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Provide me 25 articles on the following topics (management accounting, risk management, corporate governance, financial and CSR )? Because I am planning to write a Ph.D. research proposal after discussion next week. Each topic should have at least 5 articles. Requirements; 1- the articles must be from the recently published journal like the top of 10 journals with rank A. 2- Can you please use the template ( see attachments ) to summaries these articles like tire, basic research question, idea, data, tools, contributions for what my research proposal look like? 3- I would like the articles to be to examine or study any new from the middle east. 5- I provide you some articles for the three different topics.

Communications college essay help online
order to create content, there are key elements you need to analyze
first: Audience and Purpose. Explains the roles of audience and purpose
in technical writing. Be sure to note the article’s key points along
with its author and title and publication information so you can include
it in your Forum 2 work.
Once you’ve done this, answer the following questions based on your
company and the product you will be designing: My company is a retail
store that supplies professional and amateur artists, students, and to
anyone else who requires art supplies for business or pleasure.

1. Who is your typical audience?
2. How do/can they differ?
3. Are they the primary or secondary audience? How you do know the difference?
4. How do we learn about our audience?
5. What information will help us gear our product to the appropriate user?
6. Choose 1/5 Technical writing traits and show how it will help you
writer for your audience. Why is this trait important for the product
you are developing?
7. List the source in APA format.

Please utilize reference from any of the following sources:

Jayaprakash, S. (2007). Technical Writing; Retrieved from

Talk It Up (and Down and Across)
Aller, Betsy ; Mallak, Larry ; Lyth, David
Industrial Management, Jul/Aug 2005, Vol.47(4), pp.27-31

Gattis, Lyn. “Recent & Relevant.” Technical communication. 66.4 (2019): n. pag. Web.

Reference: How Should Technical Writing Relate to Industry? (1971).
College Composition and Communication, 22(3), 270-272.

word article related to the Fama-French model. essay help free
i) Abstract: Short 100-150 word summary of the question you answer and your significant
finding(s). This should be on a separate cover sheet that contains the title of your
ii) Table of contents
iii) Introduction: Motivate the question you are asking by providing context
iv) Brief literature survey: Very briefly summarize any relevant papers in the literature
v) Data: Describe the dataset you are using. What variables are you using? Are there any
measurement issues the reader should be aware of? If you constructed any variables,
explain how you did so. Provide relevant summary statistics and graphs. How were the
factors constructed?
vi) Methodology: What method(s) are you using to answer the question? What software
did you use? What do you expect to find? Is there good theoretical underpinning to your
expectation? Explain and motivate your methods clearly.
vii) Empirical analysis and findings: Write down your regression equation. State null and
alternative hypotheses clearly. Summarize all results (coefficients, standard errors, tstatistics,
and other relevant test statistics) neatly in tables and use graphs if necessary.
Interpret regression coefficients clearly. Discuss their statistical and economic
significance. How do your findings compare with the literature, if relevant?
viii) Conclusion: Keep it brief. Discuss any shortcomings of your analysis.
ix) References
Further comments:
a) Given that the original model has 3 factors, you should have at least 3 factors in your model.
b) You do not have to use R to conduct this analysis, any software is acceptable
Problem Solving custom essay help
Scenario 1: You have worked at your company for eleven
(11) years. You have returned to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree in
order to increase your chances for a promotion. You are nearly finished
with your degree, when a supervisor’s position in a competing company
becomes available in another state. The start date is in two (2) weeks,
during your final exam period for your courses. The position offers a
$15,000 per year salary increase, a car allowance, and relocation
expenses. Your former supervisor works for the company and is
recommending you for the position based on your outstanding job
performance; if you want the job, it’s yours. All of the other
supervisors at this level in the company have Master’s degrees, so you
know that you would be expected to earn your Bachelor’s degree and
continue on to a Master’s degree. Your present company offers tuition
reimbursement, but the new company does not.

