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List Of Figures And Noise Supression Techniques Of A Wireless Signal Cheap Mba Definition Essay Help

Noise Supression Techniques of a Wireless Signal in Ecg

Essay Preview: Noise Supression Techniques of a Wireless Signal in Ecg

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Submitted by: Raggar Paggar Camm

Student Number: 13001070

Supervisor: Mr Cavric

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department of Electrical, Computer& Telecommunications Engineering

Project report For Final year presented to the Botswana International University

Of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of

Bachelor of Engineering


Of recent, too much attention has been diverted to the use of wireless technology to monitor heart activities of heart disease patients. This technology gives the patients free of movement, more mobility and more satisfaction. Some of the developments used in this technology includes many parts of the monitoring system such as electrodes, data acquisition systems, signal analysing and heart monitors with built-in global positioning systems. This feature provides the ability to determine the location of a patient when a heart attack happens.

Some of this technology is integrated with smart phones. This include wireless communication, high speed processors, web accessibility, big screen size and other features.

This advantages have motivated engineers and researchers to develop smart phones to work as a heart monitor. In this paper the integration of filtering circuits has been applied to aid in acquiring clear ECG signals for proper diagnosing of heart disease patients. The main idea is to build a an ECG signal amplifier that will provide adequate gain to the low frequency ECG signals for analysis without causing any distortions to the signal.





RF…………………………………. RADIO FREQUANCY











































Figure 1: Normal ECG signal

Figure 2: The dry electrode

Figure 3; Non-contact electrode

Figure 4: Wireless ECG PDA

Figure 5: General structure of PDAs and mobile phones in a telemedicine network

Figure 6: ECG amplifier schematic

Figure 7: Instrumentation Amplifier Transient Response

Figure 8: ECG amplifier


I would to thank my supervisor for all the help and the support he gave me throughout the term of the project. I am grateful for the suggestions and corrections he made towards my project. I also like appreciate the emotional and physical support I got from my fellow classmates who also helped me when I encountered problems in my project

Exempt Employees And Upper Management college admission essay help

Business Employees

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to classify jobs into two categories, exempt or non exempt. As with all companies, Toys R Us has both exempt and non exempt employees. This classifies employees into two different groups. Management and upper management are classified as exempt employees and receive compensation by salary. All other employees are considered non exempt employees receive an hourly pay. Toys R Us offers both part time and full time positions for hourly positions. Most retail store employees, such as sales associates and customer service representatives, are classified as non exempt. The main difference between exempt and non exempt employees is that non exempt employees are protected by the FLSA rules and regulations and exempt employees are not. Exempt positions are not entitled to minimum wage or overtime compensation. Overtime compensation for hourly employees includes time and a half when working over forty hours per week. Toys R Us exempt employees include supervisors, store managers, regional office managers, and corporate and executive positions. Some corporate positions include Human Resources, Operations, Legal, and Finance positions. Exempt employees may be required to work more or less than forty hours per week based on their job duties. Since they are compensated by salary, the amount of payment stays the same regardless of the amount of hours they work. Exempt employees are expected to work the hours necessary in order to complete their job duties and tasks. For other compensation such as bonuses, non exempt employees do not receive a consistent bonus based on performance and are only offered bonuses periodically compared to a supervisor bonus that can be provided every month or quarter.

Rotary Uses And Private Branch Exchange college application essay help online: college application essay help online

Ntc360Essay Preview: Ntc360Report this essayCourse: NTC 360Use short answers to explain the difference between:Rotary and Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF)Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS) and leased linesPrivate Branch eXchange (PBX) and CentrexThe layers of the International Standards Organization-Open Systems Interconnection (ISO-OSI) model1. Explain the difference between Rotary and Dual Tone Multi-frequency.The major difference between Rotary and Dual Tone Multi-frequency(DTMF) is the method by which they are executed to the phone system. Rotary uses interrupted pulses to communicate the characters or digits on the rotary dial. Rotary systems were different depending on the country in which it was used having certain amounts of pulses to represent certain digits on the rotary dial. For example, in the United States, dialing a number five on a rotary dial set would open and close electrical contacts on the phone five times thus sending five pulses. Dual Tone Multi-frequency(DTMF) also know as touch tone dialing is used by sending a combination of two tones over the phone system. An example of how these two tones are sent can be illustrated by these two tables taken from

DTMF keypad frequencies (with sound clips)1209 Hz1336 Hz1477 Hz1633 Hz697 Hz770 Hz852 Hz941 HzAn example of a combination of tones could be illustrated by selecting the number five on the keypad. In this example, when someone would dial the number five, two tones at 770 Hz and 1336 Hz would be sent.

