and brought the blues to an unexpecting but grateful generation.

White also created the blues-folk band The Raconteurs and the psychedelic-blues band The Dead Weather, both of which never failed to shock and satisfy eager audiences. But none of his bands had put out a record since The Dead Weather’s “Sea of Cowards” in 2010. With the 2011 announcement that The White Stripes were retiring, fans and critics wondered about White’s future role in music. But “Blunderbuss” does not disappoint.

The album features tracks with aspects of all that pleased fans of his other bands: the roaring guitar of The White Stripes, the folksy vibe of The Raconteurs, and the darkness of the Dead Weather. “Blunderbuss” also possesses an unprecedented complexity, including a thrilling array of lyrics that denote disturbingly detailed images (“Cut off the bottoms of my feet, make me walk on salt” from “Freedom at 21”) while eliciting honest emotion and prudent insight into the cruel nature of love and loss (“I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me” from “Love Interruption”). Its intricate musical arrangements range from the crisp, screaming guitar that drives “Sixteen Saltines” to the pounding piano of “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep.”

Much like the artist himself, the album is full of creativity and wisdom, and while it is different from White’s previous work, it stays true to his identity. Jack White’s solo music is not as peculiar as The White Stripes’, as friendly as The Raconteurs’, or even as straight-forward as The Dead Weather’s. But it doesn’t need to be. There is a natural artistry and maturity here that manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: it reveals that there is another side of White’s music that could arguably be his best effort yet.

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Kamelot is back everyone with yet another great album. Kamelot is my favorite Floridian metal band because it combines classical music with some great power metal elements and lumps it all into either Neo Classical or Symphonic metal. With Haven, the still continue to just that with this giant wall of orchestrated sound behind them. This album also features guest vocalists from Charlotte Wessels(Delain), Marco Hietala(Nightwish), and Alica White(Arch Enemy).
I find alot of the tracks to be quite interesting to me, while there isn’t much of a concept unlike Silverthorn or The Black Halo, each track does have its own story to mention. Say for example My Therapy focuses on therapeutic things and has a protagonist that does seem genuinely troubled. Or in Veil of Elysium where they go and cross Romeo and Juliet and Edger Allen Poe, well not really but that’s just to make a point.

As for the guest vocalists part in this we might as well talk about that. Like I said, the guest vocalists include Charlotte Wessels, Marco Hietala, and Alica White and at least the women in this list have some good parts in the songs they star in. Charlotte stars in the ballad Under A Grey Sky and despite her band being quite anthemic for symphonic metal, her voice can easily fit into a beautiful ballad such as this. Alica takes up the Tracks Liar Liar and Revolution with the inclusion of her classic growling metalcore/melodic death metal vocals. Somehow with the frantic and heavy music in these two tracks, this works really well even if it is only a couple seconds at a time. Also the track Liar Liar is the longest in length at nearly six minutes and right in the middle even goes into a soft section of almost nothing and then returns to frantic. Kind of sounds like Meshuggah`s Elastic track just less haunting and not as heavy.
Though there is a lack of diversity in sound, which does bring it down a notch, do expect this to appear at the end of the year. I give this a 9/10 and before I go, let me leave you on a higher note: welcome back Thomas Youngblood.

That's The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon descriptive essay help: descriptive essay help

Unlike Bring Me The Horizon’s past albums, That’s the Spirit is definitely the most melodic and less aggressive album that they have made,By going into a direction they’ve never gone before, Bring Me The Horizon has definitely set the stages from deathcore to metalcore all the way to alternative. They are showing who they are, how they have changed and how they are going to continue to change in the future.

In the first song titled “doomed” they state, “they must have made some kind of mistake i asked for death, but instead i’m awake the devil told me “no room for cheats” i thought i sold my soul, but he kept the receipt.” which is talking about how he is in a constant state of depression but is learning to cope with it.

In the second song known as “Happy song”, it shows the fans and others how the bands moving in a more melodic direction, using less hardcore riffs in their music, and adding more variety.

Keyboardist Jordan Fish told rolling stone,” Everyone has their own issues and anxieties, and mostly the new songs are about accepting them and trying to remain positive because there’s nothing else you can do.” Which is exactlywhat the third song on the album “throne” is about.

“True Friends” is the fourth song, and it talks about friendships and how to handle them in a better way. It’s about forgetting the situation but not forgiving them. In a sense, if they are toxic let them go.

“Follow You” is the fifth track on the album, and is definitely the most romantic track on it. The track tells a story between two lovers who are going through a rough patch, but no matter how bad things get they will stay together because they don’t want to lose their other half. It’s a really inspirational song to listen to if you’re going through a rough time.

In the sixth song, “What You Need” they are talking about people who are close-minded and judge everything, based on their perception either from school or their parents. It’s about the people who dig themselves so far down in the ground they cannot get out of that state.

In “Avalanche” singer, Oliver Sykes talks about his visits to the doctor and his addiction to Ketamine. He says the song is about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
“Run” is based off of some of the darker 90’s music, it talks about how they won’t let people drag them down lower than they already are, mentally. They won’t let people push them around, or make them feel bad about themselves.

“Drown” is about having your expectations so high and heavy, soon they become unbearable to keep up, or sometimes them going through as planned and the feeling of accomplishment in fulfilling it.

The second to last song on this album is called, “Blasphemy” and it is clearly about cynical people who won’t let go of their beliefs, even if they don’t really believe in them.

“Oh No”, is the eleventh and final song on That’s The Spirit. It talks about going to a club and feeling the irony. That its up to the person whether they really want to do this, like getting drunk for a night equals the potential to it becoming an addiction in the long run.

Overall this album in its entirety is one of my favorites. Its to the point, and very relatable to all of the conflicts and struggles i have encountered. To me, they’re moving in a direction that corresponds to all audiences, and in retrospect from their past albums they’re moving into a more defining direction of who they are and how they’re changing.

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This year has been an eventful year for Miley Cyrus. Previously Disney Channel’s golden child, most were shocked to witness Miley’s 180-transformation. When the summer anthem “We Can’t Stop” hit Vevo and broke the record for most views in 24 hours, it became a hot topic of discussion everywhere.

The catchy beats and lyrical perfection kept “We Can’t Stop” at the top of the charts for months. At the surface, it appears to be reckless teenagers trying to grab people’s attention with awkward teddy bear suits, french-fry skulls, and out of control dancing. While, most were more concerned with this “raunchy” and “inappropriate” rendition, I took the time to thoroughly analyze the video. Miley was not just singing about partying and being reckless, but rather she was making a statement about her life. “We Can’t Stop” is the manifestation of her taking control of her life: it is a statement to be heard. She is untouchable; she is her own.

The first scene shows Miley cutting off an ankle bracelet, signifying her refusal to play by the rules. The rest of the video dilutes the true meaning: dancing on a bed, half naked swimming bodies, “twerk” alphabet soup and faux fur jackets. It becomes easy to get lost in the insignificant details and miss the message this video is trying to

Her scene in the swimming pool clearly defines her gaining control of her life. First, we see her floating with a tag that reads “censored”, demonstrating how she has never been able to be herself. Then, she is holding a doll that looks and is dressed exactly like her: this signifies how she has been a doll to the industry. Finally, when she kisses the doll, she demonstrates the love that she has for herself, and gives the motive for taking back control. Matched by the lyrics of “we can’t stop, and we won’t stop” it is undeniable that Miley is making a statement that no one can dictate what she does anymore.

