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Management Question

Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

INSTRUCTIONS: Describe the connections between the subject matter of Unit 4 and Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Sept

INSTRUCTIONS: Describe the connections between the subject matter of Unit 4 and Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Sept 24 2015.

Here is the website with the full text:

Only use the link above, attached files, and bible as your only forms of reference. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Please read the attached files. My teacher wants to see our knowledge of Unit 4 and how it can relate to the Pope’s address.

For sure give in-text citations with page numbers, plus a Works Cited at the end.

Give the Bible “reference” (book, chapter and verse) every time you MENTION anything in the Bible. Not just when you quote from it. When you quote word-for-word from the Bible, do it clearly, with quotation marks around it, or as a blockquote, so the reader knows for sure that it is a quote.

Read the following research brief and assess the methodology used. (Links to an external site.) Assess the methods

Management Assignment Help Read the following research brief and assess the methodology used. (Links to an external site.)

Assess the methods answering the following questions (focus your attention on the “Methods” box – you may need to click links for detailed info)

How were the focus groups constructed?

Who were the members of each focus group?

Is there anything you would have done differently than the researchers in creating the focus groups?

If so, how would you have created the focus groups instead, and why? If not, explain your reasoning.
Think about how your would collect data on pregnancy prevention using in-depth interviews and answer the following questions:

How would your process differ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using in-depth interviews? Of using focus groups?

In your study on teen romantic relationships, would you recommend collecting data through in-depth interviews or focus groups?Why?

Write an initial post fully addressing all components of the prompt above (minimum 200 words).
Write a response to at least 1 classmates. Responses may include the following:
Ask for clarification
Expand on or clarify an important point.
Offer an additional argument to support a position taken in an answer.
Suggest ways in which an idea could be more clearly expressed.
Identify passages where you think the writer misunderstood a concept or applied it incorrectly.
Disagree with a point or position made in an answer.

Choose one particular shot/scene from ANYTHING except Psycho. It should be one that you admire — something with a

Choose one particular shot/scene from ANYTHING except Psycho. It should be one that you admire — something with a cool look, an interesting design, an image that you find striking or worth discussing. Then, discuss the elements of mise-en-scène.

You might consider taking up some of the following questions, but certainly not all of them:

1. What is the location of the scene?
2. How is color (or, in this case, black-and-white) employed?
3. How would you describe the design of the set?
4. Are any props significant within the scene?
5. How would you describe the hairstyling and makeup?
6. How about the lighting? Is it casting any interesting shadows?
7. Where is the camera placed? How far from or close to the action?
8. What’s in the background? What’s in the foreground?
9. Are there any interesting patterns or angles in the staging of the shot?
10. Any interesting music or sound?
11. How would you describe the style of performance here?

You can have some fun with your answers. Rather than tell me what’s literally there in the frame, try describing it a little. (“A chair” isn’t as specific as “A tufted pink chair with fluffy pillows.”) You should try to characterize what you’re seeing: Is it wild? Ridiculous, eerie, erotic, menacing? Campy? Chilling?

Talk a little bit about why you find it interesting. What’s cool about “the look”? Does it contribute to the meaning or the quality of the film?

I’d like you to include a screenshot of the scene you’re referring to—unless technology prohibits it.

This assignment seeks to reinforce OM course material relating to the Newsvendor model or Operations Strategy / Lean. Be

This assignment seeks to reinforce OM course material relating to the Newsvendor model or Operations Strategy /
Lean. Be clear, concise, and cogent in your answers; answers can be provided on Word exercise document. In case of doubts contact the instructor in advance or state your assumptions. Max
points = 50. Due by Sunday, Apr. 10, 2022, 11:59 PM ET.
Notes: Some of the questions below are a little different from the list of case questions in the original course
descriiption pdf (Appendix on HBS Cases). This is to allow for questions directed towards both qualitatively and
quantitatively inclined students and to explain / elaborate on previously posted questions. Students who do not
want to work on a detailed application of the Newsvendor problem (i.e. Le Club du Vin case) can work on
answering question set II on New Balance Athletic Shoes – this is a general, mostly qualitative, case on
competitive strategy, manufacturing processes, responding to mergers and acquisitions, operations strategy,
outsourcing / offshoring, production processes, quality management, supply chain management, lean operations.
Points for questions have been provided to help guide your choice of questions to answer. You cannot answer
this Assignment completely without answering at least 3 sub-questions. You cannot answer Newsvendor Set I
completely without answering at least one of I.3 or I.4, further different sub-questions in Set I may be connected –
answering I.4 without knowing how to answer I.3 is impossible IMO. Similarly, for Set II, at least one of II.2, II.3,
or II.4 must be answered; these sub-questions are independent. You must answer completely every sub-question –
numbered 1 through 5 – that you pick. If your answer corresponds to more than 50 points (e.g., 55 points, denoted
as 50 below), we will accept this answer and adjust grading so recorded scores still will be out of a max of 50. As
with the previous exercises, the grading scheme will deduct points for missing, incomplete, incorrect answers.