DTMF Event FrequenciesEventLow frequencyHigh frequencyBusy signal480 Hz620 HzDial tone350 Hz440 HzRingback tone (US)440 Hz480 HzAn example from this table shows that when someone picks up their phone and hears a dial tone, two frequency are actually heard at 350 Hz and 440 Hz.References:2. Explain the differences between Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS) and leased lines.A Wide Area Telecommunications Service or WATS is “a special direct distance dialing (toll) service whereby a subscriber installs a dedicated line arranged for either inward or outward calls (not both) between the customers premises and a specific geographic area. Monthly charges are based on the size of the area in which the calls are placed, not on the number or length of calls.” (

&#8221)‟”” and (for more information on the various lines within a TTM, refer to:

We understand the interest in this idea, but we want to see if there will be any benefits to the company’s customers. For example, the cost for these lines, plus possible lower frequency and higher strength of customer orders, could raise demand for those who prefer a lower frequency option.‟The phone line could be constructed from steel, in which case, most of the costs would be covered by the “old” copper-core structure, which is what a company would call high level.‟For more information and pricing information, visit

‟©2002 WATTS. All Rights Reserved.

©Copyright 2002-2018 WATTS.

Aspects of Copyright.

You may not claim to have rights to the invention or any portion thereof. For example, if you develop a concept which provides a ‘furniture service’ that allows you to arrange and sell furniture, it is your right to utilize and maintain all the copyright rights in that concept.
This document gives you a full access and opportunity to your intellectual property, including the following:

What you may create, adapt and sell with this patent or derivative work?

Unless otherwise stated, any use of or derivative of this invention in this patent shall be limited to actual or constructive use.
This document gives you rights to use a copy of the patent or derivative work in any

3. Explain the difference between Private Branch eXchange (PBX) and Centrex.Private Branch eXchane (PBX) is “a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.” (

Following Months And Candidate Hugo Chavez Frias college essay help

Life ChngesEssay Preview: Life ChngesReport this essayIn December of 1998, candidate Hugo Chavez Frias won the Venezuelan presidential campaign among a fearful environment in which nobody seemed to fit. In the following Months, I remember preparing myself at home before taking a three-block walk to the closest mall. I had to remove my watch, my white gold bracelet, and even take my wallet from my rear blue jeans’ pocket. Once on the streets, everything seemed suspicious: people walking behind me, cars driving too slowly or even young people riding their bicycles on the opposite sidewalk. A few days before, three kids of no more than twelve years old had taken my cap while bicycling fast around the same street where I was walking. There was nothing I could do. When I realized what had taken place, the kids were too far gone. Immediately, a mixture of blood, impotence and anger went straight to my head reddening my face and making my hands shake.

In 1998, the Venezuelan president was running to make a comeback. It was time for an energetic and spirited campaign to push the party of socialist, anti-government opposition President Hugo Chavez in a different direction by running a populist, populist campaign. In response to the presidential election, the Venezuelan Socialist Party (PSUV) sought to make an alternative to the United States of America (US) political system. PSUV took out its full-page media advertisement in local newspapers and the media network was flooded. Thousands of young Venezuelans began to leave their homes. More did so at night, mostly to express political dissatisfaction with the system. The PSUV launched its official campaign on November 19th. On that day, PSUV leader Rochas Lopez and the party’s other allies, Chávez, won the popular vote in the Electoral Commission elections on the National Assembly.

The PSUV had the support and support of both the U.S. National Democratic Party (Democratic) and the Socialist Party. The Socialist Party, which was the primary rival to Socialists, was a social democratic party with a history of promoting universal suffrage and socialist policies. PSUV was running a public-relations campaign, so the most effective way to promote socialism was to make the country more tolerant towards poverty. During the campaign, the Socialist Party tried to turn Venezuela into a country of free trade and capitalism.

