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Management Question

I want original answers without plagiarism, no plagiarism, (please make it 0% percentage).
– Use APA style of referencing, use 4 references or more.
– Please follow all instructions, you can find them in the file.
Pyzdek, T.,

Migration Presentation and Diagrams

GTR is now focused on more practical matters like migration of data from the various applications and is wondering how this will work when they have many systems, databases, and tools that don’t integrate.
Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, focusing on migration, migration services, and tools. Your presentation should:
State the common operational drivers that cause companies to migrate to the cloud.
Explain the stages of cloud adoption in general terms to help GTR understand some of the key steps involved.
Describe the Migration Process.
Define the 6 common migration strategies and identify one that would be useful to your organization.
Note: Be sure to include title and reference slides.
Create high-level Visio® diagrams of the stages of cloud adoption and the migration process. Save each of the diagrams separately and insert into your slide deck (.jpg, .gif, .png, .eps, .psd, .qti, .tiff) or as a PDF file and include as addition as to your slide presentation. (See the Student Success Guide for instructions on downloading a free copy of Microsoft® Visio®.)
Cite all sources in APA and give attribution where appropriate.

Art history: Writing a ekphrasis

Management Assignment Help 1. Take plenty of time to examine and explore every inch of this oil on canvas work. Make sure to zoom in as much as possible and please feel free to take notes as you go:…
2. Next, working in a methodical manner (either top to bottom or left to right), in small increments, use your words to describe what you see in the work. Be sure to use accurate adjectives to add to your descriptions.
3. Please write a MINIMUM 1 PAGE (double-spaced) description of this work.

Just create rough draft for my book and my author one sheet or less with picture

Step 2: Rough Draft
DUE DATE: February 24
Create a rough draft using the following plan parts:
STAAR TEK/Objective
apply mathematics to problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace;
Ideas for teaching each part of the lesson should be researched using various websites but should be as original as possible. Your rough draft will be returned with specific comments. Use the feedback to assist you in completing the final draft.

Introduction management

Critical Thinking
Please readCase 4: “The Swatch Group and Cultural Uniqueness” available in your e-book (International business: Competing in the global marketplace (13th ed.),at page no.630, and answer the following questions:
Assignment Question(s):
1. With the Hayek family controlling nearly 40 percent of The Swatch Group, how do you think the family’s influence impacts the corporate culture in the company? What about the company’s international culture being impacted by the Hayek family?Explain.(Mark:2)2. Many of the Swatch brands have become cultural icons among a strong core following of customers in the global marketplace. Some even talk about the “Swatch Revolution” that began when Nicolas Hayek founded the company. Why do you think Swatch has such a strong cultural following? Give logic in support of your answer.(Mark:2)
3. As mentioned, Swatch wants you to create your own unique way of accessorizing through its Swatch watch. Is a watch a way to show who a person is culturally? Does a watch get embedded into a person’s culture? Can a watch create a cultural image? Discuss. (Mark:6)

M5.2 Knowing When to Say When

One factor that can impact employee engagement and block the attainment of strategic goals is the reality of outsourcing. Outsourcing can be motivated by cost factors, a lack of in-house expertise or even a restructure at the bidding of a consultant or new executive. In many cases outsourcing impacts employees’ job security and may lower employee morale and engagement. In addition, many outsourcing decisions include individuals or companies that may operate in other countries or even different regions of the same country with vastly different cultures and norms. This adds an additional layer for managers to consider.
Outsourcing Example:
So how exactly are decisions to outsource made? Let’s take a look at one example where you’ll be put in the shoes of a Director of Parks and Rec:
Your Task for this Discussion:
Having just looked a scenario faced by a Director of Parks and Rec, imagine the choices you would make in your upcoming Speedy Pro assignment:
The manager of your division at Speedy Pro is asking you to make a recommendation about outsourcing mental health services for the wellness clinic.
Part I: Recommendation and Conclusion
1. Consider the decisions made in the above branching scenario and share your recommendation for either outsourcing the mental health services for the wellness clinic or keeping them in the house.
2. How did you reach your conclusions? In your specific discipline (BUS)/organization, provide an example of an outsourcing decision that had an impact upon you, or locate one that has been in the news in the recent past.
3. Did the outsourcing decision involve different cultures or norms?
4. How would you recommend implementing an outsourcing decision and communicating that decision to your employees?


[W]e tend to forget our social roots and emancipatory aims as adult educators. All adult educators, including those primarily engaged in vocational training, need to be competent practitioners and aware of Canadian traditions in adult education.” (Scott, Spencer

Management Question

I want original answers without plagiarism, no plagiarism, (please make it 0% percentage).
– Use APA style of referencing, use 4 references or more.
– Please follow all instructions, you can find them in the file.
BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Peter Cardon, 4th EditionMcGraw-Hill Education.

