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leading vs managing

Now, in this Module 4 Case Assignment, “you” are the one being interviewed.Work slowly and carefully through the following scenario. Pay special attention to the people you meet and how they interact with you.When you joined Workplace Solutions Consulting (WSC) three years ago, the hiring process was intensive. After preliminary interviews with individuals of the same rank/title and a manager-level person in your division, you finally met with the director of the Consulting Division. Everyone you met at WSC thus far seemed smart, outgoing, and friendly.Apparently, the interview process had gone well because you were then scheduled to meet with company executives and officers—first, the VP of Customer Service, then the CFO, and finally, the CEO of WSC.The VP of Customer Service seemed highly meticulous in the interview questions, asking for details behind every answer. Meticulous scenario-based questions were asked regarding daily tasks. The conversation was exhausting, to say the least.Then you met with the CFO, a graduate of one of the nation’s military academies (apparent from the office decorations and diplomas). These questions carried implications regarding your self-organization. Do you make daily lists? How do you prioritize your lists? How do you keep your calendar? Do you have a daily planner?Finally, it was time to meet with the CEO. After interviews with both the VP and CFO, you could only imagine what you were getting into with the company’s top leader. But when you sat down with the person who had built this incredible company, it was the most pleasant, genuine, thoughtful, and enthusiastic individual you had ever met.You could not sign up fast enough to join this company!_________________________Assignment based on the Leadership and Management assignment in Module 13: Leadership from:Freedom Learning Group. (n.d.). Organizational behavior/human relations. Provided by Lumen Learning. CC BY 4.0. Retrieved from AssignmentNOTE: There are no right or wrong answers for this assignment. What’s important is how thoroughly you support your narrative.During your interview you experienced a variety of leadership styles, roles, and traits. After reviewing the Background readings and the scenario, prepare a 3-page paper which addresses the following. Make sure that you support your narrative with the readings and cite your sources.Part AOf the three people you met, who would you work best with?Conversely, of the three people you met, which one would you not want to work with/for at all?For each person in 1 and 2 above, what characteristics struck you as positive and negative? Please frame your response around the following characteristics:leadership stylesrolestraitsother indicative detailsPart BWhat combination of leadership style, role, and trait is best for the following business situations? Please explain your responses for each situation.A company with routine and lightly skilled job functions.A company with highly skilled—even dangerous—job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation).A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology.references:

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