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Literary Analysis

Analyze these works through the key terms you have learned throughout your readings: Structure/Form, Point of View, Setting, Atmosphere, Characters, Imagery, Symbolism, Tone, and Language. This essay should be a minimum of two full pages.
Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” deals with an underlying argument about cultural heritage and the tension created from society’s definition on what is and isn’t important in one’s culture. Write an essay explaining how the point-of-view enhances the theme of the work.

Paper must be written about Pascal’s Triangle / Fibonacci Number. MLA format. Must include 5 or more sources and Essay

Paper must be written about Pascal’s Triangle / Fibonacci Number. MLA format. Must include 5 or more sources and 2 or more graphs and examples with formulas. Formulas should be placed on new lines and not embedded in a paragraph. Color may be used to clarify equations, graphs and illustrations. The paper should include a large proportion of mathematics at a sufficiently high level. Make sure to include a contents page, an introduction, a conclusion and a bibliography.

Project: Global Psychology in Film, Television, or Music (Initial Group Charter)

Film, television, and popular music/music videos often depict characters/people from different cultures. Sometimes these characters accurately reflect a cultural group. Other times, not so much. Select a film, television show, or group of songs/music videos you would like to study which highlights a characters/people from a cultural group you feel interest you, or you can relate to. Determine whether you feel the cultural background(s) depicted in your pieces is(are) accurately portrayed in your selections based on what we have studied in class.

Discuss the following points in your slideshow:

What culture is being highlighted in the media you have selected?
How does the character represent/or not represent the culture they are supposed to be portraying? (Consider the cultural beliefs, attitudes, views, practices you see in the piece.)
Select from the following concepts and evaluate how they can explain what you see take place in the media you select as they relate to the study of global psychology and mental health: prejudice, privilege, bias, racism, stereotypes, sexism, ageism, homophobia.
Support your points with theories related to these concepts.
Discuss your findings with someone who shares the same culture as the one(s) represented in your film. Highlight what their opinion is of the media and of your findings in your presentation.
Support your points with information from our textbook and at least 1-2 peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 5 years (You can find access to FREE ones via the FIU library). Journals must be related to course topics.

Here are a couple of music sources to get you started:

Cc Music: (Links to an external site.)

Jamendo Music: (Links to an external site.)

Note: Be sure to include speaker notes and images in your slideshow. Each student must include their own citations and name on their given slide(s). All students must contribute equally to the final presentation.

Formatting Note: Your presentation must adhere to APA formatting guidelines. Presentations must be 10-12 slides minimum in length, APA formatted, and in college-level English. Please see the APA resources folder in our classroom for additional resources and tools for help in preparing your project. Be sure to cite your sources accordingly, to avoid plagiarism in your formal written assignments.

Fulfills Course Objectives:

Identify the interrelatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems from psychological perspectives
Engage in a multi-perspective psychological analysis of local, global, international, and intercultural psychological and behavioral problems
Explain theoretical concepts using behavioral examples drawn from popular films, media, and scholarly publications
Fulfills Global Learning Objective: Global Engagement: Willingness to engage in local, global, international, and intercultural problem-solving.

NOTE RE: PRESENTATION: You are expected to turn the PRESENTATION in by the due date depositing it in the appropriate section in the CANVAS Classroom. Assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after that deadline – check the syllabus and assignment links for specific information on time and dates.

Please label your document with your last name and the name of the assignment like this, FERNANDEZ_presentation.doc.

Format for PRESENTATION must be in PowerPoint format. That means ONLY.ppt files.

PDF or other files will not be graded – if you submit a file other than the specified required formats, your assignment will not be graded or will automatically be deducted 10 points. You will be asked to submit the correct file format by a specific deadline. If you fail to meet this deadline, your paper will NOT be graded. Check your email regularly.

Note: You will be required to submit an Initial Group Charter and a Revised Group Charter. One file per team will be submitted to the assignment link. These files will have unique due dates and will require you to work as a team to set deadlines, assign group roles, and stay on task throughout the term. It is intended to keep everyone up to date on the progress made on the presentation.

