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Learning Activity 1

For this learning activity, you will apply your knowledge of morphology, syntax, and semantics to investigate a made-up language. It’s different than what most of our assignments will be like in this course, but it helps get you thinking about language in an analytic way. It presents language like a puzzle that you have to solve, and often the language of our clients can present like a puzzle.
Hint: To figure out how this language works, focus on finding contrasts in meaning and then looking to see how the morphemes represent this change in meaning. Then you can use the different morphemes you’ve discovered to translate English sentences into Hobbitish. The worksheet has all the questions for the assignment, and the Canvas rubric shows the breakdown in points.
please answer the questions in the word decument

DB 5,6 M comm

Part One
1. What do YOU think the top 10 movies of all time should be. List them out 1-10.
2. Next to each movie explain why you think it should be in the top 10. It’s ok to look up what experts say are the top 10 films of all time. You may agree or you may not. I want to know what you think. Next to each movie you listed give a brief explanation as to why you included it and its significance.
4. Are there any movies in your list that are also on the official top 10 movies of all time? Everyone’s lists may be very different and that’s ok!
5. Next, share with us YOUR personal top 10 favorite movies. (This is an entirely different list from the first list you made).
6. How have movies impacted your life (childhood and now)? Please include specific movies that have impacted you. Explain in detail.
7. Share with us one movie you think everybody needs to see before they die. 🙂
8. Respond to at least two of your classmate’s posts (make sure they are well thought out posts to earn full points).
Part two
Please post your answer and reply to at least two classmate’s posts.
This week I would like you to discuss what you know about Donald Trump and Joe Biden solely from information your have heard/watched/read in the media. I am giving points for well thought out answers not bullet points. Put a lot of thought and effort into this. Reply to at least two fellow classmate’s posts.
1. Tell me what you have learned (or already know) about them solely from what you have heard/watched/read from the media. Social media counts as well.
2. Share where you got your information from. If it was from several sources, please list them all.
3. Discuss media’s views, reporting, and opinions on Donald Trump and Joe Biden from various media sources. Some media outlets will like a certain candidate and dislike another. Their bias will show. Give examples of the bias you have seen in the media.
4. What do you think about media sources endorsing one candidate or another? Can you trust a media source to be unbiased in their reporting if they have come out to endorse a specific candidate? (For example, a major newspaper’s endorsement of a candidate)
5. How do you know what information is accurate? How do you know who you can trust?

In this assignment, you will write a critical review of the research paper. Provide an evaluation that includes the

In this assignment, you will write a critical review of the research paper. Provide an evaluation that includes the following:

1- What is the research problem statement?

2- How effectively does the problem statement communicate the research problem to the reader?

3- What is the research question or hypotheses?

4- Does answering the research question or drawing conclusions from the hypotheses resolve the research problem?

5- What is the research design? Is the research design correct for the intent of the study and type of data used in the study? If so, why? If not, what research design and data analysis do you recommend? To what extent do the data collection and analysis plan gather and assess the data to answer the research questions or hypotheses?

PLEASE USE ONLY THE SOURCE I PROVIDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Communications Question

Writing Assignment Help Faking It: Sex Lies and Women’s MagazinesIntro to Mass CommunicationDirections:1. Students are to write a (full) 2-3 page paper discussing the article “Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines”.2. The first page should include a discussion regarding your opinions and thoughts on the article you read. Be specific and use examples from what you read when responding.3. The second page should include examples in current Women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed by the various editors and writers interviewed in the article. For example: look for examples that have the small print that says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading. Look for exaggerated claims regarding sex and it’s impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real women” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak about sex.Make sure to tell me the magazine you found the article in. The issue you are using, the name of the column or article and its author. Give me specific details when describing the article(s) you are discussing.The assignment must:? Be typed? Double spaced? 12 point font? New Times Roman? Use proper spelling and grammar? Use proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)? I am not looking for a list on the second page…please keep your writing in formal essay format.

Communications Question

After viewing the website posted (Redbook: Faith Hill Touch Up and both YouTube videos 1 and 2 Photoshop), write a 3 page reaction paper.
Describe in detail what you saw on the website

occupational health

Please provide typewritten, number-formatted responses to the following (your responses should be indicated by the appropriate item number/letter): 1. Describe in detail (in your own words, on at least one [1] full page [no more than double-spaced and no larger than 12-point font]) what occupational health and safety means to you, and three (3) types of health and safety problems common to workplaces. Be clear, to-the-point, thorough, and be certain to fill one (1) FULL page (top-to-bottom and side-to-side)! 2. List at least four (4) issues/topics relevant to the field of health/safety, and describe (in at least five [5] sentences for each) the meaning and importance of each. 3. Choose one (1) occupational setting (a public or private office, an educational facility, a hospital, etc.) where workers are working, and perform an observational study of the population(s) working in the respective setting (directly watch the population[s] for at least ten [10] minutes). Then, prepare your responses to the following: a. identify the location and time at which you chose to perform your observational study, b. list which two (2) areas (areas = health/safety concerns) of occupational health pertain to (that apply to or impact) the working population of the respective location, and c. explain why you believe the specific occupational health and safety areas identified pertain to the respective working population. NOTE: Strict adherence to the assignment instructions is required for receipt of full credit.

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