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Management Question

Learning Engagement # 2TOPIC:How can an organization maintain its image while dealing with a talent surplus? If layoffs are necessary, what would you recommend managers do to ensure that survivors remain committed and productive? You have seen what COVID-19 has done to the economy and companies, what do you think is the best solution for companies to somehow keep their most valuable human capital while having to deal with their talent surplus?
PROFESSOR’S GUIDANCE FOR THIS WEEK’S LE:As you know all companies are facing challenges regarding talent surplus. COVID 19 has made it very difficult to plan for talent management. The decrease in market activity has been devastating for most companies. There are so many discussions in the media and the academic world regarding this particular issue. You must stay relevant to the topic! Please make sure you look into the subject by studying academic as well and news releases concerning the LE’s chosen theme. Look at what is happening as the unemployment numbers are increasing day by day. Keep in mind that talent is a company’s capital, and losing a company’s capital is very costly and counterintuitive.
Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).
Post your 300-400 word answers by Wednesday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 14 points.
Offer at least two 200-300 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions by Sunday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 8 points each.
You will be graded using the following rubric and standards.

technology discussion

Name three things (not people or animals, things) you don’t want to live without. You cannot include your cell phone or computer. Tell us why they are important in your world.
Research what type of technology is associated with one or more of these items. Hint: everything has some sort of technology attached.
Write a paragraph explaining the technology and the item, and make sure you use an in-text citation and give your source in proper APA or MLA.
use the links for the above questions: 1) Technology then and now – This link takes you to a YouTube video that looks at some of the technology we readily think about when we hear the word technology. As you watch this brief video, think about the fact that it is now several years old. How far have we come since then? If you were making the video today, what would you include as the latest technology in each area?
2) Technology Evolution – This link takes you to a YouTube video that looks at technology through the ages and includes some items that you may not readily think of when you think of technology. It reminds us that technology is the application of scientific knowledge used to change the human environment.
word limit: at least 200 words for each ques.

generate 2 pear responses each 100 words from the discussion.

Management Assignment Help Marketing management is a strategy that can identify profitable market shares and opportunities. The market can be affected by a program and having the plans of the procedure with enterprises and having the execution on defense with the actual policies that can be organized under an efficient manner and having the operations with a particular activity organized efficiently. Market Management has easy ownership and has the function process that can be exchanged with careful coordination and can have the woods and a bias with controlling the products. Market management is the objective that can be experienced as the answer for processes of a structure and having the market shares with wiring understanding the development of the environment and lifted with the evaluations of the performance in a particular activity of a culture free nature and developments. Market management is an aspect of planning the process that can be within the system and controlled with a background process with the evaluation on having activities integrated with a consistency of practice can have the discussions with the retaining process.
It can be concerned with the decision making and having the traditional mutual benefits with a band having the use of the suppliers with a particular service and exchanging the values related to the business market function control system on service of demand in an organization(Ahn, 2000). Market management can be implemented with particular policies of planning that are satisfied with the controlling of the program that can be offered and implemented in the programs with their excellent services of the profit in demand of a controlling frame in a particular product. The price can have the opportunity with a performance of the function which is exploring continuously and having the market Shades that can be Enterprises with the system with the observed continuous strategies. The demand of the management can be distributed under the resources that can be assigned with a product and having the profitable relationships with the market shares and involving with a party with actions that can be analyzed with a relationship of the shapes and having the satisfaction organization objective is a particular development of a plan. The Rangers can be controlled by science in a particular practice and having the analytical ability to maintain excellent skills that can be done with the market shares and your plants and having the influence with the generations of the promotion with particular practice and leading with a concern. The market can be effectively managed with customers’ plans and having the various concepts of responsibility relationship abilities of the practice and concerns(Bryan, 2006).
Ahn, M. (2000). Developing a Profitable Market Share Strategy for Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in China. Journal Of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Management Question

Designing Your Job
Use the authors, Cummings and Worley’s “Comprehensive Model for Diagnosing Organization Systems” for this discussion. It is attached here for your convenience.Picture: comprehensive model for diagnosing organizational systems.png
Note that there are three levels of organizational analysis: Individual, Group, and Organization. Also note the five Design Components at the Individual Level. Ensure that your analysis addresses all three levels and five design components.
Consider a current job or former job. For each of the five components:
Using a scale of 0-5, with 0 = very low degree of satisfaction and 5 = very high degree of satisfaction, rate the degree of your satisfaction with this design component.
Explain your rating. Include details about the nature of the work you perform(ed).
Now select a component with the lowest rating (choose one if you have tie). Make recommendations for a job design change or any other action that would improve your level of satisfaction with this component of your job.
Book: Organizational Development and Change. Cummings, T. and Worley, C. (2017). 11th edition. CENGAGE.

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