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Master’s in Business Analytics

Analytics professionals are expected to have excellent written communication and critical thinking skills. Please answer each question below with a minimum of 1 paragraph. Submit a word document, must be 1 page in length, and in APA format.
Congratulations, you were just hired as a marketing analyst for a large company. The VP of Marketing has asked you to examine how the company might improve sales. What data might be helpful in your exploration? Where might you locate the data needed? What questions should you ask first?
Visit (Links to an external site.). Click on Consumer, then click on Data. How many datasets are currently located on this website for free? Select one dataset and develop a scenario where the data might be helpful for a marketing manager. Discuss how exploring the data could guide the marketing manager in making more informed decisions.

Directions: Answer each of the following questions as thoroughly as possible. After completing your crime scene sketch, please take

Directions: Answer each of the following questions as thoroughly as possible. After completing your crime scene sketch, please take a picture with your cell phone or other camera and upload it when turning in your assignment.
1. When arriving on scene, what would you do to ensure that the scene is safe to enter and why?
2. Explain the need for the preliminary survey and why is it important concerning the integrity of the evidence?
3. Explain how you would document a crime scene through photography of an inside room, and then of a vehicle.
4. Complete a crime scene sketch using the following information and instructions:
a. Before collecting evidence, before moving the corpse, before any other action can be taken, you must prepare a complete and accurate record of the crime scene. This includes documentation of the location of all evidence (from the body of a victim to tiny blood drops on a wall) as well as a written account of the crime scene. The primary record is NOTES and a crime scene sketch. The secondary record are photographs.
b. Instructions: You are part of the CSU team that has just been called to 875 South Bundy Drive in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California. It is 12:15 AM on Friday June 12, 2020. Your job is to take all of the information contained in the rough sketch and create a finished sketch that can be presented as evidence in court.
c. Note the following:
The diagram establishes permanent record of items, conditions, and distance/size relationships – diagrams supplement photographs.
Rough sketch is drawn at scene (normally not drawn to scale) and is used as a model for finished sketch.
All of the following should be found on the finished sketch:
Title containing:
o Specific location of the scene (street address)
o Date of the crime
o Time (approximate time crime was committed)
o Case Number
o Your Name the Artist)
o Weather conditions (raining, clear, windy)
o Lighting conditions (bright sunlight, dark moonless night, lamps turned on/off)
Key containing:
o Scale (EX 1 inch = 4.5 feet)
o Compass orientation with North indicated
o Evidence (exact locations and conditions where each piece of observable evidence was found)
Number and Descriiption of each piece of evidence
• Distances from fixed objects to locations of body, or other evidence.
• Evidence should be numbered on sketch.
How you complete the sketch:
? Draw the basic perimeter (outer limits of the entire crime scene)
? Diagram fixed objects first such as furniture, walls, gates, etc.
? Indicate position of each item of evidence (in relation to fixed objects like walls)
? Indicate distances of each item of evidence from fixed objects.
? A title area at top with Case Number, Address, Date, Conditions should be located at the top of sketch.
? Include a key with all evidence numbered and identified.
? A compass orientation indicating North

BEHS 300 6380 Research Methods in the Social Sciences (2222) Scientific Method Exercise — 10% of your grade You

BEHS 300 6380 Research Methods in the Social Sciences (2222)
Scientific Method Exercise — 10% of your grade

You are required to complete a scientific method worksheet/table which outlines the standard steps social science researchers must take in conducting good research. Complete both columns of the table by adding as many rows as you need to. Save the table as a MS WORD document, and submit it to your Assignment Tab by the end of Week 3. Column 1 asks you to name each steps in the Scientific Method, and Column 2 asks you to explain the purpose of each step. Good references to consult when completing this table are the Hunt and Colander text that some of you may have used in BEHS 210 (chapter 1) and you can also search the Internet for “Steps in the Scientific Method.” The Hunt and Colander text discusses 9 steps in the Scientific Method whereas the number of steps found on other web sites may vary because some collapse the 9 steps used by Hunt and Colander. You can also use the class textbook: 2012 Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices by Anol Bhattacherjee

Given the importance of courageous, resilient leaders in enabling restoration or redirection of nations, identify and characterize historical figures

