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Management Question

1. All answers typed in Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.
2. Avoid plagiarism.
3. Using References in APA Style Referencing.
4. Following all the instructions and directions written in the assignment.
5. Textbook is attached for help.
6. Supporting the assignment with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles unless the assignment calls for more.

Discuss About small topic

I have a topic that need to be discussed with the Dr and need some help with it
The world’s poorest countries are at a competitive disadvantage in every sector of their Economies. They have little to export. They have no capital; their land is of poor quality; They often have too many people given available work opportunities; and they are poorly Educated. Free trade cannot possibly be in the interests of such nations! Discuss.

accounts analysis

Management Assignment Help Pick two account to analyze (Ex: Account receivable, Cash, Account
payable, Sales , cost of goods sold.)
analysis. (4 years)

1. Set level of materiality (Ex : change of 25% or higher )2. Make a conclusion for each account (1. point )o The auditor should pay more attention to the sales account. It decreased by 45 17 and by 66% in 2018. Interestingly, the percentage of change dropped in2019. However, the sales changes did not exceed our threshold limit of 25%,which means the changes is within the acceptable range.o The changes in the COGS were not significant. It was relatively the same duringthe last three years.3. Make a conclusion for Both Accounts (.5 point)o The COGS remained relatively the same despite the slight increase in the sale.The auditor must consider the cause of this inconsistency to ensure that no vicioussales were recoded or that no costs were missedFormula:(THE YEAR /THE BASE YEAR)*100 = CHANGE RELATIVE TO BASE YEAR
Solve the above question as in the example belowThe table below is a solution to a different question

Biostatistics Report

Hello! I have a biostatistics report to do . I included what I have already started, the data, and the instructions for the report. I need to do the rest of the calculations like the graph and sem for the error bars, and the methods and results. I have included the excel sheet with the actual data my teacher gave me along with excel sheet that I have done. I also included what I have started. Alot has already been done so I just need what was said above thank you.

White DQ2

Give a brief overview of what Information Literacy means in your own words. Include in your response, the process of information literacy and challenges that college students may face in becoming information literate.
apa format; at least 150 words; one in-text citation with reference page

CRJU 3395 Criminalistics Research on Serial killer

Choose a real life case of a serial killer to write about and incorporate what we have discussed in the course (I have attached a screenshot of all the chapters we discussed 1-11) into your paper.
Paper is a total of 5 pages(2 references) in relation to criminalistics.
Apa format ( times new roman, 12 font, double-spaced 1″margins). Include a header. Cite your references throughout your paper as well as your reference page.
Should include a: Cover page, lit review, introduction before starting body of paper and a reference page.

Hello, i was assigned this lab to be done at home online. The summary of the lab activities to

Hello, i was assigned this lab to be done at home online. The summary of the lab activities to be done is found under Genetics Lab Activities. The gene that I was assigned is Nematode age-1 based on my last name starting with Av. The instructions for the assignment are found under Genetics Lab Assignment. Please answer all of the questions and pay attention to the marks given for each question. You will most likely need to consult the databases and follow the instructions that are given in Genetics Lab Activities.
If you have any questions at all or if you need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For this assignment, students are expected to research a recent crisis a well-known organization has experienced. Use the concepts Essay

For this assignment, students are expected to research a recent crisis a well-known organization has experienced. Use the concepts presented in the textbook and course materials to assess how the leaders communicated during the crisis situation.

A successful submission will address these aspects of how the leaders handled the crisis:

Did they take responsibility for the crisis?
Did they build trust with stakeholders?
Did they communicate a plan for resolving the crisis?
Did the leader build trust or use expertise to persuade the audience?
Was there a particular communication style used?
What communication channels were utilized?
Was there an example of a communication breakdown that can be explained?
Was cross-cultural communication a component of the crisis at all?
Include 2 scholarly/peer reviewed sources.

Submit a slideshow with a minimum of eight (8) slides synthesizing the course content with your selected example. Students can choose to submit the slideshow in PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, Canva, other desktop publishing or design software.

Charts, graphs, figures, pictures, and visual graphics are encouraged. The final slide (not included in the 8 slide minimum) will include a list of sources formatted as a list of References.

Select a paragraph of writing from an assignment that you completed in a previous course. Identify the assignment and

Select a paragraph of writing from an assignment that you completed in a previous course. Identify the assignment and its purpose. Include the original paragraph.

