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Law Question

Instructions: Please read and respond to each question by typing your short answer response to each question in this Microsoft Word document. You may consult resources such as the OAC, ORC, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy website, and pertinent federal laws and regulations. These questions should be synthesized and communicated in your own words and should not be copied and pasted from other resources. Exceptions include when specific language from laws and rules (i.e., OAC, ORC, Federal Code) is used in answering a question. When these are used, the source should be cited at the end of your answer.
Explain the type of actions (i.e., civil, criminal, or administrative) the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy may take toward a pharmacist
Create a table outlining the number of pharmacy interns, certified pharmacy technicians, registered pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technician trainees that a pharmacist may provide oversight for at one time in the state of Ohio.
Create a list of the requirements for a valid prescription for a controlled substance. In other words, what must be included in the prescription for it to be valid?
Under what conditions may a prescription be written for “PRN refills” in the state of Ohio?
List the requirements for what a pharmacist must record if the patient is an animal in the state of Ohio.


1. trade mark
Charlie is a freelance director and cinematographer. To market and promote his services, he would like to use a trademark named after his dog, Frankie. Can the name of his dog be used as a trademark? If so, why and how? If not, why not?
Carly makes a delicious soda that she sells by the can. This soda is available for sale in hundreds of retail stores throughout the United States. Every can has a detailed list of ingredients, which customers tend to overlook or ignore. However, Carly’s soda ingredients are unique compared to other sodas. Carly believes that the list of ingredients on her soda cans is a trademark. Do you agree? Why or why not?
Read this week’s Focus Article and answer the following questions:…
Is this an example of a Wall Street, or a Main Street Deal?
The article refers to the proposed deal both as an acquisition and a combination. Which structure do you think is intended? How can you reconcile the different characterizations?
What do you think some of the business drivers are for PayPal and Paidy?

Baselines and Innocent Passages

Law Assignment Help The Corfu Channel case and the evolution of innocent passage
The Corfu Channel case is one of the most important cases in Maritime law. It helped shape concepts of free passage. Explain the evolution of the term free passage and how the case changed it. Also in your post discuss the terms baseline and territorial waters.

Read the “In Re Yamashita” case, then write and submit your case brief. Before you begin, however, to

Read the “In Re Yamashita” case, then write and submit your case brief.

Before you begin, however, to help you succeed, review the three attachments below before you begin the assignment.

The attachments (1) explain the case briefing process and (2) show the relationship between the court’s opinion and the brief.

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