Writing Assignment Help Given the importance of courageous, resilient leaders in enabling restoration or redirection of nations, identify and characterize historical figures who have made the difference in their nation’s resilient response. For example, Esther was a biblical difference-maker; Joseph was one who insured Egyptian resilience from debilitating drought, and Nelson Mandela was a 20th-century conscience for South Africa and the world.

one thread of at least 300 words supports their assertions with scholarly citations in APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years unless citing historical text. Use the linked course text and chapter as a source Chapter 2 of Resilient nations by Bob Dees link and login below

great explanation and answer

A serious and substantive essay, clearly and concisely composed, in length at least five pages of text (not
including bibliographical information and such like), on a topic of your design, regarding a specific idea or
perspective, or grouping of ideas or perspectives, from, or reasonably related to our proceedings,
engaging in the process with at least one reputable philosophical perspective (from the readings posted
to Files in Canvas, for example, or in a similar vein), and formatted precisely as specified below.
Please format your work: (i) as a single document (on either alternative), including (ii) no cover
page, (iii) in the top left-hand corner of your first page, your first and last name, in that order, major(s)
and minor(s), and your projected semester and year of graduation, (iv) an appropriately descriptive
title, (v) double-spaced text, (vi) in 12 pt Times Roman font, (vii) with one-inch margins all around,
and (viii) commonsense citations (included parenthetically, for example, in footnotes or endnotes, in a
bibliography, some combination thereof, and so on). (The reason for such specific formatting
requirements is solely to maximize fairness in the evaluation process, by eliminating as far as
possible ways in which one submission may “look better” than another.)
Please submit your work: (ix) only in .pdf format (not .doc, .docx, .pages, a link to google docs,
etc.), (x) using only the dedicated submission link in Assignments in Canvas (neither in printed form,
nor by email, instead or in addition), (xi) by the deadline specified there. (The reason for such specific
submission requirements is solely to maximize fairness in the evaluation process, by eliminating as
far as possible ways in which one submission may be “more trouble” to secure than another.) (If you
opt for (b) above, you may submit before the deadline in (xi) above, using the relevant dedicated
submission link, in order to secure an initial grade, but you must still include both essays as directed
in (i) above.)
Please note: Failure to observe any of the above eleven, altogether straightforward formatting and
submission requirements may result in your work being adversely evaluated, or not evaluated at all.

Overview: The problem you choose can be: Related to crime (such as high crime neighborhoods, recidivism, gun violence, drugs, Essay


The problem you choose can be:
Related to crime (such as high crime neighborhoods, recidivism, gun violence, drugs, etc.) OR
About a problem with a current approach by the criminal justice system (such as the criminalization of homelessness, mistreatment in prisons, lack of justice for certain victims, police violence, etc.). This can also include a problem with a reform effort or a problem with a traditional approach.
There is a lot of flexibility in the topic, so just ask if you have an idea but aren’t sure how to frame it!
Guiding Questions for Current Problem:
*You do not need to answer these in order, they are here to help you guide your research. You may organize this information in the way that most makes sense for your problem. However, please use headings to help organize your paper and clearly indicate which information is being discussed in each section.

What is the nature of the problem overall and in California?
Includes defining what it is and statistics that provide specific details about the extent and impact of the problem. This can include details about the cost/resources related to the problem, disproportionate impact for groups, etc.
Who (or what groups) are impacted and invested in how this problem is addressed? Consider who makes decisions, who pays for the issue, who is impacted by addressing the issue, and who carries out or enforces policies/practices related to this problem?
It may be helpful to focus on a specific area of California if you have data/information available, but it is not required.
How or why does this problem happen?
What criminological theories can explain why this problem exists?
What research exists to explain the causes of this issue
Has it changed over time? (i.e. is it a new problem/issue? Are there specific policies or circumstances that have created or increased this problem?
What has been the current approach to the problem?
Describe the justice philosophy behind the current approach. This can include the philosophy behind punishment or in some cases may be related to the social construction of crime (i.e. what is seen as a crime or deserving of justice)
What are the problems/limitations with this approach? You can include information about lack of justice, cost-effectiveness, disparities and disproportionate impact, harm, etc.
Any other important details that are relevant to understanding and explaining your problem that was not addressed by the questions above.
Your paper should also have a short introduction/conclusion to help outline and summarize what you discuss and the importance of understanding the issue as a problem related to the CJ system.

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