C Programming Question

Implement a first-in first-out (FIFO) scheduler, a last-in first-out (LIFO) scheduler, and a “fair” scheduler that picks the process with the least run time.
Implement your changes in proc.c. Find the existing scheduler_fifo, scheduler_lifo, scheduler_fair functions.
Test your solution in xv6 with: schedtest 12
Run schedtest three times and average the results.
Explain your results:
Which scheduler gives the best turnaround time, and why? Which gives the worst and why? What were the actual numbers?
Which scheduler gives the best response time, and why? Which gives the worst and why? What were the actual numbers?
Why is round-robin (the default scheduler) so similar to the fair scheduler in its results?
Turn in proc.c and your written explanations.

Stakeholder and Genre Analysis

I am writing a research project. My topic is (how road signs, maps, health apps, and running clubs help and motivate people to run). In This paper I need to identify and analyze the possible stakeholders, then analyze the genres. The possible stakeholders like, companies, athletes, and society, etc.. .The genres that I am planning to analyze are road signs, maps, health apps, and running clubs.
How to write this paper:
Part One: Stakeholder Analysis: Write a 2-page minimum analysis that outlines all of the possible stakeholders for your project and then conduct a more focused analysis of your discourse communities you are considering for your project. Who are these people? Why are they stakeholders? What can they do in response to your findings/proposals/concerns?
Part Two: Genre Analysis: Write a 2-page minimum analysis in which you do two things:
1. Identify the genre sets used by the groups you have identified in part one. What do these groupsread and write on a regular basis? Where do they get their information? What information do they find convincing when making decisions?
2. Determine which genre would be most suitable for you to use when communicating your research to these groups and explain why. Then, analyze these genre sets: what do they look like? How are they organized? What information do they include? How are the sources cited?
3. Close with an answer. You may need to conduct interviews and collect samples of unfamiliar texts in order to complete the analysis. By the end of the stakeholder and genre analysis, you should have determined your audience and your genre, considered how to reach them, and know how to write the text you need to write in order to reach them.
Audience: You are writing this for yourself and for me. This is a process of determining how you will present your findings and what significance they have for your message.
Evaluation: The primary ability you need to demonstrate is analysis. Can you and have you carefully analyzed the potential stakeholder and genres, and then completed a careful textual analysis of your stakeholders and genres? Are your findings supported with evidence? There are many parts to this analysis, so figuring out to organize (suggestion: use subheadings) the text will also be central to the text—and don’t forget to cite any sources you use in your text, including those interviews.
Formatting note: Your paper should be one document, split into two parts. It’s best to use subheadings or new titles because it creates an organized, cohesive text. You do not need a works cited page or bibliography for this project as it is discourse community-focused and not focused on sources.

Double Object Pronouns – Spanish

Struggling again. This time completely incorrect. Hopefully you can point us in the right direction. Thanks!
Rewrite the following sentences using the direct

Revision: Needs Improvement

Paper got kick back again “Your career portfolio meets standards I am confused with your appendix, what is it? I recommended you add the job description used for your career portfolio. The APA guide has a specific format for appendix and your title for it is in correct. Also where is your appendix referred to in your paper?”
As per the instructions for Career portfolio: From the perspective of one of the job positions in Step 1 or ONE YOU SELECTED from your own search, submit written responses to interview questions. If you choose YOUR OWN job posting, remember to include it into your submission as appendix Have you selected the one from the provided three or your own?? Specify.
Please change the appendix according to the comments and also try to cite some of the details in the appendix to the body of the paper.