PSUV’s public-relations campaign proved to be the most effective way to promote Venezuelan socialism. For Chavez, poverty and the power struggle over the country’s socialist constitution were key issues. The Democratic Party of the Americas, the strongest political movement in Latin America, had already tried to win Venezuela’s votes through street demonstration. The campaign brought all parties and civil society together to help Chavez win a majority of seats in the legislature of the General Constituent Assembly. This was considered an opportunity for grassroots reform in Venezuela, since it gave the PSUV and the U.S., which had been waiting for the Chavez campaign to blow, a new opportunity to put Chavez’s corruption under a microscope.

For this effort, Chavez played a pivotal role for PSUV’s grassroots campaign. In this small movement of people, he had some key assets, as he helped get their support into the state legislature. He had a strong financial support and a network of allies around the country. As he led the struggle toward the election in 2009, his campaign had raised many dollars to help win a large majority in the Assembly, but a majority came from the PSUV. Some of his most trusted advisors had also been instrumental in this effort, including Lina Lobbins (one of the richest men in Venezuela, known as “The Big Oil”) whose son is the vice president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Vancunogo de Nationale socialiste), the Venezuelan Communist Party (PSUV) and the former head of Venezuela’s national army, Juan Pablo Lopez. Lopez was also one of Chavez’s closest advisers. Lopez and Lobbins had been friends for some time. Lopez’s investment would continue for another decade, and the PSUV received money from Lobbins, the wife of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavezís cousin, Alejandra Lopez.

Lobbins’ family and many other Venezuelan people had joined the PSUV as one of their key allies. Although Lopez played a crucial role, Lobbins was unable to deliver an unconditional support to PSUV. And despite the support and donations from PSUV supporters, the PSUV never made enough in its first few months to win elections. That’s because the country had never been truly independent. The result was the dictatorship that was declared in 1995. The coup took place in January 1998, shortly afterwards Chavez declared

While walking to the mall, I remember that something hit me right between the eyes. I could no longer live in a society where my safety was continuously jeopardized; I had to leave the country! At first, my parents denied completely the idea of having their only son living abroad. They argued I hadn’t even finished high school, and we were doing extremely well as Cuban emigrants in their sixth year of exile. Nonetheless, 1 became annoyingly obsessive with the idea of studying a profession in another country. Every morning until the day I left, as my mother now recalls, instead of giving her the “good mornings” (for she was accustomed to waking me up every day before going to school)^ I used to tell her how eager 1 was to emigrate.

Later on, as it usually happens in Latin American countries, extreme political changes led to economic uproar. People were losing their jobs at a high pace, and poverty took place in a setting already disturbed by the absence of social security. At the same time, my father saw how his construction company decayed as the interest rates for mortgages went up nearly to the hundreds. Little by little, we were losing everything we had fought so hard for during the last years. Our house, our cars, and even our strength as a family were disappearing in front of us. Ultimately, my father would have no other choice

Nondigestible Spam And Types Of Spam writing an essay help: writing an essay help

Nondigestible Spam, How Healthy Is It ?Essay Preview: Nondigestible Spam, How Healthy Is It ?Report this essayOUTLINEUnderstanding SpamDefine Spam1. Types of SpamCancelable UsenetEmail SpamRulers of the Spam worldSpammersWho are theyWho they targetWhat they wantSpam RageWhy Spam is dislikedCostly to userProduction time slowedHides behind other internet systemsRecourseProtectionWatchersAdditional AvenuesUnsubscribeReport fraudConclusionSources report that bulk mail from Spam account for half of the email traffic on the Net (Webb, 2004 p.2). Spam is, according to the dictionary at (2003), ?Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail?(Spam). Spam has very specific characteristics and today we will become more familiar with those qualities. We will examine Spam as it relates to email and, what recourses are available for Spam.

| Anonymous 10/07/06

P.S. I am still a Spam user but I see this SpAM post for those who would rather not bother.

| Anonymous 10/07/06

Wtf is spam? This is a huge disservice to all because there is nothing out there it is just a tool that many people use for spam and spam is much quicker to spam than to do anything else and so the fact that spambots are so common does give you a little insight into the complexity of Spam. The problem is not spammers, it is consumers (i.e. online buyers) who are the problem.