History essay help site:edu
Outline for this paper, because my teacher want us to submit the outline before the final paper, there is the example of the outline, and the outline you will select six artwork by at least 3 artist(can be six artists too) From the chronological period studied in this class, i.e, 1830-present. 2. and also I need the final paper, the detailed of the paper I already uploaded in the file, please check. and please see the instruction carefully and follow what teacher let us to do. So, i need one outline(like the example which teacher gives us) and also the final one(please follow the instruction, the final one need the proper footnotes and works cited).
United Kingdom hydrographic office (UKHO) best essay help
This research paper is on The UKHO organisation capabilities, services they provide, their business and the way they operate. – everything is clear in the instruction paper that would be provided with the order – as this research will turn to a poster that can be presented to people, we would like from you to add as many pictures and graphs about the UKHO and their operations. – in the instruction paper, it gives you the chance to choose more then one topic to focus on your study, feel free to choose the best choice for you to write and search about and please make sure that you make what you choose clear to the reader. – please make sure that you follow the instructions in the paper and tick all the boxes – a visit had been done and not much information was provided to us but all the information required will be on their website and online – if you have any questions please feel free to ask – Thanks in advance.
Basic Filters that Influence News Media Content college application essay help
Herman essay in Questioning the Media outlines the five basic filters
that influence news media content. For this paper, you will select one
(1) of the five filters and do some research to illustrate how your
selected filter works. These examples do not have to come from news
content; as I have mentioned, corporate ownership and sponsor influence
can affect the content of other media formats besides journalism, but
much of the readings we discussed address the issue of the political
economy of news content. Select a particular media format and focus on
the filter. Media formats that are feasible for such a project would
include: the national network news; the content of a specific dramatic
program; bridal magazines; sports-talk radio stations. These are
suggestions only. There are several recent examples reported in
Hodkinson. Others include the cancellation of the Roseanne revival after
its star basically behaved like herself in public (that is, a racist)
or a recent study that shows the impact of ownership on US news coverage
of foreign conflict. (Here is the study URL:
I found it by doing a Google search, and I mention it here to remind
you about plagiarism.)

You must select a recent “situation,” something that has occurred in the
last twelve months. That means the Roseanne story is too old, and so is
the controversy surrounding blackballed NFL quarterback Colin
Kaepernick. (The story about Logan Paul is also too old.) The FAIR
website is and contains lots of useful research
materials. Click on the link “What’s Wrong with the News” for a
breakdown of various problems that affect news media content, but be
sure that the content is recent.

Two additional important restrictions: 1. Do not write about how the
current occupant of the White House has become the principal purveyor of
flak regarding the media. It is too obvious. 2. Given the recency of
this crisis, do not write about media representations and news reporting
of the coronavirus. We may address this issue in another context, but
right now the situation is so complex that I think we all need more time
to digest it.

Perhaps you may find an incident that would seem to go against the
propaganda model that Herman proposes; that is perfectly acceptable. As
we discussed in class, it may be argued that the “anti-communism”
filter no longer applies. You are welcome to try to assess if
“antiterrorism” has replaced “anti-communism” as the “fifth filter.”

Your essay should briefly summarize the “filter” you are focusing on
(without using the phrase “the filter I have chosen to focus on” as part
of this introduction), based on unit 3 readings, and it should make
clear what you are going to use to illustrate (or “disprove”) the filter
model. Document your sources according to the MLA format. *I have also
Uploaded all “Unit 3 Readings”.

reading log essay help
Each student will submit a set (six readings) of short
summaries of the readings (total words, about 2,700) drawn from the
Reading List or supplemental readings on the website. The deadline is
March 23 but the assignment may be handed in at any time. Each summary
has two brief components: a précis and a statement of the student’s main
response to the main points of the reading.

Beyond the above, I would emphasize the points I’ve made in class: (1)
the precis should just focus on the 1-3 main points that you took from
the reading and not attempt to summarize the whole reading: (2) the only
citation required is to the piece under review; and, (3) you may choose
any of the readings available through Library Reserve or listed under
Pages or Modules. I also remind students that the marking criteria are
the same as for the other written assignments, as described in the

