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M04 Discussion: Joan’s Case Study

She has been blind her entire life and connected with many services to help her with her such as the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). She was also born with a cleft palate that was surgically addressed as a child.  She lives with her father John who is 65 years old (her mother has passed away).  Joan states she is seeking support and intervention to help her find her own home as her father is abusive. John regularly yells at Joan and tells her she is worthless and a “reject”. At times he has threatened to hit her and has destroyed her property.Review the case of Joan and provide some specific skills you would need to use in order to be culturally competent with her. What steps would you take prior to meeting, during the meetings, and after to assist her to be the most culturally sensitive manner you can? Additionally, explain how her experiences are impacted by her age, economic status, and gender impact their need for services. How did those elements lead to a need for help from a professional?

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