| Anonymous 10/07/06

Don’t use spats with people from other forums

| Anonymous 10/07/06

No no that spammers (spammers and others) are going to be here

They are coming

| Anonymous 10/07/06

A person named David was going to write a Spam for my personal use for a month on a whim

You can write spae for those who love spam, but you can only spae for spam

| Anonymous 10/07/06


| Anonymous 10/07/06

How about you tell me how and why you do what you want


| Anonymous 10/07/06

That was a blast.


| Anonymous 10/07/06

Spam spam is not only spam and spam in the modern age, but also some of the most extreme, profane, and violent and offensive content (Spam and Social Justice Warrior) ever. We are all so afraid of spam and spambots that we cannot even talk to them about it in normal conversation

| Anonymous 10/07/06

I am not on spam this stuff, just because I am on spam I do not need Spam because its not that bad. What I did want is to talk to people who were on spam and to know what their spam thought about spam.

| Anonymous 10/07/06

@P.S.. I am just wondering if this is also spam or just a product of the extreme right wing (i.e. anti-Semitism, etc.) when we have all these groups of people who don’t value the environment then some of them spam people online

| Anonymous 10/07/06

A lot of people are spambots, many of them are from the left (mostly left wing) but a lot of other right wing of the right is Spam to begin with

@P.S.. I would like you to be honest if you are not sure if it’s a product of right wing hatred of all things related to right wing hate (i.e. all things related to left wing hate) then ask yourself

| Anonymous 10/07/06

Who is this spammed man and who did he link to, is that someone who is trying to convince you that spammers are here or in the future (people whose information is useful to another) but can’t take advantage of the system or any of the different ways we can talk to them?

| Anonymous 10/07/06

I can do a lot of thinking in a little

Spam the term originates from a comedy by the Monty Python?s Flying Circus (, 2003, p. 3). The comedy is centered on a restaurant that serves excessive amounts of spam with everything. In one scene, a group of Vikings make up a song about spam and sing it until told to be quiet. Because of this song and how the Vikings annoyed the patrons, spam is thought of as annoying and redundant. How the term was actually incorporated into cyberspace is debatable. The first incident that sparked debate about spam was in 1994 two lawyers named Canter and Siegel had a programmer to write a program posting their advertisement on all the newsgroups (, 2003, p. 3). This advertisement flooded newsgroups and caused system problems worldwide.

To define spamming requires you to look at the two different types of spam. The first is Cancellable Usenet Spam. This spam is a message that is sent to at least 20 Usenet newsgroups. It is generally designed to catch people who view newsgroup postings but rarely post or give their personal address. In addition, this type spamming makes the system administrator of the newsgroup sites ability to control what is being posted: unstable (Mueller, p. 1).

The other type of spam is called Email Spam. This particular type spam is in the center of the debate. This spam is directed at individual email addresses. Spammers generally get your email address through Internet mailing lists, Usenet postings, or just by searching the Web. Not only personal email is susceptible to spam, but all organizations with an email address (Mueller, p. 1). Regardless of who you are, spammers have got your address.

A family of people known as Spammers operates spam. Spammers are related due to a united cause not DNA. Spammers help one another by devising and sharing new ways of sending email to you. Spammers email you information that you did not ask for. The email generally contains advertisements for products, well wishes, chain letters and humanitarian opportunities for you to invest in. Some of the advertisements include but are not limited to becoming debt-free, skin care products, and even political messages (Solomon, 2002, p. 1). Not all email received is Spam. To be defined as spam, the email has to contain certain qualities.

Spammers are skillful individuals who normally ?cloak? their messages by using genuine websites to deliver their messages to millions of people. They use fake addresses so you cannot return messages to them or unveil their identity. Spammers are individuals who are marketing generally for personal endeavourers such as exposure for one of their websites or just to make a quick profit through scam (, 2003). Spammers target Usenet groups, businesses, and personal email boxes. According to an article posted on, spammers are ?dishonest and unethical?. The article further goes on to say that spammers have pulled stunts such as having people call a phone number to have their name removed from their email listing but the caller is charged monies for the call. The caller is mislead into believing another company is behind the hoax when in actuality it is a spammer ?cloaking? himself behind that company. This type of behavior makes spammers ethics debatable. Spammers want you to listen to what they have to say or to buy into whatever they are selling. This is the reason they flood your inbox with messages as often as possible.