It is easy to judge at the surface, but “We Can’t Stop” is the perfect example of how artistically ingenious someone could be, while still creating a smash hit. Taking a view of this video through a different lens allows one to hear Miley’s message loud and clear: you are in control and no one else. Regardless of the surface level critiques, she is the topic of discussion everywhere. Miley has taken control as a true genius.

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So Lilith Fair is over – who says themusic of the female rockers who emerged in the late ?s can’t still be popular?The raw passion and sentiment of Sarah McLachlan’s fourteenth album,”Surfacing,” will last through the ages. Today, when the music scene isteeming with manufactured teeny boppers, it is a relief to listen to a CD writtenby the performing artist. McLachlan’s lyrics are not reminiscent of your everydaylove song; nevertheless, they are saturated with emotion.

You most likelyassociate McLachlan with the fame she acquired through Lilith Fair, a concerttour of female artists (including Alanis Morrisette, Shawn Colvin and MeredithBrooks). Many assume that the estrogen-dominated tour launched McLachlan’scareer, but she has been releasing albums since 1989.

Of her many CDs,”Surfacing” is arguably the best. Featuring “Angel,””Building a Mystery,” and “Aida,” this CD was her first toreceive commercial success and critical acclaim. The songs that were played onthe radio are excellent, but if your knowledge of Sarah McLachlan stops there,you have not experienced the extent of her musical genius.

The CDcontains upbeat, catchy tunes such as “Sweet Surrender” andthought-provoking songs like “Witness.” There are also ballads ofsorrow and hope. Despite her lyrical variation, her words seem to appeal toeveryone who is willing to listen. Sarah McLachlan takes the emotions we all feeland transforms them into melodious verses that make us roll our eyes at thecheesy pop riffs that dominate the radio waves.

McLachlan’s”Surfacing” is therapy for the soul, delving into our deepest thoughtsand feelings. When you need to find refuge in “the arms of an angel,”place this CD in your stereo.

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The 8,000 or so people in the Meadow’s Music Theater in Hartford were there to see Bush and the Goo Goo Dolls. The opening band, Madder Rose, was very good, kind of a cross between Belly and Veruca Salt, but a little heavier. The Goo Goo Dolls’ set wasn’t very exciting, but they did get quite a reaction from the audience when they played their hit, “Name.” At about quarter of ten the house lights went out and you could see four people’s profiles looming on the spacious stage. The only noise being produced was whirring feedback on the giant amps and the loud and anxious audience. All of a sudden the band ripped into their song “Bubbles” and when the spotlight found Gavin Rossdale, he began singing as he sauntered around the stage, obviously enjoying the frenzied reaction he was getting from the psyched audience. After “Machinehead,” Rossdale’s practically indecipherable British “What’s up?” echoed throughout the giant room. Much to the foursome’s obvious delight, the room full of excited fans cheered back at the frontman and his counterparts, Nigel Pulsford, Dave Parsons and Robin Goodridge. When the band played “Comedown” and “Alien,” it was really incredible – almost a head-rush with colorful lights whirling all around. Rossdale’s desperate plea to not “come back down from this cloud” seemed to fit the atmosphere. All the other songs were spectacular as well, with paintings by Francis Bacon in the background. The supposed show-closer was “Little Things,” which was another where the crowd’s thrill just added to the overwhelming excitement of the song. After the band departed the stage, there was about a 5- or 10-minute intermission until Rossdale came strolling back out on-stage with a big smile on his face and looked up at everyone. After thanking everyone, he began playing a really incredible version of “Glycerine” on his new Fender Jazzmaster. After “Glycerine,” Rossdale played another ballad by himself called “Bound Driven,” a new song. It was then that the rest of the band returned and did an awesome version of “Everything Zen,” which is twenty times heavier live. The band closed with a fantastic cover of REM’s “The One I Love,” in contrast to their usual cover of the Clash’s “Janie Jones.” The band is incredible, but seeing them live is just absolutely brilliant, and I think that if most people could see the intensity and power that these four can create among 8,000 people, they would receive a lot less criticism. They seem to create a friendship with the audience and work off of the emotions and excitement in the atmosphere, and the result is just really astounding.

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“You want it all, but you can’t have it,” sings lead vocalist Michael Patton during “Epic.” That is a description of the band’s history when eight years ago, Faith No More was considered the most unlikely to succeed. Drummer Mike Bordin, keyboardist Roddy Bottum, bassist Billy Gould, guitarist Jim Martin, and vocalist Mike Patton have created their best album. “The Real Thing” easily surpasses their earlier albums – “We Care A Lot” (1985) and “Introduce Yourself” (1987). In June of 1989, Faith No More released “The Real Thing,” which quickly dropped off the charts. The album re-entered when Faith No More began to receive attention and publicity. With a Grammy nomination and steady MTV support for “Epic,” “The Real Thing” moved into the Top 20 and was certified gold. Mike Patton uses different musical techniques on their third album. He raps and whines to the funky, hard rock beat of “Epic” and sings softly in “From Out of Nowhere.” Patton uses high-pitched singing, similar to Motley Crue, on their new single “Falling to Pieces.” Their videos are crazy and original with wacky effects. For example, “Falling to Pieces” features Patton dressed as a surgeon who explodes fish, and “Epic” has Patton rapping during a thunderstorm. Overall, “The Real Thing” is an excellent album, but the record does have its weak spots, especially the loud and infuriating “Surprise! You’re Dead!” The rest of the songs on the album make up for any weaknesses that may emerge. Faith No More has truly got what they wanted with “The Real Thing.” n Rating: ***1/2

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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee the band formerly known as Embers Fade has been active since 2005 and in that time period, they have shown a tremendous amount of growth and amazing work. Framing Hanley changed their name in tribute to a late, close friend and after covering Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop in 2007, the band has slowly stepped into a place where they belong. Their second album, entitled “A Promise to Burn” has a different, more mature sound compared to their first “The Moment” that had been released in 2008. On the cover, front man and lead vocalist Kenneth Nixon is wearing a pair of sunglasses with the reflection of the Hollywood sign visible. On one half of Nixon, the cityscape is normal while the other half is in flames. The band really pours their hearts out in this album with beautiful melodies and a different sound that shows how that even with roadblocks, you have to continue on in life. A third album is currently being recorded thanks to the donations of dedicated and devoted fans that had helped the band raise over sixty-thousand dollars. Framing Hanley is a band that I would recommend to anyone that would be willing to give them a try, and I am eagerly awaiting the next step of success that these talented artists put forth.

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Amarna Reign wants so badly to be popular. You can see it in just about everything – the constant chugging, the clean choruses, the vocal effects, the occasional use of electronics, and even the album art – it’s as if they’re on a mission to be the safest metalcore band ever. Once in a while you hear a riff or a lead that makes you think, Man, these guys could do so much better. But instead they’ve taken the generic route on their second album, “Storms,” to make sure they don’t scare any potential buyers away with progression or creativity.

