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Identify the core problem or issue incorporating this figure from your text, Ch.1. It’s ok just to focus on the top 3 boxes below: what was wrong with Coke’s strategy? What happened with consumers making decisions? What was the outcome for the firm? Be sure to provide adequate SUPPORT with facts from the case.

Analyze the core problem you identified in Q1 through the lens of the Consumer Behavior concept: Consumer Involvement with the brand, Coke. How can we explain what happened in this case with Involvement? Be sure to SUPPORT your analysis with actual definitions, etc. from your lectures, text, other cases, etc. Hint: The lectures in Week 7 will be very helpful.
Suggested resolution and key takeaways. We don’t want to know what the company actually did to solve it, so don’t do research on this and present data or information on where they are now. Put yourself in the managers’ shoes at that time, without the benefit of hindsight now.

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Among the myriad of advertisements in the printed media, car advertisements have been the most elaborate and persuasive over the decades. The first car advertisements appeared in the media at the beginning of the 20th century and aimed at upper-class men. They used graphic representations of the car and detailed descriptions to persuade the potential customers. However, with time, the car ceased to be a luxury. In the 1950s, cars were already perceived as a means of transportation in America and were owned by many people. In the years to come, more and more cars were produced, so advertisers made every effort to sell them to the capricious public. THESIS STATEMENT: This paper provides a rhetorical analysis of the 1971 Jeep Commando advertisement (See Appendix), with focus on its logos, ethos, and pathos.

Context and Description of Advertisement

Historical, social, and political context. The advertisement was published in 1971. At that time, most Americans had already bought cars as repeated purchases. The cars had ceased to be novelties, so all attention of advertisers was focused on how to convince people to buy a new car and replace the old one. In order to achieve their aims, the advertisers created the feeling that car was no longer a means of transportation but a means of having enjoyable lives. Having a car was associated with having opportunities for adventurous, exotic, powerful, and romantic lifestyle (Stevenson, 2008).

Target audience & reason for advertising. The target audience for this advertisement is men who like adventure, freedom, and would like to look powerful. This may also be married couples judging by the fact there is a smiling woman in the car and there are two fishing rods. These are middle-class people who can afford buy a new car based on its improved design if to compare with older cars. The reasons for advertising is to persuade people they need a unique car that will help them travel even in the rocky terrain.

Advertisement description. The advertisement features a 1971 Jeep Commando automobile. It is parked somewhere on a beach, close to water. Rocky terrain surrounds the car. Large rocks, impressive boulders, and numerous cobblestones both in the foreground and in the background make up the rugged view. Sea waves are breaking against the big rocks in the background. It is afternoon, and the sun is bright. The Jeep is the central object in the picture and it occupies almost a half of it. There is a couple inside, the woman is laughing, and the man is looking at the woman (apparently laughing or smiling), but his face is vague. In the backseat, one can see two fishing rods. The big caption, in black bold letters, is placed in the top part of the advertisement. Another portion of the advertising text is located in the lower part of the advertisement. In this section, the text is printed in bigger and smaller font size. It contains both slogans and a detailed description of the car’s properties and design.

Analysis of Rhetorical Appeals.

Reasoning (logos). A great portion of the persuasive effect in the Jeep advertisement refers to the logos part. Logos basically refers to appealing to the reasoning skills in the audience. In this advertisement, logos is represented by creating a reasonable description of the merits of Jeep Commando. The text of the advertisement is built in well-structured manner and covers: its strength and engine characteristics, its looks, and its interior. It ends with a conclusion: “Altogether, it’s the new Jeep Commander – the most exciting 4-wheel drive vehicle in America.” The slogan “Drive your Jeep vehicle with care and keep America the Beautiful” gives one more reason why the customer should prefer this car over any other brand. Besides, the words like “new,” “up-to-date,” “powerful,” etc, typically appeal to the reason: they imply “very good.”

At the same time, appeal to logos is achieved not only through the reasons represented as the text. The picture of the car, too, plays a great role. For example, the fact that this Jeep’s environment is large boulders, cobblestones, and sand makes us realize that this car is very strong and particularly durable. Besides, the fact that the couple’s faces are not clearly seen may mean that this car is for anyone, not just people of a particular social class. Additionally, the fact that the advertisement is black-and-white allows focusing not only on the picture, but also on the text, which lists the properties of the car. Also, it prevent customers’ possible disappointment with the color.