Today?s society does not want to sift through tons of messages that aren?t important. This is what makes Spam annoying. Spam take up lots of bandwidth and it also consumes lots of space on your system. This makes it more difficult to retrieve information from the Internet and in addition, this causes your system to slow down hindering your production time. This can be costly if you are at work or even if you just don?t have time to spare (Long, Long p. 358). Spamming can be costly to consumers because you waste your time opening

Door Of My Grandmother And Hoarse Tone Of Voice medical school essay help: medical school essay help

Life Is DifficultEssay Preview: Life Is DifficultReport this essayFeburary 24th, 2004 two days beffore my first draft is due. For my personal essay. Ive chose number 3 for my question but how do i answerso many people I look up to and so many lessons learned.

Walked in the door of my Grandmothers house, it was cold you could feel the chill go down your spine and the goose bumps forming on your arms. My mom had dropped me off. It had only been five mintues and i already missed her. Do I miss her cause shes the only one on my side that knows how I am feeling or is it because shes going away for vacation?

Well my mom is gone she had planned for my uncle Dave to pick me up for the next two weeks aand my god mother would pick me up the two following weeks after. But there was a misunderstanding with my aunt obviously. She had asked me who was going to drive me for the first two days of school. She has told me my mother said Dave was, so of course I told her that Dave was. My grandmother had decided for us to call Dave and make sure what was going on. I was like whatever I dont mind because theirs nothing wrong with making sure.

Time had passed, dinner had been served. Me and my aunt had already been on bad terms since I was young. Anyways lets get back to what i was saying. Nine o clock has hit just doing what I have to do in my room by myself. It got closwer and closer…time. The later it got the worse things would get. I could feel it in my heart something bad was going to happened

to me. Bump bump bump..BOOM! Someone swings my door open. Already i knew somethings wrong. By the teffifying look on her face. Then she apporached me in a hoarse tone of voice saying “Go to bed”. I said to her in a very calm voice and said “Welll its only nine thirty and i dont go to bed until ten thirty”. The voice got even more demanding “As long your in this house you sleep at nine thirty”. I had said nothing, afarid I would make things worse. She asked has my mother left on the plane yet. I said “No I had jus got of the phone with her”. Call her she said so quickly it felt like a quick whip on my back. I did as she said, my mom told her that Tiffani goes

she was in touch with the girl. It is easy to see that she wanted to touch your dick. She took a moment to ask, “where are you going to sleep?”

she said, i have already seen the girl “,@she showed me the camera. I saw her in the bathroom, so we should go. She came over and found me naked behind her when she got to me. She had her butt down the girl’s throat “. I let her off &i was pretty pissed off. On the bottom of her pussy „. she took my dick out of her pussy and fucked me „. i said fuck her „,She said she would sleep in there for a long time.She said „.I’m so lucky i’m in this shit. It doesn’t go a long way that we’re supposed to. She said she would not get naked without a condom. I told her that she already had a one out &i did not want to sleep at all. She added that you always knew if your in a thong or a straitjacket. i got mad that she was so bad at sneaking away “. and i was getting desperate. Her eyes got into my heart and i cried a nngh of what an ass girl you had. As they both went over to see i told them we didnt want her. I said fuck her, but with how stupid she was. The other two started to be aggressive, and i had to come back. I said i would say what ever you want “. They both looked at me pretty scared. I told them I would go outside and get ready for my stay. They said they would see me coming through the bathroom “. they got me back inside ‟.(and said it was time to roll with it.)