Little to no improvement has been made from their debut album, “Atonement,” other than that they’ve noticeably increased the amount of breakdowns and chugs. More often than not, there’s some kind of chugging going on, which is just one of the things that make this album so dull. The instrumentation as a whole is simply disappointing, because the bass might as well be nonexistent, and the drums don’t have a single interesting fill or pattern.

The vocals stick to basically the same low growl the entire time. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with the vocalist’s growls, he only changes it up for maybe one or two screams and some decent clean vocals, but they’re weighed down by the monotonous and boring melodies.

However, this album isn’t terrible. The saving grace is that while everything is about as generic as can be, nothing is done explicitly wrong. The riffs are actually pretty good, but since they all sound basically the same, that can’t be considered much of a strong point. There is nothing here that stands out as bad; in fact nothing really stands out. Nothing on this album really catches the listener’s attention, positively or negatively. A decent song played ten times over just makes for one painfully average album.

It’s clear that Amarna Reign could be making music worth listening to, but I don’t see that happening. They don’t want to risk displeasing fans by changing their sound. With all their potential, one must wonder: will they fulfill it, or just stick to the same ol’ thing like we’ve been seeing from them and countless other bands?

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A Heart Within?

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired,” as Robert Frost once said. Love is an awesome topic to explore due to it causing happiness, sorrow, and some emotions quite indescribable. Rise Against’s Savior definitely illustrates the power of love and how it can affect one’s feelings and thoughts through the use of figurative language, symbolism (within the music video), and pace. This astounding melody is an excellent source of metaphors and imagery to the profound affect behind the controversial lyrics.

The whole introduction to the song is an absolutely beautiful metaphor, as Rise against believes “[Forgetting] what the color of her eyes were” would “Kill [him]” Obviously the band exaggerates this a bit too much, however this completely conveys how–as some peers may say–“Crazy” he is for her. Another metaphor can be examined in the first verse; where “there is no time like the present, to drink these draining seconds.” This is a fine choice of words depicting how every moment with her is a well spent blessing, and a time he will never forget. As well as the metaphors already listed, there are many other forms of figurative language, such as imagery, in the introduction. As, stated before the introduction has many metaphors, which with the powerful adjectives and other words creates the biggest image: the Introduction. “As the telling signs of age rain down, a single tear is dropping, through the valleys of an aging face that this world has forgotten.” It’s amazing how well our minds interpret these words into a motion-picture which further help us understand how her tears mean nothing as everyone, including him, are starting to forget her.

Somehow, although connected to love–the music video has little to nothing to do about love (well, at least the main story). The video is mostly political and concerns animals, as the main symbols are the polar bear and elephant; whereas the elephant represents the Republican Party and the polar bear represents itself, an endangered bear. It begins with the bear on a bus reflecting on past events earlier that day–most notably the “mosh pit” of endangered animals. Here, the polar bear leaves as the elephant pushes him out symbolizing how the Republican Party is doing little to help endangered animals. However, towards the end (back from the flashback on the bus), the bear notices the elephant out the window as he is limping along the sidewalk. He pauses, thinks, and finally decides to stop the bus and pulls the rope in order to pick him up. They forgive each other and hold hands in an attempt to get the Republican Party’s attention and showing how better off “loving” one another is better than ignorance and bitterness. It is not too late to start, just as the elephant learned to “love” the bear, so can the Republican Party—

The changes in the pace of Savior definitely play a key role in the way it affects its listeners. It starts off in a moderate pace in the beginning, and shifts down to a slower one towards the bridge of the song. Then after, the small slow section, it speeds up to a faster tempo. This melodic change in speed kind-of defines how listeners feel during the different parts of the song. It starts at a moderate pace to slowly bring the listener into the song, and slows down for a little crash in emotion. It then brings the reader right back up into a fast pace in a sort of all-out release of feelings meant to be portrayed in the song. Coupled with the events in the music video, the listener will definitely feel a sort of enlightenment on the underlying message of the songs’ figurative colorful lyrics, that depending on how love is set, It can lead to a beautiful dream or harsh nightmare.

Most people view love as a gift, others a curse…in reality it’s both (as sad as it is). One day love will make you happy; the other day an unforgettable scar. Savior conveys a strong message of the necessity to change the absence of acceptance and forgiveness in the world today, along with love. People, communities, and even entire nations are not alone in this absence; and the world of the future will end up paying for it. The need for “swords” to be turned into “plowshares” has never been so dire; the figurative events portrayed in the music video of Savior may soon cease to be an ominous portrayal of the future and become more of a reality than they already are, if the world continues on its current path to oblivion. “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and let it come back in.”

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Emmet Cahill was the classical singer in Celtic Thunder from 2010-2014. He hails from Mullingar, County Westmeath in Ireland. Emmet was born on October 18, 1990. He was raised in a musical family with music all around him his whole life. His mom taught him how to sing from when he was younger and his dad also taught him how to play the piano from a very early age also. In 2010 he won the John McCormack Bursary for the most promising young tenor. And also was named the most promising young tenor at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.
He plays the following instruments: Guitar, Piano, and Violin. He plays, and sings a variety of different styles of music including: Classic Irish songs, Opera, Instrumental, Modern songs of any genre, John McCormack, and love songs.
He started Celtic Thunder as being an understudy and then after Paul left he took his spot and was a lead singer from 2010-2014. His first real tour in North America started in 2011 with that being their “Voyage” tour. He also starred in his first Celtic Thunder special “Voyage and Voyage ll” and also celebrated his 21st birthday on the day of the filming. He sang “Isle of Hope and Isle of Tears,” “Kindred Spirits,” “Irish Molly,” and “This is the Moment” in the special.
The second and last special he did was “Mythology”which was filmed one year later in 2012 after Voyage and Voyage ll. He sang “Isle of Innisfree,” “Danny Boy,”and “Spanish Lady.”
That same year him and Colm Keegan (another member of Celtic Thunder) got together and created a duo called “Celtic Comet.” They had live chats on Ustream in 2013 when they first sang a song together called “Will You Go Lassie Go.” After that chat, they had two more together that same year and on the cruises that year and 2014 they performed a “Celtic Comet” show together. You can watch their chats on Ustream on the “Celtic Thunder” channel and the “Celtic Comet” channel too. You can check out their videos on YouTube by searching “Celtic Comet.”
In the beginning of 2014 Emmet announced that he was going to leave Celtic Thunder. But, in March George Donaldson who was in the group with him, passed away suddenly and he decided to come back for their Australian tour, and the cruise that year. After the cruise, he left the group to pursue his solo career. Currently he is starting his first solo tour (May 2015) and he is also going to come out with his debut album this year.
You can check him out at Celtic Thunder’s YouTube Channel called the “Thundertube” and also Emmet’s personal YouTube channel.

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Circa Survive’s second release On Letting Go is definitely not a sophomore slump. This album is just as amazing as their first, and it definitely shows the band’s growth. The cover art for the album was once again done by Esao Andrews, who has done all of the band’s album covers in the past. The illustration on the cover is beautiful, and the artwork on the inside is simply breath-taking. This album is definitely one that should be bought, instead of downloaded.