Revise the paragraph. Use these questions to guide your revision:

Does the topic sentence support the thesis?
Which words and sentences should be revised?
How well does the quotation support your thesis?
How strong is your analysis?
In a 1- to 2-page paper (250 to 500 words) in APA style, explain what revisions you made and why you made them.

Management Question

No Plagiarism, No Matching will be acceptable .clear and presented using APA Style Reference. All answers must be typed using Times New Roman ( Size12, Double-space)font. No pictures containing text will be acceptable and will be considered plagiarism. proper examples and explanations for each question. – No short answer as it’s not acceptable for this assignment the answer should be sufficient–please do not copy and do not publish the task to others add references

Which blockchain technology do you believe will survive and become the defacto industry standard.

Which blockchain technology do you believe will survive and become the defacto industry standard, not as a crypto-currency but as a security-based technology. Why?
No Plagiarism or copying directly from articles!!
subject – New Technology Business leaders (Blockchain)
Reference – Online documents, books, articles, and own thoughts (if you referring to answers from articles please provide References as well).

1000 words Art

Essay Question: Discuss the original context and current display of the chosen work and consider how the interpretation of the work is affected by time and place. How do the materials and fabrication of the work affect its display and interpretation?
Work of choice: Ramingining artists, Djon Mundine, Bandjalung people, The Aboriginal Memorial, 1987C88. NGA 87.4420.1-200.
Undergraduates Word Limit: 1000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography)
Title can just be the artwork’s name.
Word document with 12-point text, double spaced, uploaded to Turnitin. Chicago Manual of Style footnote bibliography style required. It is expected that you will use 6-8 academic references. Only list cited references in the bibliography. Footnotes and bibliography will be required. All references must be set out according to the bibliography and notes style of the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please include 6-8 bibliographies and as many footnotes as possible
Should include images of objects that you write about. These may either be placed throughout the text or in a list at the end. Every figure should be numbered (eg. figure 1, figure 2 etc.) and every figure should include a caption. Captions should be formatted as close to the following as possible:
Figure x. Name(s) of Creator(s), Title of Object, place, year. Materials (if relevant), manufacture method (if relevant), dimensions in metric measurements (if relevant). Collection (if relevant), inventory number.
Figure 1. Jeroen Verhoeven, Cinderella Table, Netherlands, 2005-2006. Birch plywood, CNC cut, 80.6 x 131.5 x 100 cm. V

choose a use case from section III, and a risk for adoption from section IV.

This week’s reading introduced an overview of blockchain and its impact on business. Create a new thread, choose a use case from section III, and risk for adoption from section IV. Describe a real blockchain-based product that implements your chosen use case and how your chosen risk could impact the project’s success. Then think of three questions you’d like to ask other students and add these to the end of your thread. The questions should be taken from the material you read or videos you watched from this week’s assigned activities.
NO PLAGIARISM or copying directly from articles!!
Textbook Link:


When calculating AGI for taxing purposes, it is imperative that taxpayers differentiate between active (also called nonpassive) and passive activities. Generally, passive losses are not deductible as losses against active income items. Because a taxpayer can deduct passive losses only from passive activity income, any passive losses greater than the passive income are carried over until the following year. This situation poses the question of whether an activity, and the resulting income, is active or passive. According to the IRS, any income that results from an “activity or business in which the taxpayer does not materially participate” is passive income. Whether taxpayers are classified as active or passive could potentially make a tremendous difference in their tax liability.

Consider the following scenario:

You are preparing taxes for Tim, a business investor, and must calculate his adjusted gross income. Tim invested $10,000 in a business (only slightly less than the other investors) but is claiming a loss of $24,000. He spends 5 hours a week participating in business-related activities. Only one other investor spends more time on business activities than Tim does. Tim is confused about his characterization and believes he is both an active and passive investor. Why would an investor believe he is both? Consider how you would determine whether an investor is active or passive.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 an analysis of the characterization of active and passive investors and their calculation of adjusted gross income. Be sure to include your rationale on whether the investor in the scenario would be characterized as active or passive. Evaluate the impact of issues on whether an investor is active or passive and how this impact affects an individual taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. Be sure to support your response with references to this week’s Learning Resources.

Only needs to be two paragraphs

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