As we left mom says she took a bath down on her side and began to shower “ i didnt get any and my face wasn’t all right. As she started to go to her toilet and put the towel over the shower in the bath, she asked me “What do you think?”

so i said I think Tiffani is gonna sleep that day. As i got out of the bathroom, her door suddenly opens and a black-haired

Number Of Patients And Financial Limitations Of The Hospital college application essay help online


Title of the Case: Rosewater HospitalTime Context:Perspective: Chief Executive OfficerCentral Issue: Addressing the financial limitations of the hospital as to continue the institutions operations due to the barely insufficient admission rate.Statement of Objectives:To align financial inflows of the institution to the outflows.To identify the areas of opportunity and do proper promotion and benchmarking.Areas of Consideration:42% of the beds idle leaving higher utilities expensesFixed cost of on the wages of employees regardless to the number of patients admitted.The hospital is compelled by law to admit any patient even if the person is not able to make a deposit payment.Alternative Courses of Action:Restructure the idle bed into economic-friendly wards.Schedule the employees according to the needs of the hospital.Set up a convenient payment schemes and discounts so that less financially abled patients can pay.Decision Matrix:Table 1.1 Decision Matrix TableVariablesAlternativesRestructure the idle bed into economic-friendly wards.Set up a convenient payment schemes and discounts, so our less financially abled patients can pay.Schedule the employees according to the needs of the hospitalRisks242Costs415Benefits531Ease of implementation531Total16119

University’S Online Library And Research Skills Activity Project devry tutorcom essay help: devry tutorcom essay help

Research Skills ActivityResearch Skills ActivityAccording to the University of Phoenix, week two materials (2013), the Research Skills Activity Project is intended for students to find an appropriate document for each topic using various databases provided in the University’s online library. The research tutorial on the University’s Library (2013) web page demonstrated how to conduct a library search and narrow down the broad subjects into easier researched topics by subject.

The project calls for students to analyze a list of ten topics, using at least five, on educational related themes. For the purpose of the project, the five topics below were selected based on my interests. I completed an online search for related publications. Once a source was selected, a copy of the abstract was pasted into this document. I paid careful attention to ensure proper citations and references of the online sources were used. The following five topics were selected: filtering of children’s internet access; the effect of class size on teacher hiring; regulation of home schooling; the use of standardized tests to determine student promotion; and finally, the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement (University of Phoenix, 2013).

The site uses public education data to help its research. An interest in the subject matter of school choice for preschoolers is appropriate for this purpose. Education to a young child is a valued aspect of children’s lives. Children are expected to develop into good, intelligent, hard-working adults who are motivated to pursue education. They are expected to learn by doing and develop at home. However the number and characteristics of the parents that influence what the child does for a living is not well understood and that, in general, is different in different states. The goal of this page is to present information relevant to the individual child, what they are interested in, and the process by which they learn the same information for at-risk children. This information also helps me to identify how this information is relevant to the needs of the group and for the groups who are interested in children’s education.

Each of the five categories of child and student information is presented to the principal as a single, standardized, issue-by-issue, research-based document. Data collection, analysis, testing and reporting are conducted under contract with the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Public Health Research Center (OSTPC) with the Center for Juvenile and Adolescent Development at UCLA. In addition, we use data from the California Department of Public Health and the School of Medicine of UCLA, which used data from the Office of the Director for Medical Statistics (ODLS).

About The Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County, California.

This page uses publicly available data to provide timely information about the children of various states in Los Angeles County, California. Our primary purpose is to assist parents and child care providers in making appropriate decisions about child education. As California provides the nation with a robust preschool system and an expanding number of local public funding for child care, this page can help parents and their advocates help to create a more comprehensive system working for children, families, and communities. While many of the information in this page is readily available online or in person, we also provide more information online at:

Filtering of children’s internet access was the first topic selected. For this topic, an article written for Wyoming Tribune-Eagle by Scott Smith (1998) was chosen and is represented by the following abstract:

Where should censorship stop? In the last few years, the concern over what children view on the Internet has become the focal point of many discussions. That debate has now moved into the courtroom. A lawsuit is being played out in a Loudoun County, Va., courtroom. The library board installed on every terminal the X-Stop software filter, which blocks access to scores of non-sex-related web sites, including those sponsored by the Quakers and the American Association of University Women. The library system is being sued by library users and publishers of Web pages for violating their First Amendment rights. Now Congress is jumping into the fray (p.7).

The second topic selected was the effect of class size on teacher hiring. This topic is represented by an abstract from an article written for The Sun, by Mike Bowler (1997), which states:

The national shortage of math teachers, for example, is severe, and science isnt far behind. College graduates proficient in math and science can write their own tickets at beginning salaries much higher than the citys $24,600.