PSB 4240 Group Charter INITIAL.docx

This would be Chapter 1 of my dissertation. I would like to look at Servant Leadership, Social Construction, and

Writing Assignment Help This would be Chapter 1 of my dissertation. I would like to look at Servant Leadership, Social Construction, and Parenting through Forgiveness (Forgiveness Asking within Forgiveness). How does our social construction influence our parenting and can healing come from a servant leadership approach through forgiveness asking? I discuss this in a paper I did previously that I have attached.

Remember, the “policy problem” is NOT obesity, so please do not frame your issue as responses to our nation’s

Remember, the “policy problem” is NOT obesity, so please do not frame your issue as responses to our nation’s obesity problem. Your focus must be on potential problems or issues with the proposed BMI screening policy as outlined in the policy scenario.

Please note that the policy at issue is the proposed BMI screening policy. While BMI screening might be an upstream approach to addressing obesity over the longer term, this assignment should not be interpreted to mean that the policy “problem” is obesity in general. This assignment is requesting that you consider issues, concerns, benefits, and risks with the proposed BMI policy itself from your particular professional perspective. When you are invited to speak at any of the public forms (local, state, federal) on this proposed policy, what is it that you might want the policymakers to know and consider in their decision? For instance, if you are a public health professional, you might be particularly concerned about how this screening policy impacts sub-populations such as low-income communities or racially and culturally diverse communities. If you are a social worker, you might focus on a contemporaneous risk assessment for peer experiences of bullying and victimization.

Initial Post:

Use the information in the scenario and supporting external sources to write /- 500 words defining the policy problem from the perspective of your own discipline. Keep in mind that your problem must be defined in ways that the use of public resources is authorized, makes sense, and is likely to be effective (see Bardach p. 2). Be sure to:
Articulate the problem concisely and clearly
Frame the problem as one for which a public policy solution is warranted, appropriate, and likely to be effective
Avoid vagueness, generalities, rhetoric, and cliché
Provide preliminary information about what evidence will likely be available to support your definition and interpretation of the problem
Submit your policy problem statement in the Discussion Forum

As you have learned from reading Stone, the way in which you define, or “frame” your social issue is likely to impact whether the issue resonates with your audience. This week you will have an opportunity to define the way you envision the problem that needs policy attention and receive feedback from your groupmates about whether the problem is concisely articulated and whether it feels sufficiently compelling and consequential to warrant policy attention.

After reviewing the required reading, consider different ways of defining the problem raised in the scenario from the perspective of your own discipline. There are likely to be several ways in which the problem can be framed, so you will have to decide on one, or a couple of related issues. Be prepared to listen to, consider, and possibly incorporate some of the comments from your peers from other disciplines.

Remember, the “policy problem” is NOT obesity, so please do not frame your issue as responses to our nation’s obesity problem. Your focus must be on potential problems or issues with the proposed BMI screening policy as outlined in the policy scenario.

Weekly Outcomes
Describe the policy problem from your own profession’s perspective
Clearly articulate a specific policy problem in writing
Discuss the different policy problem perspectives of your own and other professions
Text (Stone) – Chapter 8 Numbers
Text (Stone) – Chapter 9 Causes
Text (Stone) – Chapter 10 Interests
Text (Bardach) – pages 1-12 and 113-124
Mandinach, E. (2015) Ethical and Appropriate Data Use Requires Data Literacy
Solomon, M. et al (2016) The Ethical Imperative And Moral Challenges Of Engaging Patients And The Public With Evidence
The 12 Cognitive Biases that Keep You from Being Rational
Additional Suggested Reading:
Thaler, R. H., Sunstein, C. R.,

Identify an article published in the New York Times’ Science section (or in a popular, reputable magazine) that is

Identify an article published in the New York Times’ Science section (or in a popular, reputable magazine) that is reporting research findings from a study in the social or behavioral sciences, within the last year. Then find the scholarly journal article to which that article was referring. Read the journal article. Discuss the differences in structure, approach, writing style, and audience that both pieces covered. How do they overlap with one another? How do they differ? When was the study original conducted and published in a journal? Finally, identify the target lay audience for this research and imagine that you have been tasked with relaying this information to that target lay audience. Discuss how the information, presentation, writing style, approach, and format (please do not use a newspaper or magazine as your format of choice) could be altered to appeal to that audience and properly relay the findings of the study at hand. Provide support for your changes using what you have learned in Modules 6b and 7a.

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