Character (ethos). Ethos refers to establishment of credibility through emphasis on reputation. In this advertisement, credibility of the car is established through repeated references to its brand Jeep. We come across the brand name Jeep around 10 times; it is printed in various sizes including the largest font at the top and at the bottom. With reference to appealing to the brand’s reputation as a trustworthy car, the following slogan is interesting: “Toughest 4-letter word on wheels. Jeep.” Thus, the creators of the advertisement used the reputation of Jeep brand to form the perception of the excellent car in buyers, who have never actually seen the car neither driven it. Also, the noun phrase, “a new model of old favorite,” is used to capitalize on Jeep’s earlier demonstrated merits. In addition, the credibility of the advertisement is established through two schematic drawings inserted in the actual text of the advertisement.

Emotion (pathos). This advertisement appeals to the emotions of the audience through creating positive and relaxed mood by the view of the smiling couple, with a young beautiful woman, and by the view of the marvelous sunny day. The view of the sea creates a feeling of freedom as a result of associating the sea with large, endless areas of water. Also, the view of the car, which has apparently overcome many miles and has provided the couple with unprecedented geographic opportunities, adds up to the feeling of freedom and power. The view of the two fishing rods, which hint at the fishing plans of the couple, creates a feeling of happy leisure time, relaxation, and fun. The view of the Jeep amidst a craggy terrain creates a feeling of power over the natural forces, and, at the same time, the feeling of unity with nature. One of the greatest feelings evoked by the advertisement is that of romantic relationship: a man and a woman in a car, away from the rest of the world, in love.

Alongside this, there is a feeling of adventure and of escape. Getting to some isolated place, with only nature around, evokes the feeling of excitement. This so-called “excitement factor” appeals to the feelings of the potential customers and plays a great role in making them want purchase a new car and replace the old one. In addition, the use of large fonts in the leading slogan of the advertisement is a kind of aggressive advertising which aims to impress, to capture attention, and make the audience remember the car and its advantages.

Finally, the use of different rhetorical figures appeals to the feelings and imagination. Specifically, the advertisement uses alliteration: “Never before so strong and so sporty”. In this sentence, the inversion is used to produce emphatic speech. Use of slogans, such as “Jeep guts,” produces the effect of a memorable phrase. Indeed, it is easy to remember such slogan; besides, it is rather effective as it appeals to the feeling of power and physical strength (“guts”).


Overall, in this advertisement, the authors effectively combined the use of the persuasive effects of logos, ethos, and pathos. The advertisement of 1971 Jeep Commando is one of the most convincing car advertisements I have ever seen.


  • Stevenson, H. (2008). American Automobile Advertising, 1930-1980 : An Illustrated History. McFarland & Company.
  • “1971 Jeep Commando” (N.d.). Retrieved 25 June 2014 from

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Health Technology Ethical Argument

Cybersecurity Case Analysis

pls refer to the attachment. The Midwest Health Systems case Assignment has the questions and the Harvard case is what you need to read along with internet research to write the case analysis. Pls reference the Harvard case. No less than 5 pages, Arial font, double space, APA Style

“Socialization Processes And Practical Reflection” Please Respond To The Following: 2017

“Socialization Processes And Practical Reflection” Please Respond To The Following: 2017. “Socialization Processes and Practical Reflection” Please respond to the following: Explain how organizational culture molds the thinking and outlook of those participating in criminal justice. Specifically identify the various stages of socialization and compare contrast socialization of correctional officers within the inmate population. This week, imagine you are at the interview. During the interview, you are asked several questions. At the end of the interview, you are asked two specific questions related to how you would function in the work environment: 1) How do you handle conflict co-workers; and 2) explain your understanding of leadership and followership, and how would you apply them in this position?
“Socialization Processes And Practical Reflection” Please Respond To The Following: 2017


Explain, in your own words, the difference between the three paradigms: human needs, interactive, and unitary process. Which of these best fits your philosophy of nursing?