Although the band maintains its experimental style, the lyrics on On Letting Go explore an even wider range of issues. In the song Kicking Your Crosses Down, Circa Survive’s singer, Anthony Green, questions the existence of God. He sings, “I fixed myself up nice, but you never came.” All throughout the album Green sings of his doubts in religion, and the how he struggled to find a connection.

The album’s title, On Letting Go, is very fitting. It shows the bands maturity, and especially Green’s personal growth. It is also a great title, because fans can relate to it. Everyone has to let go of something at some point, and this album explores the things everyone experiences while letting go.

Not only does Circa Survive have amazing lyrics, but they have awe-inspiring music. The sounds of the two distorted guitars blend in together perfectly, and they weave in and out of each other to create a unique, experiment sound, which defines Circa Survive. The sounds of the marvelous guitars merge together with Green’s unique vocals to create the perfect songs. Green is known for his bizarre, high-pitched voice, and he is often criticized for it. His high-pitched voice is faultless, and it works so well with the band’s experimental sound. When one first listens to a Circa Survive song, it sounds messy, and strange, but in reality each of their songs are highly organized, and well crafted. All the members of the band obviously have the same visions of how their songs should sound, and each member plays his part to contribute to the band’s overall sound. When the members of the band come together they work well to create a perfect blend of guitar, bass, drum, and vocals.

The album opens with a powerful song, Living Together, which starts with a guitar line that immediately grabs the listener and pulls him or her in. Then the music slows, and Green begins to sing, “It starts out like a season in reverse.” As a listener, you can feel the passion in Green’s voice as he sings the chorus, “He makes it up as it goes and it goes away.” This song, like most of Circa Survive’s songs, tells a story.

The second song on the album, In The Morning and Amazing, is a perfect example of how the band members of Circa Survive work together with their different instruments. Again, this song begins with a catchy guitar line, which dies down to let Green sing the chorus.

One of the most notable songs on the album, is the one for which the album is named after, On Letting Go. This song is beautiful, and the lyrics are spectacular. The song starts with an eerie guitar line, and from there the song moves slowly and steadily. The song moves at that pace, until the end, when the drum line becomes a powerful, and steady pounding, and the guitars speed up, and become louder. At this time Green begins to sing the captivating line, “If blood is thicker than water, then you’ll drown quicker than we intended, and you’ll know where you can find us in the end.” From there the song slows down again, and slowly comes to an end.

On Letting Go is a spectacular album, but it is not for everyone. The experimental sound and strange lyrics of Circa Survive are not appreciated by all. The album is a must have for fans of The Mars Volta, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and The Receiving End of Sirens.

Love is a Four Letter Word by Jason Mraz medical school essay help: medical school essay help

Jason Mraz is at it again with his new album “Love is a Four Letter Word”. This album is like his previous albums but it is also has its differences. Mraz is anything but predictable. The single in this album is called “I won’t give up”. The song can lift spirits and is the perfect mix of soothing lyrics and an up-beat rhythm.

My personal favorites from this album are 5/6, 93 million miles, and everything is sound. These songs as well as most of the other songs by Jason Mraz are about letting go and not worrying about the past. I love his different style of writing and the different songs will always keep you on your feet. Make sure you check this album out!

Track List
1. Freedom Song
2. Livin’ in the moment
3. The women I love
4. I won’t give up
5. 5/6
6. Everything is Sound
7. 93 Million Miles
8. Frank D. Fixer
9. Who’s Thinking about You
10. In Your Hands
11. Be Honest (Ft. Inara George)
12. The world as I see it
*13. I’m coming over (hidden track)

Views by Drake college essay help online free: college essay help online free

Aubrey Drake Graham, known as Drake, has become one of the most musically influential individuals of this generation. Born and raised in Toronto, Drake first rose to fame as an actor on the teen drama show “Degrassi.” He later aspired to be a rapper, releasing several mix tapes before signing with Young Money in June 2009. The rest is history.

Drake has proven time and time again that he made the right decision in pursuing music. His albums, “Thank Me Later,” “Take Care,” and “Nothing Was the Same,” are filled with hits. “Take Care” is his most successful, topping charts in the United States and Canada and earning a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Fans like me love the soulful sound and the heartfelt lyrics in every song. So when Drake announced that “Views” would come out in 2016, I was eager for another album like “Take Care.”

Then summer 2015 happened. Drake released the mix tape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” and his music took a whole new direction. The soulful beats were replaced with a lively Caribbean style. Many fans were furious and disheartened, believing Drake was changing into something they didn’t like. Then when his mix tape “What a Time to Be Alive,” with fellow rapper Future, came out late last year, the vibe was so different that some fans decided Drake was just another rapper selling out.

Still, loyal fans like me waited hopefully for “Views.” Finally, in April 2016, it was released. As soon as I heard the first song, I knew this album was what I had been waiting for.

The 20 songs are a mix inspired by all of his previous work. “Weston Road Flows,” “Views,” and “9” remind me of his album “Nothing Was the Same.” “Keep the Family Close,” “Redemption,” and “U With Me?” have a soulful vibe like the songs on “Take Care.” The album also contains tracks with a Caribbean vibe, like “One Dance,” “Too Good,” and“Controlla.” These sound like beaches and pina coladas. Songs like “Hype,” “Still Here,” and “Grammys” contain the same flow and high energy as songs on “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” and “What a Time to Be Alive.” “Feel No Ways” and “With You” have a funky beat I don’t hear often but like.

The song with the most emotional impact is probably the first, “Keep the Family Close.” Drake says, “All of my ‘let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore/How do you not check on me when things go wrong?” We all know what it’s like when someone we were once close to suddenly acts like they don’t care. He also says, “If I ever loved you once, I’ll always love you/That’s how I was raised.”

My favorite song has to be “U With Me?” The way Drake samples DMX gives me goosebumps. His transitions are flawless and almost make me cry. The way Drake switches from rapping to singing is poetic. There isn’t one song on this album I dislike; “Views” was well worth the wait. I would have waited a million years for it.

A lot of things are said about Drake – about how he’s changed and just wants to make money – but the one thing that’s for sure is that Drake has this generation by the throat. I’m excited to see what he does next and have never regretted being a fan for seven years.

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I was really excited when I discovered that Bush had unveiled a fifth album. I was psyched to re-immerse myself in new music from the amazing world of the ?s era grunge I love so much. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was super impressed by this album. Don’t get me wrong – it is a lot more listenable than the pop madness of our generation, but somewhat predictably it lacks the anger and angst of classic grunge.

My favorite track is “The Sound of Winter.” Lyrically speaking, it is very well done. I also love “All My Life” and “All Night Doctors.” Other slower songs just didn’t capture the amazing Bush that I am so used to.

Lead vocalist Gavin Rossdale, now married and a parent, still brings his hypnotizing voice that captures you as soon as you hear it. But with a new guitarist (Chris Traynor) and bassist (Corey Britz), the old Bush that brought us amazing tracks like “Machinehead” and “Swallowed” is missing.

Overall this album is worth listening to, especially if you’re a Bush fan or are looking to be introduced slowly to grunge (though I’d recommend jumping right into the genre with something like “In Utero” by Nirvana). This album deserves 3/5 stars because of the amazingness that is Gavin Rossdale and for a few really enjoyable tracks.

