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Management Question

You will evaluate a recent decision made by a CEO, corporation, or elected official and discuss what factors could have influenced the decision-maker(s). You will describe the decision and the rational grounds for it. Using the readings and discussions in this course so far, detail the subjective factors that likely played a role. Utilizing a SWOT analysis, provide your opinion about whether the decision was a good one and how the decision, if not the process, should/could have been improved. This essay should be written in APA format and be between 5-6 pages. All resources should be properly cited and noted on a reference page.

Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun BIT 270 (Website Management) activity please.

Conducting a Search Using a Search Engine
1. Use a web browser to locate the website.
2. Use the search box to search for spamdexing.
3. Click the first link and then follow additional links as necessary to locate Information about spamdexing and other SEO abuse tactics.
4. Find known examples of SEO abuse and how search engines addressed them. How would you as a web designer ensure that your website followed approved SEO tactics?
5. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_01_Jones.doc).
Exploring Consumer Portals
1. Use multiple tabs in a search engine to search for Excite, AOL, and MSN. Open each portal website in a different browser tab.
2. In each tab, click the portal in the search results to display the portal page.
3. Review the features offered by each of the portals. Identify the five features you believe are common to most portals.
4. Consider how analyzing the features of existing portal websites can help you plan the content for a new consumer portal website.
5. Determine how you might design a vertical portal for an area of interest. Include details such as the intended audience (for example, music fans, foodies, or outdoor enthusiasts), and sample content.
6. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_02_Jones.doc).
Exploring a Webpage’s Underlying Markup Language
1. Start your browser and type the URL of the webpage of your choice in the Address bar.
2. View the webpage’s underlying markup tags in a new window. (Hint: if you are using a desktop or laptop, right-click or ctrl click the webpage, then click View Source or press F12 or View Page Source. If you are using a mobile browser, you might not be able to view the HTML code, or you might need to install an app to do so.)
3. Scroll the window to view the markup tags.
4. Identify several of the markup tags and their purpose.
5. Save your findings on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part_03_Jones.doc).

Quality and Tech in the Workplace:Operational Excellence Strategic Improvement Plan

Management Assignment Help Week One you wrote a paper shared your observations regarding your organization’s position on operational excellence and the workplace environment. Twelve weeks later, we ask you to develop a strategic improvement plan for operational excellence acknowledging the entire operational continuum from supply chain to end user. The purpose of this final paper is to apply all your learnings from this course: tools, methods, and concepts synthesized with your thought leadership.
Focusing on your organization or an organization of your choice, develop a strategic plan for operational excellence acknowledging the entire operational continuum from supply chain to end user. Your paper should include the following content:
Introduction – State the intention of the paper.
Organization overview: Name, location, industry, size, revenue. Describe your organizational culture.

Process Choose a process and document it from supply chain to end user. Documentation can be as simple as photographed handwritten process map.
Within that process identify one opportunity for improvement and support your managerial decision with evidence.

Tools Explain which continuous improvement tools you will use to close the perceived performance gap. Be clear on timeline and execution.

Sustainment: Provide your sustainment strategy to maintain the gain from your process improvements. Including but not limited to recognizing existing sources of data, and recommending specific KPIs, measurement methods.
Change management techniques

Conclusion – summarize your plan restating your hopeful outcome and expectationsChange management techniques
Your paper should be 7-8 pages long. Incorporate a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your position. All written assignments must include a coverage page, introductory and concluding paragraph, reference page, and proper in-text citations using APA guidelines

Management Question

Over the course of the term, student will participate in (8) self-assessments aimed at increasing personal awareness and encouraging growth and development. The goal of this assignment is to complete a self-assessment and then prepare a minimum 1 ½- 2-page reflection. Reflections should focus on your experience with the assessment, an example of the behavior and how it shows up in your daily life or career, any ah-ha moments regarding insight you learned about yourself, and opportunities for growth related to personal development. You are also expected to discuss the implications of using the assessment within an organizational setting (What is the value of the assessment? How can it be utilized? and for what audience?).
Reflections must adhere to APA formatting (double-spaced, 12pt font and 1″ margins). NO cover page is required (simply insert your name within the Header of the paper). It is recommended that you submit your paper as a pdf file to maintain all original formatting. NO .pages files will be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure the file is confirmed submitted. Refer to Late policy for any questions related to late penalties.
Watch the video: “Discovering Your Personality”
Complete the MBTI Type Test (see attached pdf). Keep in mind, when answering assessment questions, do not reflect back on your behaviors in any given situation (i.e. work or school). Simply ask yourself, here and now, what is my preference? After self scoring and finding your 4 letter personality type go to step 3.
Visit the TypeFinder website to review your unique personality type: including top careers, relationships, and core values and motivations. Understand your personality type like never before and discover how you can use your strengths to create a happy and satisfying life.
Complete your Journal Reflection (word document 12pt font double spaced): Reflective journal entries should be at least 1.5- 2 pages long and should focus on your thoughts, concerns, and ah-ha moments related to the results and experience completing the assessment. Connections can be made to the course content, in class discussions, as well as any opportunities for your future growth. Additionally, think about how this assessment could be used in an organizational setting and what benefit or challenges would it bring to the workplace? Be sure to add your name to the “header” of the paper and save it as a pdf file before submitting. Be sure to use 1″ margins and double spacing.

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