Guided Reading

Answer all 6 questions. All answer should come from Beverly Tatuam book ” Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria”? Chapters 1-5. The only source should be this book. Any questions please call (409)996-3605


write a paper for me on: Economic Regulation and New Technology in Telecommunications?? Here are the prerequisites: Type of Paper: The paper should examine a topical area relating to the some area of Telecommunication/Internet. Purely technical papers are unacceptable and will be downgraded accordingly. The paper should address technical, economic, regulatory, policy and operational use of the Internet/Telecommunication topic that you are researching. A. At a minimum the paper should include one case study / practical example and more of these are helpful. B. The paper must state a thesis and, based on the research, undertake to prove or disprove that thesis. C. The paper should review the recent literature (e.g., the last five years), distill the fundamental issues, discuss various solutions to the issues raised, identify trends, and formulate the student’s own position. An adequate literature search is based primarily on academic journals (e.g., Federal Communications Law Journal, IEEE Journals), secondarily on professional journals (e.g., Journal of Systems Management), and lastly on books and textbooks and online sources. D. At least eight (8) or more recent references (2009 or later) should be cited. In-text citations (APA Style) are also required for any referenced material. Length and Style. The paper should have a body of 16 to 24 pages. Cover pages, table -of -contents, abstract/executive summary, charts, graphics, tables, appendices and references do not count toward length minimum. The paper must be prepared in accordance APA format. It is due: APRIL 2, 2016 @ 1200 EST

Article Review On Malnutrition/Obesity And Improving Outcomes Research Journal Article

Choose a research article from a nursing/nutritional journal that explores the issue of strategies to improve health related outcomes regarding obesity/malnutrition in our society today. Below are a few suggestions you might consider. This can include: 1. What are barriers to a healthy nutritional status? 2. Rates of obesity/malnutrition in Virginia. 3. Why do people have difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? 4. What impact can nurses have effecting changes in the health care system? 5. Does preventive care make a difference? Follow the posted rubric specific to this assignment. ARTICLE REVIEW I. Organization & Structure: 55 Points a. Paragraphs are coherent and transition smoothly. (20 Pts) b. Structure of article review includes an introduction, research, reflection and conclusion (35 Pts) II. Article Assessment: 15 Points a. Article review is no more than 2 pages excluding the cover, reference page. (5 Pts) b. Article is researched regarding the issue of health care delivery, outcomes and vulnerable populations. (10 Pts) III. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 20 Points a. Article review has no more than 3 errors in grammar, punctuation and or spelling (10 Pts) b. Clear statements, well organized, smooth transitions and sequencing (10 Pts) IV. APA Formatting & References: 20 Points a. APA format, citing, title page, references if used other than article, page numbers (5 Pts) b. Selections not older than 5 years (5 Pts) c. Must be a research/journal article (10 Pts)

Computer Science Assignment – Introduction To Information Technology

Computer Science Assignment – Introduction To Information Technology. I need a report about this company : ( kennametal Inc.) The requirments are attached in term project document. AND The templates of needed documents that required in the report’s questions also attached.
Computer Science Assignment – Introduction To Information Technology