Please answer the question

All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism
Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.
Assignment Workload:
This Assignment comprise of a short Case.
Assignment is to be submitted by each student individually.
Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:
After completion of Assignment two students will able to understand the following LOs:
LO3: To demonstrate a thorough understanding of an HR Strategic planning which includes effective job analysis, recruitment and selection strategies.
LO4: To have the ability to deliver and communicate HR policies messages in coherent and professional manner.
Read the case given and answer the questions:
Back Space (BS) was well-regarded as an employer of choice for many years before missing out on a Best Employers list they were used to appearing on. The experience prompted them to return to their core values and regularly measure their performance to ensure their actions were delivering results. People who work at BS are called partners. They believe that great guest experiences begin with great partner experiences. The partner experience is one of the key success indicators for the company. Employee engagement, leadership, enablement, alignment, and development are measured. They seek feedback frequently because the feedback helps drive their business strategies. Past survey feedback has contributed to company initiatives and programs like Vision Goals (a goal setting and personal development program), guest experience training delivered via eLearning, and changes to their compensation and benefits program. “The BS Experience is about leadership, it’s about people, it’s about development and growth, and we have fun,” says Kareem, Senior Manager of Strategy at Back Space. “Our company’s soul is to live a large, purposeful life filled with fun, and so we try to inject that through all our communications, training programs, and make sure it’s integrated into everything we do at BS.” BS conducted a pulse survey specifically for their kitchen partners. They had been getting some feedback that front-of-house employees were getting a lot of training and back of-house partners wanted that as well. With the survey, BS was able to ascertain those employees needed to feel more connected to their culture, as well as what was needed in terms of training and development. This feedback would help mold future programs and initiatives that have a direct impact on kitchen partners. The surveys would also help garner feedback regarding new programs. Back Space launched a new guest experience training program that was provided to all their front-of-house partners. In the past, it was face-to-face training that took place in the store when a partner was first hired. Later, the course was shifted to a combination of face-to-face training and eLearning. Having not done a lot of eLearning, BS designed a survey to see how effective the new training was and how they could improve it.

Assignment Questions: M.M.10
1. What is the role of training for employees in the above case? (2.5 Marks)
2. How did the feedback system in the above situation generate benefits for Back Space? (1.5Marks)
3. “Do training impacts employee development” Comment (2.5Marks)
4. According to your views do you find Kareem committed to Employee Development? (1.5Marks)
5. Point out any two major differences between training and development (2Marks)

Organization: Your essay should consist of at least five parts: An INTRODUCTION that clearly introduces the topic, offers a


Your essay should consist of at least five parts:

An INTRODUCTION that clearly introduces the topic, offers a brief introduction to Trevor Noah and his autobiography (and the publication date) then creates a connection to high school students before stating your position on whether or not the book should be part of a high school English or World History class. Aim for 3-4 sentences. The last sentence of the introduction should be the thesis statement.
A SUMMARY/CONTEXT* paragraph(s) that gives your readers an overall idea of the content of Born a Crime and offers at least three short quoted moments and one long inset quotation that are particularly significant. This paragraph should use word choices that signal your view of Noah’s book.
A CRITERIA paragraph that looks at the nature of juniors and seniors in high school and identifies the qualities of books that make good required reading selections for young people in that age group. Think about what kinds of books connect with young adults. Offer popular examples, consider interviewing others about what they would have liked to read (or perhaps why they disliked what they were asked to read in high school), and find one statistic and one expert to use as support for your criteria. You will need to cite both the statistic and the expert’s point of view using MLA parenthetical documentation.
An EVALUATION* paragraph(s) that explains your answer to the question posed in the prompt. You will support your position with moments/details from the text, additional information about high school students, expert opinion, and your own observations, offering college level analysis and evidence that answers all of the WHY questions about your position. Why is Born a Crime a good or bad choice as a required text in high school?
A CONCLUSION that looks beyond the immediate subject and seeks a greater purpose for this discussion while also signaling an end to your essay. College students should not use summary conclusions.
*Students may write more than one paragraph if necessary


No I/ME/MY/YOU moments
Demonstration of an understanding of appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos
A clear thesis statement that connects the book, high school readers, and an answer to the question posed in the prompt
Clear topic sentences that focus body paragraphs on a single idea
Fully developed, graceful, unified, and coherent body paragraphs that each offer at least ten sentences
Transitions between points within a paragraph and paragraphs within the essay
Student writers must offer at least five correctly-integrated quoted moments (one of which must be an inset quotation) and at least one statistic. Each must be documented using MLA parenthetical documentation guidelines.
A Works Cited page with at least three entries. One of these entries must be the Trevor Noah book
Every sentence in each paragraph must begin with a different word. (Some repetition of sentence beginnings within the entire essay is fine)
MLA format: typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins, heading and page numbers as described in the syllabus
Essay must be at least 1,200 words in length

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