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To most teenagers around the world, Taylor Momsen is still seen as the sweet and innocent girl from Gossip Girl. What most don’t know, is that she has a blossoming music career as well.

Lead singer of a band called The Pretty Reckless, Taylor’s debut album Light Me Up, is a far cry from her TV persona. From hit singles such as Make Me Wanna Die and Just Tonight, Taylor shows a new facet of her unique personality to the world. When I first heard that Taylor Momsen was going to be releasing a rock album, my initial thought was that she was another TV Star attempting to break into the music world in hopes of becoming a triple threat like Miley Cyrus or Hilary Duff. I was pleasantly surprised by her music because not only is it edgy, it’s very honest. She doesn’t sing the manufactured pop that the world is dominated by today, but emotional and powerful songs about much of what teenagers go through in their journey to adulthood. Not only does Taylor show her rock n’ roll side in the album, she shows her feminine side as well, especially with the song You.

Whatever her occupation may be, Taylor Momsen has a bright future ahead of her. Blessed with a beautiful voice and a headstrong perspective, her new album Light Me Up is just the beginning for many more great albums to come.

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Songs that have impacted society – What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Many methods are used to help a song stand the test of time. If the title is repeated throughout the song, people remember it a lot easier. Having deep, touching, yet understandable meaning and an accompanying video clip that is memorable contribute to helping a song stand the test of time also. In this essay, I will be analyzing the song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. It was written in 1968 during the time of the Vietnam War. Performed in the genre of jazz, it was writing and composed to try and bring hope to the millions of victims suffering the effects of the war like the loss of the many loved fathers, sons and husbands and the “half cast” children who were sent away from their mothers to a foreign land with foreign people.

“What a Wonderful World” is not only the song title but the chorus too. This line is repeated four times throughout the song to emphasize the fact that even though there is much hatred and violence within the world, it is still beautiful and there is always the chance for us to stop the pain and make life peaceful again. It’s telling us to always hope for the best because it’s not an impossible dream. “I See Trees of Green, Red Roses too” is the first line of the song, telling us straight away that there is always a chance for improvement and a chance to grow. I believe that this is the opening line because it immediately shows us that the song will be focusing on the happier side of life instead of the turmoil and that it’s better to be positive rather than negative. The line “The Bright Blessed Day, the Dark Sacred Night” was carefully worded. With use of specific words like blessed and sacred, it is presented that it’s quite a safe surrounding and that we’re being looked after. Using these words instead of more negative words like black gives the song a more soothing feel to it and relaxes people who listen.

“The Colours of the Rainbow, so Pretty in the Sky” can be taken in many different meanings. The most recognised and shared view would be that the rainbow is the show that the storm is over and clearer, easier times are ahead. In religious views, the rainbow is the promise from God to his people that he will never drown them all again, being a sign of hope to all. The reason I believe that the line “They’re really saying I Love You” was written into the song is because people meet and greet each other with happy hearts every day, and though they don’t always say it, they express that they love each other in many ways. “They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know” is expressing that overtime, more and more knowledge is acquired when a new person is put in charge and the more knowledge gained on higher up levels, the more knowledge is passed down to younger people and though Louis Armstrong is older than children, by the time they are his age, they will have had the opportunity to learn more than he has.

“What a Wonderful World” is a song containing six instruments: the violin, the drum, the flute, the double bass, the trumpet, and the harpsi chord. All of these except the flute are played throughout the song. The flute is played at a specific time though. During the third verse of the song the flute is introduced. It is played parallel to “The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky” to enliven the line and is then played through the rest of the verse to put it on a happier note than the rest of the song. Alongside “And I think to myself what a wonderful world” the music goes noticeably higher. The reason is to show that the world really is a wonderful, happy place despite the disaster. The line “I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do” is accompanied by ooh ahh’s to emphasize the happy, hopeful feeling that the song as a whole is trying to tell. At the time of the original producing of the song the Vietnam War was happening, hence the inspiration for the song. The Vietnam War was a very eventful time in history, causing many deaths of not only soldiers but many innocents too. Many husbands, fathers and sons didn’t return from the war but many families and homes were completely destroyed. Many Vietnamese women also gave birth to children fathered by the soldiers. These children were considered half-casts and sent away to places like America because they were not welcomed by Vietnamese society. Some of the mothers of these children became very depressed and some went so far as to commit suicide. The effects of the war are still around today, just not on as such a major scale but the victims of the war will never forget those lost.

“What a Wonderful World” is one of the many songs that have stood the test of time. Through its music and lyrics it tells us that when it seems all is lost and that despair is in our hearts, there is always a hope for the future. Though it was written during a time of terrible turmoil, it promised us a hope for a better future and showed us that we can always come out on top. Louis Armstrong was a black American who faced prejudice and bitterness towards him and yet still felt enough joy and hope within himself to produce such a loving, touching song. The song spoke to many people of different races and religions. It told us that no matter what you look like or who you are, things can always get better no matter how bad they seem.

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Though he may not be the most popular musician on the billboards, Michael Franti certainly knows how to make a good groove and catch your ear with his witty yet moving lyrics. Franti and his band, Spearhead, create a combination of a rock and hip-hop that is far from a cliche.

They started producing albums and popular singles in 1994, and since then have gained worldwide fame. Just recently they were nominated for the NAACP Image Award for the Best World Music Album. Their newest release, “The Sound of Sunshine,” really hit the spot for me, and I must not be the only one because the album was listed on the Top 200 Billboard Chart since its debut.

Michael Franti started recording the album in Jamaica, then continued to mix tracks and record in Bali before choosing to bring a portable studio on the road. While traveling, he tested his ideas and new collaborations in front of audiences, changing songs if necessary. That process is probably one of the main reasons the album is so popular; it’s what fans wanted to hear.

In Michael Franti & Spearhead’s past albums, many songs were political, speaking of war and peace and how the world needs a positive change. This album has some of that, but there are more lyrics about love, passion, and good times, and not as much anger and frustration. That change makes the music more enjoyable for me, because I can sing along and relate to the lyrics.

One of my favorite tracks is “Headphones,” where Franti asks the one he loves to metaphorically plug her headphones into his heart so she can know exactly how he feels about her. I found the lyrics charming, clever, and original. The song consists of acoustic guitar with a simple back beat, which eventually crescendos into a rock ballad feel.

“Hey Hey Hey” is one song in which Franti expresses more of a political vibe but lets his listeners know that everything will be okay. In the verses he ponders how the world came to be the way it is and how he finds hope (“From the Wall Street banks to the empty homes, between the lines of the people standing all in a row, there’s a crack in the gutter where a flower grows, reminding me that everything is possible.”) This song sends a hopeful message that no matter how bad times are, everything will work out and someone will always be there for you.

I got hooked on Michael Franti & Spearhead’s music a few years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. Most of their songs are family-friendly, which is hard to find these days, especially in a hip-hop mixed genre. I have never gotten a repetitive feel from any of the albums; the beats are funky, the lyrics are original, and Franti’s soulful voice fills all the empty space in the speakers.

If you haven’t heard of Michael Franti & Spearhead, look them up. You will not be let down.