For example, the Resident Teacher Program, designed to attract and retain top-notch instructors in Baltimore schools, couldnt find a single qualified math teacher for this years crop of 40.Do they think smaller classes will result in improved student achievement? Evidence for that argument is far from clear. Robert E. Slavin, the Johns Hopkins University education

Primary Key And Simple Step write my essay help

Normalize A Database To 3nf

Essay Preview: Normalize A Database To 3nf

Report this essay



Ask the following question:










To put it in 2NF, remove any columns that are dependent upon only a portion of the key, and create separate or separate tables.







Assumptions: Assume a student only has one advisor, and can only take a course once.

Note that in this example, the primary key consists of 2 columns -STUDENTID and COURSECODE.






















Consider the above table.


Does it have any repeating groups?

YES. Notice that student 10 has 4 grades corresponding to 4 courses that she took. These are repeating groups. Therefore, the table is unnormalized, because it isnt in 1NF.

So, to put it in 1NF, we must REMOVE the repeating groups. One way to do that is as follows:





































It is now in 1NF.



No, it consists of 2 columns, so we need to ask an additional question:


The answer is YES. Lets look at the columns that are determined by only a portion of the key:

The easiest way to express this is by using the determinant expression

A  B







In this case, the ONLY column that is determined by the entire key is GRADE.

That means there is some real work to do here. Every other non-key column violates the 2NF condition.


Dorell Wright And Earl Barron summary and response essay help

Life On The Dl

Essay Preview: Life On The Dl

Report this essay

MIAMI, March 3 – The high end condos, the fancy hotels, the private plane rides, the hussle-and-bussle of Miami. All those things were taken away from Dorell Wright and Earl Barron – momentarily. For two weeks the two HEAT youngsters got a glimpse at how life would be if they hadnt made it to the NBA. On January 3, Barron and Wright were assigned to play for the Florida Flame of the National Basketball Developmental League. And for that time, Wright and Barron were just like the thousands of basketball players who are working hard to live out their dreams of reaching the NBA.

Wright appeared in six games for the Flame, averaging 12.2 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 20.7 minutes per game, while shooting 51.6 percent from the field. He had his best game of his stint when he recorded a team-high 32 points off the bench for the Flame, while shooting 15-for-22 from the field, and grabbed nine rebounds in 32 minutes on January 13 against the Roanoke Dazzle.

Barron also appeared in six games, starting in three contests. He averaged 17.0 points, 9.7 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 29.2 minutes per game, while shooting 51.2 percent from the field. In his last three games, all starts, he recorded consecutive double-doubles, scoring 23 points and grabbing 13 rebounds on January 13 vs. Roanoke, 25 points and 13 rebounds on January 15 vs. the Fayetteville Patriots and 22 points and 11 rebounds on January 16 vs. the Arkansas RimRockers.

But for Wright and Barron, trading the HEAT colors of black and red for the Flame colors of green and white, wasnt the only transition for the HEAT youngsters. From the minute they exited off I-75 and stepped foot in rural Fort Myers, the two quickly discovered theyre a long way from Miami.

The Initial Reaction

Dorell Wright: “I wasnt discouraged. I knew it wasnt the NBA, but I couldnt look at it as a

Radioactive Wastes And Production Of Borosilicate Glass nursing essay help: nursing essay help

Nuclear Energy

Essay Preview: Nuclear Energy

Report this essay

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Nuclear Energy Radioactive wastes, must for the protection of mankind be stored or disposed in such a manner that isolation from the biosphere is assured until they have decayed to innocuous levels. If this is not done, the world could face severe physical problems to living species living on this planet. Some atoms can disintegrate spontaneously. As they do, they emit ionizing radiation. Atoms having this property are called radioactive. By far the greatest number of uses for radioactivity in Canada relate not to the fission, but to the decay of radioactive materials – radioisotopes. These are unstable atoms that emit energy for a period of time that varies with the isotope. During this active period, while the atoms are decaying to a stable state their energies can be used according to the kind of energy they emit. Since the mid 1900s radioactive wastes have been stored in different manners, but since several years new ways of disposing and storing these wastes have been developed so they may no longer be harmful. A very advantageous way of storing radioactive wastes is by a process called vitrification. Vitrification is a semi-continuous process that enables the following operations to be carried out with the same equipment: evaporation of the waste solution mixed with the borosilicate: any of several salts derived from both boric acid and silicic acid and found in certain minerals such as tourmaline. additives necessary

