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Management Question

Use the Text book mentioned below and review chapter 1 and 2, and draft 500 words post in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced) and also answer the questions below
What are examples of project risks?
How do you identify risks in a project?
What are the 4 risk strategies for risk remediation?
[Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. Postings must be in the student’s own words – do not provide quotes!]
Text book details:
Title: Managing Project Risks

ISBN: 9781119489733
Authors: Peter J. Edwards, Paulo Vaz Serra, Michael Edwards
Publisher: John Wiley

Developing a CSR Definition and Strategic Model from the Sufficiency

You are required to read the paper included in this week’s resources (Developing a CSR Definition and Strategic Model from the Sufficiency. . .) after reading this paper and looking at the issues and structure in which this paper (BTW this is the second chapter of your textbook), please discuss the followings in great detail and in line with the expectation of DBA Research Discussion.
What do you think about the concept of CSR applying the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy?
In your opinion what are the relationships between stakeholders especially those that may include customers in international markets?
Provide evidence for your assertions. You might want to use:
The methodology of comparative case study as employed by O’Riordan (2010) can be used. As suggested by Bhattacharya et al. (2008),
Comparing the firms that have made CSR part of their strategy as suggested by Porter and Kramer (2006).
Post your 500-700 word answers
Offer at least two 300-400 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a fundamental phenomenon in the corporate world during the past few decades. Given the recent changes brought about by COVID-19 have put sustainable business practices in a much higher place in the global management arena. The definition of CSR needs further clarification. You will find that the objective of this research is to develop a CSR definition and framework for implementation. Looking at the Sufficiency Economic Philosophy is under investigation to establish its strategy in dealing with its various stakeholders. It would be best to examine the premises of the good values promoting actual good within the community resulting in sustainability. Also, look at the collaborative model of firms in achieving sustainable CSR practices. Make sure you understand the framework that is developed. Your discussion needs to be focused and critical of the stages involved.
International Dimensions of Sustainable Management
Latest Perspectives from Corporate Governance, Responsible Finance, and CSR
CSR, Sustainability, Ethics


Management Assignment Help Prompt- Due 1/6/22 – APA format- 4 pages – 4 references

Even if you have a job in your desired career area, change happens quickly. Companies are bought, sold, dissolved, and realigned as industries change. This places employee in the position of managing their own careers. Career development assignments are placed into courses to reinforce the connections between completing course work and gainful employment.
For this assignment, first complete the following tasks, depending on your comfort with your own skills in these areas:
Initiate a focused job search (Links to an external site.) using industry key words in the CSU Global Career Center.
Build a resume. Refer to resume resources (Links to an external site.) in the Career Center for assistance with this task(attached is my resume that I have completed).
Conduct a practice interview either on your own (using flashcards with prepared questions), with the help of a friend/family member, or with a professional in your field.
Then, develop a well-written paper that includes the following:
The results of your job search; this content can focus on your career track within your current place of employment and/or industry in determining your desired career progression.
A summary of what you learned in building a résumé. How have resumes changed over time? What do employers want to know in reviewing resumes? What information will you emphasize? What is your competitive advantage within the workplace?
An assessment of your experience in a practice interview, or in a previous interview, including what you learned that you can apply to future interviews.
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 4 pages in length.
Be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center. (Links to an external site.)
Be sure to support your statements or summary with logic and a minimum of four peer-reviewed articles/journals, citing any sources referenced. You may use your online library or other online resources to retrieve your scholarly or peer-reviewed articles/journals.

Powerpoint presentation required providing overview (similar to abstract) of the book “Serve to Lead” by James Strock

You should include the following information:
The title and a brief introduction of your selected leadership book (similar to an abstract)
Background information on the author(s)
A description of the major theme of the book
An explanation as to your interest in selecting this particular book for your leadership book review
Describe the main theories and principles (at least five) presented in the book
How each of the theories and principals presented in the book directly relate to being a leader
Show how the theories and principals presented in the book relate to specific leadership standards
Explain how each of the theories and principles presented in the book directly relate to your development as a leader
Closing comments to summarize the theories and principals presented in the book
Your critique of the book as it relates to developing leaders
How could the information you gained through reviewing this book on leadership enhance your knowledge base and development as a leader
Why or why would you recommend this book to your fellow class members

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