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It’s easy enough to guess the theme of The Antlers’ full length debut from its title. The word “hospice” fits the album’s mood and concept so well, in fact, that it would be a difficult task to come up with any other title. The album is loosely based on a man who falls in love with a dying cancer patient, but the subject matter of the album touches on other topics as well (abortion, mental illness, death). To say the album is dark would be an understatement; to say it is emotional wouldn’t even begin to describe it. The Antlers is basically Peter Silberman, and two other musicians (Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci) who play the instruments that he does not. In addition to already having a notoriously passionate live performance, the band now has one of the most emotionally exhausting and beautifully written albums released in the past few years. Of course this is all opinion, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who listens to Hospice while reading the lyrics (and truly paying attention to the details of the music) can be anything but thoroughly moved.

“Prologue”, a sparse instrumental introduction, starts the record off. The track does an excellent job of setting a mood for the next track, “Kettering”, to elaborate on. I won’t bore you by explaining how I think the songs relate to the story/concept (I’ll leave that up to my fellow listeners). “Kettering” uses a melody so beautiful and original that, the first time I heard it, I had to listen several more times before moving on to the next track. Songs like “Bear” (which uses a deceivingly uplifting melody to disguise a ferociously depressing subject) or “Two” are instantly impressive, but most of the album takes a few run-throughs to really appreciate. The penultimate track, entitled “Wake”, is a nine-minute behemoth that serves as a climax for both the musical and lyrical aspects of the album. Hospice seems to have this attractive quality about it: once you are hooked, you won’t have the ability to stop listening. Sure, every time the final chorus in closing track “Epilogue” comes around, and the album ends, you’ll feel as though you’ve just completed the most disturbingly sad novel you’ve ever read, but you’ll also feel satisfied. Hospice is truly a gem of an album. I’ve never heard another one like it, and I am doubtful I ever will, even from the same band. The Antlers have created a masterpiece, and it is something to be cherished, even if it does make your life just a little bit less bright.

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If it’s not a consensus that Valery Gergiev has brought new life to the British musical scene that hasn’t been seen in decades, it should be. The LSO is attaining new heights, playing on a super-virtuoso level that isn’t very far from their European rivals. Both Rachmaninov and Stravinsky are composers that seem well suited to Gergiev’s temperament. Since Gergiev’s Rachmaninov 2nd with the LSO was beyond compare, a new Rachmaninov release was cause for great anticipation from this listener.

Gergiev is often accused of being rushed and mechanical. These criticisms aren’t entirely unwarranted, but comparing his timing in the Symphonic Dances to fellow-Russian Ashkenazy’s, Gergiev is slower in every movement. Ashkenazy’s classic account is light in tone and spirit with the playing of the Concertgebouw to dazzle the listener. Gergiev takes a more deliberate approach. The crashing chords at the opening of the first movement aren’t just powerful, they’re hammer blows. But that’s not to say that his approach is a heavy-handed one. The thing that struck me that most was his ability to make the music sound fresh and effortless. These are dances and while Gergiev isn’t balletic, he finds a way to give the music a spontaneity that is apt for dance music. Ashkenazy is perhaps more danceable than Gergiev, but the latter is more dark and Russian in texture. I sense direction, a feel for the overall flow of the work. Gergiev had few peers when he took over the LSO, but he’s maturing. That is evidenced by the way he builds tension without letting go to soon, something particularly apparent at the closing of the final movement. For some, Ashkenazy’s lightness will be preferred above Gergiev’s brooding inspiration, but I think this recording is on a higher plane.

We enter a different world when we cross over into the Stravinsky. The product of a composer trying to convince the world with his newfound polytonalities, the symphony is full of jagged edges. My Rattle account with the Berlin Philharmonic was full of unrivaled playing, but Rattle tried to smooth out the work’s aggression and seemed to dawdle over every note and phrase, ultimately sounding mannered. Gergiev doesn’t match Rattle’s voicing abilities, but the absence of fussiness isn’t missed. I don’t sense that the work is being tamed; the LSO delivers even more bite than the Berliners. But Gergiev isn’t out to be menacing either. He doesn’t keep the music from sounding sarcastic and angry although I sense he’s trying to show us Stravinsky’s classicism. Some will be disappointed that Gergiev didn’t let hell break loose but he’s deeply committed. In fact, I’m not sure that jarring sounds are the main point of the symphony. Gergiev finds meaning in almost every bar, building momentum without losing the beauty of the individual moment. Ultimately this is a much more inspired reading than Rattle’s, but I wouldn’t have minded more aggressiveness.

It’s incredible to witness sensational musicians at the height of their powers. Gergiev is continuing to establish his reputation as one of the most exciting conductors alive and this disc catches him in great spirits.

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As soon as I heard that David Draiman, the legendary ex-vocalist for Disturbed and the current front man for Device, was going to produce Trivium’s next album Vengeance Falls I did not hesitate to give it a listen. David Draiman has been singing since 1996 and has left his mark on over eight albums within that time; he has countless songs all written with immeasurable talent. With Draiman’s experience and expertise, Trivium should have the resource that they need to produce an amazing album. This was my notion when I began to search for the album. Since the CD has not yet been released, I was only able to find select songs on their YouTube channel. Their first single Brave This Storm immediately caught my attention. Not only was the name of the song enticing, but the song itself was catchy as well.

The first riff of the song is an all out adrenaline rush of thrash at neck breaking speeds. It screams “Trivium” through the heavy, but melodic spinning C# tuning of the instruments. This, thrown together with the speed at which the song is played, creates a sense of perfection. The first few seconds of the introduction are so fast that the audience almost struggles to keep up with the pace. Then the instruments slow into a more melodious symphony. Each note that is played brings along an air of richness along with a perfect blend of high and low notes. By this point, the listener is subconsciously bobbing their head to the song, enjoying the heavy, yet articulate introduction that Trivium brings to the table.

Less than a minute into the introduction, the singing begins. Instead of hearing the singing style of Matt Heafy, there is a hint of David Draiman’s vocal style. Unlike the majority of Trivium’s songs, there is a lot more singing in this piece instead of their trademark guttural screaming. The most frustrating part for the listeners is that Heafy has adopted a new way of singing from Draiman. Change is good of course, but the change that Trivium has in this song is not. It is as though Draiman has taken his unique singing styles and imposed them too heavily on the musical approach of Mathew Heafy. The band has produced five studio albums up to this point ( not counting the pendent release of Vengeance Falls) and, in many ways, they are still babies in the world of rock because they are continually changing and growing their musical styles. With Draiman’s enforcement on their latest album, the band is not able to show the full potential of what Trivium can do.

There is only one part throughout the entire song that vocally sounds like Trivium. There is a ten second line towards the end of the song that actually has the screaming that Trivium is known for. Their creativity in this song is literally compressed into a ten second interval. How is a band supposed to grow when they are limited to such an extent? It feels as though Draiman is suffocating the band by producing this album. He has traded their unique abilities for a mock version of himself. This song is not a true Trivium song, it is a David Draiman song disguised by the voice of Matt Heafy.