A word of Advice college essay help online
Compose an expository essay of at least 1200 words in which you address a high school age friend or family member who intends to pursue a secondary education. Use this letter to 1) relay your own fears and anxieties, and 2) explain 3-4 skills, techniques, or attitudes you deem most necessary to college success. PLEASE USE THESE AS TECHNIQUES AND I AM WRITING IT TO MY SON(get and stay organized, study spots, apply for students services, and mental health) Requirements: Utilize a letter format and address a specific person Your thesis will layout the advice you intend to develop Draw from at least 3 of the 5 articles we read for this unit Use PIE style paragraphing Incorporate at least one MLA formatted direct quotation per body paragraph following the 3 step method Use an array of signal phrase verbs: Words to Use Instead of Says Embed at least one image into your essay Continue using active/figurative language Proofread carefully Articles: And I’m Watching it all from My Window (Links to an external site.) by Chinika Hodge Developing Powerful Study Skills Leads to Success (Links to an external site.) in College by Judy T. Cusimano The Curriculum of Work (Links to an external site.) by Jean Anyon The Student Fear Factor (Links to an external site.)by Rebecca Cox Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn (Links to an external site.) by Carol Dweck
Ethics college admission essay help
After you have read the Abortion Chapter in your textbook submit to the dropbox DROP BOX TITLE/SUBJECT – Name of Article and Date of Publication (within the last 6 months) Example – Abortion in the Free World – January 20, 2017 Research an article, published in the last 6 months that contains moral issues about Abortion. Include a link to the article. Paragraph one use content, key terms, and concepts from the chapter and summarize the article. Do not use quotes. Paragraph two – Compare/Contrast the article with this textbook chapter. Be specific. Does the chapter agree/disagree etc.. You must cite to our textbook properly in this paragraph, including the author and the page number. Paragraph three share your reaction to the article. Include word count.
Marketing college application essay help
Below the instructor instructions, please follow it step
by step and use easy words. I attached the summary of the chapter and
the most important thing is the slides with the instructor audio for
each slide (download the slides from the link in the end, because your
website doesn’t accept the size of the file), please relate the essay to
the slides and doctor explanation in the audio:

– ((( In planning its market offering, the marketer needs to address
five product levels: core benefit, basic product, expected product,
augmented product, and potential product. You should select a firm
within an industry and through research (Internet and other formats)
outline the firm’s five product levels for one of its products. you are
also required to decide what differentiating strategy ( as discussed
in chapter 12 from slides 27 to 36) the firm should use and why ;
justify your answer . ))).

feel free to use sources

Slides link:

Marketing college application essay help
Pricing is a critical element in any company’s marketing plan, because it directly affects revenue and profit goals. Effective pricing strategies must consider costs as well as customer perceptions and competitor reactions, especially in highly competitive markets. Think about a particular product such as car, mobile, bag, etc.. the markets you are targeting and the positioning you want to achieve. Then, answer the following questions about pricing: What should the primary pricing objective be? Why? Are customers likely to be price-sensitive? Is demand elastic or inelastic? What are the implications of the answers for pricing decisions? What price adaptations such as discounts, allowances, and promotional pricing should be included in the marketing plan? ))). Feel free to use sources. Please specify each part to which question it relates by adding titles and subtitles to the paragraphs, so, when you reach to the questions part copy paste the question and write the answer below it to be clear. Slides link:
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) college essay help near me

Write a 1000-word paper on any one of the two plays called “Ron” and
“Disgraced” and the screening called “Today’s Special” (access can be
found below either as a link or an attached pdf document). This should
begin to look like a formal final paper. You will introduce your
argument or thesis in the first paragraph. You will explicate your
argument in the subsequent paragraph with references to secondary
sources. You will continue to establish your argument and support it
using references. And finally, you will reiterate the main argument of
your essay and demonstrate how you have proven your thesis through the
use of secondary sources and by engaging closely with your primary text.
The purpose of this assignment is to see a close engagement with your
primary source as well as a balanced and purposeful use of secondary
resources in support of your argument. Your references will have to be
exclusively sourced from the library (either digitally or physically).
Online resources other than relevant newspapers, and magazines will
result in negative credit. This includes the use of and reference to
Wikipedia, sparknotes, cliffnotes, etc.
Links to the two plays and screening:
1. Ron: (attached below as a pdf document titled “Ron pdf”)
2. Disgraced: (attached below as a pdf document titled “Disgraced pdf”)
3. Today’s Special:

Education essay help site:edu

In what ways does the “learning story” approach differ from the way your
school assesses children? How realistic are these alternative
assessments in terms of the workload and perspective of teachers?
Video: Watch the video below and discuss 2-3 ideas/concepts that you
found to be the most important (be sure to include

History 1750-1900 college essay help

World History- Using bullet points write about each of the following
categories during the following time period/Years 1750-1900. Categories
are: Environment, Culture, Government, Economics, Society, Technology.

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