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Management info systems

Read at least three (3) academically reviewed articles on Management Information Systems and complete the following activities:
(Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts).
1. Summarize all three (3) articles in 300 words or more. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste
2. Discuss at least 3 different concepts presented in the articles. As an IT professional, how would you apply the three (3) concepts you identified.
Please use APA throughout.

Vulnerability Management

Computing systems and applications pose an inherent risk to IT, as they contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited. IT security professionals must quickly identify vulnerabilities, and provide ongoing and consistent remediation or mitigation measures to prevent exploitation of them. The time between discovery of a vulnerability and when the vulnerability is patched provides a window of opportunity for a threat actor to exploit the system. Vulnerability scanners enable detection of vulnerabilities across various computing devices and applications in order to reduce risk, breaches, or compromise.
In this discussion, you will describe the importance of identifying and managing vulnerabilities.
In your initial post, address the following:
What is the importance of vulnerability management within an information security plan?
What is the importance of reducing the window of opportunity for a threat actor?
How do vulnerability scanners and patch management help in reducing the exploitation of vulnerabilities?
In response to two of your peers, answer the following:
Do you agree or disagree with your peers’ perspectives on the importance of vulnerability management and patch management? Expand upon your ideas and support your stance with internal or external resources.
Discuss an additional way of reducing the window of opportunity for a threat actor that your peer did not mention.
Discuss an additional threat that a vulnerability scanner cannot address that your peer did not mention.

Re arrange C program code

Computer Science Assignment Help I found a C programming code from Chegg but I would like someone to rearrange the code but still have the same output so that my professor won’t find out that it was directly from Chegg.
I have also attached the information on the assignment as well. You can’t test the file as there is no main function but I will test it on my end to see if it still runs well.

Module 2: The Internet is for Everyone Discussion Forum

Read the nine challenges that Vint Cerf, the “father of the Internet” wrote about and sent to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), regarding how the Internet should always be for everyone: (Links to an external site.)
After you look at the “Internet is for Everyone” document, list in your own words (paraphrase) the 9 main points made by Vint Cerf.
Then, research the topic of “Net Neutrality,” and discuss at least two challenges associated with it.
Compare/Contrast these challenges with the main points that Cerf made in his article “Internet is for Everyone.” How are the challenges of “Net Neutrality” similar from what Vint Cerf proposed? How are they different? Discuss similarities and differences for at least two topics.

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