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Evenas we rushed to the Oakdale Theatre, knowing that we still had to find the girlwho’d sold us our tickets on eBay, we were thrilled to be on our way to thesold-out John Mayer concert.

We arrived, and though everything worked out,let me suggest that if you don’t have to resort to getting tickets on eBay,don’t. The whole process was way too stressful!

No one on the East Coasthad really heard of the opening band, Maroon 5, although they are a big hit inCalifornia. After watching them, I think their popularity here willgrow.

Mayer unexpectedly came out during one of the opening act’s songsand played with them, which was a pleasant surprise for all.

Then thelights went down except for a spotlight on a chair and microphone in the middleof the stage. Then he walked out – the 6′ 4″ Connecticut native was ready toperform for his home state.

The screams were loud as Mayer opened with”Love Soon,” followed by “No Such Thing.” The crowd went wildfor every song. At times he went off into wonderful jams that mesmerized thecrowd. He made each song special in a different way; in “Your Body is aWonderland,” he had the crowd sing along.

He also played with thelyrics; in one song he included his hometown, and dedicated a song to all hisfriends in the audience. This made the concert very special to the Connecticutcrowd.

After an hour and a half of performing, and switching guitars witheach song, Mayer began to wrap up. I knew he couldn’t leave without an encore,and he returned for four more songs before the show came to an end with “St.Patrick’s Day.”

We left in awe. From his voice to his ability to playthe guitar to his crazy facial expressions, John Mayer was the topic of ourconversation all night.

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Like most beach-going, summer infatuated teenagers, I was not looking forward to the end of my warm-weather bliss. Nor was I ecstatic over the beginning of classes. Yet consistently through the summer I waited impatiently for September to begin. September 2, 1996 “The Cranberries” world tour finally reached Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts. No other night or concert of summer ’96 could compare to that unbelievable entertainment experience. Cracker kicked off the evening in the right direction with some excellent music. The crowd immediately responded to the band’s enthusiasm and powerfully energetic tunes with its own vitality. The Cranberries opened up their night at Great Woods with “Forever Yellow Skies” off their most recent album, “To the Faithful Departed.” The night was loaded with all of the best songs this group has produced. Not one of their three albums was neglected. They covered everything possible in the given time. Dolores O’Riordan captivated the audience’s attention with her uniquely exquisite, beautiful voice. In addition to being a talented singer, guitar player, and pianist, she has some genuinely original, funky dance moves that she was not afraid to share with the world. Despite a knee brace from a recent injury, she kept the crowd on its feet and actively involved in the night’s festivities. She spread her energy and vibrancy to the crowd. The band did a wonderful job of keeping the entertainment level at its highest all evening. Like all other good things that eventually come to an end, this night did also. The band left the stage for awhile and left the crowd curious and anxious for more. After a short wait they returned for their encore performance. Great Woods in its entirety rocked to the sweet sounds of “Dreams,” one of the best songs ever written. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening. The night that I had wished away my summer for remains the best I’ve ever had. As I sit in school these days, I remain in suspense awaiting next year’s visit from one of the best bands around. Their concerts are unlike any I have been to (and I have seen quite a few). They form a relaxed setting that allows people to be themselves. If you ever go to a Cranberries concert, you should expect to be surrounded by an extensive variety of people who share one common purpose … to jam

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Pop-punk is my favorite style of music. The power chords, the melodies, and the guitar riffs can feel fun or melancholic, depending on how the artist utilizes them. Pop-punk had its heyday in the early to mid-2000’s, with bands like Blink-182, Bowling for Soup, and Green Day, and classic songs like “All The Small Things,” “Stacy’s Mom,” and “The Middle.” Recently though, pop-punk has begun to have something of a resurgence. Bands like Neck Deep, State Champs, and The Wonder Years, may not be very well known in the mainstream, they maintain a solid, dedicated fanbase and consistently put out great pop-punk music year after year. The latest release from one of these bands, Seaway, is titled Vacation and is one of the best pop-punk albums that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

From the album opener, titled “Apartment,” Seaway is showing off their musical talent. The guitar riff by lead guitarist Patrick Eichinger fits the song expertly and is uniquely memorable. The standout aspect of the album and Seaway in general, for me, is lead vocalist Ryan Locke’s unique, gravelly tone of voice. It gives the songs a certain angst and ups the energy tenfold.

Another standout song is the third track, “London.” Something about the song just captivates me and gets stuck in my head. It may be the punchy chorus or the story it tells. Whatever the reason, every time that I listen to the song, I want to start it over and listen to it all over again.

One of the last songs on the record, “40 Over,” shows Seaway using a slower tempo and more emotional lyrics. This juxtaposition offers a nice reprieve from the high energy found in most of the other songs. The passion in the voices of both lead singers, Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton, is very clear and moving. The haunting yet beautiful guitar riff that opens the track is a perfect indication of what is to come.

Vacation is a glorious 38 minutes from start to finish. Whether it be the exuberant chorus of “Car Seat Magazine,” or the summertime vibes of “Lula on the Beach,” each song on the record is sure to delight.Seaway’s instrumentation and powerful vocals are shown off in full force in one of the best pop-punk albums of all time. Vacation is a must listen for pop-punk fanatics and newcomers alike.

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Jenni Rivera “La Misma Gran Senora” came out during 2012. for example “Ahora Resulta” “que ahora que no valgo nada para ti”she says “im nothing to you now”“Basta Ya” “ ya no tenga remedio, mi camino sera un cementerio a” “Acambio De Que”“De contrabando ” “lo que sea de vez vez en cuando pero ama me” “ of contraband, once in awhile, but love me”

“Como Tu Mujer” “ pues mira tu, la esperanza mi igual vas a ser como tu mujer” its says ”you look your self, the hope is the same for me, i am your women”the many songs that there is in the worldlike “Love Again” she goes “there is no one in this world that ever gave me such a feeling of love and affection” a song can change you mood or someone going through the same .

I love hispanic music Jenni Rivera sings force of harmony there is a lot of feeling or when someone is going through something hard they need a little lifting, it talked about how in her life she struggled being a single mom raising her kids, she was also married before and some of the songs talk about her experience in the relationships and the good and bad times she always manages to stand up. in December 9,2012 her and part of the crew members that were on the plane some how disappeared and the people were trying to find out where the plane went and it turns out that her plane crashed and there was no sight of Jenni only the remains ofclothing, and her dresses and a crushed identification card.

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The man must be a genius. Roger Waters- the bass player, composer, and creative guru behind one of the most celebrated bands in history- spawned a grand idea in his introspective head which needed to be ousted for the whole world to see. Obviously the exemplary insight into the stresses and pressures of the music business, The Wall came from an idea spawned from an incident during a live show. This is where some precursor- historical context is useful. Ahem; Roger and his fellow band mates, compromising Pink Floyd (Perhaps you’ve heard of them, yes?) were touring to promote their 1977 album, Animals. A stadium of adorning fans, perhaps excessively so, were oogling over the band as they played their songs, tired and worn from the demands of a World tour. Packed to the brim, these sold out shows were testament to the popularity of the band’s work. Previous hits like The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish you were Here, both stellar albums, would earn them an A-list label. A fan in the front row of a July 6, 1977 show was so rowdy and compulsive in Roger’s presence though, that Roger was provoked to spitting on him and cursing like a pirate.