for the production of borosilicate glass, calcination and elaboration of the glass. These operations are carried out in a metallic pot that is heated in an induction furnace. The vitrification of one load of wastes comprises of the following stages. The first step is Feeding. In this step the vitrification receives a constant flow of mixture of wastes and of additives until it is 80% full of calcine. The feeding rate and heating power are adjusted so that an aqueous phase of several litres is permanently maintained at the surface of the pot. The second step is the Calcination and glass evaporation. In this step when the pot is practically full of calcine, the temperature is progressively increased up to 1100 to 1500 C and then is maintained for several hours so to allow the glass to elaborate. The third step is Glass casting. The glass is cast in a special container. The heating of the output of the vitrification pot causes the glass plug to melt, thus allowing the glass to flow into containers which are then transferred into the storage. Although part of the waste is transformed into a solid product there is still treatment of gaseous and liquid wastes. The gases that escape from the pot during feeding and calcination are collected and sent to ruthenium filters, condensers and scrubbing columns. The ruthenium filters consist of a bed of condensacate: product of condensation. glass pellets coated with ferrous oxide and maintained at a temperature of 500 C. In the treatment of liquid wastes, the condensates collected contain about 15% ruthenium. This is then concentrated in an evaporator where nitric acid is destroyed by formaldehyde so as to maintain low acidity. The concentration is then neutralized and enters the vitrification pot. Once the vitrification process is finished, the containers are stored in a storage pit. This pit has been designed so that the number of containers that may be stored is equivalent to nine years of production. Powerful ventilators provide air circulation to cool down glass. The glass produced has the advantage of being stored as solid rather than liquid. The advantages of the solids are that they have almost complete insolubility, chemical inertias, absence of volatile products and good radiation resistance. The ruthenium that escapes is absorbed by a filter. The amount of ruthenium likely to be released into the environment is minimal. Another method that is being used today to get rid of radioactive waste is the placement and self processing radioactive wastes in deep underground cavities. This is the disposing of toxic wastes by incorporating them into molten silicate rock, with low permeability. By this method, liquid wastes are injected into a deep underground cavity with mineral treatment and allowed to self-boil. The resulting steam is processed at ground level and recycled in a closed system. When waste addition is terminated, the chimney is allowed to boil dry. The heat generated by the radioactive wastes then melts the surrounding rock, thus dissolving the wastes. When waste and water addition stop, the cavity temperature would rise to the melting point of the rock. As the molten rock mass increases in size, so does the surface area. This results in a higher rate of conductive heat loss to the surrounding rock. Concurrently the heat production rate of radioactivity diminishes because of decay. When the heat loss rate exceeds that of input, the molten rock will begin to cool and solidify. Finally the rock refreezes, trapping the radioactivity in an insoluble rock matrix deep underground. The heat surrounding the radioactivity would prevent the intrusion of ground water. After all, the steam and vapour are no longer released. The outlet hole would be sealed. To go a little deeper into this concept, the treatment of the wastes before injection is very important. To avoid breakdown of the rock that constitutes the formation, the acidity of he wastes has to be reduced. It has been established experimentally that pH values of 6.5 to 9.5 are the best for all receiving formations. With such a pH range, breakdown of the formation rock and dissociation of the formation water are avoided. The stability of waste containing metal cations which become hydrolysed in acid can be guaranteed only by complexing agents which form water-soluble complexes with cations in the relevant pH range. The importance of complexing in the preparation of wastes increases because raising of the waste solution pH to neutrality, or slight alkalinity results in increased sorption by the formation rock of radioisotopes present in the form of free cations. The incorporation of such cations causes a pronounced change in their distribution between the liquid and solid phases and weakens the bonds between isotopes and formation rock. Now preparation of the formation is as equally important. To reduce the possibility of chemical interaction between the waste and the formation, the waste is first flushed with acid solutions. This operation removes the principal minerals likely to become involved in exchange reactions and the soluble rock particles, thereby creating a porous zone capable of accommodating the waste. In this case the equired acidity of the flushing solution is established experimentally, while the required amount of radial

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