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Using the learning materials to support your claims, respond to the following prompts in your initial post: Describe what surprised you in the learning materials around the cost of long-term care. Explain the financial challenges and realities that older adults face as they age. Describe the ways in which long-term care is paid for by aging adults and patterns over time. Nursing home care is common and costly. Describe how accountable care organization (ACO) payment models have incentives for care that is better coordinated and less reliant on acute settings. Describe ways in which long-term care is reimbursed for services and the impacts of pay-for-performance models. Does this have the potential to improve care for this high-cost population? As a leader of a long-term care organization, do you think it is cost effective to provide a more comfortable setting through cultural change? Does the pay-for-performance model for reimbursement have advantages? How do low reimbursement rates impact the quality of care delivered to aging adults living in a long-term care setting? Should be 300 to 500 words, with one to two supporting references included. Discussion 2 After reading Payne (2015), respond to the following prompts in your original post: Describe what the author refers to with the phrase Medicaid planning. Describe ethical factors related to Medicare planning and spending down assets to qualify. Provide an argument for those who support this and those who oppose. What are the consequences to the healthcare industry if an aging adult is allowed to ?spend down to access Medicaid to cover health care costs (that is, increasing costs and diminished quality)? should be 300 to 500 words, with one to two supporting references included. Useful readings Braun, R. A., Kopecky, K. A., & Koreshkova, T. (2019). Old, Frail, and Uninsured: Accounting for Features of the U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Market. Econometrica, 3, 981. Retrieved From: Willink, A., Davis, K., Mulcahy, J., Wolff, J. L., & Kasper, J. (2019). The Financial Hardship Faced by Older Americans Needing Long-Term Services and Supports (PDF). Issue Brief (Commonwealth Fund), 2019, 1?12. Brenda C. Spillman, & Peter Kemper. (1995). Lifetime Patterns of Payment for Nursing Home Care (PDF). Medical Care, 33(3), 280. Lepore, M. J., Shield, R. R., Looze, J., Tyler, D., Mor, V., & Miller, S. C. (2015). Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Rates for Nursing Homes Motivate Select Culture Change Practices But Not Comprehensive Culture Change. Journal of Aging & Social Policy, 27(3), 215?231. Retrieved From: Bowblis, J. R., & Applebaum, R. (2017). How Does Medicaid Reimbursement Impact Nursing Home Quality? The Effects of Small Anticipatory Changes. Health Services Research, 52(5), 1729?1748. Retrieved From: Grabowski, D. C., Stevenson, D. G., Caudry, D. J., O’Malley, A. J., Green, L. H., Doherty, J. A., & Frank, R. G. (2017). The Impact of Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance on Quality and Medicare Spending: Results from the Nursing Home Value-Based Purchasing Demonstration. Health Services Research, 52(4), 1387?1408. Retrieved fRom: Chang, C.-H., Mainor, A., Colla, C., & Bynum, J. (2020). Utilization by Long-Term Nursing Home Residents Under Accountable Care Organizations. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. Retrieved From: Becker, A. (2004). Deadly Inequality in the Health Care safety net: Uninsured Ethnic Minorities’ Struggle to Live with Life-Threatening Illnesses. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 18(2), 258?275. Ferrara, P. (2015). The Future of Social Security (PDF). National Affairs, 24, 85?99. Quinn, J. F., & Cahill, K. E. (2016). The New World of Retirement Income Security in America. American Psychologist, 71(4), 321?333. Payne, J. B. (2013). Ethical and Public Policy and Considerations Related to Medicaid Planning. Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly, 84(4), 139?150. Retrieved From:

Module 08 Written Assignment – Asthma Management

Module 8 content J.S. is a 42-year-old man who lives in the Midwest and is highly allergic to dust and pollen and has a history of mild asthma. J.S’s wife drove him to the emergency room when his wheezing was unresponsive to his fluticasone/salmeterol (Advair) inhaler. J.S. was unable to lie down, and began to use accessory muscles to breathe. J.S. is immediately started on 4 L oxygen by nasal cannula and intravenous (IV) D5W at 75 mL/hr. A set of arterial blood gases is sent to the laboratory. J.S. appears anxious and says that he is short of breath. Vital signs BP = 152/84 HR = 124 bpm RR = 42 Temp = 100.40F ABGs pH = 7.31 PaCO2 = 48 HCO3 = 26 PaO2 = 55 Investigate the condition of asthma and the manifestations of the disease. Analyze the case study provided and determine what symptoms support the diagnosis of asthma. Identify the treatment provided in the emergency department and determine what additional therapies are needed to mitigate the asthma symptoms and return the client to wellness. Do you have any concerns with the numbers above? Identify what may be causing J.S. to have an exacerbation of asthma. Prepare a 3-5 page paper outlining the causes of asthma, the symptoms that the client presents and the management of the disorder. Use at least one scholarly source to support your findings. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, textbooks, reference texts, and CINAHL nursing guides. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a References page using APA format. You can find useful reference materials for this assignment in the School of Nursing guide: Have questions about APA? Visit the online APA guide:

Creating And Communicating A Security Strategy

As an IT professional, you’ll often be required to communicate policies, standards, and practices in the workplace. For this assignment, you’ll practice this important task by taking on the role of an IT professional charged with creating a memo to communicate your company’s new security strategy. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: ¢ Analyze the importance of network architecture to security operations. ¢ Apply information security standards to real-world implementation. ¢ Communicate how problem-solving concepts are applied in a business environment. ¢ Use information resources to research issues in information systems security. ¢ Write clearly about network security topics using proper writing mechanics and business formats. Preparation 1. Review the essential elements of a security strategy A successful IT administration strategy requires the continuous enforcement of policies, standards, and practices (procedures) within the organization. Review these elements to see how they compare: Policy The general statements that direct the organization’s internal and external communication and goals. Standards Describe the requirements of a given activity related to the policy. They are more detailed and specific than policies. In effect, standards are rules that evaluate the quality of the activity. For example, standards define the structure of the password and the numbers, letters, and special characters that must be used in order to create a password. Practices The written instructions that describe a series of steps to be followed during the performance of a given activity. Practices must support and enhance the work environment. Also referred to as procedures. 2. Describe the business environment You are the IT professional in charge of security for a company that has recently opened within a shopping mall. Describe the current IT environment at this business. You can draw details from a company you work for now or for which you have worked in the past. You’ll need to get creative and identify the details about this business that will influence the policies you’ll create. For example, does the company allow cell phone email apps? Does the company allow web mail? If so, how will this affect the mobile computing policy? Describe all the details about this business environment that will be necessary to support your strategy. CIS333 – Assignments and Rubrics 3. Research sample policies Familiarize yourself with various templates and sample policies used in the IT field. Do not just copy another company’s security policy, but rather learn from the best practices of other companies and apply them to yours. Use these resources to help structure your policies: ? Information Security Policy Templates ? Sample Data Security Policies ? Additional Examples and Tips Instructions With the description of the business environment (the fictional company that has opened in a shopping mall) in mind and your policy review and research complete, create a new security strategy in the format of a company memo (no less than three to five pages) in which you do the following: 1. Describe the business environment and identify the risk and reasoning Provide a brief description of all the important areas of the business environment that you’ve discovered in your research. Be sure to identify the reasons that prompted the need to create a security policy. 2. Assemble a security policy Assemble a security policy or policies for this business. Using the memo outline as a guide, collect industry-specific and quality best practices. In your own words, formulate your fictional company’s security policy or policies. You may use online resources, the Strayer Library, or other industry-related resources such as the National Security Agency (NSA) and Network World. In a few brief sentences, provide specific information on how your policy will support the business’ goal. 3. Develop standards Develop the standards that will describe the requirements of a given activity related to the policy. Standards are the in-depth details of the security policy or policies for a business. 4. Develop practices Develop the practices that will be used to ensure the business enforces what is stated in the security policy or policies and standards. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements: ¢ This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details. Review this resource to learn more about the important features of business writing: The One Unbreakable Rule in Business Writing. ? You may use the provided memo outline as a guide for this assignment, or you may use your own. Get creative and be original! (You should not just copy a memo from another source.) Adapt the strategy you create to your company specifically. In the workplace, it will be important to use company standard documents for this type of communication. ? Do not cut and paste someone else’s strategy. Plagiarism detection software will be used to evaluate your submissions.

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good evening My homework is to create a website about selling clothing and jewelry, but now I just need you guys to solve the attachment file. How much will cost me?

Bible Assignment

Read the attached article by Michael Cook. The full title of his article is “The New Testament: Confronting Its Impact on Jewish-Christian Relations”. Cook argues that a number of New Testament texts espouse anti-Jewish views. He examines three responses/avenues to this claim and assesses them (pages 295–300). Avenue #1–Denial that the New Testament is Itself Anti-Jewish Avenue #2–The New Testament’s Anti-Jewishness is Acknowledged, but Mainly in Terms That Tend to Minimize its Importance or Otherwise Explain it Away Avenue #3–The New Testament’s Anti-Jewishness is Recognized as a Serious Problem Requiring Full Confrontation Answer the following questions: 1) With which avenue do you identify? Explain why. 2) In section VII of his article, Cook discusses Coping with the Problem Today. How do you think Christians should cope with the problem? THE ATTACHED ARTICLE IS TO BE READ TO ANSWER THE THE TWO QUESTIONS

Health Technology Ethical Argument

Some healthcare professionals argue that some of the new and emerging technologies could potentially corrupt ethical principles. In contrast, advocates of technology are merely trying to meet increased quality and regulatory requirements by using new technology to help improve processes. Explain your position on health technology, and justify why you would advocate your position. Your entry must be at least 200 words

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