Writing Question

create an 8-10 page (double spaced) research paper concerning a significant HR issue/topic. Each paper must include a properly formatted APA reference list. Suggested HR issues/topics are in the files section of web campus on the HR Functions ppt slide. Please remember that this course is about HR strategy and your paper needs to relate to HR strategy.
You should include at least 5 APA formatted citations with this research paper.
Please use Grammar Check and Spell Check before you submit this assignment.
This is a research paper. Here are some hints:
Do not use first person.
Do not pad your text (excessive margins, repetitive phrases, etc) to fill the space.

web design 2

You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file) using the Assignment Template on Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format.
It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files.
Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into image or languages other than English or any kind of manipulation).
Email submission will not be accepted.
You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
You must use this template, failing which will result in zero mark.
You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question.
Late submission will result in ZERO mark.
The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO mark.
Use Times New Roman font for all your answers

week 4 sco

Part 1: After viewing the video(s), post reaction to the following items
Determine whether you think Goffman’s ideas are valuable study for the field of sociology? Why or why not?
Provide an example of a situation when you (or someone you know) had to juggle multiple roles?
Part 2: Reaction to at least 1 post made by another class member
Do you think the other student’s example applies to anything you experienced in life? Briefly explain the situation

Political Science Question

Instructions:Choose two questions from the list below.
Answer each of the two questions you’ve picked in a 150 (300 total) words or more.
Attach your completed essays as a file or past them into the text editor.
Essay Prompts:Compare the two perspectives on public opinion in a democracy.
Compare the bandwagon and boomerang effects relating to opinion polling.
What does it mean for the media to have a commercial bias, and how does this affect news reporting?
How can new media create more citizen participation?
The Constitution leaves most election details to the states. Elaborate on some examples. Why does this matter?
Analyze the pros and cons of the winner-take-all vs. proportional representation system. Which system do you favor? Provide evidence to back up your argument.
In what ways do interest groups try to affect the judicial system in this country?
Explain the difference between private and public advocacy groups.

Business assig 1

This is your opportunity to play detective and do some financial statement analysis. Please select any publicly traded company. you may use any reliable website, such as the company’s web page.
For the company you select, find the annual report and the financial ratio information for the following ratios:
current ratio,
return on equity,
quick ratio,
working capital ratio,
price earnings ratio, and
earnings per share.
Once you have reviewed the information, write an essay that begins with a brief introduction to your chosen company. Next, explain how the company is doing with respect to the ratios. In one to three sentences, briefly summarize what each of the ratios are telling you about the company. Conclude with how you predict it will do in the future.
Your essay should be at least one page in length. Use APA format to cite and reference all quoted and paraphrased material.Intro, body, conlcusion and reference page will be needed.

History Question

My topic is Prehistoric Architecture and Its Meaning: Tombs and Stone Circles. I attached the instructions and the book that we are using in class for some help which is Buildings Across Time An Introduction to World Architecture by Michael Fazio Marian Moffett Lawrence Wodehouse ( I have to submit the research paper on turn it in and I need it to be original and without any plagiarism and it has to be in MLA format. Thank you.

Literature Question

Personal Essay Assignment
Write a personal essay that uses your experience to illuminate wider social issues
As we’ve seen from the essays in this unit, so many of our personal stories connect to larger issues in society. Your assignment is to write a personal essay that uses your stories as a lens into an exploration of both your own life and of a greater understanding of the society you live in. Begin with some events or memories that confound you and work outwards. In Jamison’s terms, “follow the infinitude of a private life toward the infinitude of public experience.” Remember than the aim of the essay should be the asking of a question, not the answering. Approach your question from many angles.
Just like in the other stories and essays you’ve written, I want you to stay grounded in the sensory world and in your concrete memories, actions, and observations. Feel free to use all of the techniques we’ve employed up until this point, including sensory-rich storytelling, secondhand stories, interviews, imagined scenes, and outside research. Use those stories as a jumping off point for your reflective explorations of larger social, philosophical, or ethical realms.
Once you have written a draft, go back and determine for yourself what the “situation” of your essay is and what the “story.” Consider:
(1) your storytelling ability and how well you establish a strong narrative voice
(2) the quality and complexity of your insights and the risks you take. The essay should reveal something about you AND about something bigger in society.
Here are some questions that might guide your essay:
-Change is happening around us all the time – social change, economic upheaval, historical shifts. We are all subject to forces larger than ourselves. Can you think of a moment when you or your family was caught up in a moment of change?
-How did you come to an awareness of your own class/race/gender position in society or your relationship to wider historical events? How has race, gender or class impacted your passage through the world and what can your experiences tell us about those realms? (And yes, male, white and middle-class count)
Why does your family live where it does? What historical or social forces propelled them to the exact spot where you were raised and where they are today? How does their trajectory or the home itself shed lights on any issues of class, race, gender or society?
Length: 5-7 pages, double-spacedYou need to write on any one of the questions

Week 1 Reflection 1

For each of the questions you should write at least one meaty paragraph which contains at least five sentences. You are welcome to write more than one paragraph, if you want. This should not be a rough draft; it should be considered and polished prose.
Make sure you have these questions copied on to your assignment. Social scientists have proven you will do better this way— in all of your classes.
1. What did you learn from watching the Jericho Brown TedTalk? Please use 2 quotes from the video as a way to ground your Reflection. Begin with Jericho’s words and then transition to how this relates to your life and ideas on writing.
2. What has surprised you about the writing of poetry? Please explain using examples from 2 poems you read this week in the module.
3. What is your specific plan for doing the work for this class? Remember that writing creatively doesn’t happen quickly; you will need to find a quiet place where you can listen to your own thoughts.
4. What are you most proud of regarding our class?
5. Is there something you would like to ask me or tell me? (You can write a considered question or a paragraph here.)

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