And so, Roger Waters pondered just what he was feeling which prompted him to detest playing shows. This annoyance, this utter frustration and alienation he felt towards his devoted fans was so persistent that he mused about building a wall between him and his fans to isolate himself from their antics. BUILDING A WALL. ISOLATION. This was the initial concept behind what would become Pink Floyd’s next concept album (The band is famous for their albums which explore one or many similar themes- a ‘concept album’, which are rare among popular artists today). Wow! What great potential this ‘wall’ concept had. What’s more great is the music created and live performances of the album which would ensue after the creative inception.

The Wall caresses every span of your emotional spectrum thoughtfully, with catchy rock riffs, dark atmosphere, memorable lyrics and a story to do so. Yes, a story is to be had in this fantastic album! Although initially just about Roger’s disdain towards his audience, the project soon came to incorporate other traumas- metaphorical ‘bricks’ in his wall. Now, not just the wall has purpose, but even the separate bricks which comprise the goal of its construction are meaningful. Such traumas include the loss of a father figure, an over-protective mother, abusive school teachers, failed marriages, marred perceptions of love, and others.

Although the album follows a fictional character by the name of Pink, you’d find that Pink’s circumstances are very resembling to those of Roger. -The Wall had become autobiographical! Remorseful cries to a father figure who left for the war early in Roger’s life, “Daddy, what’d you leave behind for me?!” are immediately followed by Roger’s past tense reflection of these long-lasting scars, “All in all it was just a brick in the wall”. For lyrics saturated with pathos that will touch you, what’s awesome is the dark melodies that the band’s instrumentation supplies for Waters’ tragic appeals. The guitar that David Gilmour brings to the album is top notch; with the echoes on his guitar mimicking a lonely voice in an empty world, and the now legendary solos on songs like ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2’. Percussion and drums are also consistently tight, with a notably superb moment at the end of the song ‘The Happiest Days of our Lives’, before it segues into ‘Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2’. Richard Wright’s keyboard work is the foundation of songs like ‘Nobody Home’, and provides a Hammond-organ style wail in the album’s first track, ‘In the Flesh?’

With a band whose history was in concept albums, they truly made the mother of all concept albums during their work on The Wall. Disturbing, thought provoking and scary, the album is sprinkled with sound effects and uncredited voices- much like Pink Floyd’s other seminal masterwork ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. These propel the narrative of Pink’s (Roger’s) life forward until the epic climax of the album, where the wall that Pink builds crumbles to the ground amidst the roars of his peers, “Tear down the Wall! Tear down the Wall!” It’s stirring. It’s got a very well thought out premise. And It’s a classic rock gem you are missing out on if you haven’t already heard it. Go and listen to ‘The Wall’, by Pink Floyd, today. You will find something great to appreciate in it, as I do.

Dolly Parton Rosemont, Illinois Concert Review college essay help free: college essay help free

The iconic country music singer came to Illinois Thursday for her Better Day World Tour. The tour is to promote her new album that is also titled “Better Day”. All of the songs of the album are of a positive, uplifting nature and the concert had the same feel to it.

Dolly arrived on stage right on time in a tight sequined turquoise dress singing a medley of “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”/”Walking on Sunshine” with parts of her new song “Shine Like the Sun” mixed with it. The crowd clearly adored Parton and was instantly on their feet the minute she arrived on stage. Next came “Jolene” complete with Parton on the acoustic guitar. Parton joked that she was glad we remembered her because she had been trying to forget her for years. “Better Get to Livin” was next from Parton’s last album “Backwoods Barbie”. Then Parton switched over to a bluegrass segment and had her stage crew bring out her banjo and an old time microphone. She and her band played a stellar rendition of “Dueling Banjos”. I was amazed and fascinated that Parton could play the banjo with those very long fingernails but she proved to be very adept at it. Next, Parton broke into a series of bluegrass songs that she has sung over the years including “Rocky Top”, “Help!”, “Shine”, “Mule Skinner Blues”, complete with her famous yodeling, and a very moving rendition of “Stairway to Heaven”. She told the audience that it was her husband’s favorite song but when he heard her version he thought it was sacrilege and should now be called “Stairway to Hell”. Parton then took the audience back to the hills of her Smokey Mountain home with songs like “Precious Memories”, “My Tennessee Mountain Home”, “Smokey Mountain Memories” and her signature song “Coat of Many Colors”. Throughout all these songs Parton played the autoharp, and dulcimer. Next on the list came Parton’s version of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” complete with a saxophone solo by Parton. Dolly then moved on to songs from her new album. She sang “Together You and I”, “Better Day”, complete with Parton on a gold rhinestone piano, and the duet “Holding Everything “with her producer Kent Wells. Dolly then talked about her new movie that she is staring in with Queen Latifa. Apparently Queen’s rap skills have rubbed off onto to Dolly because she broke out into a free verse rap that really wasn’t half bad. After the rap Dolly sang a few gospel numbers from the movie. Dolly’s voice was made for these types of songs and she sounded stellar on them. She even danced a little and joked that the film crew tried to teach her to dance but ended up pretty much just having to drag her around. Dolly then took a 15 minute intermission.

Right on the dot after her 15 minute break was up Parton bounded back onto the stage this time in a sparkly red sequined pantsuit. She started the second half of the show with her hit song “White Limousine” complete with Parton on the electric guitar. She then asked if there were any kids in the audience and when several yelled out she broke into the Hannah Montana theme song called “The Best of Both Worlds”. Miley Cyrus the star of Hannah Montana is Dolly’s goddaughter and Parton was on the show several times as Aunt Dolly. Dolly then went back to singing some new songs. These included “The Sacrifice” and “In the Meantime “complete with Parton doing two harmonica solos. The former was about the sacrifices Parton has had to make over the years to advance her career and the latter is about people needing to live in the here and now and to not worry too much about the future. Parton next did an a capella version of her song “Little Sparrow”. This was one of the most amazing moments of the whole show. Parton’s powerful voice resounded through the whole theatre and the audience remained so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. Next, came Parton’s rendition of River Deep- Mountain High. She even completed the song with her own version of Tina Turner’s leg dance that wasn’t half bad and made the whole audience laugh in delight. After this Parton did a few of her most well known songs, including “Islands in the Stream”, “Here You Come Again”, and “9 to 5”, which got the whole audience on their feet clapping and dancing. For the encore came “I Will Always Love You” and “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”.

Over all the concert was spectacular. Parton’s voice has remained crystal clear, vibrant, and young sounding after all these years. Her voice never seems to change and is still powerful. Her voice is expressive at even the quietest whisper. She played a multitude of instruments and gave each and every song her all. She tells stories throughout the show and even a few jokes. She makes you feel like you’re her family and are sitting at her feet at a family gathering instead of at a concert. She still looks incredibly beautiful. You would never guess that she is 65; she looks no older than 45 or 50 and has the energy and tenacity of a 20 year old. Going to her concert was one of the greatest moments of my life and I will forever cherish the experience. If you get the chance to see Dolly live, I would truly recommend doing so. She is a true performer who knows how to work an audience and is truly a living legend or maybe even an angel among us.

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