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Legal Form of Business at Tim’s

Refer to discussion topic 1 and the learning activities in this unit for a quick review of business forms commonly used. Further information regarding forms of business can be accessed via the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) website:U.S. Small Business Administration. (n.d.). Business structures. business form would be most appropriate for Tim’s and why?Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the business form you chose.Explain which general state and federal laws (see resources below) might impact registration of Tim’s business, due to the fact that it is a restaurant business.Respond in a minimum of 350 words in APA format (12-point Times New Roman Font, double-spaced) and submit your response to the assignment Dropbox.Your submission must include a minimum of two references. The first being the course textbook, and the second an article from the database ABI/INFORM Collection in the PG Library. Any additional articles must also derive from the database ABI/INFORM Collection. Cite using in-text citations where appropriate. Your sources and content should follow current APA 7 format and citation style. Visit the Academic Success Center found in the Academic Tools area in your course for further assistance.

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