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Literature Review

A literature review is an analytical essay containing a thesis, an introduction, a series of claims supported by the resources found during this assignment, and a conclusion.
Literature review assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch
margins, and discipline-appropriate citations (APA formatting).Page length requirements: 2–3 pages (excluding title and reference pages). Assignment must
include at least three scholarly sources. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.
The Following questions should be considered:
A. What methods and techniques have been used to study an issue similar to yours? Were these methods and techniques the most appropriate for
this study? Why or why not?
B. How will your research contribute to the existing body of knowledge in political science? In other words, to which specific fields in the political
science literature will your research proposal be relevant?

Discussion question on Corrections

People are often quick to criticize the US prison system. However, many people do not know why we have a prison system and what its goal is. For this discussion, think about your idea of the prison system and write a narrative, of no less than 400 words, on if you think the prison system is a vital part of our justice system or an archaic institution. Make sure and qualify your stance by relating your argument with the goals of corrections. You must also respond to two classmates’ post.

Discussions, 300 words

Political Science Assignment Help Define correlation as it relates to an observation. Provide
an example of data results where there is a correlation between the
Define causality as it relates to experimental design
and experimental results. Define in your own words and use the terms
‘independent variable’ and ‘dependent variable’ as part of your
definition. Provide an example of data results where there is a causal
relationship between the variables in an experiment.
True or False: A hypothesis statement does not need to mention the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable. Explain the reasoning for your answer.
(C) For each of the three nutrition research scenarios below, provide the following information in your own words:
(i) State the purpose of the study
(ii) State the hypothesis. Explain what information you used to come up with a hypothesis statement.
(iii) State the variables in the scenario. What are the Independent, Dependent, and Controlled (control) variables?
(iv) Is this a double-blind study?
Imagine that you conducted the experiment to test your hypothesis.
Provide hypothetical results from the experiment (i.e., provide
hypothetical data for the dependent variable). Do your hypothetical
results support the hypothesis? Explain your answer.

Restorative Justice Eligibility

The restorative justice approach was initially used with juvenile offenders who had committed mostly nonviolent crimes; however, this approach has since gained traction with adult offenders, some of whom have committed more serious crimes. For example, as explained in this week’s readings, some universities are using a restorative justice approach to address campus sexual assaults rather than the traditional adjudication process. While the restorative justice approach can be beneficial for a multitude of crimes, it is important to consider the suitability of victims and offenders for such an approach. In some cases, attending a face-to-face meeting with an offender, especially one who is not truly remorseful, may further traumatize a victim.
In this Discussion, you consider the types of offenders and crimes for which a restorative justice approach is appropriate. You also propose specific criteria for determining eligibility for a restorative justice approach.
Post a response that addresses the following:
What types of offenders and crimes should be eligible for a restorative justice approach?
Are there specific crimes for which a restorative justice approach should not be used in any circumstance? Why or why not?
What criteria would you use in determining eligibility for a restorative justice approach?

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